Saturday, 17 October 2020

Essie Autumn Nail Favourites

Essie Fall Nail Colors

Essie Autumn Fall Nail Favourites

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Essie is one of my favourite nail vanish brands and whether you're a newbie to the brand or a long time wearer, I feel like there are always more Essie shades to discover. Today I wanted to share five of my current Autumn go-to shades and hopefully they'll inspire your next manicure too. 

The lightest of the bunch is Ladylike*, a nail vanish colour that I have re-purchased multiple times. The classic mauve hue looks pretty throughout the whole year, but there's something about this shade that makes me think of the colder months. When I don't want to wear anything dark in the Autumn, then this is my go-to as it isn't as light as a nude. It has great longevity and can withstand quite a lot without chipping. 

Angora Cardi is not only one of my favourite Autumn nail polish shades, but it's also been named most popular nail polish on Pinterest, so it's safe to say it's loved by many. It's got a deep raspberry tone which is a great fail-safe when I'm not sure what colour to go for. 

Essie Fall Autumn Favourites

I was debating putting Fishnet Stockings* in this round up as although I love a red for this time of the year, it is a lot brighter than the other shades on offer. For me, I enjoy a pillar box red when I want something striking, but sometimes I want something a little more low key. Fishnet Stockings still has that classic red look, but as it's a little deeper (but still rich!), this will always be my go-to red pick. 

As you can see from the photos, Sole Mate and Bordeaux are quite similar in the bottle, however one has a deep plum hue and the other has a red tint. Sole Mate would be perfect for anybody that loves a burgundy nail vanish shade, but wants to go even darker! I personally always reach for it at this time of the year as it gives me Halloween vibes with it's deep colour that can almost appear black at times. 

Last up we have Bordeaux* which is the super sexy deep red that I love to wear when throughout Autumn and into the colder months. It looks darker in the bottle than it does on the fingernails, in fact, it's pretty close to what Fishnet Stockings look like, so people often pass it by, but I would 10/10 recommend. I've been re-purchasing it for years and I'm glad to have a fresh new bottle in my collection. 

What are your favourite Autumn Essie nail vanish shades? 

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Autumn Makeup Picks

Autumn Fall Makeup 2020

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I'm very basic when it comes to Autumn makeup, but if it ain't broke then don't fix it. I love a glowing base, burgundy tones and mauve hues. Throughout Spring and Summer this year I've been wearing the same fresh, natural makeup look, so now it's a new season, I'm back experimenting with my Autumn makeup. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow* is a long time favourite of mine and at this time of the year, I've been using it more than ever. I apply it underneath my foundation and it helps to perk up my dehydrated, lacklustre skin. 

If you think my Nars Laguna Bronzer* is looking shiny and new it's because I'm still using my old one which although it is looking a little worse for wear, it's lasted me a long time. It's one of my favourite bronzers for slightly contouring the face and adding warmth to my complexion - plus the pan itself is huge! 

For blushers, I've been switching between two, the Nars Orgasm* and the Hourglass Euphoric Fusion. The latter has been in my Autumn round ups for a few years now, but it's honestly a perfect mauve hue that suits my complexion perfectly. Nars Orgasm is more for when I want a pop of colour and add a bit of pink to my makeup look. 

On my eyes, I've been trying out the L'Oreal Air Volume Mascara* and although it wouldn't be great if you wanted super intense eye makeup, this is great for everyday wear especially if I'm wearing a brighter lip. 

Talking of lipstick, I haven't worn an intense lip in the longest time, but I thought now was the perfect time to add a little colour to my day. The Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Queen* is my go-to for when I want a classic red hue and I feel like it works great with the other makeup products that I've mentioned. 

What are your favourite Autumn makeup products? 


Tuesday, 13 October 2020

October Fashion Favourites

October Autumn Fashion Inspiration
October Autumn Fashion Inspiration

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It'll come as no surprise that Autumn fashion is my favourite. The check prints, rust tones and the cosy layers always make my heart sing and as I've got a never ending wishlist, I thought I'd share some of my Autumn fashion inspiration with you today. 

If you follow me on my Instagram then you would have already seen the Dorothy Perkins Floral Midi Skirt*, but the dark floral print feels very fitting for the cosiest season of all. I first wore it with my favourite Only Ribbed Cream Jumper tucked in, but it looks just as nice with this Berksha Burgundy Long Top for a pop of colour. 

I was kindly sent over this Miss Selfridge Burgundy Longline Aviator Jacket* and I have been wearing it to death. It keeps me warm when paired with a skirt, but it's great for long Autumnal walks when worn with a pair of cosy trousers too. It's super versatile and the colour looks beautiful in my wardrobe. 

New Look have been killing it with their new-in pieces at the moment and I've been wearing their Colour Block Jumper* a lot lately for when I need to cosy up and have something easy to wear.  My other favourite is the Balloon Polka Dot Dress* which I wore on my 24th birthday and it just makes me feel like a princess - plus it's super comfortable, despite looking put together! 

