Sunday, 5 April 2020

Three Essie Nude Spring Favourites

Essie Nude Nail Vanish Picks
Easy Nail Art Essie Geometric
Essie Nude Nail Vanish Picks
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Now seems like the perfect time to learn a new skill and for me, getting better at nail art is one that I want to tackle. I dug out three of my favourite Essie nail vanishes and decided to play around with them and I really liked the results, so thought I'd share them with you too! It's just a simple, geometric design that can be created with any variations of colours, but these are my go-to three. 

I start off by coating every nail with Essie's Spin The Bottle, a nude hue that is quite light, but I've loved this colour as it's always a fail safe when I want a sleek looking manicure. After it dries, I go in with Essie's Bare With Me which is still on the nude scale, but it leans more to the coral, peachy side which is great to contrast with the first layer. I started by gently (and slowly) just applying this shade to the top left hand corner of my nail, similar to a traditional french manicure and then I started to experiment a bit more with precision and do the same but towards the nail bed. 

If I wanted neater precision, I could wait for the first layer to dry, apply a bit of cellotape across the nail and peel off when dry. Repeating with each layer I wanted to add until I get the geometric shape I was looking for. For the third and final layer, I opted for Essie's Angora Cardi, a long time favourite of mine especially in Autumn as it's a gorgeous berry hue that compliments the other nudes perfectly. I simply repeat what I did with Bare With Me, but instead concentrate on the other half of the nail, overlapping sometimes and leaving negative spaces when I can. 

All three nail vanishes are perfect to be worn at this time of the year as I find that all three of these have great longevity and the colour stands the test of time too. 

What's your favourite Essie nail vanish shades? 

Friday, 3 April 2020

5 Body Creams You'll Actually Want To Use

Body Creams You'll Actually Want To Use
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I don't know about you, but I always have the best intentions when it comes to moisturising my body, but post-shower, the anticipation of standing around in the cold as it dries makes me want to skip the moisturising part and jump straight into bed. Saying that, I've really been on top of it recently and I'm not sure if it's because I've not got a good excuse to skin the step, but I think it's down to finding a handful of body creams that I genuinely really enjoy and look forward to using. 

For Those On A Budget | When I think of affordable body lotions my mind will always wonder to the Soap and Glory selection. Although I love all of them, I decided to opt for the Smoothie Star Body Butter* to show you. It's got a rich feel to it and the almond scent is very potent, which you'll either love or hate. Soap and Glory is just a major throwback for me as I used to buy the miniatures with my pocket money as a young teen and try and stretch the product out for as long as I could. 

For A Good All Rounder | I've been using the L'occitane Almond Milk Concentrate* a lot recently as it's great when I want to quickly nourish my body and I don't have time to wait for it to soak in. It's a regular in my pamper routine as it smells delicious and is light on the skin, which gives a spa-type feeling. I especially like slathering this all over my body post-bath when I'm shaved and exfoliated, but the best part is that it sinks in super quickly, so you don't have to wait half an hour like with some other products! 

For Extra Hydration | When I want an added boost, I opt for the Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Body Butter* as you can tell that it's got added oil in the formula as although it keeps my body feeling nourished, it takes a lot longer than any of the other offerings in this post to sink in. It can be a little irritating when you want to jump straight into your bed sheets, but if you have a bit of time to pamper yourself then concentrating this body lotion on your knees, elbows and any other dry patches is definitely worth it. 

For When The Sun Comes Out | Although we're along way off, a product that I repurchase every year when the sun comes out is the Nuxe After Sun Lotion*, which although it may sound a little boring, the scent is delicious and it makes your tan fade even in the Summer. 

For Luxe Lovers | Another product that is a long time favourite of mine is the Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Body Souffe which is just as good as it sounds. The scent is dreamy and I love pairing it with the Honey Bath for optimum luxe. It's expensive and it does a good job at nourishing your body too - it just feels gorgeous to use when you're feeling extra AF. 

What are your favourite body creams? 

