Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Summer Pamper Routine

The current grizzly weather situation in the UK is far from the steaming heat we were having just a mere week ago. Although I'm disappointed that the sunshine hasn't stuck around a little longer, it has given me an excuse to get my pamper on. 

I've got myself a little tan after all the warm weather and I don't feel like I need to use my usual fake tan at the moment, so I've been switching it out for a gradual tanner instead; especially in the areas that haven't got a lot of sun. The NKD SKN Gradual Tanner* leaves a lovely nourishing layer on the skin and I find that using it twice on consecutive days keeps the tan nearly 10 days, at least in my experience. 

My hair definitely needs TLC every so often and up until recently I rarely gave it what it deserved. I did a full post on the Coco and Eve Hair Masque* not long ago so I won't go into much detail, but it's honestly changed my hair care routine so much. I feel excited to whip this out in the shower and treat my hair, especially as it makes styling so easy - it's great for a pamper night in as you can even leave it a little longer to give your locks a proper drink. 

Despite it being a little cooler, I still can't slather myself with lots of luxe, thick lotions as I feel too sticky and irritated, but I have been using a light oil in and out of the shower when I want something that feels very moisturising. The L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil* is amazing at keeping dry patches at bay, whilst the Nuxe Dry Oil* keeps my pins looking super nourished all year round. 

It's hard to narrow it down to one mask, but I've been trying out the Fresh Black Tea Overnight* offering and I'm loving it. It feels like a thick night cream and really packs a punch in terms of hydration. I simply pop this on in the late afternoon/early evening and take it off before I hop into bed to get as much out of it as possible. Combined with the Glossier Mask Duo which work so well together, combatting any blemishes I may have as well as calming general redness down too. 

Products aside, I actually think airing out your room or house by having all the windows open, treating yourself to a fresh bunch of flowers and sticking on your favourite TV series are just a few of the ways to pamper yourself without going too OTT. Catch up on the latest series of Love Island or get lost in a gripping thriller book; it's always nice to take some time out for yourself. 

What are your favourite Summer pamper products? 

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Friday, 10 August 2018

Matte Makeup For Combo Skin

As a dewy skin lover, I never thought I'd write a whole post dedicated to a matte makeup routine, but with the recent spate of warm weather, I have been reaching for oil-reducing powders and mattifying bases to help keep the shine at bay. 

When it comes to prepping your combination skin for foundation application, I never like to skimp the amount of hydration I apply as the dry areas of my face needs an extra dosage when possible. The Fresh Peony Brightening Serum* is a new addition, but one that does what it says on the tin, adding just the right amount of brightness without interfering with how matte my base looks after it. I feel like adding a moisturiser or a nourishing primer to my routine really helps to make my foundation sit better. 

My base of choice is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation which feels like it changes the way it looks every time my skin changes, but it's undeniably matte, but with a natural, lightweight feel that looks undetectable on the skin. It doesn't sling to dry patches, yet it keeps any shine from my oiliness at bay. 

Face powders can be difficult for combination skin, but I find loose powders are the way to go as you get more control over how much you apply and you can dust away any excess with ease. The Glossier Wowder is great for longevity and for a healthy, yet matte finish, whereas if you want to minimise your pores, whilst adding a slight glow then the Bourjois Rice Java Powder is your best bet. 

Most of my blushers aren't matte, but the NYX Ombre Mauve Me Blush is one that I've gone on about for years now. It adds just the right amount of colour to the cheeks and helps to blur the face powder and browning products too. 
Matte bronzers aren't always the best option especially if they're powder in formula as they can almost sit on top of the skin if not used alongside a highlighter to add definition and a natural look to your skin. Saying this, the Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer* is still my favourite, but if I'm going for matte products everywhere else, I'd opt for the Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand as it's a cream that blends into your complexion easier. 

For a matte eyeshadow look, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette* is a great pick as it has seven matte shades that choose from to create a strong berry smokey eye or a more natural brown option. To finish the look off I apply a few layers of mascara and put on my trusty Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick* to pull it all together. 

What are your favourite matte products for combination skin? 

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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Recent Empties

Today I'm throwing it right back to an old YouTube and blogging topic; the empties post. I've been saving up my empty products and, despite contemplating whether or not to do this as I wasn't too sure how interesting my rubbish really is, I wanted to share the items I've recently used up. 

Starting with the humble shower gel and I've been going through anything summery and refreshing like there's no tomorrow. The Imperial Leather scents and Original Source ones are two of my favourites, but there's so many to choose from! I've also used up one of my favourite perfumes, the Giorgio Armani Si and I'm so gutted about it because it quickly become one of my staple scents. 

I've finished the IGK Jet Lag Dry Shampoo and I've got to admit that I was so very impressed by it, that I just had to look into the brand a bit more. I didn't use up the can too quickly which is a good sign as I like having something a little heavy duty, but despite it's ability to get rid of grease super-quickly, it doesn't feel too heavy or weigh the hair down. 

