Monday 12 December 2022

A Cosy Night In With Very

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With Christmas lights beginning to turn on in everyone's houses and the chilly, dark evenings are rolling in, now is the perfect excuse to stay in and get cosy. I love nothing more than relaxing into a bubble bath before getting into a fresh pair of pyjamas especially over the festive season. have a lot of products on offer to achieve the perfect cosy night it, but I like to start with pyjamas. They're great for gifting, but if I bought this Chelsea Peers Button Up Printed Long Set I would have to adopt the "one for them, one for me" rule. These are super soft and snuggly, whilst being the perfect length and fit for the comfiest nightwear. I can feel myself wearing these on Christmas Eve to wrap up presents watching one of my favourite festive films. They are great paired with the Totes Cashmere Bed Socks to ensure that everywhere it feels cosy and comforted. 

With the Christmas lights flickering in the background, I like to pop on a festive film to get me in the mood. It's perfect when paired with a cheese board and a hot chocolate to make me feel ultimately cosy, but it's the pamper routine I do later on in the evening that I enjoy the most.  

In the bath, I like to use luxurious products that help to hydrate and soothe my dehydrated skin. Winter can be rather harsh on my skin, so I like to use moisturising products both in the bath and outside. The Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil fills the bathroom up with a beautifully relaxing scent and when you step out the bath, slathering the L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate all over the body after. 

After pampering myself from head to toe, I've been wearing my Ralph Lauren Red Plaid Set which is probably the most luxurious pyjamas I've ever worn. With the red plaid print, these pjs feel like Christmas summed up. To make it even more festive, I wear these Reindeer Mule Slippers which are easy to slip on and keep my toes toasty. 


Friday 2 December 2022

A Christmas Gift Guide - Lifestyle and Home

Christmas Lifestyle Home Gift Guide
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As I've got older, I definitely appreciate a lifestyle gift at Christmas more than ever. As much as I love receiving beauty gift sets, I've come to enjoy nifty gadgets, presents for the home and food related hampers even more. 

I think this is rather an unpopular take, but I personally love giving people edible gifts especially if they're unsure on what they want for Christmas and I'm uncertain on what to get them. You know that at the end of the day, it's always going to get eaten as long as you consider their dietary requirements. 

If you're looking to support a small business this Christmas then I would recommend checking out The Tartan Blanket Co* as they have a range of scarves and blankets which are perfect for gifting. They can be personalised and with a wide variety of colours to choose from, there's something for everyone. 


Thursday 1 December 2022

A Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide
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One of my favourite things about Christmas present buying is getting to look at all of the gift sets on offer and narrow down the ones that I want to put on my own list. With so many brands and products on the market, it can definitely feel overwhelming, but if you're looking to treat someone (or yourself) this festive season, then I've got just the round up for you. 

£25 and Under

Perfume as a Christmas present is always a good shout, but if you're not sure what to get them then I would always recommend getting a smaller bottle so they can test it out. This Ghost Deep Night Gift Set* is great as it offers 30ml of the perfume which is the perfect size for putting in your handbag and it also comes with a bath bomb for an added treat.  

Philosophy have come out with their Christmas shower gel* collection and although they're definitely on the higher side price wise, they certainly feel luxurious and can be paired with some other bath products if you're looking to make a pamper themed gift. 

Under £75

Anything Charlotte Tilbury is always a win for me - they're the definition of luxe makeup and I would be overjoyed to receive any of their products for Christmas. Personally I think the Pillow Talk range (especially the Pillow Talk On The Go Kit) is the perfect present for anyone as it's definitely a cult favourite amongst many for a reason.

I don't often see skincare sets getting gifted, but Origins has some of the best. This Best of Origins Set is great at it offers up a few products for you to try without commiting. I also think the Farmacy Honey Haven Set* is a great pick as you get two full size high quality products. 

£75 and over 

Every budget is different, so if you have extra to spend this year then these are the pieces I'd be looking at. Although rather extravagant, the Maison Margiela fragrances are some of my favourite and the By The Fireplace is currently on my wishlist to go along with the others in my collection. 

Laura Mercer has to be one of my favourite brands to get gifted over Christmas and their bath and body products are just so luxurious. I've been eying up the Indulgence Ambre Vanilla Set as it offers up the honey bath which I adore as well as a bath creme and body spray. 


