Tuesday 28 February 2017

A New Morning Skincare Routine

As a skincare fanatic, it's surprising that I don't trial more products. Once I've found a few products I like, I tend to stick with them until they've either ran out or I'm in need of a switch up. I was sure that the Garnier Pure Active Sensitive range* wasn't going to be suitable for my skin type at first glance, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Although I don't find them that suitable for my night time skincare routine, for the morning they're exactly what I need - Simple, effective and can be applied in minutes. 

First up is the Anti-Blemish Gel Wash, a formula built up on refreshing Witch Hazel and purifying zinc. Although I would never use this to replace my double cleanse routine, I have been thoroughly enjoying this in the morning as I've previously mentioned as it helps to wake up my complexion. 

I've got to admit it's the Soothing Moisturiser that had me smitten, even only trialling on the back of my hand. It felt silky smooth and when paired with the Anti-Blemish Tonic it's the perfect dream team. The tonic helps to clear the skin without the use of an abrasive toner and although it can remain sticky to touch for a few minutes, once I apply the moisturiser it goes away. 

This three step system is a great addition to my morning routine and although I haven't seen a huge difference in the tightness of my pores, the texture of my skin has visibly improved and because of the moisturiser I can't seem to stop touching my face. 

Have you tried the Garner Pure Active Sensitive Range? 


Monday 27 February 2017

The Do-It-All Pencil Everyone Needs

I've sworn by nude coloured eyeliners to brighten my eyes for as long as I can remember, so when I set my eyes on the NYX Wonder Pencil which claims that it can not only brighten, but it can be used to conceal and to line your lips too, I knew that I wanted to give it a whirl.

When I'm tired or I've been having one too many late nights, I often get redness around the waterline. This is then emphasised if I try and leave it, going on with a full face of makeup instead. When I ran out of my usual nude liner, I picked this one up and although at first I thought it might come across as a bit harsh, it did the job amazingly and I was intrigued to see if I could use it for anything else. 

Although it can easily conceal, I wouldn't say it's perfect for using as your main concealer, however if you're on the go and you need to touch up and disguise any blemishes then I couldn't recommend this more. It's surprisingly creamy and easy to blend out without losing any of it's original pigmentation. If you need a simple nose highlight then this is perfect too as it makes your nose appear slimmer without too much effort. 

Whilst testing out whether it could line my lips effectively, I actually found that it could make my lips appear fuller and bigger in seconds. Not only does it work to give my lips a stronger edge, especially when paired with a nude lip liner, I actually prefer it to emphasise my cupids bow which in turn makes my lips look more perky. 

Have you tried the NYX Wonder Pencil? 

Sunday 26 February 2017

Benefits Of Going On A Staycation + Taking Time Out

If you're been reading my blog or catching up with me on Twitter then you'll know that I've recently spent a short period of time in Wales, delving in a book looking out onto the moody, stormy skies and spending my days walking through the woods in the rain. Having some time out really benefited me and staying in the UK meant that it took less effort, I wasn't restricted when it came to baggage size and it was generally less stressful. Today I am sharing with you the benefits that I encountered when going on a staycation and taking a well earned break. 

Feeling Motivated | One of the biggest differences I see when taking a holiday is how motivated I feel when I get back to the screen. Not only do I have more ideas, but I have more of a positive outlook on my blog posts, meaning that I feel like my tone of voice changes. I'm currently in the midst of planning all my Spring content and I've got so many ideas whirling around my brain. 

No Signal = No Problem | Of course one of the benefits of a staycation is that you can get your usual phone signal if needs be, but being in the middle of nowhere in a log cabin meant that I really spent some quality time away from the screen to gather my thoughts and prioritise different things during the day. 

Going For Daily Walks | I want to continue the tradition of reading every morning and going for a walk daily, as I really saw the benefit of how relaxed and ready for the day I felt. From walking along the beach and skimming stones to strolling through the woods being shielded from the rain, I loved every minute I spent outside no matter how drenched we may have got. Getting into the warm and having a steaming hot bath was just another cosy feeling that I loved. 