There's a few products that I'm particularly sad to say goodbye to, including the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation which has lasted me a year- pretty impressive- and the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser*. The former is the perfect base for me and is definitely one that I'm going to repurchase very soon, while the latter is what I've been using to take it off. It's only the mini version and I've owned quite a few of these, so I think it's about time I purchase the full-sized offering. 

The Glossier Priming Moisturiser is another one of Glossier's products I've loved, used up and would recommend. It's great if you want a healthy base to apply your foundation onto and it never failed to make my skin look more plump and hydrated. 

Two eye products I've finished are the Benefit Bad Gal Bang*, a much loved mascara of mine and the Pixi Weylie Hoang Eyeliner* which saw me through some of the most sweaty days this Summer without shifting. 

What products have you used up recently? 

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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

What I've Been Wearing This Summer

I've really got into my fashion content lately and I have a lot more planned over the next month or so too. I've been sharing my outfits regularly on my Instagram, so I thought that I would share with you what I've been wearing this Summer along with a few staples. 

Wrap Dresses | I've had a thing for wrap dresses over the past couple of months as they're super flattering around my waist and some of them even allow you to wrap it around yourself, meaning you get the right shape for you. This Only V-Neck Dress that I'm wearing in these photographs was only £8.50 (like I keep telling everybody I meet!), so there's definitely some bargains to be had if you're new to the wrap dress trend. If you want something a little longer then this Vero Moda Striped pick is great as it's midi length, being longer at the back and shorter at the front, plus it has long arms that can be rolled up if you want a more casual fit. Girls with big boobs will rejoice at this tip, but grab yourself a mini safety pin and you can transform your wrap dresses almost instantly and they're practically unidentifiable to the eye. 

Skirts, Of All Kinds | When I shared this photograph of me in a sunflower field wearing this Nasty Gal Leopard Print Skirt (this one is similar) everyone went wild for it, and for  good reason too as it's super gorgeous and very flattering, with all the ruffles in all the right places. My skirt obsession hasn't stopped there, as my denim skirt has practically been lived in- especially when paired with this New Look Circle Belt- but I'm still on the look out for the perfect spotted midi skirt after seeing several other bloggers wearing one - I must keep my eyes peeled! 

Simple Accessories | I've kept my jewellery and bag buying down to a real minimum this season. Constantly wearing the now sold out Pimkie Circle Bag (it was an absolute bargain so definitely worth a save!) and a pair of the ASOS Hoop Earrings that only cost £3. They add something to an outfit, and as I've got so much wear out of them, I've definitely got my moneys worth too. When it's super hot outside I often get irritated if I'm wearing too much, so simple, delicate pieces are perfect. 

A Slogan Tee | I've been loving slogan tees at the moment as they're super easy to wear with a pair of culottes, lightweight trousers or a skirt for an everyday, casual vibe. I've been wearing quite a few like this ASOS Amour one and I certainly don't need any more, but here are a few of my favourites: 

What have you been wearing this Summer? 

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Monday, 6 August 2018

Summer Beauty Tips

Yes that's a net bag you spot in this photograph and yes I caved and bought one after seeing that every blogger had one, but it makes for a very snazzy blog prop and it inspired today's blog post too. I wanted to share some of my top Summer tips when it comes to keeping your makeup sweat proof and looking refreshed. 

Putting your face mists in the fridge is a serious game changer as they are refreshing, can keep your skin looking glowy and cools you down too. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir* is my favourite as I like using it before my makeup to diminish the appearance of my pores and wake me up in the morning too. 

When using makeup in this heat I always wear a makeup setting spray both underneath and spritzed over my base too as it really locks it in. The Urban Decay All Nighter* is my current favourite and has been for many years now. For extra longevity when it comes to makeup, I like to make sure I set any cream products like blusher with a translucent powder after application. I don't want to dull the colour down nor make it look too matte, but a light dusting after you've finished all your makeup helps to keep everything in place. 

I've switched from a body lotion to a body oil recently as I find them easier to sink in and make my limbs look the way I want them to in the hot weather. Spray on oils like the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse* are perfect as they're so easy to use and the shimmer version is great for a night out. 

I actually saw this tip on Twitter a few months back and again recently too and it stuck with me. When wanting to get the most of your dry shampoo, apply it the night before as it's more effective at banishing oiliness. My favourite has to be the IGK Jet Lag Spray as it's super strong and packs a punch. 

Talking of hair I always feel like my hair is the last thing I give extra TLC to and I've been trying hard to keep up with hair masks and SPF's as your hair can get dry and damaged in the hot, humid weather too. 

What are your top Summer beauty tips? 