Wednesday 30 November 2022

A Small Business Christmas Gift Guide

Small Business Christmas Gift Guide
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Now feels like an important time to support small businesses more than ever, but I know how hard it is to find the best pieces for the perfect gift. I've picked out a variety of products with something for everyone, from the bookworm to the green fingered, if you're looking for inspiration this festive season then look no further. 

First on the list has to be Soak Sunday, a beautiful business that offers up bath and body care. Their Body Oils and Bath Salts are definitely their stand out products and the packaging is so beautiful - perfect for those who are gifting a bath time lover! Similarly, Coral and Moss is a business I just stumbled across accidentally, but they have a range of great gifts to choose from including this Sleep Ritual Luxury Gift Set and Mindfulness Ritual Self Care Box which I think would be a good option if you're unsure on what to get someone this Christmas. 

There's lot of jewellery and accessories on the market, but I personally love how cute Fable England* are. They have a variety of woodland animals to turn into a bracelet, earrings or a necklace, as well as scarves and bags too! The Tartan Blanket Co. is another company I've loved supporting over the past couple of years and one of their Plaid Oversized Scarves was actually gifted to me as a present from someone last year. 

If you know someone creative, then I would recommend checking out a Beginner's Modern Calligraphy Set as they're such a great gift if you know that someone would like to learn a new skill. I gifted myself this set earlier this year and I've got so much use out of it, so I know it's something that would actually get used. 

Small businesses are absolutely golden if you're buying for a bookworm as there's so many unique pieces on offer. Well Read Co offer up Book Bags with the choice of a variety of the classics, whilst this Personalised Library Stamp would go down a treat for those who are starting their very own at home library. 

If you've got a plant lover in your life, then I think these Ceramic Garden Labels would be a great stocking filler. I think they're so cute! I also spotted this Save The Planet Candle which doubles up as both a candle and a plant pot as it comes with your own seeds to grow after you've used it up - what a great idea. 

I knew as soon as I decided to do a small business gift guide that I had to include one of these - a Garlic Grater Dish. Although pretty random in this line up when it comes to gifts, if there's a garlic lover in your life, then I'm sure they'll appreciate one of these in their stockings! 


Friday 18 November 2022

Etsy UK Christmas Finds

Etsy UK Christmas Shops

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It's that time of the year again - my annual quest to find the best Etsy Christmas finds. I personally like to get in there early to make sure that I have enough time to get them before the festivities begin. From home decor to jumpers, I have something for everybody this festive season. 

You know I love anything excuse to hang up decorations and this Christmas Pudding Garland is just so pretty, but it's actually this Gingerbread Felt Garland that has me absolutely smitten - it instantly went onto my saved list. 

I've been browsing the cushions on Etsy for some time now, trying to find the best picks - something I think I've managed! This Gingerbread House Cushion is absolutely adorable and perfect if you choose to pair it with a Candy Cane Cushion too! If you prefer a simpler Christmas theme, then I'm sure Holly and Berry Cushion Covers will be perfect, plus the seller has many other options too if you want to mix and match. 

I personally love putting these Bottle Brush Style Christmas Trees throughout the house as they can easily fill sparse spaces, something I normally struggle with. I think sometimes it's the little touches throughout the home that I cherish the most. I love the switch out my mugs from Halloween to Christmas this time of the year, by opting for a option like this Ceramic 'Merry and Bright' Hand Stamped Mug which is great if you love neutral decor or this Christmas Tree Glass for those who prefer something novelty. 

To jazz up my kitchen further, I have been looking at getting an Embossed Rolling Pin to help decorate my Christmas biscuits this year. I have also been looking at these Handpainted Christmas Dinner Candles which would be great for decorating the table on the 25th. 

I find Etsy great at finding simple Christmas jumper so if you don't like wearing novelty ones then this Whoville University Embroidered one, a Gingerbread Bakery one or this North Pole Stamp Sweater would be great for you. 

Have you spotted anything on Etsy recently? 


Tuesday 15 November 2022

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Christmas Kitchen Decorations

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The countdown to Christmas is on! One of my favourite, yet underrated places to decorate during the festive season is my kitchen. As a collector of mugs, I love hanging up my seasonal favourites, whilst creating a cosy area to bake in. If you're similar to me, but unaware of where to go to find the best Christmas kitchen decor, then you've come to the right place. 