Here are some of the other items on my wishlist: 

Saturday, 10 October 2020

TV Shows and Films To Watch This Halloween

TV Shows and Films To Watch Halloween
It's officially spooky season and as I've decorated my home already for Halloween, I thought it was fitting to do a blog post dedicated to my favourite TV shows and films to watch over the next few weeks. Whether you want to hide your eyes with a cushion or be engrossed in a true crime story, gather your snacks as here's a list of my go-to Halloween watches. 

The Haunting of Bly Manor | This is the next instalment of the well loved series The Haunting of Hill House and I'm totally here to being spooked in the evenings.  

The Vampire Diaries | I started watching this back in early September in the attempt to watch it up until Halloween as there's so many series to watch, but as I got distracted by Gilmore Girls amongst everything else on offer it's looking like I'll have to start watching it again pretty soon to finish by the 31st. Nevertheless, it's a great show that will have you gripped and although there's lots of Vampires involved (who would have guessed?) it's not particularly scary, so you'll be able to sleep well at night. 

True Crime | I couldn't narrow it down to just one true crime documentary, but I'd definitely recommend watching one or two documentaries over the next few weeks. They're my favourite for when I want something to watch that'll make me put down my phone and engross me in the TV for a couple of hours. Don't F**k With Cats, Abducted In Plain Sight and American Murder are two that I'd recommend to you. 

Here is a full list of my Halloween TV show recommendations:

- The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 
- Santa Clarita Diet
- Stranger Things
- The Boys 
- Ratched  
- A Series of Unfortunate Events 
- America Horror Story 
- Buffy The Vampire Slayer 
- Unsolved Mysteries 
- Mind Hunter 
- The Fall 
- Scream Queens
- The Walking Dead
TV Shows and Films To Watch Halloween

Knives Out | Starting off with a non-scary option for Halloween and that's Knives Out. It's an easy to watch that will make you laugh at times and has an air mystery to it, so it's great for the lead up to Halloween. It's a 
whodunit with a fair few twists and you'll spend most of your time going "where's he/she from again?" as there's so many familiar faces in it. 

Hocus Pocus | Another great option for those of you who don't want a film to make you jump. This is on Disney Plus at the moment and although it's a quite an old film now, it definitely gives you all the best spooky, witchy feels. 

The Classics | Although there's lot of horror films that will make you hide behind your pillow or be scared to go up the stairs in the dark, the classics can sometimes be just as great for when you want to feel nostalgia (and sometimes have a giggle at). Think Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Scream.

Here is a full list of my Halloween film recommendations: 

- The Addams Family
- Enola Holmes 
- A Quiet Place
- Get Out
- Shutter Island 
- The Nightmare Before Christmas  
- Maleficent 
- Practical Magic 
- Edward Scissorhands 
- Sinister 
- The Woman in Black
- Halloweentown 
- The Purge 
- Paranormal Activity 
- Corpse Bride
- Coraline 

Did you spot any of your Halloween favourites? 

Friday, 9 October 2020

Casual Halloween Outfit Ideas

Casual Halloween Outfit Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner and now I have an excuse to proudly wear my spooky themed wardrobe. You don't have to wait until the 31st to dress up and if you're looking for inspiration then this should be the post for you. 

T-shirts are my favourite way to add a bit of Halloween to my everyday looks as they can be worn subtly with a checked skirt or a pair of black jeans. This Sanderson Sisters Hocus Pocus T-Shirt is one that I recently picked up and it's everything I hoped for as it's a super easy spooky season item to wear and I can see myself wearing this beyond October. 

Pyjamas are another favourite of mine, Brave Soul being the brand that I've been lusting after the most after spotting their Pumpkin Sleep Tee and I knew instantly that I needed it (how perfect is it for me?!). If you want a sleep set instead then I think this Creepin It Real Pyjama Set is adorable and looks comfortable to lounge about in too. 

If you want to add something a little subtle then of course jewellery and tights are the best way to do this. These Skeleton Earrings would not only look cute with a full skeleton Halloween outfit, but would work well throughout October too. For me, these Spider Web Tights are on my wishlist because I feel like they'd work over and over again for a variety of spooky themed outfits this month!

Below are a few of my other favourites: 


Thursday, 1 October 2020

Etsy Halloween Shops To Check Out

 Etsy Halloween Shops To Check Out

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Halloween items are slowly trickling into shops and although trick or treating may be cancelled this year, decorating your home and embracing the season definitely isn't. I've been scouring the internet for new-in pieces to pick up as I love how I've slowly built my collection over the years. Today we're focusing on Etsy Halloween shops to fill your home with spooky skeletons and lots of pumpkins too. 

