Wednesday 31 August 2016

Daily Blogging 101

Throughout August I have been daily blogging; delving into different topics to talk about and exploring different ways to photograph. Today, I thought I would give you my thoughts, pros and cons of blogging regularly, hopefully answering the questions a few of you have asked in the process. I am now planning to continue daily blogging throughout September, October and December in order to push my blog into full-time status, so you could say the blogging daily has been a success.

It's Hard Work | There's no denying that daily blogging is hard work; the writing, the photographing and the promotion are only some of the tasks you have to juggle. The upside? It's very rewarding. Although it can be just as easy to overwork yourself, it's very important not to push too hard to get a blog post out - If you miss a post, that's okay! 

Saying that, organisation is key to getting a post out on time. If you're feeling inspired, photograph and write in bulk as this will make the process much easier. Grab yourself a new notepad and a diary, keeping everything in sections and having a clear schedule is a great way to stay motivated. 

Finding Ideas | When I first decided to daily blog my biggest worry was that I wouldn't have enough ideas or that I would end up being quite repetitive with my posts. After a week, I discovered it was the complete opposite - I now have more ideas that I ever have done. I've started to explore more blog post themes as I feel less pressure to make my posts all about beauty, but with daily blogging I still feel like I'm keeping all of my passions alive. 

Do you have to actually daily blog? | Although it's called daily blogging, I don't actually write blog posts every day. I try to avoid blogging on the weekend as I use my working week to fit it all in, however if you work full time then filling Saturday and Sunday full of blogging will help you manage your time effectively especially during shorter daylight hours. 

How Do I Promote My Blog Posts? | Whether you promote on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or all three, promoting your own work is something that some people don't like doing. For me, I promote my blog posts on Twitter at least 6 times a day and I make sure that I pinned the image on my Pinterest too. 

It's Not All About Numbers, But | There's no denying that my numbers have increased since the start of August, in fact I had doubled my page views in a matter of weeks. I'm sure this was down to getting retweeted by a few brands over the course of the month and it won't be a surprise if my page views won't continue to go up, but as some of you asked - Yes, my numbers have risen quite a fair bit. 

Would you consider daily blogging?

Monday 29 August 2016

Beginners Makeup | The High Street Edition.

When it comes to starting a makeup collection it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you're looking on the high street. Today I am sharing with you my favourite budget picks if you're looking to go on a spree anytime soon. 

Foundation | I don't usually go for high street foundations because I find the longevity and quality of the high end alternatives much better. Saying this, the two foundations I go back to time and time again are the Bourjois Healthy Mix and L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. Both offerings have luminous finishes that are easy to blend and apply, making for a great starter foundation. 

Blusher | There are so many high quality blushers on the high street, but it's the Milani Powder Blusher in Tea Rose and the Sleek Rose Gold Blush  that are head and shoulders above the rest. If you're looking for a perky pink or a shimmery coral offering that will add a pop of colour to your cheeks whilst minimsing the risk of going overboard then these will be your best bet. 

Highlighter | I've tried my fair share of highlighters, but when it comes to budget offerings, no one does it better than Topshop. Their Glow Highlighter in Polish is a cream highlighter that is amazing at giving a subtle radiance to the skin, whilst their Powder Highlighter in Horizon is great at warming up the skin and complimenting my contour nicely. 

Eyeshadow Palette | Although I own a lot of eyeshadow palettes, I rarely ever fall head over heels for a budget pick. However, the Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Palette is a high street gem which I haven't been able to put down since I purchased it. This quad is made up of four versatile shades which can easily create a brown smokey eye and at under £6 it doesn't break the bank either. 

Mascara | Aside from my recent obsession with the Clarins Mascara Supre Volume*, I have always stuck with mascaras from the high street. The quality and the range can't be beaten, but it can be hard to pick which one to go for due to overwhelming amount of choice. The L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara was a favourite of mine for some time, but it's the Maybelline Lash Sensational  which currently has my heart. Both mascaras are long wearing and have the ability to add both volume and length to the lashes. 

Lipstick | There's some amazing lipsticks in the aisles of Boots, so it is hard to narrow it down to just a couple, but if you're starting out with makeup then I would recommend NYX; a budget brand who are infamous for their Soft Matte Lip Creams. With a comfortable formula and a range of colours, these are perfect for first time liquid lipstick users. The NYX Lip Lingerie's are another favourite of mine, coming in mostly nude hues that compliment a wide range of skin tones. 

What are your favourite high street products? 