Starting with mugs, I absolutely love the look of this Christmas Tree Mug, but I'm currently trying to convince myself out of it as I do have quite a few. Gingerbread houses are definitely a huge trend this year, popping up in tea light holders as well as cushions, but I found this Anthropologie Cosy Home mug and thought it was perfect for those who like pink Christmas decor. 

I'm currently looking for more ways to present food over the festive period and I feel like this Christmas Tree Board would be great for cheeses, whilst this Tree Shaped Bowl would be good for nibbles. 


Friday 4 November 2022

Autumn Outfit Ideas

Autumn Winter Outfit Inspiration Ideas

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It'll come as no surprise that Autumn fashion is my favourite. I love the cosy knits, plaid patterns and the chance to layer up. It's currently not as cold as it usually is for November, so I'm making the most of showcasing my Autumn outfits before they start getting covered up by a thick coat! 

Soft browns and forest greens are my favourite tones to wear this time of the year. This Hollister Cable Knit Sweater is giving serious 'Rory Gilmore' vibes and would look great dressed down with a pair of leggings or tucked into a skirt with tights. I also really like shackets on a down day in Autumn, so this Apricot Plaid Shacket is also great as the rust brown hues will work throughout the rest of the season as well as fitting perfectly in Winter too. 

I've been on the hunt for a cosy cream cardigan and when I spotted this Joanie Oversized Cardigan I knew that it could be the perfect wardrobe addition. I'm rather picky when it comes to knits as I like to make sure their soft and fit right. After finally owning the KJP Flannel Dress (and wearing it to death!), I've now added their sweaters to my wishlist - this Evergreen Jumper is top of my list. 


Wednesday 2 November 2022

Pumpkin Loaf Cake Recipe

Pumpkin loaf cake recipe

Pumpkin loaf cake recipe

If you're trying to get in the Autumn spirit or you're looking for a way to use your pumpkin up, this pumpkin loaf cake is perfect for this cosy season. It's pretty simple, deliciously moist and incredibly moorish. The good thing about this recipe is that you can easily add chocolate chips if you'd like or swap out a spice like cinnamon if you're not particularly fond of it. 

I was actually inspired to do this recipe after I picked up my Autumnal Loaf Pan and seeing as I've got a couple of pumpkins left over after Halloween, I thought it was the perfect time! Making a pumpkin purée is super simple and you can freeze the leftovers and use it to make a pie, curry or soup at a later date. Don't forget to save the seeds for roasting! 

Although this recipe calls for fresh pumpkin to be used, if you're looking to make this out of the Autumn season, then I'm sure that substituting with canned pumpkin would suffice - just remove some of the sugar if yours comes sweetened already. 


230g Plain Flour
1tsp Baking Powder
100ml Vegetable Oil
60g Brown Caster Sugar 
3 Eggs
180g Fresh Pumpkin Purée
1tsp Cinnamon
1sp Ginger
1sp Nutmeg 
Vanilla Extract  

Ready Made Vanilla Icing (or make your own!)


Pre-heat the oven to 200c. Take a small cooking pumpkin, cut the top off and slice in half. Remove the seeds and place on a baking tray and cook until soft for 30 minutes. 

Once cooked, scoop out the pumpkin and blitz with a blender until smooth. If you have excess pumpkin purée to use after this recipe, just freeze in an ice cube tray and use at a later date. 

Pre-heat the oven to 180c and line your loaf cake tin with parchment paper. 

Mix together your brown caster sugar and oil in a bowl. Add half your eggs and then half the pumpkin, alternating between pumpkin purée and an egg each time helps to keep the cake moist. Stir until combined. 

Slowly fold in your flour and baking powder to the the mixture. 

Add your spices and mix. 

Pour your mixture into your loaf cake tin and bake for an hour. 

Leave to cool on a cooling rack and then top using vanilla icing. 


Wednesday 26 October 2022

30 Films and TV Shows To Watch This Halloween (and where to find them!)

Halloween Films TV Shows To Watch

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Happy Hallo-week witches! It's become a yearly tradition of mine to share inspiration on what to watch this Halloween, whether it's a scary classic or a family friendly film, there's something for everybody. Grab your sweets, get a blanket and let's settle in for a film night marathon on the 31st. 