Thursday, 2 April 2020

A Homeware Wishlist + Etsy Shops To Check Out

Pink Polka Dot House Plant Cosy Home Pinterest
Pink Polka Dot House Plant Cosy Home Pinterest
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Now that I'm spending more time than ever in my house, I've been decluttering and organising when I can; rearranging pieces to find a new home for them as well as watering my plants and creating a cosy space to relax and unwind in. It's also meant that I've been lusting after new items and have been adding to my wishlist almost daily as we transition into Spring officially. I want a light, airy space with gold, pink and beige hues to it which pair beautifully with my floral candles and the brass textures I have dotted around my home. Here is my current wishlist and a handful of Etsy shops to check out too. 

I've got some new prints arriving that I can't wait to share with you in an exciting collaboration, but for the time being I treated myself to a fresh new bedding set as I was still snuggling up with my Christmas set most weeks. I've really enjoyed caring for my house plants these past weeks, so I've been scouring the internet for some new sellers as there's lots of independent shops who sell their own plants - I'll share my favourite finds at the end of the post. 

For my coffee table, I've been struggling to decide what sort of display I want for the upcoming months. I've been using flowers mostly, but I think this H&M Rattan Tray would look great with a candle and a cactus in the middle too to add a little colour, but still keep it feeling cosy. 

Pink Polka Dot House Plant Cosy Home Pinterest
Book Shelves House Plant Cosy Home Pinterest
Throughout the year, I can see myself switching up my cushion covers because that's the joy of having H&M inserts as they can be easily removed and put back on depending on the season and mood. This H&M Lemon Print Cushion isn't exactly coherent with my current mustard theme, but I can't help but think it'd look great anyway! 

H&M aside, I've also been loving Urban Outfitters homeware as it always works with my style. I've been lusting after a Himalayan Salt Lamp for some time now, but I think I need to invest in one now more than ever because they always give off the most dreamy light. 

Etsy is a place that I've been looking through almost daily as I love how many independent shops there on there selling some gorgeous and individual pieces that you can decorate your home too. Now feels like the perfect time to support small business, so I've just linked a few of my favourites below: 

Rocket and Pearl - If you've ever wondered where my mustard macramé hanging is from then it's Rocket and Pearl, a dreamy online shop that sells lots of gorgeous macramé and wall art. 

Hopscotch Candles - They sell the most beautiful candles, I fully recommend Fig and Melon, a favourite that I burn all the time! 

Pretty Cactus Plants - As you can guess, they sell lots of plants and I currently have quite a lot in my basket, so make sure you leave some for me. 

Stupid Egg Interiors - I recently bought a string of hearts plant from them and I can't wait to grow it over the next few months. They have a broad range of others to choose from and they always come packaged safely! 

Nest Candle Co - These beautiful looking candles are made by my fellow blogger, Becky and it's a great business to support if you're looking for new candles to cosy up with. 

What's on your homeware wishlist?


Wednesday, 1 April 2020

5 Things I've Added To My April To-Do List

April To Do List
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The may be one of the weirdest monthly to-do lists I've ever had to do. Usually April would be filled with cherry blossom, going away on holiday and looking forward to the sunnier weather, but with the obvious events going on, I've turned to the little things to bring me joy over the next month. 

Enjoy The Fresh Air | Even if it's just having a cup of tea in the garden in the morning as the birds are chirping and there's a slight breeze, enjoying the fresh air always puts me in a better mood. I've been trying to go for daily walks in the woods as it's so quiet and peaceful, so I really get an hour for myself a day. 

Try Out Some New Recipes | The supermarket and the hoarders who shop in them have been testing my patience recently and although I'm in a lucky position to have a shop that regularly stocks up, the lack of some ingredients has meant I've been improvising when I can. I've been testing out new recipes for dinner as well as new tasty snacks for the evening as well - like the Indulgent Brownie Recipe I shared the other week. 

Update My Home | I recently treated myself to a fresh set of bedding as I was still clinging onto my Christmas set, it's tartan, so not overly festive, but nevertheless I felt like I needed a change. It inspired me to have a rearrange of the pieces already in my home and find out areas that are sparse so that I can fill them, but it's also made me lust after some new items too. 

Stay Active | Over the last couple of weeks, one of the main things I've been doing that has really helped me is staying active. Although I've been getting out on my bike, it's actually the at-home workouts that I've been finding the most fun (and challenging too!). Sometimes it's hard to get yourself motivated, but with kettlebells, resistance bands and my own bodyweight, I have managed to make myself a fair few routines that I've been rotating. 