*Pr Sample/Gifted

Sunday 28 August 2016

4 Books To Add To Your Reading List

Over the past couple of months I have got into reading much more, completing a book every few days. I've been gripped by several over the past couple of weeks, so today I thought I would share with you four books that I think you should add to your reading list for the start of Autumn. 

After Anna | This book is one that you could easily read in one sitting on a rainy Sunday. It's about a girl who disappears from school, but then is suddenly returned a week later; a fact that is plastered on both the back and front pages, but it's one that I wish they missed out just to add to the suspense of the book. After Anna is one hell of a page turner and had me gripped from the first page to last. If you're a fan of stories like Gone Girl then this book will no doubt have you hooked like it did me. 

Harry Potter | It's no surprise that the Harry Potters made it into this list as they are some of the most comforting, easy to read books in my collection. I'm a massive fan of the films, so when I got back into reading, I knew that I wanted to re-read the books too. They're great to delve in to if you're looking to get lost in a book for an hour or two. 

The Night Circus | If you like a strong storyline and less detail then this one won't be for you, but this magical, fantasy book had me hooked. It's a dark tale that isn't scary but will entice you to read more and more. The writer's in-depth description of the circus itself is amazing and from the get-go you have a clear vision of what the circus looks like. Poppet, Widget and Bailey are the characters I connected with the most and although I wish they focused more upon them, I still thoroughly enjoyed it - One to add to your reading list! 

Can You Keep A Secret | If you're a fan of "chick lit" then you will definitely love this offering. For me, it was the perfect pick-me-up after a long day at work and one that I read in only two sittings. If you're looking for a book to read on your commute or you want to ease yourself back into reading, then look no further. Of course the storyline isn't the strongest, but the characters are easily relatable and you can get very emotionally attached to the story once you get going. 

What books have you been enjoying lately?

Saturday 27 August 2016

Everyday Makeup

I switch up my everyday makeup every month or so to make sure I get use out of all my products, test new releases and switch up my routine to suit the season. As we're currently in the transitioning stage between Summer and Autumn, I have started to embrace a darker lip, as well as cracking out some of my colder weather favourites. Today I am sharing with you the makeup I have been wearing everyday this August. 

First up is base and I have been reaching for the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint and Nars Copacabana Illuminator combo to create a radiant base that disguises blemishes, yet still allows my natural glow to come through. I like to apply this duo using my Beauty Blender* to ensure I get a flawless finish with minimal effort.

After using my usual Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders to set my makeup, I move onto bronzer. I have been opting for several sweeps of bronzer instead of my full contour routine lately due to the changing weather. I take a dusting of my bronzer of choice and sweep it over the hollows of my cheekbones, up to the my temples and on my neck. For blusher, I have been reaching for the Milani Powder Blush in Tea Rose to add a soft pink hue to my cheeks. 

On my eyes I have been using the Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette,  a quad made up of versatile, everyday shades that creates an easy smokey eye. Marzipan, a champagne shimmer and Toast, a matte soft brown are the two shades that I reach for most, but if I want more definition to my eye then I like to run Soft Truffle, a matte deep brown, through my crease. To finish I have been perfecting my use of eyeliner and then applying several lashings of the Clarins Mascara Supra Volume* to add volume, length and curl to my lashes. 

After lusting after several shades from the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil range, I thought it was about time I dug out Cruella, a vivid red to help me transition into darker lip colours. This offering is all I've been wearing lately if I haven't been wearing a light layer of my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

What products are in your everyday makeup routine? 


Friday 26 August 2016

Taking Pleasure From The Little Things

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it can be difficult to sit down and appreciate the little things. Whether that be waking up before your alarm and feeling wide awake or scrolling through Pinterest and feeling really inspired. Today I am sharing with you the little things that make me happy. 

Music | I can't tell you how much I'm loving blasting out my favourite Paolo Nutini album, Sunny Side Up, at the moment. It instantly puts me in a good mood and if I'm feeling in a bit of a slump, I know that this will motivate me to start cracking on with work. 

Stationery | If you're a stationary hoarder like myself, then investing in a new notepad or finding a high street gem is a great way to put a smile on my face. Copper paperclips have been a new obsession of mine and I have accumulated over several dozen of them. I have been eyeing up several notepads at the moment as I am looking to organise my life a little better and this one from Rifle Paper Co is gorgeous and comes in a pack of 2 - Bonus!

Walking | Whether it's a late night walk to catch Pokemon or an early one to grab some breakfast, going out for a walk when there's barely anyone about is a favourite of mine. It's peaceful and can be a great way to clear your mind too. 