Having The Time To Read | During my staycation, I rekindled the love for reading and have since set myself the task of reading at least twenty books this year. I loved nothing more than snuggling down with a book in our local cute cafe listening to the pitter patter of raindrops, whilst eating our breakfast before the long day ahead. I would love to hear any of your book recommendations as I'm looking to do a big book order soon. 

Do you feel the benefits of taking time out? 

Saturday 25 February 2017

5 Ways I've Improved My Instagram

Algorithm is still the hot topic in blogging and although it has affected almost everybody, I have made it my mission to look past the negatives and instead try my hardest to make it a platform which I want to use. I've been using various techniques to build a strong following and start increasing my likes, so today I thought I would share those with you.  

An Instagram Pod | A couple of months ago I joined my first Instagram pod and before I knew it I was in two. If I'm honest, they're one of the biggest factors of how I improved my Instagram and grew my engagement. If you've got a chance to join one then I couldn't recommend it any more and if you're looking one, I would recommend asking around or looking on twitter. 

Consistency | Although I'm a firm believer in posting when you feel like it, I've got to admit that I've noticed a huge different in likes and followers since I've worked out when the best time of the day is the post. This usually varies depending on the day and whether it's the weekend, but I try to aim for either 1.30pm or 6.30pm+ to catch people at peak scrolling time. I'm currently aiming to post at least once a day too, as consistency is a great way to keep people coming back to your feed. 

It's Not Only About The Images | I first heard the term microblogging in reference to Instagram back in the Autumn, but never applied it to my feed properly until the start of this year. In the simplest terms it's all about using your Instagram as a smaller blog, telling your followers what you've been up to, asking them questions and genuinely using up the space in the information box. I think I've found a great balance between waffling on and not using enough characters by explaining a bit behind the blog post if that's what I'm promoting, or just sharing my day to day thoughts. 

Having A Theme | I know that theme is now a dirty word when it comes to Instagram, but I like to think that a theme doesn't have to just be associated with whether an account has consistent colour or flatlays, but whether it shows off the person. For me, I always try and stick to the same settings and editing techniques so that my images are all similar in brightness and tone, however if you've been on my feed lately I have been incorporating more pink tones and copper accents into my images which has naturally become a theme. 

Adding More Than Just Blog Photographs | This is one that I struggle with in particular as I always put my blog photographs onto my Instagram, but I never remember to take a few extra shots too, just to keep my Instagram feed a little bit different to my blog. I've been making a conscious effort to take a few seasonal flatlays and a few shots around the house, posting them every other day to keep things interesting. 

Have you got any tips to improving your Instagram? 

Friday 24 February 2017

Getting My Makeup Ready For Spring

Although I'm not quite ready to transition my makeup and skincare routine to be more suited for Spring, I have been reaching for more warmer weather-related products and have been prepping my skin for the change in temperature too.  

I have noticed that I'm actually opting for a matte, long lasting base rather than my usually dewy option. Although I've been using the nourishing Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, I've been using the Nars Loose Powder to help minimise the appearance of pores and prolong my base wear. 

I've spoken about The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer many times on my blog, but surprisingly I've been using it in a different way lately to make it appear more subdued on my complexion. By using a fan brush, I can lightly dust it over the high points of my face, under the brow bone and over my cupids bow with ease. Similar, the Nars Copacabana has come out of hiding and I love to use for adding some serious glow to my face. 

As for eyes, I've started to invest in more cream eyeshadows and have started to bring out some of my favourites from over the years. Spring for me is all about that perfect balance between Winter and Summer makeup, keeping it long lasting, whilst super dewy. A cream eyeshadow can work as a great base for powder or can be easily applied for a quick smokey eye. The Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise in Bette is the perfect brown-copper hue for an all over lid colour in the warmer months. 

The pinks and nudes seems to have stayed since Valentine's Day and I don't think they'll be going anywhere soon. I love a nourishing pick during Spring and already I've continued to reach for L'Oreal's Eva's Nude time and time again, so I'm sure that that will stay a firm favourite for the upcoming months. 

What are your favourite transitional makeup pieces for Spring? 