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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Mango and Strawberry Swirled 'Ice Cream'

On an extremely hot day, I love nothing more than a freezing cold ice cream to help cool down and relax. It's not everyday I have it in my freezer, but with three simple ingredients  I can create a super easy, no-churn 'ice cream' alternative that tastes pretty good to me.

Handful of Frozen Strawberries
2 Bananas
Handful of Frozen Mango Chunks 
Almond Milk/Maple Syrup optional. 

With use of an electric blender, I start by putting in 1 banana and a handful of strawberries, adding almond milk or maple syrup depending on the consistency and sweetness you want. Almond milk will make the texture creamier and maple syrup will give it a sweeter edge. I blend the two together until smooth, adding a drop or two of water if the mixture it particularly hard to blend. 

Then I make the second mixture using 1 banana and a handful of mango chunks, doing the same method again. Once I have the two mixtures, I pour them one after each other, swirling with a toothpick as I go to make the desire swirl effect. I tend to use a tuberware box to store the ice cream in, freezing overnight. 

Now you're done and you can enjoy your easy ice cream recipe!

Will you be giving this a try? 

Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Hair Masque

- This post is in collaboration with Coco and Eve, but as always all thoughts are my own - 

When it comes to pampering myself and giving my body some extra TLC, my hair is the last place I think the treat, but since the Coco & Eve Hair Like A Virgin Hair Masque came along I can't get enough of treating my tresses. This masque promises to transform your hair back into a virgin like state in just 10 minutes and today I'm sharing with you how I've got on. 

Made with raw figs and coconuts, this masque not only smells absolutely divine, but it improves my hairs texture almost instantly; making it look smooth, sleek and healthy. On top of this it helps to improve split ends, tame frizz, lock in moisturise and give a luscious shine to your locks. My hair type changes semi-regularly so it's great that this is suitable for all hair types and currently as my locks are particularly parched, this helps to hydrate them like nothing else especially around the ends. The free tangle tamer it comes with is really great and so handy for giving a more even application, plus it helps to detangle with minimal damage. As someone with curly hair, my tresses get knotted everyday and all the pulling it takes to get the knots out does some serious damage, but this tangle tamer just glides right through and I've never known anything like it. 

I dye my hair every six weeks which obviously causes visible damage, but the Summer has really played havoc with my locks due to the various elements we've been through over the past few months. I wasn't expecting something to improve my hair as quickly as this treatment does as I thought it would take at least the whole tub before I started seeing any difference since my hair has been in quite a state. It looks the best it's been in a long time and styling is now a breeze as I no longer have to battle with dullness and knotting. Although I've mentioned it already, the scent of this masque is amazing for the Summer and lingers on the hair without being too overpowering - it means I end up going up to people and asking them "does my hair smell nice?" far too many times!

Unlike other hair masks that feel like they are a quick fix, but doesn't necessarily have long lasting affects, this offering keeps my hair looking perfect all day long. As it's free from sulphates, my hair doesn't feel stripped and being absent from sulphate, it reduces the risk of it irritating your scalp - bonus! It's 100% vegan and cruelty free too, so great for everybody! 

Here are the before and after shots of my hair. My hair looks super frizzy and is very knotted and then the after it's looking super smooth, shiny and the colour has been revived.

Have you tried the Coco & Eve Hair Masque? 

Friday, 3 August 2018

New In Beauty On Trial

I'm very lucky that I get sent some amazing products, and today I wanted to share with you a handful that are currently on trial in my collection, along with my first impressions. 

First up is this By Terry Travel Exclusive* from World Duty Free, which has miniatures of some of the brand's beauty favourites including their Ombre Blackstar and Baume De Rose. You get a generous amount of each product, which will be perfect for trying it out  to see whether you like it before committing to purchasing the full sized versions. The Ombre Blackstars are already one of my favourite cream eyeshadows and the shade Bronze Moon looks beautiful in the Summertime. 

Fresh are one of my all-time favourite skincare brands because there isn't a product that my complexion hasn't absolutely loved, plus some of my go-to skin saviours come from this brand. When this parcel turned up I was super excited as I haven't tried them before which is always exciting. The first product I was attracted to was the Sugar Chocolate Lip Balm* which is exactly what it says on the tin. It smells exactly like chocolate, which isn't something I usually enjoy, but it's now enticed me to possibly try their Mango option too. 

Next is their Peony Instant Brightening Face Serum* which I was so excited to get my hands on as I love a lightweight formula in the Summer and just having the word 'peony' in the name makes me happy. I've tried it a fair few times and my first impressions is that my skin absolutely loves it. It instantly perks up my complexion and using it before makeup makes my base go on much smoother - we shall see! 

Lastly is the Black Tea Overnight Mask* which I slathered on pretty sharpish after it arrived as their Rose Face Mask* is one of my most reached for treatments when my skin is playing havoc. It smells delicious and the formula works well with my dry skin, but I will have to report back at a later date. 