When The Season Starts To Change | Okay, so we're not quite in Autumn yet, but I already love watching the seasons change, especially the weather. I find Spring goes into Summer in a blink of an eye, so the particular months I love seeing change are Summer to Autumn and Winter to Spring. Either the flowers are blossoming and you can see little lambs popping up in every other field or the leaves are starting to go crisp and the air is slightly cooler. 

Clean Sheets | There is no better feeling than having fresh bedding on when you've just shaved your legs. Making the bed every morning is another favourite of mine and one that hasn't become a chore at all. 

Comfy Loungewear | Even if it's an old pair of tracksuit bottoms or your favourite set of PJ's, taking your bra off, removing your makeup and slipping into your comfy loungewear is a little thing that I will never not take pleasure from. I personally love a thick, wooly jumper on colder days as I can easily tuck them into jeans and feel very snug. 

Re-Watching Your Favourite TV Show | I personally love watching re-runs of the Great British Bake Off or Friday Night Dinner to lift my mood and make me laugh. If TV shows aren't your thing, then I would recommend re-watching or re-reading your favourite movie series or book. I personally love watching the Harry Potters on repeat or delving into my Sophie Kinsella Can You Keep A Secret? book.
What little things make you happy?


Thursday 25 August 2016

Treating Tired Skin.

During the transitional seasons, where the weather can be hot and humid one minute and cold and windy the next, my skin tends to suffer the most. Not only is the weather playing havoc with my complexion, but stress and lack of sleep have played a part in my skins sudden change in texture and feel. Today I am sharing with you my top tired skincare picks. 

First up is cleanser and I've recently pulled out my Oskia Renaissance Cleanisng Gel again. This cleanser has a thick consistency that turns to an oil and melts into the skin, leaving a soft, nourishing residue. Although I feel like this is the marmite product of skincare, I can't help but love it whenever my skin feels tight, sore or lacklustre as it instantly perks up my complexion with its radiance boosting ingredients and delicious turkish delight scent. 

Whenever you're feeling tired it can be difficult to add yet another step into your skincare routine, but adding a mask in the mix is the perfect way to treat yourself and your skin. The Aesop Primrose Cleansing Mask* is an essential of mine whenever my skin is feeling decongested as this helps to clarify and soothe my complexion. The all-round problem solver is great if you have excess redness or dull, dehydrated skin as this gets my skin back into tip tip condition in less than 15 minutes. 

Next up is the Lush Don't Look At Me offering, a bright blue mask that gently exfoliates promoting smoother, radiant skin. I always reach for Lush fresh face masks whenever my skin is in a crisis, as the natural ingredients work wonders on my dehydrated, troubled skin. Whenever my skin needs a pick me up, Don't Look At Me is the one I reach for.  

Toner is the step in my skincare routine I usually miss out, but it's the step that I find can make the most difference. Getting rid of any remaining makeup and making sure your skin is prepped before moisturising, the La Roche Posay Serozinc* is my go-to toner. The zinc sulphate solution helps to reduce redness, refresh and soothe any little bumps you may have underneath the skin. 

Aside from drinking litres of water a day to treat lacklustre skin, an intense moisturiser is another way to hydrate the skin. The Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream* has a lightweight formula that sinks into the skin in seconds, replenishing the skin and making it glow from inside out. During the transitional season when my skin is looking lacklustre and tired, this helps to make it glow, prepping my skin for makeup application or sleep. 

What are your favourite skincare treats?

Wednesday 24 August 2016

How To Entertain Yourself When You're A Homebody

About six months ago I confirmed to myself that, in fact, I was a homebody. I enjoy my own company and the comfort of my own home. Entertaining myself for hours on end is something that I have perfected, so today I thought I would share with you the activities I enjoy the most. 

Reading | I go through a few books a week now, so getting a good reading wishlist together is an essential of mine for entertaining myself. I love nothing more than going to Waterstones and browsing the aisles looking for books that I want to read or making the most of the 3 for £10 offer on Amazon. I have been enjoying reading Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe and have recently finished After Anna; a serious page turner who those who like mystery reads. 

Get Crafty | Cross stitch, working with wool and colouring in are great ways to let your imagination run wild and entertain yourself for hours in the process. This Make Arcade Cactus Cross Stitch is the reason why I've become obsessed and now I'm lusting for this Avocado DIY Kit to build upon my collection. 

