Saturday 14 October 2017

A Dreamy Diptyque Scent

Diptyque Do Son Eau De Toilette
If there's something I like to splurge on and treat myself to, it's perfume, but unfortunately, I tend to go through bottles like there's no tomorrow. The newest addition to my collection is the Diptyque Do Son Eau De Toilette, a scent that for me has a long story behind it and a reason it took me until my 21st birthday to buy it. 

A couple of years back, I feel in love with this fragrance whilst I was scouring the aisles of Space NK, but by the time I got back to the car, I had already forgotten the name. This situation happened time and time again, until we went to Paris back in August and I noted down all the scents that I wanted to get. Do Son was at the top of my wishlist for some time, so when my birthday rolled around and the Space NK offer was still on (£15 off £60 was very dangerous), I quickly put this in my basket and checked out. 

The main reason I fell in love with this fragrance besides the actual scent, was the longevity. One quick spritz fills the air and covers my body in the dreamy floral, yet fresh scent, lasting on the skin all day. One of the main reasons why I like spending a little more on perfume is I tend to need less  frequent spritzes, thus meaning the bottle lasts longer. 

I have to mention that the exterior of this fragrance definitely attracted me to begin with; the simple design looks elegant on my dressing table, but it really was the scent that had me hooked. I like to wear a floral scent all year, but Do Son is perfect for the Autumn and Winter season because it has slight warming undertones to it, whilst still remaining fresh (No headaches for me!). 

What's your current favourite perfume? 

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