Friday, 15 November 2019

Lush Christmas Collection

Lush Christmas Collection 2019
Ahh the annual Lush Christmas haul... and this year is even better than the rest! I feel like they've seriously upped their game when it comes to their festive products, but I know how overwhelming it can be to choose when you're in store, so I've narrowed down my favourites from you today. 

The Magic Wand is a re-purchase of mine and it's had a bit of a makeover this year, but don't worry it still has it's delicious sweet scent that will fill your bath up with endless bubbles. It's reusable meaning you can get a fair few baths out of it and as it's on a stick, you can do it with ease! I like that they've made it shorter and thicker this year as it means it doesn't snap off as easily when you're getting down to the end of the bubble bar.

Another product I've bought many times before is the Candy Cane, another reusable bubble bar that creates several baths. As always, I was still disappointed they hadn't change this scent to a peppermint one as I feel like that would be more fitting, but the uplifting lemon and bergamot still makes for a great bath! 

They have added a spearmint bubble bar to their range in the form of the Polar Bear Plunge, a bear shaped offering that you crumble underneath running water. Now it goes without saying that Lush has gone up in price, so when I first spotted this online for £4.95 it didn't initially go into my basket, but after seeing how big it actually is in real life, I just had to pick it up. Just having in the bag has filled the upstairs of my house with it's refreshing scent. 

The Rudolph Bath Bomb just looks like the epitome of Christmas and although it's the same scent of Snowcake, I feel like it's reminiscent of Cinders, an old Lush favourite you may recognise! It's adorable looking and very festive scented too, so I feel like this will be a popular one. 

I just knew that I had to pick up a bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel as I always worry they won't bring it back. This bubblegum scented pick leaves the skin feeling soft and smelling good enough to eat. It's a Christmas favourite to many for a reason, it lathers up great and I've been known to use a little to add bubbles to my bath too. 

Will you be picking up anything from the Lush Christmas range? 

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Shop My Latest Instagram Posts

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My Autumnal Instagram is slowly coming to an end, but don't worry I've still got a lot more orange and rust tones to share before you start seeing Christmas content (who's excited?!). I post my outfits regularly over on my Instagram if you fancy taking a look, but here are a few links to the pieces I've been wearing. 

I'm well and truly obsessed with my ASOS Korey Over The Knee Boots now that Tom got me for my birthday. To begin with they were a little hard to get used to walking in as they were higher than I usually go for, but now I feel like they turn any outfit into a 10/10. 

Unfortunately a lot of what I've worn over the last two weeks over on my Instagram are items that I've had in my wardrobe for a fair few years, so no longer have direct links to then, but I still linked some great alternative below. My favourite Nasty Gal Burgundy Check Skirt is still in stock however and after wearing it to death all Autumn last year and this one too, I feel like I need to purchase a back up! 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

10 Things To Do This Sunday

Last Sunday, I shared my cosy and relaxed day on my Instagram stories and it was a hit! I thought it was the perfect time of year to inspire you with some of my favourite activities to do on the last day of the week. 

To start the day off right, I like to make myself a delicious breakfast full of my favourites. Sometimes I'll go with soft boiled eggs and marmite soldiers and other times I like to go for the full works - rosemary mushrooms, rocket, yummy veggie sausages, sourdough toast smothered in avocado and perfectly poached eggs! 

A Sunday baking session is always welcomed with open arms and I've been loving whipping up some treats ready to eat later on in the evening. I've been making my pumpkin spice biscuits a lot recently as well as rich chocolate cupcakes or brownies. I find baking super relaxing and I think it's a Sunday morning activity that keeps you relaxed for the rest of the day. 

Although this next activity won't be for everybody, but I like to add cleaning to my Sunday to-do list. After eating, I want to make sure that my kitchen has been cleaned and then I quickly hoover and wash the floor throughout the house, hanging up clothes that need to and putting on the washing. Boring, but I always appreciate it more when the evening rolls around. 
For me, I love to get out and get some fresh air either by exercising outside or going on a leisurely stroll around the woods - sometimes both in the afternoon. The ever changing colours of the leaves, the pinecones dropping and the wild mushrooms popping up everywhere, it just makes the walk an absolute pleasure especially when wrapped up warm and armed with a camera to take lots of snaps. 

Sunday's don't always have to include a roast, but in the Autumn and Winter it's definitely a plus. I personally love to make a bunch of roast potatoes, honey parsnips, lots of greens, veggie sausages and my classic Yorkshire puddings especially if I haven't eaten much since breakfast as it fills me right up. If I don't want to cook too much, I go for the 'kid food', the type of dinner that I would have loved when I was younger - sometimes it just has to be done! I love a beige meal with my Quorn chicken nuggets, chips and sweetcorn followed by a much loved dessert. 