First up I have a few clothing items to share as I've been filling my wishlist with some easy to wear items. This quirky yet adorable Boo Bee T-Shirt is honestly amazing and I really want to treat myself to it as I feel like it'd be great paired with anything and will be worn year upon year. I've been debating getting a Sanderson Sisters Hocus Pocus T-Shirt for many years now and I think I've finally decided what design I want! If neither of those are for you then this Pumpkin Halloween T-Shirt will be because the print is so cute, in fact I don't think I'd ever take it off. 

In terms of Halloween decorations, I always think banners are a good idea. This Felt Black Bat Garland is absolutely adorable and I feel like it'd work with the other decorations I have in my collection really well. Little Miss Delicious, the Etsy shop they're from does cute pumpkin and skeleton versions too! 

As you know, I love a novelty mug and Etsy is site I always scour to check out their new releases as you can often find some unique pieces to collect. I've shared this Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please Glass Mug is a previous post, but I just can't help but dream how amazing this would look in photos. If that isn't your kind of thing then this Pumpkin Spice Mug looks a look more classic and would be great for a hot chocolate topped with lots of whipped cream! 

I came across this Paint Your Own Bat Tealight Kit and couldn't help but think that this would be a great gift for anybody who has a birthday in this month or even if you just want an activity to do around Halloween time. You get to display something you've decorated at the end of it, so it's perfect for adding a personal touch to your spooky decorations. 

Lastly we have Hooray Days which is a brand I wanted to share as a whole as I've been looking through their whole Etsy site to gather inspiration for my own decorations. These Eyeball Floating Candles are absolutely perfect for a spooky themed bath and I'm super tempted to get them! Here are some other ideas selected on Etsy's Editor Picks that you may find useful if you're looking for food themed items, themed candles or even pet costumes! 

Will you be decorating for Halloween this year? 


5 Things I've Added To My October To-Do List

October To Do List
"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." October is here - my favourite month of the year! Pumpkins are trickling into shops, the nights are getting cosier and I turn twenty four very soon as well. Here are five things I've added to my October to-do list: 

Celebrate My Birthday | It's my birthday on the 5th and it's Tom's two weeks later, so we'e got lots of birthday celebrations coming up! I've not got much planned for the big day, but I'm hopefully off to a pumpkin patch, getting a tasty takeaway and eating all the cake. I've got into the habit of treating myself this week, so no doubt that will go on long into next week. 

Head To A Pumpkin Patch | I didn't expect to be able to go to a pumpkin patch this year, but I quickly booked a couple to go to over my birthday weekend and I'm super excited. It feels like a yearly tradition now and rather than going to same one we've been to three years on the trot, we're trying a couple of new ones out. I'm sure I'll be coming home with one or two pumpkins (or twenty!). 

Decorate For Halloween | Of course pumpkins are a huge part of decorating for Halloween, but I've been slowly collecting some other pieces to put out throughout the month of October. To me, this is the officially time for anything spooky, so I'll definitely be putting on a horror film and decorating my house with banners, ghost shaped tea lights and pulling out my favourite Halloween mugs. 

Autumnal Content | If you follow me on Instagram or on Tik Tok then you'll know that I have been posting Autumn content since the start of September, but now it's my favourite month I hope to post more Halloween outfits as well as Autumn scenes to enjoy. Of course Christmas will be upon us before we know it, so I'm going to start planning some festive content towards the end of October too. 

Have Regular Phone-Free Evenings | Recently I've been struggling to relax and fall asleep, so I've tried to make phone-free evenings a regular occurrence to help. Often it includes signing off for the day, making dinner, running a bath to relax and then settling down with a new Netflix series. It can be a struggle not to pick it up at times, but unless I choose to watch ASMR before bed, I'm trying to not use it until the following day. 

What's on your October to-do list? 


Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Celestial Home Decor To Add A Little Magic

Celestial Home Decor Wishlist
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I'm a simple human really, if it comes in a moon and star print, I'll probably want it. I shared some of my celestial favourites on my Instagram the other week and thought that I would compile a longer list on my blog for those who love celestial prints just as much as I do. 

Starting with homeware, I've got star and moon printed items throughout my house and I get asked about my Urban Outfitters Moon Phases Garland a lot. It's one of my favourite additions and I feel like my Sass and Belle Moon Black Planter compliment each other perfectly. 

You know I love a novelty mug and I've linked The Minty Mountain on Etsy before, so of course I had to feature the Galaxy 22k Gold Starry Night Mug is the round up. Despite being a splurge, it is is so pretty and would be an investment. 

I needed a new phone case after years of my previous one getting pretty battered and I wanted one that could be worn all year round. This Personalised Initials Galaxy Case was high up on my wishlist as it looks so dreamy. I feel like it would be a good one to treat yourself to or even as a present for a loved one! 

