Friday 19 November 2021

Etsy Christmas Shops To Check Out

Etsy Christmas Shops
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I feel like my Etsy seasonal posts have become a tradition of mine and I love spending some time looking for the best festive finds. Around this time of the year, I like to check out what small business have to offer in terms of home decor and accessories, so if you're looking to get into the Christmas spirit then this post is perfect for you. 

I've been looking for some mugs to share with you as I know how popular my finds are and I think I've outdone myself here. This Gingerbread Man Mug is absolutely adorable and perfect for your peppermint hot chocolate, but this Gingerbread Glass is even cuter in my opinion - I just need to find a use for it. 

Everyone knows that I love a novelty cushion and it wouldn't be the same if I didn't try and find a Christmas one. This Candy Cane Pillow looks absolutely adorable, but they also have a Christmas Pudding version which is equally as cute! If you want something understated, then I really like the design of this Christmas Tree Farm Cushion as it's simple and would go with a variety of home decor styles. 

I think a new candle around the festive period is a great way to get yourself in the mood. There's a lot to choose from, but I really like this Christmas Pillar Candle which you can choose which scent you want out of Holly Berry and Candy Cane. This Gingerbread Man Shaped Candle is another one I found and it's almost too cute to burn. 

I absolutely love my Wire Brush Tree Decorations as they really fill any empty spots around my house, plus I feel like they can stay up throughout Winter too. Another decoration that I think can stay up throughout the year if you want is Tea Light Houses and I've been after a couple for some time. I wouldn't want ones to be uniform with one another as I love how unique they look when you have a few different styles (like a Christmas village!). 

Stepping away fro Christmas home decor, I have been looking at some of the style pieces that Etsy has to offer. These Gingerbread Men Earrings are a super novelty piece, but they're fun for Christmas festivities. If that isn't your kind of thing, then this snuggly Christmas Tree Farm Sweater may be! 


Wednesday 10 November 2021

Early Christmas Outfit Ideas

Christmas Outfit Ideas
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If you're not ready to get into the Christmas spirit, then look away now! I'm as surprised as any with how quickly November has come around and although I'm still in the Autumn mood, I can't help but get a little excited about the festive season upon us. Christmas outfits are some of my favourite to wear, I love the sequins, the tartan prints and any excuse to feel like you've stepped out of a Hallmark film. Here are some of my favourite early seasonal favourites. 

First up, I have to talk about my Son De Flor Tartan Dress* which is a perfect pick for the Christmas period and one that I think I will get so much wear out of throughout Winter. It's perfect for twirling in and fits like a dream. 

I feel like checkered prints are really having their moment in my wardrobe, so I've also been looking at some other pieces that I think would look great this Winter. This Joanie Tartan Circle Skirt comes in two colours that would look amazing this time of the year with a classic Christmas jumper or just a simple roll neck. 

Christmas jumpers have to be one of the first things I look for and I feel like they often get a bad rep for being ugly. Now I'm not saying I'm not partial to an OTT jumper, but I love the ones that can be worn everyday is wanted. This H&M Gingerbread option is high up on my list as well as this Dorothy Perkins Robin Jumper one which I think could be styled in a super cute way. 

I've been telling myself I'm going to treat myself to a fresh set of Christmas pyjamas this year, but now I'm struggling to narrow it down to just one. This H&M Tartan Set is too cute to miss, but I'm also tempted by this Oasis Christmas Scene Pair which also looks so snuggly. 

To go with the pyjamas, I have also been eyeing up some extras like cosy socks and slippers. I feel like a lot of you will absolutely adore these ASOS Fairisle Sausage Dog Socks, but if you want something warmer than these New Look Mule Slippers look great. 


Tuesday 9 November 2021

5 Tips On Applying False Eyelashes

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When you think of false eyelashes you'll probably think of them as being fiddly, hard to apply and uncomfortable, but that doesn't have to be the way at all. Finding the right false eyelashes and the perfect technique to applying them are just a couple of ways to make them far less daunting to add to your routine. 