Shop Independently | I'm going to do a full blog post on some independent Etsy stores that you could check out if you want to get creative or simply have some new products to help you relax. This is because I've been inspired to get creative now that I'm at home a lot more than I'm used to. I want to get back into the swing of Embroidery, but I'm unsure whether to choose this Tropical Leaves Pink Kit or this Hope Floral offering, but it's this dreamy Moon Embroidery Kit that I'm tempted by the most - just look at it! 

I've also spotted some new homeware pieces that I like to look of including this Love By The Moon Block Print and I actually treated myself to this String of Hearts Plant which I bought from a lovely seller. 

What's on your April to-do list? 

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Muji Makeup Storage Declutter

Muji Makeup Storage
Muji Makeup Storage
Muji Makeup Storage
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Back in 2015, Muji storage was all the rage, every blogger had them to store away their makeup and although times have moved on, I still think they're pretty efficient ways of arranging your beauty products. That being said, I definitely haven't utilised the space as much as I should have, so after a declutter of my beauty storage in general, I decided to give my muji drawers a Spring clean too and I thought I'd share the overhaul with you. 

The first drawer is dedicated to my lipsticks that I've collected the most of, starting with Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick. You've probably seen my talk about these time and time again (I've done a full Charlotte Tilbury round up!), but I knew that I wanted to make sure they sat pride of place in my collection. Having them in the top drawer at the front really makes them stand out and as I reach for them on a regular basis, I now have them all in easy reach. We have the classics like Pillow Talk* as well as a limited edition Dance Floor Princess* which are both gorgeous pink shades that can be worn on a daily basis. 

Although I don't wear MAC lipsticks anymore, I've been collecting them for as long as I can remember and I feel quite nostalgic about some of the lipstick shades I decided to keep. As half of these probably aren't safe to use, I just wanted somewhere that I could keep them all as I don't want to get rid of them and I thought at the back would be the perfect place. 

Still on the top drawer, we have the Clinique Pop Lip Colours which probably serious throwback lipsticks if you've been reading blog posts for a fair few years. They've since come out with a lot of different variations including a matte offering, but I still think the originals are my favourite. If you're looking for a comfortable everyday lip product however, then the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments* are my go-to. I've had quite a handful of shades over the years, but these are the ones I've still got left that I haven't used up - definitely give them a go as they're dreamy and delicious! 

Muji Makeup Storage
Muji Makeup Storage

Onto the second drawer down now and in here I decided to store my Hourglass collection and although a couple of pieces are missing that I need to track down, I have everything from my limited edition palette from a couple of Christmas' ago as well as my Hourglass Ambient Light Blusher* that is one of my favourite formulas ever. 

In the third drawer, I have another layer dedicated to lipsticks. This time it's got my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, Pixi Liquid Lipsticks* and a few Clarins Lip Perfectors*. I don't tend to reach for these much anymore, so I'm hoping that having them in easy to reach storage will make me wear them more often. In the back of this drawer I have the Nars Orgasm Blusher* and Laguna Bronzer* which are two of my favourites, so I thought they'd be safer stored away rather than floating around in my makeup bag. 

In the final drawer, I have temporary stored my Nudestix collection as everything I own from this brand fits snuggly and gives them a home without cluttering my other beauty drawers. The products come in tins which I tend to keep them in just because I feel like throwing them out is wasteful. 

On the top, I decided to slim down what perfumes I put on top. My fragrance collection has got a little out of control, so I have a separate place to store them all, but wanted a couple of my favourites on top of the Muji storage nevertheless. We have the Diptyque perfumes that I've started to collect since my 21st birthday and my Marc Jacobs fragrances as they're just too beautiful to hide away! 

Have you had Muji drawers? How do you use them? 