Wednesday 22 February 2017

A Ruffles and Frills Wishlist

I've been meaning to do a ruffle wishlist post for sometime now, so you might have seen that a few of these pieces have been creeping their way into my "shop my wishlist" widget from my main page. Although I've got to be careful when it comes to ruffles because of my big boobs, I can't help but be drawn to their pretty frills and delicate designs. Today I am sharing with you my top picks that will no doubt make you swoon too. 

Have you been loving this ruffle and frills trend? 

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Products I've Rekindled The Love With

I've made it my mission to start using as many products as I can, ready for a Spring clean in a few weeks time. Although I've learnt that some products in my collection just don't work for me anymore, others I have rekindled the love with and now they have a firm position in my makeup bag.

First up is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, a much loved eyeshadow palette of mine that delivers soft, pink smokey eyes in a matter of minutes. You may have seen this in many posts of mine, most recently in my Valentine's Day Makeup. I've had this offering for several years now and I always come back to it whenever I'm feeling uninspired with my eye makeup, so I thought it was about time that I started to incorporate it back into my daily routine. 

The Nars Velvet Loose Powder has been in my collection the longest time and if you're an owner of loose powder, you'll know how long they tend to last. I went through a phase of absolutely hating using anything but my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, but I've finally gone back to this one and I'm loving it. It makes my makeup last longer without losing any of my skin's natural glow. 

I've really started to take more care of my eyebrows, dying them regularly and using only the best products on them to achieve a fuller, more defined looking brow. The Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade has always been a must in my collection, but I stopped using it when I got a bit lazy. I've recently rediscovered this and now I can't go a day without using it. 

You've probably heard enough of the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick by now, but don't worry I'm not going to mention it again. Instead, I'm going to talk about the pillow talk lip liner that first inspired it. Since the lipstick release, I've been using my lip liner pretty much daily to achieve fuller, bigger looking lips and I'm completely smitten. I've actually been trying to use up more of my old lipstick products and therefore I've been reaching for the Tom Ford Addison Lipstick for a pretty pink addition to my makeup bag. 

Have you rekindled the love with any products recently? 

Monday 20 February 2017

4 Books I'm Taking On Holiday

As you probably all know by now, I'm off to a secluded log cabin in Wales soon. Although I'm looking forward to having little signal and no wifi, I've had to plan carefully just how I will keep myself entertained without the use of a screen. I've been stocking up on books over the past couple of weeks and have finally decided which ones I am going to be taking on holiday. 

Game Of Thrones | Although I'm not quite there with committing to the whole Game Of Thrones and its 900 page books, this is my boyfriend's top pick for the holiday so I thought I'd give it a quick mention. If you're a fan of the series then I have no doubt that you'll love delving into the book world also - I know that he has been looking forward to reading it every night! 

We Were On A Break | I feel like it's a tradition to read a new chick-lit book whenever I'm going on holiday. They're not only easy to get through, they are the perfect pick me up and funny read. I can already see myself curled up on the sofa or on the balcony in the morning with an orange juice getting through this very quickly. 

Fantastic Beasts | I must have a thing for buying books after I've seen the film because I've bought quite a few of these at the moment. I've had this on my bookshelf for a while now, but as I'm currently mid way through Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, I thought I would leave it till I've got time to binge read it. I think my holiday is the perfect time to do so and I no doubt will love it as much as I loved the film. 

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children | After seeing the movie back in September, I knew that this book would make it's way onto my to-read list for 2017. The book is a bit smaller than what I would usually read, so no doubt I will get through this pretty quickly. When I've flicked through it, I can see some of the pages have pictures on too - Which is something different for a quirky, fiction book. 

What books have you been loving lately? 

Sunday 19 February 2017

Rose Gold Favourites

I know that for a lot of people the rose gold phase is over, but for me I can't help but gravitate to the dreamy rose gold hue time and time again. Today I thought I'd share with you a rose gold themed post compiled of all my favourite products and top picks. 

Charlotte Tilbury always has the most gorgeous packaging, so of course they had to be featured in this line up. Their lipsticks, foundation and blushers have been featured on my blog many times before and it's a brand that I would highly recommend to anybody looking to treat themselves to some new luxe products.  