Choosing Your False Eyelashes 

As someone who as once a daily false eyelash wearer, I've definitely learnt a fair few lessons from my previous disasters like what kind of eyelashes suit my eye shape and how to make them stay on all night. Although I now save wearing false eyelashes for a special occasion, it only means that I'm on more of a quest to find the perfect pair. Ardell have always been a favourite brand of mine as they always have a variety of pairs to choose from, plus they're comfortable and easy to apply. 

Ill-fitting eyelashes not only feel uncomfortable to wear, but they can also affect how long your eyelashes will stay on. If they're too long they're more prone to lifting at the edges which will mean they can come off easier. I would always recommend measuring your eyelash of choice against your eye first to check whether they need trimming. 

If you're a new user of false eyelashes, I would recommend steering clear on individual lashes as they can be hard to position right on the eye, but instead opt for the classic strip lashes like the Ardell Natural Lashes. These feel lightweight to wear, plus they look great with variety of eye looks. Once you've got your application technique perfected strip eyelashes can also be one of the best choices if you're looking for quick and easy. 

If you're not a new wear, then I'd say there's always things to learn when it comes to false eyelashes. Ardell Lashes come in a variety of lengths and fullness to choose fro, so there's going to be something for everybody, whether you're going for the intense look or more of a natural one. 

Finding The Best Technique

The task of actually applying your false eyelashes can feel rather daunting, but once you've played around with a variety of techniques and finding your favourite, you'll find it gets easier with each application. 

Before we start talking about the application itself, I wanted to talk about something even more important - lash glue! It's something that is often overlooked, but I can't stress how key it is to a lasting eyelash application. A clear eyelash glue, especially for beginners, is a great option as not being able to see it means it can cover many mistakes. You want to apply your eyelash glue along the band, making sure not to miss the ends, then wait 30 seconds. Once it starts to get tacky, you're ready to use your favourite technique to secure it to your lash line. 

I like to bend the lash strip around my fingers to make it more flexible, so it is able to fit around the curve of my eye more neatly. When it comes to application, some people like to use their own fingers to get the feel of the lashes, but for me, I prefer using tweezers or a lash applicator. With this method I find it easier to get precision and to place the lashes where I want them to sit on my eyes. 

Some More Top Tips

Adding a liquid black eyeliner into your routine is a great way to cover up any mistakes you have made, it can also help you pre-application as well. If you draw a black line where you want to apply your eyelashes, it'll give you a guide on where to put them. If you don't want to add black eyeliner, then I would recommend trying out the Ardell Naked Lashes. The invisible band makes them stand out amongst the rest, as they give off a barely there look and feel. 

Curling your own natural lashes before false eyelash application can make them look more natural and get a seamless blend between the two. If this still hasn't blended them quite enough, then applying just one light layer of mascara after you're finished can also do the trick!

How do you apply your false eyelashes?


Wednesday 3 November 2021

Early Christmas Decor Finds

Early Christmas Decorations 2021
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Don't panic - I'm not quite ready to decorate for the festive season yet and this photo is from a couple years back! That being said, I have started to look out for some new Christmas home additions for the upcoming months and I thought I'd share my favourite finds with you. 

One of my favourite things about decorating for Christmas is all the little bits you can get to go around the house. Scatter cushions always bring me joy and H&M is a shop I always have a look at this time of the year. These Winter Farm Cushion Cover is currently calling my name and I think a few of you would love this too. Although definitely not a must, I love the look of this H&M Christmas Truck Doormat to invite people into the house.  

Another thing I love to do is change my duvet cover over once mid November hits, so I've been on the look out for some cute bed sets. This Christmas Pudding Bedding Set is so adorable and despite being festive themed, definitely has a more understated feel to it. If you want to be extra cosy then maybe check out this Fleece Checked Duvet Set which is everything I think of when I imagine the perfect Christmas bedroom. 

Matalan is another shop I love to have a look at because they often have some great bargains and cute finds. This Christmas Tree Serving Plate will definitely come in handy if you're having guests over. I've also been looking at this Christmas Tree Ornament as I have ones similar to this, but I really want more to dot around the house. 

I think it's safe to say I have a problem when it comes to seasonal mugs, but that doesn't stop me from finding the best ones to enable everyone else. This Jumbo Tree Mug looks like it'll be perfect for your morning coffee, but I also love the look at this Christmas Tea Cup.  

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