Monday, 30 March 2020

Tips and Ideas For Creating Content At Home

Ideas For Creating Content At Home

After spotting a similar post written on With Love Yossy's blog post (who you should totally check out!), I thought I would do my own version as I've been creating content at home for the last couple of weeks and I know a lot of you who follow me may be doing the same and looking for some tips. If you want to see these photos in action, then don't forget to follow me on my Instagram as I'm currently uploading daily. Here are a handful of ideas that you can use as inspiration whilst we're all staying at home: 

Nails |  I'm not the best as sharing my #nailfie as I never think my manicures are particularly inspiring, but after posting them on my Instagram a few times recently, I realised that people love them no matter what! I take a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest where there's at-home art that you can try as well as ombre nails, heart tips and even just the simple gold shimmer on the ring finger nail. 

Recipe Posts | Although this isn't something I'd usually share on my Instagram, I've been loving creating food for my Insta stories as well as sharing the recipes on my blog too. I've had fun playing around with food photography and have had a great response to my indulgent brownies and easy cheese straws that I posted last week. 

Netflix Recommendations | Sharing your TV show or film recommendations can sometimes be a blog post to overlook, but I know that I love to read about what people have been watching to give myself new ideas. Share a cute snap of your Netflix space at home on your Instagram with a concise line up or just for a full round up on your blog instead!

Ideas For Creating Instagram Content At Home
Tips For Creating Content At Home

Share Your OOTD | I think that one of the positive to take from this recent situation is that a lot of us will be sharing on the spot content and more close to reality outfit of the days. From loungewear to pyjamas, floaty culottes to a Spring dress, share the fashion content you usually would, but have a play around with angles and corners of your home. For me, I've loved doing headless shots (like above!) of my outfits as it's the content I love to see on my Instagram feed, but I've never really got creative at creating them for myself. Up close shots of jewellery, hair accessories and belts always go down a treat too!  Why not share them on your blog if you have one? 

Selfies | Theres' nothing wrong with a selfie and it's a great way to share your daily makeup and any new looks that you've been experimenting with. Play around with hair scarves, add a red lip or put in your pearl hair clips to jazz up your selfie at the same time. 

Although I'm cheating a little with this one, you don't have to just stick with selfies of your face, why not share what you're wearing on your feet or a photo of favourite hat from behind - would that be considered a hatfie? 

A Snap of Your Bed | Although 90% of the content you see from your favourite Instagrammers is more than lightly to be curated, I can't help but love when people share photos of their perfectly unmade beds that look like you can jump right in. Add a couple of candles, fairy lights and whatever you're currently watching on Disney+ and you've got yourself a very Instagrammable photo - don't forget to share it on Pinterest too! 

Tips For Creating Instagram Content At Home
Ideas For Creating Content At Home

Cosy At-Home Shots | I'm a self-confessed lover of all things cosy, so of course I had to share one of the best categories on Instagram. I think being inside all day has made me play around with this a little more as I shared a snap from my bath the other week and it received lots of great comments, so I think it's safe to say you loved it. All I did was share a real-time photo of my bubble bath with candles scattered around and a book in hand. 

Other ideas for similar photos could be, a favourite corner of your house with books piled high, a trialling house plant in the corner and candle burning in the background - sometimes I think the simpler they are, the more I'm inclined to like and engage with the content. On top of this, I would recommend playing around with what you have lying around, maybe it'll inspire you to give your space a little bit of a rearrange, using any mirrors, blankets or prints you may have. I personally want to make use of my record player more and I think mug in hand shots give the cosiest feel for a Sunday photo! 

Beauty Flatlays | This is definitely one I mostly save for my blog as I've been trying to keep up to date with my beauty content over on here. Creating flatlays always gives me such joy as I rearrange the products and pick the best props to make them pop! Why not share your skincare routine, current makeup or the products you've recently use it. Get creative, use sunlight if you can and have a play around with your camera settings to get some super unique and interesting looking photos. 

Just Add Flowers | I love adding flowers to the corner of my flatlays, but I think they are always welcome in my interior photographs as well as looking beautiful if I take a quick shot of a blossom tree on my walks. This is probably one best saved for peony season as they never fail to spruce up a photograph when you've got a bunch in your hand or hung delicately over your shoulder. 
Ideas For Creating Content At Home
Ideas For Creating Content At Home

Share Your Space | You've probably seen my fireplace, book shelves and bedroom mirror time and time again, but it was only recently that I realised I barely ever show my kitchen, let alone my bathroom. It's just a space that I never thought was 'Instagrammable enough', but being at home I've had time to do a little rearranging as well as playing around with different angles to get the right shots. 

