Monday 16 October 2017

4 Things I Look For In A Blog Post

Although I've been running Pint Sized Beauty for nearly three years now (where has the time gone?), I've been writing and reading blogs for much longer. Over the years, my taste in blog posts has changed, but I wanted to share with you four things I look for in a blog post and how I adapt that into my own blog posts too. 

Good, Clear Photography | Remember the days when people wouldn't make their images the biggest they could be on their blog? I was guilty, only going as far as medium. Now, I want big, clear photographs so everybody can see the details. They don't have to be perfectly composed, but as long as I can see the product without it being too over or under exposed, then I'm happy. 

Affiliate Links | I'm somebody who goes searching for affiliate links on my favourite bloggers websites before I purchase anything. They're often easiest found when they're in bold within the text or on ads on the side of their blogs. It's one of my favourite ways to give back, even if it's just a few pennies here and there. It doesn't mean a product is any more expensive for me, it just means they get a little thank you for recommending me the product too. 

Personal Opinion | Once I find a blog I'm smitten with, I'm a consistent reader, so it's essential for me to feel like I know the writer. It doesn't mean I have to know their date of birth or anything personal, but trusting their opinion when it comes to product recommendations is a must have for me. 

The Ability To Share It Everywhere | Similarly to the point above, when I like a blog, I want to share it on every possible social media platform. Although I know not everyone likes Facebook and some may decide to stay off Instagram, but I love repinning people's dreamy photographs on Pinterest and giving them a retweet to ensure other people find their blog too. 

What do you look for when you read a blog post?  


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