An exciting Cult Beauty package arrived and I was so excited to delve in as their deliveries have served me some of this year's favourite products. The Ecococo Body Scrubs* were the first thing I spotted and I was so intrigued by them that I used the coconut vanilla offering that night. They can be used as both body scrubs to help prep your limbs and get rid of dry patches, or sprinkled in your bath to help you relax. Let me tell you now, the vanilla one smells absolutely insane; like so yummy you could actually eat it. 

Next up is the Lixir Soft Clay Rubber* mask which has a clay-type formula and helps to exfoliate too. I think the name suggested to me that it was going to be like one of those rubber masks that cover your eyes and lips and this was going to be an convenient at-home version, but having another clay mask to try is exciting nevertheless. 

I haven't really given the new Becca collection a second look until the Chrissy Teigen Glow Gloss* came through and now I'm intrigued. Despite it being a lipgloss formula, it's quite pigmented and the shade Beach Bum is a summery nude hue. 
Nuxe have now come out with fragrances and I got sent two of them, Le Matin Des Possibles* and Le Soir Des Possibles*, the latter being my favourite of the two as it's slightly fresher and easier to wear. They are both eau de perfumes which means they last a long time on the skin and both of these seriously pack a punch - perfect for those who love a strong fragrance. 

What beauty products are you currently trialling? 

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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Leopard Print and Sunflowers

After discovering that there was a field full of sunflowers down the road from me, I just knew I had to take a visit and on Monday I did just that. Although I had high hopes with what it'd look like, I can't actually tell you how amazing it really was seeing rows and rows of blooming yellow flowers - it seriously filled me with great joy! 

I went there to shoot this new Leopard Print Midi Skirt I've been wearing from Nasty Gal which I saw in a recent video by Lydia and it was the perfect contrast between pattern and colour. Armed with my camera and Tom, I loved the outcome and I hope you did too! It's made me want to own a few more leopard print items and channel my inner Kat Slater more often, this Miss Selfridge Dress is next on my wishlist and I think they transition well into Autumn too. 

After the trip, I was inspired to head back there at some point to shoot within the lavender too as the endless rows of purple lavender looks too gorgeous not to and I imagine a white dress and basket bag would be the perfect fit. I did manage to get a couple of bags of lavender whilst I was there and it's safe to say I was falling asleep in the car on the way home - that stuff seriously packs a punch. 

I ended the day with an evening catching up with a friend checking out a new local restaurant and chatting for hours on end sipping on cocktails and wine. Although we're still only in August, I feel like Summer is going by so quickly and I want to make the most of the sunny weather, less layers and light evenings whilst I still can, so I've got lots of plans that I want fulfil before the colder months come. 

Have you been to a sunflower or lavender field before? 

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

5 Things I've Added To My August To-Do List

I can't quite believe it's August today as I'm not sure where the time is going; soon it'll be the end of Summer and I'm just not quite ready for that. I'm making it my mission to get the most out of the next four weeks; fulfilling my Summer to-do list, going places that I've wanted to visit over the last few months and bathing in the sunshine when I can. Here are five things I've added to my August to-do list. 

Find A Smoothie Recipe | I love a smoothie, especially when I want a refreshing start to my morning, but all my old recipes are feeling a little lacklustre as of late and I need a new one to pick me up. I'm thinking something featuring watermelon or peach as they're my current two favourite fruits, but if anyone has any they love then do let me know. 

See More Of My Friends | I've got the serious work bug at the moment and I'm determined to achieve some of my blogging goals by the end of the year, but I can't forget to see my friends. I've got Summer cycling to make the most of and to go on a pizza date too! 

Snap Up A Summer Dress | I put off buying any more Summer clothing as I didn't think the warm weather would last more than two weeks - because hey we live in the UK right? Well I was wrong and now I'm on the hunt for the perfect Summer dress. This floaty white number looks pretty, but this rainbow one has my heart too. On top of this, I'm actually thinking of snapping up some Autumn transitional jumpers early on as I've spotted a few I really love and, although it may seem a bit odd buying them so early, they're like half the price that they will be in six weeks time. 

Finish The TV Series We're Watching | When we wanted to hide away from the sudden showers of the storm the other week, we started watching some new TV series including The 100 and a police drama, Unforgotten. They're both pretty addictive, so I reckon we'll make our way through them pretty quickly. I've got a few books on my to-read pile too, so I'm hoping to spend my Sunday's delving into a page turner. 

Tick Off Everything On My Summer To-Do List | I want to snap some outfit shots in a lavender field after the success of my sunflower shoot, but aside from blogging work I'd love to make a date for heading down to the beach, picking some fresh fruit and going to a food festival to eat all the tasty snacks. If there's any chance I can get to an outdoor cinema last minute that would be amazing too!

What's on your August to-do list?

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