Saturday 21 October 2017

What To Read and Watch This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and at this time of year, I love nothing more than sitting down and watching a scary film or two. If films aren't your thing, then I have a few book favourites and TV must watches to share with you too. 

Films | The classics always go down a treat on Halloween; the new IT has made me watch the original and I'm always scouring the Halloween section on Netflix too. I don't always fancy watching something too scary, so opt for a thriller instead. What Happened To Monday had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through, but some of my other favourite horror films include Paranormal Activity, Miss Peregrines School For Peculiar Children and The Fourth Kind. 

TV Programmes | I've got quite a few TV programmes still left on my to-watch list including Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time (a re watch of mine) and Riverdale, but I have a few favourites that I want refresh myself on too. Stranger Things 2 comes out very soon and I can't wait, we were going to save up all the episodes to watch in one go, but I think we're going to be too impatient. 

TV programmes don't always have to be the ones that make you want to hide behind a blanket, so thrillers are great too. Luther can get pretty scary at times with all the masks, so that's definitely a recommendation if you're not into scary programmes (although I can't promise it won't make you jump). 

If you'd like something funny to watch then Scream Queens is a great pick. I started to rewatch them from the beginning last year, so I want to do the same this time round too. 

Books | The Night Circus is one of my favourite Halloween reads as it's super magical and is a great page turner. If you're fan of the Harry Potter's, but you want something a little bit more "grown up" then I think you'd really enjoy it. 

Talking of Harry Potter, they have to be hands down my must-reads when it starts to get chilly and nothing says Halloween more to me than reading about death eaters and magic.  I say grab yourself a bundle of blankets and sink your teeth into them. 

What are you going to be reading and watching this Halloween? 

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