With my birthday coming up, I wanted to treat myself to something and I came across this Celestial Gold Huggies and I've had them sitting in my basket even since. I love that you can mix and match them all and they would always go with every outfit I wear. 


Monday, 28 September 2020

Halloween Snack Board Ideas

Halloween Snack Board Creative Ideas
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Snack boards are one of my favourite dinners and if I can make them Halloween themed then even better. There's something about a snack board that takes me back to being a child and after scouring Pinterest for a while, I thought why not make my own with some personal favourites. We have everything from bat cheese crackers to mummy sausage rolls, so I hope this post gives you some spooky inspiration you need. 

Once you're armed with a wooden board then you can dress your food up as much or as little as you want. I opted for some decorative bat confetti, pumpkin ramekins and little spiders to give it that extra Halloween feel, but you can go all out with snack jars if you'd like. As for the food here are the ideas and their accompanying recipes that I used: 

Bat Cheese Crackers I've previously shared my easy cheese straw recipe on here and all I did was adapt that by making them into bat shapes instead. They're perfect paired with an array of cheeses and are undeniably moorish. 

Mummy Sausage Rolls I found this idea on the Sainsbury's website and just knew I had to make them myself as sausage rolls are one of my favourite snacks. These would be great for kids parties. All you need is a puff pastry sheet, your sausages of choice and a sharp knife to make strips of pastry that you will wrap around and then bake - adding some edible eyes afterwards. 

Shrunken Potato Heads These were actually recommended to me by a friend when I was gathering ideas for this snack board. They're super simple, yet an effective addition as they can be eaten on their own or dipped into your sauce of choice. Simply carve out faces in your miniature potatoes, cover with oil and seasoning and then cook!  

Pretzel Witches Broomsticks I found these through the Ricardo website and despite being a little fiddly to start with they only require two ingredients so they're simple to make especially with children. All you need is cheese string and pretzel - I personally like they're super cute. 
Halloween Snack Board Creative Ideas
Halloween Snack Board Creative Ideas
Then of course it's on to the extras and honestly I could have gone overboard with these as it's easy to get snack happy! In the empty spots, I dotted around fruits like grapes and strawberries as well as olives shaped like spiders as I thought they worked well with my other snacks on offer. 

I used my Bat Cookie Cutter and my Pumpkin Cookie Cutter throughout and I found them a great addition when I wanted to cut my cheeses into funky shapes. Here are some other ideas on what your Halloween snack board could include or if you want to switch it up and have sweet and savoury. 

If you're looking to make a Halloween snack board up this year either for the big day or the run up throughout October, I hope you've found some creative ideas to do and don't forget if you feel inspired tag me in your creations as I'd love to see them! 

Did you enjoy my deliciously spooky Halloween snack board?

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Lush Halloween 2020 Collection

Lush Halloween 2020 Collection

Lush Halloween 2020 Collection

The Lush Halloween collection - one of my most anticipated releases of the season. With Autumn upon us, now is the perfect time to take time out for yourself by sinking into an abundance of bubbles or soaking in a colourful tub. If you want to see what's on offer in their 2020 range and what I personally think of it, then read on... 

After loving Punkin Pumpkin last year as soon as I saw it, I had to add it to my basket. Although I know that a few people have been disappointed that this wasn't spicier, the exterior and subtle cinnamon scent is epitome of Halloween to me. It creates that 'fizz' in the bath that makes it feel soft and delicate to bathe in. 

There's a few items missing from the range that I was looking forward to picking up after loving them in previous years but I'm glad to see that the Bewitched Bubble Bar is back! It's pretty similar to the The Comforter as it's got a blackberry scent, but as it turns the water black and sparkly, I feel like it's super fitting for the spookiest time of the year. 

Monster's Ball is another old favourite of mine and I would describe this as the 'classic bath bomb'. It's super fizzy and has lots of colours coming out of it. Although I haven't used it yet this year as I was too excited to use the others, I'll definitely be having this on a special occasion! 
Lush Halloween 2020 Collection
One of the most unique items I chose was the Boo! Shower Slime which pretty much does what it says on the tin. It's got an amazing warming and comforting scent to it as leaves the skin feeling clean and yet hydrated at the same time. The slime element is super interesting and a lot different to anything I've tried from Lush before. You do end up playing with it longer than you do using it to wash yourself. 

The Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble wasn't in the official Halloween range, but as it glows in the dark (yes you read that right!) and gives me Harry Potter vibes, I thought I'd add it to my basket anyway. If you struggle with dehydrated skin, the cocoa butter makes it moisturising and leaves the skin feeling soft after soaking. It creates a pile of bubbles when you run it under the tap and it can be re-used multiple times. 

I personally love citrus scents and would happily use them all year round, but I would have liked something a little different when it came to Bat Art. It's still goes a beautiful deep purple in the bath, but I would have liked if it was a little more herbal in notes. 