The Little Things | Whether it's buying yourself a fresh bunch of flowers or having a long scroll through Pinterest, taking pleasure in the little things is a great way to entertain yourself. I often go online shopping and fill my basket up with all the new Autumnal knits and clothes I've been lusting after just to remove them all an hour later. 

Baking | GBBO starts today which means one thing - I'm going to pretend I'm Mary Berry for the next two months. I've recently bought a few new baking accessories so I can't wait to try out this vegan triple chocolate salted caramel brownies or delve into these chocolate chips muffins. Aside from the cupcakes and cookies, I have been cooking up a range of different foods such as these sweet potato and chickpea burgers and one pot lemon chicken and rice

At Home Cinema | Making a blanket fort, lighting a few candles and popping on a bunch of your favourite films will not only entertain you for hours, but it'll probably put you in a good mood too. I have been loving re-watching the Harry Potter's, exploring The Hobbit series and various comedies like 22 Jump Street. 

Pampering | There's nothing I love more than having a long bath alongside my favourite Lush pamper picks. As I'm getting increasingly excited for Autumn, I have dug out my favourite Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Honey Bath, a skin softening bubble bath that creates piles of sweet bubbles. To follow I like to treat my hands to the Lush Lemon Flutter and follow it up with several layers of my Essie Nail Vanish of choice. It doesn't matter how my skin is feeling; whether it be dry, sensitive or blemish prone, a face mask always helps me to relax. I have been loving the Avene Tolerance Extreme Mask* to hydrate my dehydrated skin during this transitional period. 

Are you a homebody? 

Tuesday 23 August 2016

A Lazy Girl's Eyeshadow Edit

Don't get me wrong, I love experimenting with new palettes and creating various eye looks, but when I want an extra five minutes in bed, it's eyeshadow that tends to go. Today I am sharing with you a handful of my favourite fuss-free products to creates an effortless look in minimal time. 

Cream eyeshadow sticks are the perfect way to add instant colour to your eyes with no fuss as they can be easily blended out using your fingers or a quick swipe of a brush. The By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock is one of my go-to options as the lilac-brown hue can be used under other eyeshadow as a base, it doesn't budge and can be used on it's own to add definition to the eyes. Another shadow stick favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet and these two once paired create a long lasting, fool-proof eye look. 

Probably the most underrated eyeshadows on the market, the H&M High Impact Eyeshadows are amazing single eyeshadows that come in a range of highly pigmented colours ranging from soft shimmers to matte browns. Paradise Lost is the perfect all over lid colour that brightens the eye area and highlights where necessary. 

Okay, so the MAC Loose Pigmented in Tan isn't the most convenient to use if you're on the go, but it is one that- once mastered- can be an easy way to spruce up a dull looking eye look. This intense shimmer can be applied using a wet brush to give off the best pigment and, applied to the centre of your lid, can make for an effortless statement eye.  

Aside from single eyeshadows, eyeshadow duos and quads are a great way to create an easy eye look as all the shades have already been picked out to compliment each other. The Nars Kalahari Duo is no doubt one of the most gorgeous palettes I own as the two shades work together to create a soft, bronzed copper look that compliments my dark blue eyes. A new favourite of mine has been the Clarins 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Nude* which at first wasn't my go-to, but the soft pink and dark brown combo is perfect for the transitional period between Summer and Autumn. 

What are your fail-safe eyeshadows? 

*PR Sample/Gifted 

Sunday 21 August 2016

Styling A Pinterest Worthy Office Space

I'm very lucky as I have my own office space in my flat where I can work for hours on end without being tempted to always work on the sofa. Don't get me wrong; I love working from the comfort of my own bed, but styling an office space to your own taste, will ultimately make you want to spend more time in it. Today I am sharing with you my top tips on getting that Pinterest-worthy workspace. 

Keep It Minimal | Okay, so your desk is never going to be the most pristine place in your house and I'm sure after a days work it will be filled with lunch crumbs and post-it notes, but keeping any homeware to a minimum is a great way to make sure you don't end up with an overcrowded workspace. Saying this, copper and marble accents for me are the perfect way to make my office look more enticing and welcoming, as  it actually makes me want to be there. Style your space up to suit your own personal taste.

DIY | Whether it's spray painting the legs on my IKEA Lerberg desk from black to white or popping to IKEA and picking up this £10 trellis to transform into those grids for your desk, DIYing is the perfect way to make your office unique to you and inspire you in the process. I've been creating a pom pom garland and cross stitching my way to create an office space that fills my head with creative thoughts. 

