Friday 30 September 2022

The Best Etsy Autumn and Halloween Finds

Etsy Halloween Autumn Home Decor

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If there's one place I come back to every year when it comes to decorating my home for Autumn and Halloween, it's Etsy. They're great at finding unique pieces that you cannot find elsewhere and I always love scouring the pages for the best finds. If you're looking for some Etsy inspiration this year, then I have you covered. 

A staple of my Halloween decor over the past few years are the 3D Wall Bats. They're perfect for creating a talking piece as they are quite striking to look at, plus you can reuse them year upon year. They can easily be attached to the wall and removed at a later date! If you want something on your walls that aren't bats, then I would recommend trying out the Hanging Witches Hats or Floating Candles just like Harry Potter! 

I've probably got one too many Halloween cushions dotted around my home, but I always get questions about them. They've been collected over the years, but I thought I'd share some of my Etsy favourite finds. This Ghost Cushion is just the cutest and it made it's way onto my wishlist the moment I saw it as I saw a similar one in Homesense a year back and regretted not getting it ever since. If you like my Autumn decor, then you should check out this Soft Fabric Pumpkin as it's very similar to mine - perfect for putting on your bed or in your living room.

I have a ghost garland that I picked up from Homesense which I absolutely love, but as it's pretty hard to find, I found a great alternative on Etsy. I love the idea of mix and matching these Felt Ghosts and Felt Pumpkins together on a garland to hang up around the house. If you don't want to do this as a DIY project, then this Halloween Garland is another option for all the colour or this Pumpkin Needle Felt Garland which is equally as cute.

I feel like it's become a yearly tradition to share a cute seasonal doormat that I've found and this years is this Welcome Doormat with the cutest pumpkin accent. Another understated piece would be these Ghost Soy Candles - they're great if you want to decorate for the spooky season, but you don't want anything OTT. 

Although I was going to mainly focus this post around home decor I've found on Etsy, I have to give a quick mention to all of the pretty clothing items you can also get. This Skeleton and Ghost T-Shirt is so adorable, but it's this Halloweentown Sweatshirt that I've had my eye on my a while as not only does it look super comfortable, the design is super nostalgic.

Have you found anything on Etsy recently? 


Thursday 22 September 2022

Autumn In The Apple Orchard

Autumn Fall Apple Orchard Outfit

UK Apple Picking Orchard

Apple Picking Orchard Autumn

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Autumn brings an excitement like no other. Every year I look forward to bundling up under layers just to have just a few minutes of serotonin walking through the crisp rust coloured leaves that crunch under foot. Heading back inside after a chilly day to be welcomed by comforting soups, breads and bakes followed by a candle lit, steaming hot bath to unwind into. When October hits, I actually mourn for Autumn pretty early. I appreciate every change in the season and take each day as it comes, indulging in Halloween when it rolls around and ticking off my Autumn to-do list when each new opportunity arises. 

Apple picking has become a yearly tradition of mine, the perfect way to set up for a weekend of baking delicious apple themed treats. Whether it's a cinnamon sprinkled apple crumble with a crunchy sugary top or a simple pumpkin shaped apple pie, I always find heading to an apple orchard the best way to get myself in the Autumn spirit. 

The apples at Castle Farm in Kent feel like they're straight from Snow White. Perfectly ripe, round and red, I struggled to not eat my way through the stash on the way home. Although the trees are browning, the weather hasn't quite followed suit, but on this day, I got lucky. I donned my Joanie Apple Jumper* paired with a burgundy pinafore to the apple orchard, but I knew the outfit wasn't complete without a pair of Green Wellington Boots! They were perfect for stomping around the apple orchard, avoiding squished apples below. 

Autumn Fall Apple Orchard Outfit

Autumn Apple Picking Farm


Monday 12 September 2022

Six Instagrammable Places In Edinburgh

Edinburgh Instagram Photography Places

Edinburgh Instagrammable Photo Places
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Edinburgh has been on my dream list to visit for some time now and the other month, I managed to tick it off. It feels like every corner of the city is worthy of a photograph, so if you're planning on visiting soon, you ought to make sure you've got lots of phone storage as you'll be snapping away at every moment. If you'd like some help narrowing down the best spots to visit especially if you're looking to take some Instagrammable photos, then read on. 

Dean Village

Although Dean Village in Edinburgh isn't exactly a secret spot, it does offer a bit of a relief from the crowds especially if you visit earlier in the morning. Head down to the Water of Leith Walkway and down onto the path below for the best (and most iconic!) view of Dean Village and the picturesque surrounding buildings. 

St Cuthburt's Graveyard

You probably wasn't expecting to see a cemetery recommended to you, but honestly the St Cuthbert's Kirkyard spot is not only a perfect view of Edinburgh Castle, but it's a great place to wander around if you've got some spare time. I can image this spot looking even more beautiful in the Autumn months, but it was a great place to escape from the crowds when wanting a view of the castle. 

The Vennel Edinburgh Castle Scotland

Circus Place Edinburgh Scotland

The Vennel

Another great place to see Edinburgh Castle, is The Vennel. It's a street with steep steps that are set off the main road of Grassmarket. When visited early in the morning, you pretty much have the whole place to yourself and it's so beautiful seeing the castle in the background with an unspoiled view. 

Circus Place 

Not to be confused with Circus Lane, this house on Circus Place is situated just a short walk away from the iconic street with a similar name. It's particularly beautiful in the Summertime as the outside is full to the brim with blooming flowers. I accidentally stumbled upon it after nearly giving up trying to find it, but it was a wonderful surprise when I looked up and it was just there. 

Scott Monument Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland Prettiest Streets

Scott Monument 

Scott Monument feels like it towers over every building in Edinburgh and it's gothic exterior just makes it spectacular to look at. With two sets of curved stairs leading up to the monument, this is a great place if you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing spot. 

Circus Lane

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city lies Circus Lane, a street full of beautiful houses and a church at the end of it. The street is cobbled and looks like you're stepping back in time, so I think that's why it has appeared all over my Instagram these past few years. I just knew that I wanted to visit it when going to Edinburgh and I'm glad it didn't disappoint. It was free of cars and a quiet place to take a walk. 

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