A new addition to my makeup routine has been the Crown Rose Gold Brush Kit* which has three brushes that have transformed the way I do my foundation and contour. I've always been wary of these style oval Artis dupe brushes, but I was pleasantly surprised and at under £30 you can't complain about the price too. 

I feel like I talk about Nars Rigel Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow a lot, but it has to be hands down one of my favourite inner corner highlighters. Although it's more of a pink hue than the other shades on offer, it's super dreamy and I'm so glad I picked it up. Another eyeshadow offering that I can't get enough of is the Clarins Aquatic Rose*, a gorgeous single eyeshadow that looks great just dusted over your lids for a pretty wash of colour. 

Talking of eyeshadow, an old favourite of mine which I have recently rekindled the love with is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. With an array of shimmering pinks and perky rose gold's, this palette is great at creating a feminine, simple smokey eye on a regular basis. I've been using this daily recently and I feel like it has really upped my eyeshadow game. 

The Sleek Solstice Palette is another product I'm talking about in this round up, purely because of it's dreamy packaging. Luckily it has amazing contents too, made up of four shimmering, radiant powders that never fail to perk up my skin and add a gorgeous highlight to my cheekbones. 

What are your favourite rose gold products? 


Saturday 18 February 2017

Everyday Nudes

My love for my new NYX Ombre spurred me to write this post, and although I’m sure I’ll get visits from people who are looking for something else on the internet, I thought it was about time that I shared my top everyday nude hues. 

I'm not going to spend too long talking about my favourite foundations or base products, mainly because it's pretty self explanatory that they would be nude as they match my skin tone. I wanted to give a quick mention to the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and Clarins Instant Light Base* duo which I have been wearing on days when I want to let my natural skin shine through, add radiance, but also give a little coverage too. I apply the Clarins offering all over my face after my moisturiser and then follow up with the Bare Minerals pick, this is perfect for a lazy Sunday or a fast morning routine. 

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I have more than my fair share. The Nars Kalahari Duo is a great option if you're looking for eyeshadow that looks natural, but helps to define your eyes also. Whenever I need to revive my tired looking eyes I always reach for a nude eyeliner, specifically the NYX Wonder Pencil to help widen the eyes, diminishing red around the water line and generally just giving a more wide awake appearance. I like to apply it both in the inner corner and outer corners too, to help emphasise my eye shape further. 

Although the lipstick list could be the length of my arm when it comes to nudes, blushers are a little harder. Although I've got many perky pinks and Summer corals, I actually only have a handful of shades that can be considered neutral. The NYX Mauve Me Ombre Blush is the perfect pick, made up of two hues, one dark and one light, this adds just the right amount of natural colour to my cheeks without being too overpowering. 

Talking of lipstick, I've got many nude favourites, from matte liquid lipsticks to subtle satin's. I've recently dug out all of my MAC options to try and remind me to use them up; Brave, Spirit and Twig being three of my favourite. You're probably all sick of hearing about the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Liner and Lipstick, which are two of my current go-to's at the moment, especially if I want to fake the appearance of bigger, fuller lips. 

What are your favourite everyday nude products? 

*PR Sample/Gifted

Thursday 16 February 2017

Refreshing My Blog

If you're reading this post, then you'll probably recognise that there has been a change in my blog design. Last week, on a whim, I was scrolling through Pipdig when I noticed there was a new design that just caught my eye and had me smitten almost instantly. About six months ago I got a new layout from Pipdig as I wanted a refresh, but I wasn't entirely hooked on the design I had, so I made a pact with myself that if I saw a new design that I wanted then I would treat myself to it. 

The slider reminds me of my first ever layout and although I've never really been a fan of them, I think it finishes off the design nicely. It still has a monochrome feel as you can see and I hope it remains easy to navigate around, whilst being a bit more professional. I knew that I wanted a "shop my wardrobe section" as I want to do regular updates on it with the things I've been loving and the items I have been lusting after - Go and have a look now to check out all my ruffles and blush pink picks! 