Nostalgic and Non-Spooky Favourites 

If you don't want to hide under your duvet this Halloween, then you may be better opting for a non-scary film to watch. I personally love an old, nostalgic film to watch when I want to carve my pumpkin or just relax. The new Hocus Pocus film is now out which is currently my next pick to watch. 

Hocus Pocus (Disney+)

Coraline (BBC iPlayer)

The Craft (Netflix)

Halloweentown (Disney+)

The Addams Family (Prime)

Scooby Doo The Movie (NOW TV*)

Casper (Prime)

Zombieland (NOW TV*)

Knives Out (Prime)

Shaun of The Dead (Prime/NOW TV*)

TV Shows To Binge Watch

If you've got some extra time between now and Halloween, you may want to binge watch a TV show before the 31st. Some series be longer than others, but I do love having picking and choosing my favourite episodes from my TV shows. 

American Horror Story (Disney+)

Ghosts (BBC iPlayer)

Stranger Things (Netflix)

The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

The Walking Dead (Disney+)

Scream Queens (Disney+)

Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)

The Vampire Diaries (Netflix/Prime)

Black Mirror (Netflix) 

Scary Films 

Whether you're a slasher film lover, psychological thriller buff or a paranormal enthusiast, then there's going to be a film for you this Halloween. I feel like this time of the year is perfect for watching the old classics, but if you want jump scares that get your heart racing, then you may prefer the newer releases. 

Scream (NOW TV*)

Midsommar (Netflix)

28 Days Later (Disney+)

Sinister (Netflix)

Paranormal Activity (NOW TV*)

Escape Room (Netflix)

The Purge (NOW TV*/Prime)

Ready or Not (Disney+)

Life (NOW TV*/Netflix)

Woman In Black (NOW TV*/Netflix)

Insidious (NOW TV*/Netflix)

What are you watching this Halloween? 


Thursday 20 October 2022

Autumn Skincare Routine

Autumn skincare routine

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It's finally time to share with you my updated skincare routine, a regime I've been tweaking for a little while now. I absolutely love trialling new products and finding the best ones for my skin, but I feel like I've settled into an Autumn routine that really works for me. With so many products on the market, I know it can feel overwhelming trying to create a routine, but if you're looking for new recommendations, then look no further. 

I start off with an old classic - the Garnier Micellar Water. I've tried all the different types of versions, but it's the original that I keep coming back to. It's great for removing mascara and breaking down the first layer of makeup before going in with my double cleanse. 

I went into the shop to find a replacement for my balm cleanser, but came out the Cerave Hydrating Cleanser with little to no knowledge of how well it's been reviewed or how it's supposed to perform. I've actually had really good results from using it over the last couple of months as it gets rid of most of my makeup, whilst never leaving my skin feeling greasy nor stripped of moisture. 

For my second cleanse, I've still been using the E45 Face Foaming Cleanser*, a product I did an Instagram AD for, but has become a staple in my Autumn skincare routine. My skin gets rather sore and easily irritable in the transitional period between seasons, but this has made my time so much easier. It's simple and gentle, yet still works to create a lather that removes the final traces of makeup I have on. 

I've currently lost count of how many tubs of Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream I've made my way through, but it's seriously one of the best if you've got dehydrated skin. I often find myself with extremely dry patches in the transitional and Autumn months and although this cream is super thick which may put some people off, I find that it makes my skin feel softer and look smoother with continued use. 

Autumn skincare routine

For my day cream, I've been using the Erborian Bamboo Crème Frappée* which I've got to admit I didn't think I'd enjoy as much as I have been doing. It's got a thin, gel like consistency which is something I know my Summer skin would love, but in the colder months, I didn't think it was going to deliver the amount of moisture my skin needs. How wrong was I? It's whipped texture, cool feel and fast absorbing formula perks up my skin in the morning, making it perfect for wearing underneath makeup and creating a good base. 

If my skin needs an extra boost of hydration, I have been reaching for the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask which if you've been reading my blog or any reviews for some time, then you've probably heard about it before. It's got a quite the following as it's super nourishing, smells almost edible and can be worn for 10 minutes for a quick mask or left overnight for an intensive treatment. 