Add Texture | Whether it's a blanket or rug draped over your chair, a cushion to prop you up or a stack of books in the corner, adding texture to your office can pull the whole of the room together. Although an office is obviously just meant for working, I actually keep a basket full of blankets, colouring books and wool underneath my desk and often have a few plants floating around the area to add colour too. 

Think About The Basics | It can be easy to get carried away with pretty homeware and forget the basics like storage and stationary. Obviously keeping notepads, pens and your laptop to hand is an essential for working, but make way for storing important documents and files in your workspace too. Having a neat storage system underneath your desk can be the most effective as it allows more room to work with. 

What are your top tips on styling an office space? 

Friday 19 August 2016

Transitional Wardrobe Wishlist

Okay, so maybe a thick coat isn't appropriate for August/September, but I have already decided I want to start investing in several different styles this year. This ASOS Fur Hooded Duffle Coat is one i've been eyeing up. It comes in a range of colours, but I think the dark pink would add colour to my usually monochrome wardrobe. 

One of my favourite transitional pieces are dresses, as they can be worn with bare legs during the hotter days, but can easily be made appropriate for the Autumn by adding a pair of leggings underneath. This Glamour Shirt Soft Check Dress is extremely versatile as you can wear it with a big coat and thick tights or just wear it with a pair of sandals during the hotter days. Another dress that I have been eying up is this Traffic People Hepburn Dressthis investment piece not only looks like it would be perfect for the Summer/Autumn transitional period, but it could carry me through the Christmas party season too (Never too early to prepare!). This Glamour Embroided Dress and this patterned number are both on my to-buy list too. 
Jeans or denim is a staple in my wardrobe all year around, as they can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The Jamie jeans from Topshop are my go-to and I currently have my eye on these black ripped offerings, as they look like they would go with a lot of outfits and will no doubt keep my legs warm when it gets colder. I have been coveting this Boohoo Ruffle Hem T-Shirt to pair with black jeans as it can be worn on it's own during hotter days, but can be easily layered up. If jeans aren't your thing, but you want to add a bit of denim into your wardrobe then these ASOS Classic Dungarees would do the job. 

I can't get enough of jumpers at the moment and have put a bunch of them onto my wishlist. Burgundy is one of my most lusted after hues during the Autumn season, so this ASOS Jumper looks like the perfect cosy knit to add to my wardrobe. Although I tend to opt for darker colours, I have made it my mission to incorporate more blush pink and subtle pastel shades into my clothing and this ASOS Chunky High Kneck Jumper looks like it'll be the perfect addition. 

I've been stock piling pyjamas lately, opting for a lightweight satin to keep me cool, yet covered up at night. These ASOS Miley Satin PJ's look divine and I bet they would look perfect paired with these ASOS Pink Slouch Socks during the colder evenings. 
I'm already excited to invest in a new pair of boots for the colder days. These Topshop Alexie Chelsea Boots and ASOS Aaron Chunky Boots are both at the top of my wishlist as the black leather look like they'd work with a variety of the outfits in my wardrobe. 

Obviously a wishlist wouldn't be complete with a few hats, scarves and bags. This ASOS Oversized Square ScarfPieces Varen Pom Beanie Hat and ASOS Scallop Bag being at the top of my wishlist to buy. The blush pink bag would look perfect with a pastel coloured outfit, but would also suit a monochrome outfit as an accent accessory. I've been getting into learning about the moon and the stars more at the moment after the meteor shower, so it's no wonder that I have been lusting after it in my wardrobe too. This Pieces Moon Cut Hair Clip looks gorgeous and I think it'll look perfect paired with a simple outfit. 

What is on your transitional wardrobe wishlist?

Thursday 18 August 2016

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette.

I've spoken about the Sleek Solstice Palette many times on my blog, but to my surprise I have never dedicated a full post to it. This highlighting quad is made up of four versatile shades; 1 cream and 3 powders which add an overall glow to your complexion. If you're looking for a high quality and incredibly pigmented palette then this one is for you. 

As I was scouring the aisles of Boots many months ago, this palette caught my eye with its luxe gold casing and divine shades which I knew would suit my fairly pale skin. Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar and Equinox are the four shades that make up this quad; Subsolar and Equinox being the two go-to shades as they create a 'glow from within' look on the skin. Ecliptic, the cream offering, is the perfect consistency to wear under the other powder highlighters as it prolong wear and intensifies the pigmentation. Hemisphere is my least used shade as the purple hue doesn't suit my complexion and has an overwhelming amount of shimmer in it. 