What did you think of the Lush Halloween Collection this year? 

Thursday, 24 September 2020

The Ultimate Autumn To-Do List

Autumn Fall To-Do List

Amongst all the chaos and uncertainty, I've been looking forward to this day for a while - it's officially Autumn! To be honest I've been embracing the cosy nights in, wearing my chunky knit jumpers and keeping an eye out for those crunchy rust toned leaves for some time, but now that Autumn is upon us, I can finally share with you what's on my seasonal to-do list. 

Visit a pumpkin patch | Every year on my birthday we've visited a pumpkin patch and have found it's the perfect time at the start of the month as there's lots of pumpkins, it's less busy and you get to appreciate your findings for longer. I've been on a look of for them in shops and so far I have managed to nab myself a few gourds and mini pumpkins, but I'm hoping to get some big ones soon! 

Decorate For Halloween | Although Halloween may not be full of parties and trick or treating this year, I still want to celebrate it by decorating for my own pleasure. I'm tempted to make a full display out my home with pumpkins, a doormat and fairy lights, but it's on the inside that I'm very excited for. I'll be hanging banners up, scattering spooky cushions everywhere and lighting my favourite Autumnal candles. 

Wear All The Autumnal Outfits | I've loved putting together early Autumn outfits so far for my Instagram and they're only going to get cosier! I love plaid dresses, check skirts and chunky knits alongside comfy jackets, wrap around scarves and fluffy socks.The mustard and rust tones in my wardrobe alongside the forest green and burgundy hues honestly make my heart sing - a little joy of this time of the year! 

Here are some other ideas to check out: 

- Go for a walk in the crisp morning air. 

- Watch all the spooky films and cosy TV shows.

- Cook a roast dinner with all the trimmings.

- Spend a full day doing self-care.  

-  Make a delicious apple pie with a lattice top! 

- Buy a new coat to keep you warm. 

- Look out for the Autumnal sunsets. 

- Check out your local walking paths. 

- Go hunting for pinecones, conkers and the perfect shaped leaf. 

- Soak in a candle lit bath with your favourite playlist on. 

What's on your Autumn to-do list? 


Thursday, 17 September 2020

Five For Easy Everyday Makeup

Easy Everyday Makeup Favourites

Easy Everyday Makeup Favourites

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Natural and fresh looking makeup is what I strive to achieve throughout the year especially when the weather is warm like it has been these past few months. Although my base is usually made up of a medium coverage foundation followed by powder and bronzer, I've been reaching for a lighter offering when I want something easy. Here are five favourite natural picks: 

First up we have the L'Oreal Skin Paradise*, a base I would describe as 'barely there' both in texture and finish. If you want to cover redness, but still want it to look natural then this might be the product for you. The only problem you might have is finding the right shade as I had to search a little while to find the perfect match before settling for Fair 03. It feels thin and lightweight when applying, so if you're not used to a water based formula then it may take a little while to figure out whether you prefer to apply it with your fingers or a sponge. 

Next up is the L'Oreal True Match Eye Cream Concealer* which is one of the most unique products I've tried this year. I love a high coverage concealer just as much as the rest, but sometimes I want something a little more natural to wear when my base is a lighter coverage. This is super thin in formula and gives me Yves Saint Laurent vibes, but it's the way it makes my under eyes feel after several days of use which is why I enjoy it so much. It's enriched with Hyaluronic Acid which is hydrating and perfect for a everyday, natural look. 

Pixi makeup is very underrated and when I was sent the Nuance Quartette Palettes* I just knew that they were going to make their way into my makeup bag. The shade Honey Nectar is my go-to as it's got a two perky pink shades perfect for swishing together to add a pop of colour on the cheeks, whilst the gold highlight adds a radiant and shimmer to the high points of your face. For £16 I couldn't recommend this enough! 

When I first tried the Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Brow Gel* I wasn't a fan, in fact it sat at the back of my makeup drawer not getting used at all. I originally found it too gloopy and it was difficult to use as the product transferred onto the skin meaning it gave a undefined look. Then one day a few months ago I misplaced my go-to ABH Dip Brow and needed something to just run through my brows, so I reached for the Kush Fiber Gel and the rest is history. It was no longer a runny consistency, but instead made my brows look full and defined, whilst feeling soft and not-flakey at all. Perfect for when you want an easy product to run through your brows that will offer both a tint and a shape. 

On the lips, I have the Nars Velvet Matte Good Times Lip Pencil* which has a velvet finish and comfortable formula meaning you can wear it and top it up all day. It's a natural colour which isn't too far off my lip colour, but I personally enjoy using it to give the illusion of fuller, plumper lips. 

What are your everyday makeup favourites? 

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Three New Releases From Urban Decay

Urban Decay New Makeup Releases

Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Palette Review

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As a long time fan of Urban Decay, I'm always interested to see what new releases they have to offer. I've been lucky enough to get gifted their three latest products and after trying them out for quite a while, I thought I would share my thoughts with you. 