When it comes to eye creams, I tend to dip in and out of them as I please, never really sticking to one. I don't necessarily feel like that's a bad thing as sometimes I want a product that'll be super nourishing, whereas other times I want one that's brightening. The Pixi Collagen Eye Serum* is a new one that's been added to my routine and it's unlike anything I've tried before. Often I'm not convinced with products that say they offer 'skin firming' results, but this one really feels (and looks!) like it works. It's smooths and tightens the under eye without making it feel dehydrated, working perfectly underneath makeup or left to work it's magic overnight. 

Sometimes the best products are the ones that surprise you and the Pixi Collagen Lip Gloss* was one that I was left smitten by from first use. In the colder months, I have to use lip balm as my lips get so chapped, but I'd never even considered using a lip gloss to do this job. In fact I was rather turned off by this idea as lip gloss and the inevitable scarf wearing didn't sound like a match made in heaven. The texture is perfect, offering up shine without stickiness and my favourite part is I never feel like I'm wearing anything. The only downside is that I feel like it's a little on the small size and I wish it was bigger! 

What's your favourite skincare product this Autumn? 


Saturday 15 October 2022

Pumpkin Shaped Halloween Cookie Recipe

Pumpkin Shaped Halloween Cookie Recipe

Pumpkin Shaped Halloween Cookie Recipe

I can't tell you how long I've wanted to try those Pumpkin sugar cookies by Pillsbury, but as someone who lives in the UK, I can't get my hands on any. I spotted the idea of making my own from the 'Sugar Spun Run' blog post and I just knew I had to turn my hand to them. 

I have made both an Instagram reel and Tik Tok to visually support this recipe, but if you're looking for direct instructions, then look no further. This recipe is delicious and once you get your head around the design shape - it's actually fairly easy to make! 

I cannot compare my recipe to the classic cookie as I haven't tasted them, but I used a classic shortbread-like dough as I found it to be buttery and soft, but without falling apart. The dough I used also works well with gel food colouring, so it doesn't make it tough to eat or hard to mould. 

Ingredients (Makes 40) 

240g Butter

110g Caster Sugar

360g Flour

Vanilla Extract

Green gel food colouring

Orange gel food colouring


Beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add in the vanilla extract. 

Add in the flour and fold into the mixture slowly. 

Once a dough has formed, take out 1/4 of your dough (should be a fist worth) and place it into a separate bowl. Add your orange gel food colouring to the bowl and mix in to the dough until all of it has been covered.

Take 1tbsp of the uncoloured dough and place into another bowl. Add green food colouring to the dough and mix until the colour is smooth. 

Roll out the orange dough into a log shape. You may want to separate it into two pieces to make it easier to manage. 

Use a skewer, create an indent at the top. This is where the green 'stem' will go.

Roll the green dough into a strip and place in the indent you just made.

With the remaining uncoloured dough, wrap the dough around your pumpkin shaped log. Slightly roll the dough to make sure that all seams are smooth. 

Place into the fridge for 2-3 hours until firm. 

Pre-heat the oven to 180c and line a large baking tray with parchment paper.

Using your refrigerated dough, slice the dough up and evenly spread them on your baking tray. 

Bake for 10 minutes and allow to cool. Enjoy!


Tuesday 11 October 2022

Lush Halloween 2022 Collection

Lush Halloween 2022 Collection Review

A yearly tradition of mine has been to shop the latest Lush Halloween collection. This year, 2022 has offered up some new pieces that I couldn't wait to try as well as old favourites I happily welcomed back. If you're looking to shop for yourself or a loved one this Halloween season, then I hope you find some inspiration in this post. 

The 'I Want My Mummy' is the newest bath bomb I've added to my stash, but it instantly felt familiar. I noticed that it is reminiscent of the previous Christmas bath bomb, Butterbear and of course that explained why I loved it so much. Although it's not got the incredible display in the bath like other Lush products have, the chunks of cocoa butter in it paired with a delicious, yet delicate caramel scent makes for quite the luxurious and moisturising experience. 

Would it be a Lush Halloween haul without featuring Punkin Pumpkin? It's a yearly favourite of mine and I hope they never get rid of it as I not only love the cinnamon and orange scent, the exterior with the jack o lantern face is just perfect for this time of the year! 

Another must have I come back to year upon year is the Ghostie Bath Bomb. It's so beautiful to watch as it creates a colourful foam in the bath, but it's the scent that I love so much. It smells like a classic sherbet from the sweet shop which is uplifting and nostalgic - great for if you're looking for a pick me up.  