Once applied to the tops of your cheekbones, your brow bone and across your cupids bow this gives a sheen to the complexion which can be sheered out or built up to create an almost 'wet look' to your skin. I prefer to apply it using a brush, but if you need a top up it's super easy to use your fingers to get a precise application. 

Despite it being priced at under £10, the highlighters themselves are dreamy to touch and the casing is extremely luxe - An ultimate high street steal. 

Have you tried the Sleek Solstice Highighlight Palette?

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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Lush Pamper Picks

When it comes to pampering and taking time out for yourself, I like nothing better than to indulge in a Lush bath and slather on a range of products. Before the new Halloween and Christmas collections come in to store I thought I would stock up on my favourite pampering picks, so today I am sharing with you the products I continue to repurchase. 

Bubble baths are my favourite way to pamper myself; filling the bath up with scented bubbles which I can get lost in with a book. If you need a pick-me-up then there's nothing better than the Rose Bubbleroona rose scented bubble bar that can be used multiple times to create a soft, nourishing pink bath. If you're looking for a more relaxing option, then  A French Kiss is perfect as the lavender and rosemary scents help you to de-stress in an instant. 

The Comforter is an investment piece from Lush, as although it's priced just under £5, it can create as many as 8 baths if you crumble in little pieces at a time. This blackcurrant offering creates thick, pink bubbles which have an uplifting and lingering scent on the skin. 

A pampering routine wouldn't be complete with a face mask and the Don't Look At Me offering is my face mask of choice. With a vivid blue colour and exfoliating texture, this mask brightens and cleanses the skin without compromising on softness. 

I've not had many good experiences with Lush's massage bars, but the rose scent of Pearl is something I can't resist. Once in contact with the skin it starts to melt, releasing the Argan and rose oil which soothes and nourishes the body. The sago bubbles in this bar help to massage the skin and boost circulation. If I'd rather go for an in-shower moisturiser then I opt for the Ro's Argan Conditionera nourishing treat for dehydrated and parched skin that can easily be used in conjunction with another moisturiser or on its own for a quick shower fix. 

I've got to admit, aside from the hand cream I apply, I tend to neglect my hands and feet for months at a time. The Lemon Fluttery cuticle butter has changed all of that and I now  consciously take some time on pamper nights to treat my dehydrated hands. Enriched with cleansing lemon juice and nourishing mango butter, this offering is extremely hydrating as once applied, the butter starts to turn in to a lightweight oil as it warms up. I've started to use this on not only cuticles, but on any dry patches I have around the body.  

What are your Lush pamper picks?

Monday 15 August 2016

The Hair Styling Dream Team.

In my early teens I always wore my hair as straight as possible; scared that my naturally curly hair would be revealed whenever it was raining or humid. Fast forward six years and not only do I embrace the curly-haired look, I now enhance it using many heated tools too. Over time my hair has become limp and lifeless, but I have now created a two step routine that give me voluminous, perfect curls every time. 

These Toni and Guy Style Fix tools are compact in size, which at first I was a tad skeptical about but after a few used I was sold. If you've got thick, long hair then I'd probably stay away from these, but if you have thinner hair like me or you're looking for a styler for short hair then this is your best bet. Both tools heat up to 220 degrees almost instantly and are perfect for fuss-free hair styling as they get the job done efficiently and quickly. 

The Style Fix Waver* is a game changer for me as it adds volume and hold to my curls like no other. Although it can be used on it's own to create a natural texture and wave to the hair, I prefer using it before I used the Style Fix Curler* over my hair as these two are the hair styling dream team. The curler is hands down one of the best tools I've used on my locks as it creates defined curls that hold all day once spritzed with my hair spray of choice, and it can easily be used to style my hair in half the time it usually takes. The barrel is big enough to create tousled curls that look natural and the clip on the barrel allows you to grip the hair in place whilst you style. If you're not used to hair tongs and you're not sure how long you should heat each piece of hair, I would opt for around 5 seconds to avoid any excess damage to your locks as these could easily frazzle the ends of your hair if you're not careful. 

If you're looking for easy to travel with stylers or just looking to update your hair tools, then I would recommend giving these a shot. 

What are your favourite hair hot stylers? 



Sunday 14 August 2016

Blog Photography // Creating A Bright Image

Editing my photographs can either be the most rewarding or the most frustrating part of blogging. I always strive to have bright images that are sharp and consistent, whilst following a certain theme. Although I still feel like I have a long way to go, I thought I would share with you some of my top tips for creating a bright image. 