Now that I've had a refresh I feel a lot more motivated to blog. Although I've got a few breaks planned for the near future I'm excited to get creating again, so I would love to know if you've got any blog post requests that you'd love to see me do.

Wednesday 15 February 2017

New Budget Finds

I feel like the high street has really upped it's game recently in terms of makeup and skincare, however it can still be difficult to differentiate between the ones that are and aren't worth the spend. Today I am sharing with you my recent finds.. 

The gem which I'm sure you all have your eye on is the NYX Ombre Mauve Me Blush, a dreamy pick that I have been using non-stop recently. It's adds a lovely matte hue to my cheeks to liven up my Winter lacklustre skin without being too over powering. It lasts a very long time, which is something you don't find very often with high street blushers. For under £10 this is an absolute treat which will make your bank account happier too! 

As a eyeliner enthusiast, I've got to admit that I've tried my fair share of budget eyeliners and have been thoroughly impressed. Saying that, I'm always open to finding new favourites and the L'Oreal Super Slim Liner has been exactly that. The formula is super black and the pen like application means you can create flicks with ease. 

Once I find a concealer I like I tend to stick with it, at least until the new season changes my skin type or I've ran out of my current pick. I accidentally came across the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer when I quickly needed to purchase one to hide my blemishes, but it has completely blown me away. Although the shade isn't quite light enough for me for underneath the eyes as I tend to opt for extremely pale shades, it does the job nicely and covers any imperfections I have on my face quickly and easily. 

I've got a whole post coming up about my love for the Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Range, but I wanted to give a quick mention to the Soothing Moisturiser*, a new favourite of mine and a great addition to my morning skincare routine. It makes my skin feel like velvet and works as a great primer for dehydrated skin. 

I'm sure you would have seen my talking about the L'Oreal Eva's Nude Lipstick, a pretty pink hued lipstick that, just like the Bourjois concealer, I bought on a whim. With a satin finish and an easy to apply formula, this has been a handbag favourite of mine whenever I'm wearing a pink top as they compliment each other perfectly. 

Have you found any gems on the high street recently? 

Monday 13 February 2017

Valentine's Day Makeup

If you read my blog regularly then you'll be familiar with me trying to embrace every season more and the events that come within them. Although Valentine's Day has never been one of my favourites, I've been picking out all of my pink blushers, dewy bases and red lipsticks ready to trial out all the best, long lasting combinations. 

To start with I have been using the Illamasqua Hydra Viel, a primer/hydrator hybrid that creates a great nourished base which is perfect for my top foundation pick - The Bourjois Healthy Mix. Of course I will follow with an under eye concealer in the form of Bourjois Radiance Reveal and the Sleek Cream Contour* to help define my cheekbones. 

For eyes, I'm going to go back to the classic Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette to create a soft, smokey eye with ease. All the colours that I need are in the palette and as I want to achieve a pretty, feminine look, I think this is my best bet. With a quick slick of mascara and application of a winged eyeliner, my eye makeup will be done in no time. 

The Milani Rose Blusher is the blush I'm going to be reaching for and not only because of the rose embossed detail, but because it delivers a matte, pink hue perfect for perking up my lacklustre skin. I'm going to go all out with highlighter so I look as glowy as possible. Although I've been enjoying using many different highlighters lately, it's the The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer that has my heart at the moment as the honey hued offering is perfect for my skin tone and can be used all over easily. 

I recently did a whole post about my Valentine's Day lipstick, all about the different formulas and finishes that are smooch proof. If I had to narrow it down to one it would have to be the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick, a much talked about product at the moment which helps to plump and create the illusion of fuller lips with it's pink/nude shade. Who knows, I might even bring a darker liquid lipstick to switch into if I'm feeling a little bit daring after all the pizza I'll be eating. 

What makeup are you wearing this Valentine's Day? 

Saturday 11 February 2017

Adding Accessories To Your Home

When it comes to styling a space in my home, adding accessories in the form of throws, ornaments and a range of other pieces is what I enjoy the most. Since moving house I have decided to spruce up each room one by one, adding book shelves, plants and prints as I find them. Today I thought I'd share with you some of my top tips and picks. 