It's then time for my evening routine where I like to take an early bath, so I have an excuse to get into my pyjamas. I pop in a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar, light a few candles and I play my chill playlist to create the right ambience. I like to take extra time in my skincare routine, taking every piece of makeup I have on and then I put on my face mask so it gets to work when I'm soaking in bubbles. 
Afterwards I like to make sure my body is fully moisturised using the Lush Sleepy Lotion and then I put on a fresh pair of pyjamas. If I want to fake tan ready for the week ahead this is when I do so and the same goes for painting my nails. 

I sit down with whatever treats I made earlier and stick on a TV series or film. Harry Potter is always a great Autumn Sunday pick, but I've also been watching the new David Attenborough documentary and His Dark Materials which are both incredible. When I find a comfy spot with a bunch of cushions and a pile of blankets, I'm set for the evening especially if I've got a hot drink in hand as well. 

Before I go to bed, I've been trying to get back into reading as I find picking up a book helps to relax my mind before I settle down to sleep. I've seen lots of festive reads in the shops at the moment that I'm super tempted to pick up as I love a good rom-com at this time of the year. 

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday? 

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Sick Day Beauty Must Haves

Sick Day Beauty Must Haves
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I've been feeling rather under the weather now for over a week and therefore I have been relying on a handful of products to keep my skin moisturised and healthy despite the circumstances. I've got everything from makeup to skincare, so if you're battling an Autumn cold like I am, then this post is for you. 

I've had the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads* in my collection for a while now after receiving it in a Latest In Beauty box. I used to use the original versions for a long time when I was a teen and the extreme version promises to help de-congest your complexion and naturally exfoliate your skin with just one wipe of the soaked pad. I was struggling with a lot of hormonal, painful breakouts around my chin area and this helped to reduce the size of them overnight! 

Despite wanting to reach for a luxurious, thick and rich moisturiser, when I'm poorly I need something that I can re-apply throughout the day and is fast absorbing so that it doesn't overwhelm my skin. The Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice* is the perfect addition as it gives my complexion a drink of hydration as well as making it feel silky smooth and soft to touch. 

Throughout the day, I've been running my Jade Roller fresh from the fridge to help ease my headaches and massage the face. It's super easy to use and unlike the other skincare tool I use in the evening, this can be used all-day everyday. 

For makeup, I like to keep it as minimal as possible and I only wear it on days when I want to perk myself up. The Bare Minerals Bare Skin Concealer* is my go-to as the serum formula sits comfortably on the skin and can be blended in with ease and topped up throughout the day. To finish everything off, I go in with my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment*, a product that I always rave about as they offer a great dose of colour in a nourishing formula. 

What's your sick day must haves? 

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Is This Perfume Worth The £110 Price Tag?

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Perfume
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If you were to take one look at the rows of bottles I have on display  I think it would be safe to say that I'm quite the connoisseur when it comes to perfume. I often get to try an array of scents out, so I've honed in on the type of fragrances that I reach for the most often and the notes that makes my nose tingle, so when Molton Brown kindly sent me over one of their new luxe Rosa Absolute Eau De Parfum* I was excited to see how it matches up to my other favourites. 

Rose is one of my go-to notes in a perfume, even though I don't love them all, if I spot it in it's description I can't help, but give it a sniff! This isn't an ultra sweet floral scent at all as the patchouli and musk makes it feel warm and rich. With a couple of spritz it fills the air with a dreamy scent that feels comforting when the weather outside is so crisp and chilly and when layered with jumpers, scarves and cardigan's this is the perfect pairing. 

The length that this lasts on the skin is unbelievable; meaning that if you're wearing the same coat the next day you can still detect the gentle fragrance lingering. The sleek dark bottle is absolutely gorgeous with the purple, marbled effect cap to round it all off and look great on your dressing table. The £110 price label isn't something to ignore and I'm aware that it isn't for everybody, but if you're into your luxurious fragrance or you're looking for a fancy wedding scent, then it's definitely one that I recommend giving a try. 

Have you tried any of the Molton Brown perfumes?

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Smokey Eyes and Sparkle For Bonfire Night

Smokey Eye and Sparkle Eyeshadow
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Bonfire night is here and I'm off to see a Firework display this evening. If you don't know by now I love a event and I'm going to make the most of it by matching my makeup - going for a glowy base and smokey, sparkly eye look. Here are my top picks: 

I'm going to go for a bronze look on the eyes, so the shades Luscious, Cobbler and Caramelised from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette* is perfect for adding a shimmer all over the lids. The Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp* definitely allows me to add definition and depth to my eyes as this quad has some gorgeous plum colours which is great fo adding some warm too. 