First up we have the Urban Decay Ultraviolet Palette* which has Halloween written all over it and I'm so glad that they created a palette that was completely different from their other Naked offerings. As usual, their eyeshadows are fantastic quality, offering a buttery texture and great pigmentation. For me personally, I've struggled to get use out of the darker shades as I don't often where purple shades, but I feel like as the days get chillier, I may be more inclined to try out striking eyeshadow looks. I never use the eyeshadow brushes they can with as I've got a few staples of my own, but they're just as soft as ever. Dazed, a gold pink shimmer and VR described as a raspberry sparkle are my two favourites and I feel like they work with matte Hazed and the super dark black hue, Digital. 

They've come out with another eyeshadow palette and this time it's a predominately a shimmery offering which wouldn't be my usual top pick, but this palette just works! Of course I'm talking about the Urban Decay Stoned Vibes* which has ten eyeshadows to play around with, from a deep burgundy to a mauve toned glitter. The green and blue probably won't get used which is a shame as I feel like they could have been switched out for more Autumnal shades, but I know that's just personally preference. 

Urban Decay Ultraviolet Palette Review

With shimmer eyeshadow you can often get fallout and they lack as much pigmentation as mattes, but this palette ticks all the boxes. As you can see from the photographs, the shimmers are tightly packed and even though I usually go through shimmers a lot quicker, I have a feeling this will last a long time. I feel like this would compliment any other eyeshadows you have, perfect for if you want to switch your look from day to night. The matte burgundy hue is my favourite as it works with all the bronze shimmers and theres still a deeper shade when I want to add more depth to my crease. 

The reason why this post has taken so long to write is purely down to the Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara* as I couldn't make my mind up. On one hand I love the formula with is long lasting, but I don't think it offers anything special to my lashes. This is quite a thickening mascara, so maybe it's because my preference often leans more a natural look at the moment. I also find that the plastic wand isn't for me. Plastic feeling wands often irritate my eyes and can sometimes hurt my lash line, so on the whole I wouldn't recommend this. 

Have you checked out the Urban Decay new releases? 


Thursday, 10 September 2020

Autumn Etsy Finds To Check Out

Autumn Etsy Finds Fall Decor

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You can often find me scouring Etsy for individual, unique items for the home, my wardrobe and for the new season too. I've definitely spent a fair amount of there over the last few months and with Autumn around the corner, I thought I'd share some of my favourite finds with you. 

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that I love a novelty mug, it feels like each season I have to buy a new one which means my cupboards are quite full at the moment. This Hey There Pumpkin Mug is one I've shared before, but I think it'd would look super cute with your drink of choice in or even a hot chocolate with all the trimmings! If that isn't your cup of tea (excuse the pun) then Boo Enamel Mug could be. I think this is one for the Halloween lovers amongst us. 

To go with your new mug, you could even go a step further with accessorising your morning beverage by opting for a Maple Leaf Coffee Stamp. I've seen these across Instagram and they look so cute for Autumn and the company sells a lot of different variations. 

I personally love scouring Etsy for new candles and although you can't sniff them in person, I find anything Autumnal is going to be a win for me. I found YR Candles on there who sell one called Sweater Weather as well as Cosy and Warm, so I think it's safe to say I've found my new favourite seller. 

For decoration, I've been after a new banner and this Autumnal Felt Garland is super simple, but so pretty incorporating the colours of Autumn into an easy decoration for your home. If you want to go a little more out, I spotted this Fox Cushion by Pixie Porch (who also sell this Skull Cushion) and I think they're both equally as adorable.

Decorating doesn't have to stop there as I came across the most Pinterest worthy item on Etsy - this Hey There Pumpkin Doormat! A little pricey for something you'll probably only use a few months of the year, but you could bring it out for years to come. 

As for Autumn fashion, I've some super cute gems you won't want to miss checking out. These Autumn Leaves Earrings are so adorable and would definitely get you a few comments if you wear them with a check skirt and big cosy jumper! I'm also currently looking at this Pumpkin Juice T-Shirt which is just one of many tees that I want to treat myself to - maybe I'll narrow it down to one soon. 

Have you spotted anything on Etsy that you are lusting after? 


Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Early Autumn Style Wishlist

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Autumn is the best season for fashion in my opinion. I love the chunky boots, cosy knits and checked skirts to mix and match my outfits and as the weather starts to get colder, I opt for big coats and wrap around scarves to keep warm and toasty. I thought I'd share with you some style ideas as well as what's currently on my wardrobe wishlist for Autumn.
I've got my eyes on a couple of cream jumpers as I feel like that's whats missing from my wardrobe and they can be worn in a variety of ways. The Urban Bliss Cable Knit Sweater looks absolutely perfect although I'm also looking at the Pimkie Lightweight Jumper which would be great tucked into skirts or jeans plus it's a little cheaper. 