Textures | I'm not sure if it's because this Winter feels like one of the coldest yet, but I've got a very big obsession with all things blankets and throws at the moment. From faux fur offerings to pink pom pom picks, there's a lot out there that will no doubt fit into your interior colour scheme. 

Making The Most Of White Spaces | I'm a sucker for white walls and I do think that leaving spaces blank can work in your favour when it comes to interior styling. Although it can be tempting to fill a space up with all the nicknacks, I prefer to leave some white areas blank, so I can keep switching my homeware up throughout the year. Saying that, I've been loving sprucing up my area with the use of colour either in the form of plants and bookends. 

Plants, Prints and Props | As I previously touched upon, plants are a massive part of my home decor as they not only add colour, but their planters can blend into your homeware easily too. This Gold Half Moon Planter is currently at the top of my list as l think it would look great styled on one of my shelves as the metallic hue suits the white, brass and monochrome theme throughout my house. Ornaments are also a great way to quickly add accessories to your home and although some may have no manual use, they can be a great feature of a room. 

Budget Can Be Best | Don't get me wrong I love splurging on an item or two for my home especially if I know that it will be a long time favourite. Saying this, budget can be much better and not just to make my bank account happier. I've been absolutely smitten with Marks and Spencer at the moment and I have a wishlist as long as my arm including this Dovecote Jug, this Brass Decorative Ornament which would look great on top of a pile of books and this more investment piece for my bedroom, the Finley Chest of Drawers

Have you got any tips for adding accessories to your home? 

Friday 10 February 2017

My Travel Beauty Must Haves

I'm off to Wales for five days soon, and although I'm planning on letting my skin breathe during the day by going makeup free, I can't help but pack my favourite picks for the evening. From skincare to lipsticks, I have compiled a list of travel sized must-haves that should keep me going for my staycation. 

There's only one foundation and concealer duo I'm using at the moment which is the Bourjois Healthy Mix and Radiance Reveal, a long lasting dewy pick that will cover all my dull skin woes. 

For eyes, I will probably grab an all round palette that will deliver a smoky eye in an instant - The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita will probably be my best bet. As for lips, I'm going to take a red, nude and pink with me, so that I have a shade for each occasion. For now, my best picks are the Mellow Madness, L'Oreal Eva's Nude and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick.  

Multitasking products are an essential when packing light, so I always reach for palettes that cover a wide variety of the basics; the Hourglass Surreal Light Palette is the perfect pick as it has a range of blushers, a bronzer, face powder and highlighter to fulfil all your makeup needs, but if I'm really trying to slim down my bag then I will bring the Hourglass Powder Trio instead. I will probably be packing the Becca Pamplemousse Split Pan, a blush and highlighter palette which will be a great pink alternative. 

Overpacking skincare is something I always tend to do, but with my recent Garnier discovery I have really slimlined my routines. In the morning I opt for the trio of the PureActive Sensitive range including the dreamy hydrating moisturiser, cleansing gel face wash and clarifying tonic. During my evening skincare routine, I tend to want something a little more heavy duty when it comes to cleanser and moisturiser, so I will bring along the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. I'm predicting that I will be spending most of my time outside in the brisk wind and I'm sure that my skin will suffer, so I have gathered up some of my favourite samples to trial whilst I'm away including several oils and masks. 

What are your travel beauty must-haves? 

Thursday 9 February 2017

The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

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I'm sure that you are sick and tired of seeing the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick everywhere by now, but this nude hued offering has had me smitten ever since I got it. Encased in the famous rose gold packaging, it not only looks lovely on the lips, but it looks dreamy in photographs too, so I couldn't help but dedicate a whole post to it. 

Although in the bullet it looks like a dark pink, on my lips it appears as a wearable everyday nude that's the exact same shade as the original lip liner which inspired the lipstick.

If you're wanting to see what the hue looks like on your skin tone then I would recommend checking out the Charlotte Tilbury website as they showcase this lipstick perfectly. The matte revolution formulas are- as you would expect- matte, but they dont' lack in moisture, making them one of my favourite lipstick formulas. 