I've got two new shower products to share, the first being the Tarantula Shower Jelly which not only smells incredible, it's super fun to play around with. It's got a cherry scent with shimmering glitter in the jelly itself. It lathers up in the shower easily and you can just pop it back into the tub it comes in when you're done. I always find that I got so many uses out of the Lush reusable products and this is no exception. 

The second shower product is the Lord of Misrule shower gel which you'll be surprised to know that this year is my first time trying it out. It's earthy with notes of black pepper and patchouli, so it's unlike anything else I've tried before. It lingers on the skin for hours after use and the green colour definitely makes it fitting for the spooky season. 

Have you picked up anything from the Lush Halloween collection?


Monday 3 October 2022

5 Books To Read This Autumn

Halloween Autumn Fall Books To Read

Halloween Autumn Books To Read

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I've always felt like Autumn is the perfect time of the year to settle down on a rainy evening to read a new book -  if it's also accompanied by snacks and a warm drink, then count me in! I personally love my books to have a spooky element to them, the further underneath the covers I want to go, the better. If you're looking for some Autumn reading inspiration, then here are five books to read this season. 

Small Spaces

Middle grade books are aimed for readers aged between 8 and 12 years old, but are often overlooked when it comes to Autumn and the spooky season. Never underestimate just how scary they can be and as they often come in shorter novel form that makes it easier to get through and perfect for cuddling up with on a rainy afternoon. 

Small Spaces was a book I picked up on the whim after successfully loving a similar book called The Haunting of Aveline Jones last year and I'm so happy I did. It's got spooky scarecrows and all of the Halloween vibes to get you through until the 31st. 

The Spirit Engineer 

If you're looking for a spooky book that won't keep you up at night, then I would recommend checking out The Spirit Engineer. It's actually based on a true story and although it has an unsettling plot, I kept wanting to turn each page until I got to the end. It's got paranormal themes, so perfect for an October evening under the covers. 

Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark has been on my to-read list for a couple of years now and I finally got around to reading it the other month. It felt like the perfect book for the time of the year and although it definitely has horror elements to it throughout, it's ultimately a thriller which I really enjoyed. It's got haunted house and paranormal themes which is great for the lead up to Halloween. 

The Bone Houses

Reading about zombies or in this book "bone houses" have never really appealed to me, as much as I enjoy the odd ridiculous zombie film, I never saw myself enjoying a book dedicated to them. The Bone Houses was a great read though and definitely exceeded my expectations. Set in a sleepy town called Colbren, a gravedigger and a map maker have to work together to stop the bone houses from taking over. 

The Silent Companions 

I had to feature The Silent Companions in this line up as it was one of my favourites from last Autumn. It's a book set in a haunted old house which perfectly offers up that classic horror film vibe. Throughout the book, there's a moody feel which is great for Autumn and Winter, plus the story, which is set over three time periods, helps to keep you to stay engaged and keep turning the pages.

What are your favourite books to read in Autumn? 


Friday 30 September 2022

The Best Etsy Autumn and Halloween Finds

Etsy Halloween Autumn Home Decor

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If there's one place I come back to every year when it comes to decorating my home for Autumn and Halloween, it's Etsy. They're great at finding unique pieces that you cannot find elsewhere and I always love scouring the pages for the best finds. If you're looking for some Etsy inspiration this year, then I have you covered. 

A staple of my Halloween decor over the past few years are the 3D Wall Bats. They're perfect for creating a talking piece as they are quite striking to look at, plus you can reuse them year upon year. They can easily be attached to the wall and removed at a later date! If you want something on your walls that aren't bats, then I would recommend trying out the Hanging Witches Hats or Floating Candles just like Harry Potter! 

I've probably got one too many Halloween cushions dotted around my home, but I always get questions about them. They've been collected over the years, but I thought I'd share some of my Etsy favourite finds. This Ghost Cushion is just the cutest and it made it's way onto my wishlist the moment I saw it as I saw a similar one in Homesense a year back and regretted not getting it ever since. If you like my Autumn decor, then you should check out this Soft Fabric Pumpkin as it's very similar to mine - perfect for putting on your bed or in your living room.