I'm always looking to add more burgundy, rust and mustard tones to my outfits as I'm trying to steer myself away from always going for black items. The Vero Moda Knitted Cardigan looks like it would tick all the cosy boxes, but this ASOS Dark Red Checked Shirt is my ultimate crush at the moment - I'm just waiting for it to come back into stock. 


Thursday, 3 September 2020

A Full Autumn Home Decor Tour

Autumn Fall Home Decor

Fall Autumn Home Decor

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It feels like I've been waiting for months to finally decorate my house for Autumn. I love the warm tones, the excuse to have pumpkins everywhere and achieving all the cosy feels with blankets and cushions. I shared my home decor on my Instagram and Tik Tok through videos, but I wasn't expecting so many people to request a full blog post, so here it is! 

Starting in my bedroom, I've never had so many want to know where a duvet cover is from before and unfortunately I have some bad news; it's not coming back in stock! It's originally from Matalan, but I've got some cosy alternatives to share with you anyway. Here is a Waffle Brown Duvet Cover perfect if you want to incorporate Autumnal tones into your bedroom space and this Galaxy Print One if you prefer a novelty duvet cover.

The cushions on my bed are all from H&M and I couldn't recommend them enough. I get the 50x50 cushion inserts and throughout the seasons, I switch out and change the covers depending on where they'll go in my house. The Velvet Mustard and Velvet Brown ones have both washed well since owning them and I always find a space for them in my home as I love the warm hues. The accompanying pumpkin shaped cushion is from Homesense, but I would recommend checking out TK Maxx too as they're owned by the same company and you may have better luck getting it. 

Although it's been on my bedroom wall for a while now, I've been asked where my Mustard Macrame Hanging is from and it's from a seller on Etsy. It's one of my favourite pieces in my house as it adds a pop of colour without being too over the top. 

My Autumn Leaf Garland is my favourite decoration I own, I love it wrapped around my mirror to compliment my outfit shots, but as I have two, I've been trying to work out where to put the other one. I quite like it draped across my bed as I can easily secure it so it doesn't fall down. I am tempted to get these Glass Pumpkin Fairy Lights to wrap around my headboard ready for Halloween - they may be my next purchase!  

Autumn Home Decor Cosy Fall Living Room

Kitchen Autumn Decorations Cheap

Moving onto my living room and we have my Autumn Leaf Cushion which I got super cheaply as I wanted something that could just work as a decoration for my statement chair rather than to lounge on. This isn't the best quality, but it's a canvas fabric so it's hard wearing and looks cute too! 

I often get asked where I get my Bath and Body Candles as well as my Target Pumpkin Blanket which I got last year and I mainly use Facebook groups and keep an eye out on Ebay to see if people are selling anything I like the look of. I've got most of my Autumn favourites using this method and if you're from the UK, it's a great way to get US bits for your home. 

My kitchen has had a bit of a makeover starting with the Wooden Cake Stand I got last year that makes the best stand for my Next Pumpkin Dishes. If they're not what you're looking for, Amazon have a few similar like this Staub Pumpkin Cocotte and this Pumpkin Shaped Mug

I also DIY'd my own orange garland which I know is more suitable for Christmas time, but I thought it was a great way to add colour to this part of my kitchen. Although you can dry out the oranges yourself, they take a fair few hours, so I just bought my Orange Slices pre-dried, so all I had to do was string them up myself. 

Mugs are a huge part of my seasonal switch up, I picked up the fox mug from Matalan a few years ago, but you can still get the Witches Brew Mug many places online. Usually I don't crack it out until October, but I just decided to start early instead. 

I've got a few more bits to pick up and I'm sure I'll start on the Halloween decorating towards the end of September! Did you enjoy this blog post? 


Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Pumpkin Shaped Mini Apple Pies

Pumpkin Mini Apple Pies Halloween

They're here! The very requested and awaited recipe for my pumpkin shaped mini apple pies. After spotting these Jack o' Lantern Hand Pies on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to incorporate my delicious (and famous around these parts) apple filling instead of pumpkin puree and these are the gems that I came up with. 

The pastry was something that I wanted to tackle and make as easy as possible. The pastry is simple, consisting of only three ingredients plus a little sugar and salt, so if you're making these with older children then these would be perfect for an afternoon baking session. I honestly think you'll love them combined with the cinnamon and nutmeg spiced apple filling that's just so moorish and warming too. 

I imagine these served with a cold Butterbeer for a themed Halloween night or with ice cream or custard for an Autumnal sweet treat. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and if you make them don't forget to tag me and let me know. 