Tip Blog Posts | Just like this blog post, why not share your own ideas on how to work best from home, your favourite workout videos or simply how you stay motivated?  You can use cosy shots of your home that you created for Instagram as accompanying photos if you're doing a full round up. Just use your daily life as inspiration and I'm sure you'll have the ideas flowing! 

Don't forget to follow my Instagram if you want to see photographs like the one's I've shared in this blog post! 

Did you find this blog post useful? 

Saturday, 28 March 2020

What To Watch On Disney Plus

Disney Plus Watch List
Disney Plus got released in the UK a few days ago and although I had no intention of getting it, the extra time we've got to stay in paired with a little convincing from those who have it already, I caved! I'm not a die hard Disney fan, so this guide to what to watch is perfect for those who are casual fans and are wondering if it's a streaming service they'd like to invest in. 

Marvel | I'm starting off with one of the main reasons why I got it and that's the Marvel films and series on there. The likes of Avengers End Game and Thor Ragnarok have quickly been consumed, but there's also Agent Carter that I want to delve into over the coming weeks as well. If you're into your superhero's then this will be a great shout as they have almost all the movies from the latest Ant Man, Captain Marvel and Black Panther era. 

The Classics | Of course it goes without saying that they have the classics on there, all of the princess films and animations. From Tangled to Frozen, Snow White to Cinderella, they've got the live action versions too - I can't wait to watch the new Aladdin film in particular. 

Alongside those, there are so Alice in Wonderland, all of the Pirates of The Caribbean and Ice Age's too. I've already watched the second Wreck It Ralph and Zootropolis, but I've got Coco and Inside Out on my to-watch list too. 

Old Throwbacks | I'm not sure why, but when I first read the list of what's on Disney Plus and I saw the likes of Freaky Friday, Cheaper By The Dozen and Hocus Pocus, it made me even more inclined to get, although I could easily get them elsewhere. That being said, there's some serious throwbacks on Disney Plus in terms of old series like Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Lizzy Miguire and That's So Raven if you're in to watching those sorts of things. 

Pixar | I'm actually a huge Pixar fan especially when I was growing up, I loved Toy Story, The Incredibles and A Bug's Life in particular, but new favourites have been Ratatouille and Up. It's nice to have them all to hand and they're serious throwbacks of mine, so no doubt I will devour them all in the next couple of months. 

Star Wars | I'll put my hands up and say I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, I loved the recent one's, but I only think I've watched the old films once or twice. That being said, I thought it was a category that would interest people. The Mandalorian is one that I've heard a lot about, so I can't wait to watch that, although I'm going to wait until they release a few new episodes before I get started. 

Have you got Disney Plus? What have you been watching? 

Friday, 27 March 2020

An At-Home Self Care Routine

At Home Self Care Routine
At Home Self Care Routine
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I feel like now more than ever, it's important to practice self care and treat myself to a routine that will relax and unwind me. In today's post, I will mostly focus on the products I've been using as part of my regime, but I'll be sure to share some of my favourite ways to practice self care at-home in an upcoming post. 

First things first and I like to start off with a steaming hot bath with an abundance of bubbles and dreamy scented candles scattered on the side - with my Spring playlist of course playing in the background. In the bath, that's when I start nourishing my body with the Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil which is perfect when you're shaving your legs or you just want a boost of hydration all over. 

When I step outside the bath, I instantly lather my body up with the L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate* which smells incredible and sinks in super quickly, so you don't have to stand around for too long whilst it hydrates. When I want to treat my pins to something a little extra, I apply the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil* to my shins and over my thighs as it leaves a gorgeous sheen that makes you feel SO good!

With all the hand washing and sanitising going on as of late, I think that a lot of people could do with an intensive hand cream. I've been using the L'Occitane Almond Delicious Hands* as it feels super luxe and you only need a little amount to get your hands feeling in tip top condition again. 

I've already done a transitional skincare routine, so I won't go into too much detail, but I recently dug out my Fresh Deep Rose Moisturiser* and my skin absolutely loves it. I think the change in weather and general stress has got it flaring up with dehydrated patches and blemishes too, so this moisturiser is a great treat for my complexion. I finish it all off with a layer of the Nuxe Reve De Miel* on my lips to keep them nourished especially overnight! 