What I love most about this pick is that it makes my lips appear plumper and fuller with almost no effort, and once paired with the matching nude lip liner it stays defined for hours. 

Have you tried the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick? 

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Blog Photography For Those Who Struggle

Blog Photography For Those Who Struggle
I've come on leaps and bounds with my blog photography over the years and although photography comes quite naturally to me, I have struggled when it comes to snapping products and styling flatlays, so today I thought I would share with you my top tips. 

Set Up | If you're shooting a flatlay and you're using a background such as a blanket, marble board or a DIY white floor wood, then rather than placing it on a table, I would recommend placing it on the floor in front of a window to make the most of the light, whilst also reducing shadows. Whilst you're setting up an image it is important to consider what background you're using. On low light days I like to opt for darker backgrounds such as pink card or marble and on lighter days it's easier to shoot from the side with prints or mirrors in the background. When shooting flatlays, I would recommend either using a tripod or propping yourself up on a wall so you have a steady hand. 

Lighting | Don't get me wrong; there's many aspects of blog photography to consider, but I think it's lighting that is one of, if not the most, important. When shooting bulk photographs or when you're just starting out trying to get the hang of things, I would recommend opting for a cloudy day when photographing, as this will give your photographs a more neutral tone and reduce the risk of the dreaded blue tint. 

Composition |  When you're starting out or you're struggling, composition can be one of the  hardest things to get your head around; ultimately composition affects the outcome of the final image the most. Filling the space with props such as throws, eyelash curlers, other beauty products and flowers are great ways to keep your photography interesting. My fail safe composition is having several blushers open, a textured item of clothing or blanket in the corner and then scattering around either copper bells or sequins. 

Editing | Although editing isn't essential if you've got the perfect set up, I find that every photograph I take needs some sort of editing. Whether it's removing a speck of fluff or brightening up the image as a whole, keeping the products in focus without over or under exposing the image is something you've got to experiment with. Personally I love using curves on Photoshop to help perfect my photographs easily and quickly. 

What are your blog photography top tips? 

Sunday 5 February 2017

Valentine's Day Lipsticks

As I've previously mentioned, I've been a little more in to Valentine's Day this year, incorporating pink lipsticks into my makeup routine and lusting after anything heart shaped - I think it's safe to say I've been having a massive cheese-fest lately. There's a few factors that need to be considered when picking the perfect lipstick for Valentine's Day, including being smooch proof and long wearing. Today I thought I'd share with you my top pink, red and nude picks. 

I'm sure you're sick of hearing about the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick by now, but it's too beautiful not to mention. Although I've got many nude liquid lipsticks that have incredible longevity, I'm actually opting for a normal lipstick on the 14th due to them being super easy to re-apply without the risk of flaking or drying out the lips. Pillow Talk is a great option if you're looking for an easy-to-wear nude lipstick that will plump and make the lips appear bigger in no time. 

The Mellow Madness Lipstick, a matte, yet moisturising offering has quickly become one of my favourites after I received it in a giveaway. When paired with a red lip liner, it stays put and doesn't bleed for several hours; great if you're planning on eating and drinking lots this Valentine's Day. Encased in the same packaging as a MAC lipstick, this is incredibly sleek and can be put into a clutch bag with ease - Perfect for a night out. 

Next up is the Milani Precious Amore Lip Cream*, a dark pink pick that has me smitten at the moment. I'm not usually a pink lipstick person, but this is utterly gorgeous and the liquid lipstick formula means that it doesn't budge.  

What makeup are you wearing this Valentine's Day? 


Saturday 4 February 2017

Dreamy Winter Blushers

Although I've already started to dream about the warmer Spring days, I'm still very much embracing the cold, crisp weather that Winter brings. Blusher is something I rely heavily on this time of year to perk up my skin and put the colour back into my cheeks if -like today- I am feeling a bit under the weather. 

A new addition to my collection has been the Milani Hermosa Rose*, a blusher that enables me to skip the bronzer on days when I'm in a rush. It's the perfect brown, coral hue that doesn't look too special when swatched, but on the cheeks it gives your cheekbones great definition without the need of any contouring products. As a blogger, I also appreciate that the embossed roses haven't started to fade yet despite using it multiple times. 