Pumpkin Mini Apple Pies Halloween

Pumpkin Mini Apple Pies Halloween

Ingredients (Makes 12) - 

For the pastry

310g Plain Flour

230g Butter

100ml Cold Water

2 Tbsp Granulated Sugar 

Pinch of salt 

1 Egg and a splash of milk for glazing and crimping. 

For the filling 

1 Apple 

1tsp Cinnamon

1tsp Nutmeg

50g Granulated Sugar 

Method - 

Start off by making your pastry dough. You'll want to leave this dough in the fridge overnight preferably, but if you want to make them quicker then 90 minutes will do (they just won't be as flakey). 

In a large bowl, mix together your plain flour, sugar, salt and butter until it starts to resemble large bread crumbs. 

Slowly pour in your water, only a few drops at a time until a dough starts to form. You want it to the be easy to shape, but not too dry. 

On a floured surface, split your dough in two halves and shape into balls. Wrap in cling film and put in the fridge to chill for 90 minutes to overnight. 


Tuesday, 1 September 2020

5 Things I've Added To My September To-Do List

September To Do List

I put the monthly to-do lists on hold over the last few months as I felt like most of this year merged into one, but now they're back! Today is the 1st September, Autumn is in the air, the pumpkin spiced lattes are nearly upon us and so is the everything I love about the new season. I've got a lot planned over the next 30 days and I thought I would share them with you. 

Get Baking! | I really enjoyed baking throughout lockdown, turning my hand to baguettes, loaves of bread and lots of cake, but this Autumn I want to start making soups and pies too. I'm starting off with mini apple pies, slowly working my way up to more savoury bakes as well as delving into different concoctions for stews and soups. 

Find Some Autumn Gems | I started to see browning leaves and pine cones a few weeks back, but it's when the conkers start to fall that's when I get really excited. Although I'm sure it'll be a little while yet, just having the vision of the orange leaves and pumpkins coming into the shops in my mind is enough to get me super excited for the new season. 

Plan Outfits + Locations | There's something about Autumn that makes me feel inspired to create all the content and this year I'm not holding back. I've got lots of outfits planned to share and I'm hoping to get to some interesting local locations this year as well. I've got my birthday in the first week of October, so I like to make sure that I have something pre-planned for that to celebrate - so I need to get thinking! 

Stay In A Good Exercise Routine | I've actually been sticking to a really good exercise routine over the last six months, taking regular walks and bike rides outside as well as doing HIIT, circuits and kickboxing classes a few times a week on top of it. It's helped me stay in a more positive mindset and keep me active, so although it can be a little harder to keep it up when the weather gets colder, I want to make an effort to keep in this good routine. 

Seek Out Some New-In Pieces | From the latest beauty releases to the new fashion, I want to keep an eye out for what is new this season. I personally enjoy chunky knits and coats coming into shops, but I also know that Lush's Halloween range will be out super soon! 

What's on your September to-do list? 


Sunday, 30 August 2020

The £4 Cleanser - Is It Any Good?

Boots Glow Skincare Affordable Review
Boots Glow Skincare Affordable Review

- Disclaimer: I have previously worked with Boots, however this post is not sponsored. All thoughts are my own. All links in this blog post are affiliate links. - 

I spotted Boots had released a new Glow skincare range a few months back, but hadn't got around to picking anything up until a couple of weeks ago. They had everything from a toner to a mist, but I decided to just pick up one product - their Glow Cleansing Oil. A cleanser that promises to rid the skin of dirt and add a radiance all in one, but how well did this £4 really work? 

For a cleanser under £5 I wasn't expecting much from the get go I have to admit and was initially worried that it'd be a thick oil that would leave my skin feeling greasy and irritated. When opened, the scent was prominent. I feel like Boots has definitely taken inspiration from Glow Recipe's watermelon range and that's the scent that it's most similar to. If you've got sensitive skin I would recommend giving this a miss entirely purely because of the fragrance, but if you've not adverse to it then read on... 

I feel like cleansing oil texture is down to personal preference, some prefer a thicker oil that 'lathers up' whereas others including myself prefer a thinner oil that can be worked into the skin to remove makeup. This is definitely on the thinner side and although it was a good first cleanse to melt away my foundation, it didn't do as well on my mascara, leaving me with panda eyes even after washing it off. It was nothing that a bit of eye makeup remover or micellar water could get rid of, but it's something to note - this isn't an allrounder. 

That being said, I feel like for £4 this is super handy if you're looking to see if you like cleansing oils (and the feel of them) and it does do a good job at removing your base makeup as long as you steer clear from the eyes. Depending on your skin type, you may find this leaves a little oily residue, but personally as I'm using it as a first cleanse, after I'm done my second one as well as adding toner, it's nothing to note. 

Overall, I'm actually impressed enough that I would like to try out bits from their range. I've heard good things about their Glow Tonic and they've also released a Pineapple Range including a Pineapple Mask that looks like it'd be great (and smell great too!). 

Have you tried the new Boots Glow skincare range? 

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