What's your favourite self care products at the moment? 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Spring Makeup Shake Up

Spring Makeup 2020
Spring Makeup 2020
Spring Makeup 2020
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Wearing makeup might be low down on your list at the moment, but every couple of days I've been making an effort to put on makeup and feel normal. Spring makeup for me is all about cream products and glow-inducing bases that will perk up my transitional skin (that's very temperamental!) and I've had a makeup bag shake up recently that I thought I'd share with you. 

I've been trying to use my NYX Bare With Me Foundation up recently as I'm not relying on products for longevity, but instead I want a glowy base that'll look good on my currently quite dehydrated skin. I haven't really been powdering or adding concealer to my face as I've been keeping simple, so this base offers all that I want, a flawless finish with a natural look. 

I've been relying on cream products as of late and the Milk Makeup Baked Bronzer* is definitely a go-to of mine as it's such a good colour for contouring, but also remains looking natural. At this time of the year I always go back to the Glossier Cloud Paints as they can be mixed together to create different shades and they offer quite the punch when it comes to pigment. If I want I tend to go for something a little more natural, I reach for the Bobbi Brown Rot Rouge Blusher as it's a more wearable tone that will stay put all day.  For a glow on my cheeks, I have been using the Glossier Haloscope which I dug out and I'm so glad I did as it makes my skin look glowy and radiant when the sun hits it! 

On my eyes, I've been keeping it simple, just opting for a slight wash of colour in the form of the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise, but mostly I've been keeping my lids bare with only a couple of layers of mascara. The Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara is my favourite for keeping my lashes looking long and full. 

For my lips. I've been using the Glossier Balm Dot Com again, I'm not sure what it is, but my lips aren't looking the best right now and I find the birthday version is great for adding a little sheen to the lips to make them look healthy. 

What makeup do you wear in Spring? 

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

The Easiest Cheese Straws Recipe

When I was a child, I use to spend hours in the kitchen with my Nan baking cakes, scones and bread, so being in the kitchen cooking up a storm has always been rather relaxing for me. We used to work from the same recipe book and I've been dreaming of these cheese straws for some time, so after a quick phone call and pulling out this magical book, I managed to get the recipe to share with you today. They're deliciously buttery, but still flakey in all the right ways and the hint of pepper makes them incredibly moorish!

As the book is quite old everything was done in ounces, I had to do a little converting as I grew up baking in grams, but I know most of the internet now goes for cups. If you want to add spice to your straws then be my guest and do so, I think sesame seeds or smoky paprika would be delicious. 

Ingredients (Makes 12) - 

100g Plain Flour 
50g Butter
50g Cheddar Cheese 
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 Teaspoon Paprika 
1 Teaspoon Water 

Method - 

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and prep the baking tray with parchment paper. 

Start off by measuring out your flour and putting it into a mixing bowl. Add the butter on top and work the flour and butter together until it resembles a breadcrumbs texture. 

Add the water and seasoning to the mixture and continue to mix. 

Then add your cheddar cheese. The mixture should start to resemble a dough like consistency. 

Dust flour over your worktop and roll out your dough. Cut the dough 1inch wide and 4 inch  long, however you can shape the straws however you want! 

An added step to add a golden brown sheen to your cheese straws would be to add milk or egg to the tops before baking. 

Place in the oven for 12 minutes or until golden brown. After baked, place them immediately on a drying rack and wait to cool. Enjoy! 

Did you enjoy this super easy cheese straw recipe? 

Monday, 23 March 2020

The Best Budget Loungewear Sets

Affordable Loungewear Sets
Affordable Loungewear Sets
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I think it's safe to say I'll be in loungewear and pyjamas for the next few months and although if you asked me last year about my collection of soft clothing, I would tell you that I had an adequate amount  I've come to the conclusion that since owning some of these PJ's some time now, they've lost their comfort what with the array of holes and tears. I immediately went online and I couldn't believe how many dreamy loungewear sets especially on a budget, so I set out to treat myself to a couple of pairs and thought I'd share my favourite finds with you too. 