Settings | Your camera set up is essential for a bright, crisp photograph. As I do a fair amount of editing on my photographs, I like to make the original photograph a little darker than you might expect. This minimises the chances of over-exposure and allows you to have a little fun playing around with the brightness, contrast and curves in the editing process. With a DSLR I would recommend playing around with the ISO (the lower the ISO the darker the image and vice versa). Although the aperture and shutter speed can both help to brighten an image, this does all depend on the photograph you're taking, how much of a soft focus background you want and where you are taking your photograph. Play around, Google and learn your camera inside out! 

Lighting | My perfect day for photographing is when it's a bright day, but there are a few clouds in the sky. Clouds work as a giant soft box, minimising shadows and allowing your image to appearer whiter. Whether it's dull or we have a rare blue sky outside, natural lighting is an essential for me so I will utilise what I have making sure that my camera setting are set up to deal with as much or as little light as is coming through. 

Finding the right space is an essential for creating a bright image too, I'm lucky as I have floor to ceiling windows, which means they bring in as much light as possible, but I would definitely recommend working near a window, making sure that the light comes in at the right angle and covers the whole image evenly. 

Background | I usually opt for a white wooden, plain white or a marble background whenever I am photographing, as I believe these three promote the most brightness and are aesthetically pleasing to me. Marble is a fail-safe background, disguising any unwanted shadows and genuinely making an image pop if I need to add any pattern or texture. White or striped bedding is another one of my fail-safe options whenever I am in a photography slump as they instantly brighten up a photograph and minimise the need for editing. 

The Editing Process | There isn't a photograph on my blog that hasn't been edited using Photoshop in the last year. I couldn't live without it and for bright photography- although not an essential in any way- it does allow me to perfect an image with minimal effort. I mostly only use curves to edit as this allows you to manipulate the background, shadows and brightness of the image with ease. Pushing the curve bar upwards brightens the image and pushing the curve bar down darkens. Once you play around with curves a few times it is very easy to grasp and you'll have perfect bright images in no time. 

What are your tips for creating a bright image? 

Saturday 13 August 2016

Makeup That's Worth The Investment

Although high end products aren't a necessity in a makeup routine, investing in the right products can mean that you don't waste money and instead get the most out of your makeup. Today I am sharing with you a handful of the products I believe are worth the investment. 

Powder | If you're looking for a palette that's worth the money then look no further, as the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette is the only one you need. This trio of powders is designed to treat all your dull skin woes and can easily be used to set, highlight and lightly bronze the complexion in an instant. I've been using this on a regular basis for the many months now and have barely made a dent in them. At £59 they are a pricey investment, but are one that will last you a long time and will transform your makeup. 

Blusher | For blusher, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers are exceptional in pigmentation, formula and finish. Like their similar powders, you can use them frequently without making a dent and the full range of shades means you have an endless choice. 

Highligher | Whether it's Summer or Winter, there's one thing that my lacklustre skin craves and that's highlighter. I reach for a range of products when I want a faux glow, so investing in a few key pieces in my collection helps to make sure I'm topped up. For me, the Nars Copacabana Illuminator is a highlighter that I will continue to purchase. This multi purpose product can be used on it's own for a subtle sheen, mixed in with my foundation for an overall glow or used underneath another highlighter for an intense pop. 

Perfume | From their candles to colognes, Jo Malone never fails to impress me. All of their perfumes linger on the skin for hours and a bottle lasts longer than any of my other scents. For me I love the scent Peony and Blush Suede, but I have been venturing out into other floral, fruity fragrances to suit the changing seasons.  

Hand Cream | Although hand cream is an odd one out of this line up I had to include this must-have. If my hands are feeling rather sensitive or dehydrated, I like to apply a generous layer of the Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm* to soothe and heal them. With a calming lavender scent, this is perfect as a treatment before bed and the tube has lasted me a significant amount of time considering I use it on a regular basis. 

What products do you think are worth the investment? 



Friday 12 August 2016

10 Things I Have Been Enjoying Lately

After seeing similar posts floating around like this one from From Roses, I thought I would sit down a write a long list of things I've been loving lately. From food to daily blogging, I'm going to share with you my top things that are currently putting a smile on my face. 

Autumn | I know that we've only just got in to August, but I have been looking forward to Autumn for several weeks now. The cosy evenings, loungewear and cold walks in the country are all a few things I have been looking forward to. My love for Autumn probably comes from the excitement of my birthday, as well as having other exciting activities planned.