If you're not looking to do a full on smokey eye then I'd recommend the Nars Rigel Single Eyeshadow as this is a one sweep wonder which adds a dreamy sparkle to the lids that work great paired with a simple eyeliner and a pair of lashes. 

Talking of eyeliner, rather than just going for the classic black, the Nudestix Rock N' Roller Easy Eyeliner Ink* in Golden Rose which is just as gorgeous as it sounds. It's adds even more shimmer and a definition to the eye, great for finishing off a smokey or simple eye look. 

For the cheeks, I will be applying my Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter and Contour Wand as usual as I've been loving the way it pulls my makeup all together, but for an extra glow over the cheekbones, nose and brow bone, I'll be dusting the Laura Mercier Indiscretion Illuminator over those parts. 

What are your favourite products for a smokey eye? 

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Evening Autumn Skincare Routine

Evening Autumn Skincare Routine
Evening Autumn Skincare Routine
- If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample, but I am under no obligation to review it. All links in this post are affiliate links. For more info head to my disclaimer

Throughout Autumn I always struggle with a dehydrated complexion and unexplained blemishes due to the change in weather. I've recently been using up lots of my skincare products and I've created myself a new skincare routine that has helped my skin stay in tip top condition this season. 

I've been using the Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack Eye Makeup Remover* in my skincare routine and it takes me back to my teen years when Soap and Glory was the go-to high street brand. This eye makeup remover is great for sensitive eyes as it removes all my mascara without tugging on my lashes and it doesn't leave my eyes stinging either. 

I then go in with my double cleanser, the first one is the form of the Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Cleanser* helps to melt away my base and any remaining eye makeup I have. Then the second one works to remove any impurities, promotes brightness and helps with smoothness too, the Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser* (which I've done a sponsored AD for on Instagram) is my go-to for doing just this. 

I go in with my toner of choice which is currently the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic* which has a relaxing chamomile scent that feels very fitting to use in the evening, but despite the strong fragrance, I don't find it irritates my skin (although it's something to note!). 

I've been using lots of nourishing products doubling up on serum and moisturiser to ensure that my skin feels adequately hydrated. The Glow Recipe Watermelon Serum* or Fresh Deep Rose Serum* are two of my favourites as they feel super lightweight on the skin, but they give the complexion a huge drink! I then go in with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream* which won't surprise you as I've been raving about it for months now and I just knew that it would be the perfect Autumn moisturiser once the weather got colder. 

If I want to use extra products to keep my skin feeling smooth and exfoliated, I always use the Pixi Peel and Polish* for a quick fix or the Glow Recipe Pineapple C-Bright Serum* for a long lasting effect that works overnight to help smooth and brighten my complexion. 

To finish off my routine, I apply the Girl, Undiscovered Pink Skies Beauty Balm* to my lips to keep them nourished when the weather is getting colder. 

What products are you using in your Autumn skincare routine? 


Friday, 1 November 2019

5 Things I've Added To My November To-Do List

November To Do List
I can't believe how quickly this year is going and that November is now here! I'm actually quite gutted to see the back of October as I've loved creating Halloween content, but I'm still looking forward to continuing my Autumn posts going into the next month too. 

Plan All The Content | October was a success with kick starting my love for blogging again as I challenged myself to blog almost everyday in the past month and with a switch up of my theme on Instagram, I feel inspired to carry on. I want to plan my content for Christmas towards the end of November, but I'm hoping this month will be just as good as the one just gone. 

Put Some Events In The Diary | From bonfire night to visiting early Christmas markets, I want to make sure that the next two months are full to the brim of things I want to do. I'm hoping to go somewhere to pick out my Christmas tree this year as well as maybe even going abroad for a weekend away. 

Firework Night | Bonfire night falls on a Tuesday this year, so I'm sure there will be displays the weekend before and after as well as on the day too. I want to make the most of it by heading to a firework display or too especially if there are promises of warm food and a cosy fire. 

Have A Clear Out | We had a clear out of my house recently, but we left my office, wardrobe and storage area. I want to have a clear out this month, throwing away any out of date products, selling things I no longer wear or use and give away anything else. 

Switch Up My Homeware | During the month of October, I filled my home with everything Halloween, from bunting, pumpkins and themed blankets. It made me sad to pack these all away this morning and despite leaving my pumpkins out on my fireplace, I've already started looking for more Autumn themed decorations as well as early Christmas pieces that I could start buying for the months ahead. 

What's on your November to-do list? 
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