Nasty Gal is my go-to place and I picked up this Heart Pyjama Short Set as I thought I'd be great for when the weather starts to get warmer and I want something cute to lounge about it. I'm glad to report that the set is super soft and as the t-shirt is slightly cropped, but the shorts are high waisted, I like how it looks like a romper, but without the faff of actually being a romper! 

They also have some gorgeous long trouser sets, which I wouldn't usually go for, but this High Waisted Blush Pink Ribbed Duo looks like it'd go perfect with a cosy evening in, candles and hot chocolate! That being said, I do think this Burgundy Shorts Lounge Set is a high contender for the next piece I treat myself to - the hoodie looks like I could get away with wearing it outside the house too for ultimate comfort. 

ASOS is also another favourite of mine, but I think I've come a little too late as most of my favourites are sold out in my size. I should have snapped up this ASOS Mix and Match Mint Trouser as it looks so comfortable and I love the pastel shade! 


Sunday, 22 March 2020

A Cheerful Spring Playlist To Listen To

Spring Spotify Playlist
My current favourite pastime is making playlists on Spotify and after making one back in the Autumn titled 'rainy Sunday' which complimented my long hot baths perfectly, I've been inspired to do the same for the new season as well. These songs for Spring are great for listening whilst pottering around the house, in the background whilst you're reading a book or just chilling with a glass of wine. 

It's giving me flashbacks to adding playlists to your Tumblr page and giving yourself a fright every time you load your soft grunge theme with a complimentary pale rose background and have The Neighbourhood blaring out at you because you forgot that auto-play was on. Who ever thought auto-play was a good idea? I'm pretty certain a lot of twenty year olds suffer from tinnitus because of those! 

Let me know if you like seeing my curated playlists as I'll share them more, but if you just want to have a browse of the other ones I have listed then you can follow me on my Spotify 'pintsizedbeauty'. There's 'mood boosters' which is of course full of Paolo Nutini and I have 'is this tumblr 2013' which will have some huge throwbacks on there! 

Did you enjoy listening to this playlist? Find any new music to add to yours? 

Saturday, 21 March 2020

The Most Indulgent Brownie Recipe

Mini Egg Brownie Recipe
Mini Egg Brownie Recipe
Mini Egg Brownie Recipe
 I think I've made the most overindulgent dessert ever?! A delicious fudgy brownie on top of a chocolate chip cookie base topped with mini eggs - it doesn't get much better than that! This came about when I decided I wanted to share an Easter recipe with you and my mind went straight to something with mini eggs, but before I know it I was using the box brownie mix that I have had stored in the cupboard and putting it on top of a buttery, shortbread type biscuit mix and sharing it with you. 

I've made brownies a lot and I always use the same recipe, so I decided to save time and use a box mix this time around and concentrate on getting the cookie base just right. I'm glad I did as these are super delicious and indulgent, but beware, they are HUGE! 

Ingredients (Makes 9) - 

A box brownie mix or this recipe from Kirbie's Cravings
A packet of mini eggs 

For the cookie base - 

130g flour 
110g butter 
100g brown sugar 
1 Egg 
1 Teaspoon vanilla extract 
Chocolate chips 

Method - 

Line a 9inch square tin with parchment paper making sure to cover all corners and sides. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees.  
Start by making the cookie base. Add 110g butter and 100g brown sugar in a bowl with 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix until smooth. 

Add the egg and mix until creamy. 

Place 130g flour into the mixture and stir until it's smooth. Add the chocolate chips into the mixture and stir again. 

Pour the mixture into the square tin making sure that all areas are covered. 

Then make your brownie mix either by following instructions on box or the recipe post I linked. 

Pour the brownie mixture directly onto of the cookie dough mix. Make sure when smoothing the mixture that you don't mix the two. 

Place in the oven for 35-40 minutes or until the mixture is cooked through. At 20 minutes into cooking, get out the tin and sprinkle slightly crushed mini eggs on top and let them melt, but be careful they don't burn. 

Once out of the oven, wait until the tin has cooked before removing. Cut into squares and enjoy! 

Do you think you'll make these mini egg cookie brownies over Easter? 