Harry Potter | I have been watching the Harry Potter Films on repeat for that last couple of weeks and I have even started to re-read the books too. We're off to the Harry Potter tour in  October and I'm looking forward to drinking an ice cold butterbeer and picking up a few gift shop bits. 

Reading | I've been a serious bookworm these past few months, making my way through a handful of books every few weeks. The Night Circus was a hard book to get into, but after sticking at it I was very emotionally involved in the magic and the circus. I'm currently in the midst of reading After Anna, a story about a girl who goes missing, but then is suddenly returned. I've been enjoying curling up under a pile of blankets, switching the television off and just concentrating on the pages in front of me for a couple of hours. 

Stripes | It'll come as no surprise how much I love having stripes in my wardrobe, in fact I try and incorporate them into my outfits as much as I can. This Topshop Off The Shoulder Top has been my go-to date night pick. I have also been glued to my ASOS Stripe Culottes as they are super comfy, but can be dressed up with ease. 

Flat Doughnut Peaches | I've been trying to get myself into the habit of eating a little bit healthier in time for the Autumn and Winter months. I've been eating a lot more stir fry with a range of veg mixed in, but it's the flat doughnut peaches that I have after which have really tickled my fancy. They're sweet, juicy and less messy than other fruits - Perfect for on the go or if you want a sweet treat one evening. 
Friday Night Dinner | I've only recently discovered the newest series of Friday Night Dinner and I have been smitten, re-watching all of the episodes whilst I work. This feel good, funny programme always puts me in the best of moods and makes me belly laugh again and again. 

Macbook Air | If you follow me on Twitter I'm sure you'll be well aware of laptop-gate whereby my old lenovo gave up on me, deleting all of my work from the last few years with it. After deliberating over what I was going to do next, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a Macbook Air. It's faster, lightweight and much more helpful in terms of my work than I could ever have imagined. 

High Street Makeup | It wasn't long ago that I felt that I had fallen out of love with makeup, but, with a few new high street releases, that was soon rectified. I have been loving the Sleek Solstice Palette to add glow to my complexion and the Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Palette to create an easy, smokey eye. 

Loungewear | From cosy knits to thick woolly leggings, I have been lusting after a range of loungewear ready for the colder months. These ASOS Slouch Socks have been calling my name, so I think I'm going to have to pick up a few pairs. I have also been eying up this Topshop Rainbow Print Pyjama and these ASOS Lounge Jersey Jogger which can be bought as a duo with the ASOS Lounge Off Shoulder Top; they look like they will keep me warm throughout the Winter. 

Daily Blogging | At the start of August I decided to try my hand at daily blogging and over a week in, I can safely say it's been a success. It's been hard work, but I never seem to run out of ideas, in fact I've been inundated with them. The idea of daily blogging came from me wanting to incorporate a wide variety of posts into my blog and maybe even opting to go full time in the near future. We will just have to see! 

What have you been enjoying lately?

Thursday 11 August 2016

Summer Lipsticks

Just like most of my makeup, my lipstick changes depending on the season. During the Autumn and Winter I sway more towards the berry and red shades, whereas in the hotter months I like to opt for nude, coral or pink hues. 

The Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon in Colossal Coral* is one of my favourite budget options at the moment as the soft coral hue can be blended out to create a subtle sheen on the lips. Unlike other coral lipsticks, this offering isn't too overpowering in colour - Perfect if you're a first time wearer. If I am feeling a strong coral lipstick then I have been enjoying the Nars Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil. It's easy to apply and can be sheered out or built up to create an intense orange hue. 

For a bold, yet nourishing lip colour, I always reach for the Clinique Pop Lip Colour in Passion Pop. This staple red hue has a built in primer for longevity and the hydrating formula means that it sits comfortably on the lips for hours. Although red isn't a shade I'd usually opt for in the Summer, I can't help but apply it whenever I am wearing a monochrome outfit just for a pop of colour. 

If coral or red isn't what I'm feeling then I know that nude is a fail safe. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London is a creamy beige that glides on to the lips and gives you a top up of moisture. With a mousse-like texture, these are perfect for those who haven't dabbled in liquid lipsticks before or would prefer to have a hydrating offering during the Summer. 

I don't wear pink lips very often, but the Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in Rosy Nude* is one of my most worn lipsticks out of the bunch. It's pink hue is flattering on my skin tone and the creamy formula is one that can be re-applied again and again with ease. 

What are your go-to Summer lipsticks? 
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