Monday 30 October 2017

Makeup and My Priorities

I've always been very interested in makeup, but over the years my taste in products and  priorities in how they should perform have all changed, due in part to the shift in trends. We're no longer on the look out for the perfect lipstick to create "concealer lips", nor do I want a foundation so matte that it cracks when I speak. Here are my current makeup priorities when shopping around or pulling out favourites for my current routine: 

A Natural Base | As someone who has been every skin type at some point, I actually find it pretty hard shopping for foundation, because although I currently have a dehydrated complexion, I still look at formulas as if I have teenage, oily skin. I'm more into a natural, undetectable base that matches my skin tone perfectly too, as gone are the days when I wanted to be more tanned than I actually was. My current two picks will come as no surprise as they're the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and Kat Von D Lock It Concealer

Defined, Full Brows | It isn't up until the recent years that I've been trying harder with my brows, and although I'm a creature of habit who only tends to use the same few products, they are one of my biggest priorities when it comes to my makeup. I'm currently sporting the Glossier Boy Brow and Maybelline Brow Tattoo Tint to help me get long lasting, defined brows. 

Adding A Colour and Glow | Whenever I do my makeup I always like to make sure I've applied colour to my cheeks to perk up my complexion and a highlighter is always a welcomed addition to my routine too. I never used to touch blusher due to already having already flushed cheeks, but now that my redness has calmed down, I love experimenting with different shades. 

Never Skipping The Lips | As I'm sure the bottom of my handbag can show you, my obsession with nude lipsticks has hit an all time high. I used to always skip lipstick whenever I can, thinking it made me look older, but now I can't get enough of it. It really switches up a look and during the different seasons, there's nothing I love more than picking out different lipstick hues. 

What do you look for in makeup? 

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