The NYX Mauve Me Ombre Blush was just too dreamy to resist and I'm so glad that I picked it up now as it's one of my most worn Winter blushers already. With a quick swirl round of your brush, you get great colour pay off and it lasts on the skin all day long, something you don't find very often with blushers as they tend to lose their vibrancy. 

As you can tell with this line up, most of my top blushers this season are either brown or mauve hued. The Hourglass Luminous Flush Ambient Lighting Blush is a brighter pick however, sporting a marbled pink shade that helps brighten the face by adding a slight colour to your cheeks.

What blushers are you loving this Winter? 


Friday 3 February 2017

Treats For Valentine's Day

There are quite a lot of new releases and items that I want to treat myself to, and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I couldn't have a better excuse. I have compiled a post full of products that would be perfect for treating yourself or a loved one on the 14th. 

First up is the new Diptyque Rosa Muni Candle, a rose scented offering that I've had my eye on since it was released. Not only is the exterior right up my street, but the fragrance sounds like the perfect Spring pick for my house. 

I was actually already treated me to the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick, a dreamy nude hue that is matte and withstands day-to-day wear well. I've currently debating whether I need the Valentine option too as I'm getting into pink lipsticks a lot more lately, as you'll probably see in upcoming posts. 

Before you know it the Easter range will be in Lush, so I want to make sure that I'm stocked up on my favourite Valentine's Day pieces like the Unicorn Horn before they are no longer available. It creates a bundle of bubbles which relaxes and calms me - A great bed time must-have when I'm struggling to sleep. 

Although I've got my eye on this Maisie Underwear Set, it's actually PJ's that I'm in dire need of and this Avocado Valentine's Day Set is too cute to resist as I'm very smitten with anything pink at the moment. If you're not looking to treat yourself to anything related to valentine's day, whether that be makeup or clothing, then this New Look Marble Makeup Bag might tickle your fancy. 

Have you got your eye on anything at the moment? 

Wednesday 1 February 2017

5 Things I've Added To My February To-Do List

Does anyone else feel like January has dragged and that Christmas seems like it was a lifetime ago? This time of year I usually find myself praying for longer daylight hours and the arrival of little lambs, but this time I've wanted to make the most out of each month without wishing it away. 

Embrace Valentine's Day | I'm not usually one to get excited for Valentine's Day, but this year has been completely different. I'm taking Lush Valentine's Day baths in the evenings and I have been eyeing up a range of pink products to get me in the mood. I've got quite a few Valentine's posts coming up this month, so do keep your eyes peeled. 

Make The Most Of My Holiday | Although we're planning to go abroad this year, I was surprised with a trip to Wales which is happening at the end of this month. We'll probably be doing some activities whilst we are away and I've made it my mission to really make the most of my time away from the screen.  

Treat Myself | My pyjama collection has started to dwindle, so I think it's about time that I started to replace them. I have my eye on this ASOS Valentine's Avocado Set and Classic Stripe Set as they're too cute to resist. This Adidas Blush Pink T-Shirt is currently at the top of my list as it looks like it'll be a great transitional piece once the weather gets warmer and I can start removing some of the layers of clothing.  I've also been absolutely smitten with the new Diptyque Rosa Mundi, a perfect valentine's day addition. 

Incorporate More Fruit and Veg Into My Diet | I actually cook nearly all my meals from scratch, only allowing myself the odd treat of the Amy's Vegan Mac and Cheese every now and again. I've been really enjoying making sweet potato and chickpea burgers in the week and demolishing a plate full of veggies with my roast on a Sunday too. This month I am making it my mission to incorporate even more fruit and veg into my diet as I want to make sure I'm in a good routine ready for the Spring. 

Add More Colour Into My Home | I've really been making the effort to add more colour into my interior, whether it's a bunch of fresh flowers, some agate bookends or a new velvet pink cushion. Although we're still very much in the midst of Winter, I can't help but dream about the warmer Spring days; therefore adding colour is just a natural thing for me to do. 

What are your planning to do this February? 
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