Friday, 20 March 2020

3 Productive Things To Do Right Now

- This is a paid collaboration with The Share Foundation. - 

When I want to have a productive day, half the problem is getting started and knowing what to do. I'm pretty good to tackling daily tasks like cleaning and finishing all my work, but when it comes to things that don't often cross my mind like wiping down your laptop screen and keyboard or re-arranging your food cupboard, I have to admit I often forget about them. Here are three productive things you could right now: 

Find Out If You've Got Missing Money | Were you born between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011? Or do you know somebody that was? I have partnered with The Share Foundation to let you know that if so, there may be money with your name on it -and there's no catch or charge! To put it simply, several years ago the government set up a scheme to encourage saving habits in children called the Child Trust Fund. All newborns were issued with an account, which their parents or guardians were responsible for claiming. But not all of them were claimed at the time and others have now been lost or forgotten. I certainly didn't know about this and, as I know a lot of people including a lot of you reading this blog post could be eligible, one of the most productive things you could do today is to find out if you (or a loved one) is missing money! 

You can do it from the comfort of your own home right now! If you're 16 or 17, simply ask your parents or guardian if they remember opening an account for you. If they don’t, head to and complete the request form. Once you’ve done that, print it, sign it and pop it in the post and HMRC will let you know where your Child Trust Fund is and how to access it. There could be hundreds of pounds waiting for you to spend on driving lessons, your first car or to put into a savings account for later in life to buy a house or go travelling. It’s really important to put the money back into the pockets of young people - where it belongs – so please help The Share Foundation to spread the word! #ShareFound

Clear Your Photos On Laptop or Your Phone | I'm the worst person for this, but I'll screenshot or save random images and over six months or so, they build up and start slowing down my laptop or using up my phone storage. Sitting down for half an hour, skimming through your old photos can clear space and make you feel super productive in the process. Whilst you're at it, deleting old contacts on your phone and changing that password you've been meaning to for the past year are all helpful tasks that can take five minutes. 

Throw Out Your Out of Date Beauty Products | I'll put my hands up and say I'm the worst person for this, but it's so important to get on top of used and out of date beauty products so you're not putting very old foundation on your face and then wondering why it feels like it's burning or has gone three shades darker since you last used it. Your skin will love you and you will streamline your collection in the process - win win! 

What productive things would you like to tackle right now?  

Thursday, 19 March 2020

15 Easy To Watch Netflix TV Shows

Easy To Watch Netflix TV Shows
The world is a little crazy at the moment and I think we all deserve a little bit of time out and although it's hard to go anywhere without hearing the news, I've been turning to Netflix to cheer me up with light hearted TV shows to watch in the evening. As we're all in the same boat at the moment, I thought I'd share my favourites with you today as hopefully it'll brighten somebody's day even if it's only for 30 minutes. 

If you want something to be engrossed in then look no further as Sex Education will be your best bet and there are two seasons to catch up on which is even better! I'm even tempted to re-watch them both again as they're funny, but you'll get invested in the characters in no time. Another programme I think I'll be rewatching over the coming weeks is GBBO, an old favourite that never fails to give me all the cosy Autumn feels and makes me want to cook up a storm in the kitchen. If cosy is what you're looking for, you could always start (I mean where have you been if you haven't watched it already?) watching Gilmore Girls, but warning it will probably make you want to move to Stars Hallow even quicker now. 

For a classic funny pick, I'd recommend Derry Girls and Friday Night Dinner as they are light hearted and always make me chuckle. Although I Am Not Okay With This isn't exactly laugh out loud funny, it definitely was super easy to watch and we managed to binge watch the entire series in a Sunday afternoon. It's great if you want a bit of time away from your phone to get into a TV show. Below are a list of my top days to watch Netflix picks: 
  • Great British Bake Off  
  • Sex Education 
  • Living With Yourself
  • Cheer 
  • The Good Place  
  • Friday Night Dinner 
  • Derry Girls 
  • I Am Not Okay With This 
  • Gilmore Girls 
  • Love Is Blind
  • Dead To Me
  • Ru Paul's Drag Race
  • Bad Education
  • The Umbrella Academy  
  • Santa Clarita Diet
What Netflix TV shows have you enjoyed watching recently? 
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