I have a ghost garland that I picked up from Homesense which I absolutely love, but as it's pretty hard to find, I found a great alternative on Etsy. I love the idea of mix and matching these Felt Ghosts and Felt Pumpkins together on a garland to hang up around the house. If you don't want to do this as a DIY project, then this Halloween Garland is another option for all the colour or this Pumpkin Needle Felt Garland which is equally as cute.

I feel like it's become a yearly tradition to share a cute seasonal doormat that I've found and this years is this Welcome Doormat with the cutest pumpkin accent. Another understated piece would be these Ghost Soy Candles - they're great if you want to decorate for the spooky season, but you don't want anything OTT. 

Although I was going to mainly focus this post around home decor I've found on Etsy, I have to give a quick mention to all of the pretty clothing items you can also get. This Skeleton and Ghost T-Shirt is so adorable, but it's this Halloweentown Sweatshirt that I've had my eye on my a while as not only does it look super comfortable, the design is super nostalgic.

Have you found anything on Etsy recently? 


Thursday 22 September 2022

Autumn In The Apple Orchard

Autumn Fall Apple Orchard Outfit

UK Apple Picking Orchard

Apple Picking Orchard Autumn

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Autumn brings an excitement like no other. Every year I look forward to bundling up under layers just to have just a few minutes of serotonin walking through the crisp rust coloured leaves that crunch under foot. Heading back inside after a chilly day to be welcomed by comforting soups, breads and bakes followed by a candle lit, steaming hot bath to unwind into. When October hits, I actually mourn for Autumn pretty early. I appreciate every change in the season and take each day as it comes, indulging in Halloween when it rolls around and ticking off my Autumn to-do list when each new opportunity arises. 

Apple picking has become a yearly tradition of mine, the perfect way to set up for a weekend of baking delicious apple themed treats. Whether it's a cinnamon sprinkled apple crumble with a crunchy sugary top or a simple pumpkin shaped apple pie, I always find heading to an apple orchard the best way to get myself in the Autumn spirit. 

The apples at Castle Farm in Kent feel like they're straight from Snow White. Perfectly ripe, round and red, I struggled to not eat my way through the stash on the way home. Although the trees are browning, the weather hasn't quite followed suit, but on this day, I got lucky. I donned my Joanie Apple Jumper* paired with a burgundy pinafore to the apple orchard, but I knew the outfit wasn't complete without a pair of Green Wellington Boots! They were perfect for stomping around the apple orchard, avoiding squished apples below. 

Autumn Fall Apple Orchard Outfit

Autumn Apple Picking Farm


Monday 12 September 2022

Six Instagrammable Places In Edinburgh

Edinburgh Instagram Photography Places

Edinburgh Instagrammable Photo Places
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Edinburgh has been on my dream list to visit for some time now and the other month, I managed to tick it off. It feels like every corner of the city is worthy of a photograph, so if you're planning on visiting soon, you ought to make sure you've got lots of phone storage as you'll be snapping away at every moment. If you'd like some help narrowing down the best spots to visit especially if you're looking to take some Instagrammable photos, then read on. 

Dean Village

Although Dean Village in Edinburgh isn't exactly a secret spot, it does offer a bit of a relief from the crowds especially if you visit earlier in the morning. Head down to the Water of Leith Walkway and down onto the path below for the best (and most iconic!) view of Dean Village and the picturesque surrounding buildings. 

St Cuthburt's Graveyard

You probably wasn't expecting to see a cemetery recommended to you, but honestly the St Cuthbert's Kirkyard spot is not only a perfect view of Edinburgh Castle, but it's a great place to wander around if you've got some spare time. I can image this spot looking even more beautiful in the Autumn months, but it was a great place to escape from the crowds when wanting a view of the castle. 

The Vennel Edinburgh Castle Scotland

Circus Place Edinburgh Scotland

The Vennel

Another great place to see Edinburgh Castle, is The Vennel. It's a street with steep steps that are set off the main road of Grassmarket. When visited early in the morning, you pretty much have the whole place to yourself and it's so beautiful seeing the castle in the background with an unspoiled view. 

Circus Place 

Not to be confused with Circus Lane, this house on Circus Place is situated just a short walk away from the iconic street with a similar name. It's particularly beautiful in the Summertime as the outside is full to the brim with blooming flowers. I accidentally stumbled upon it after nearly giving up trying to find it, but it was a wonderful surprise when I looked up and it was just there. 

Scott Monument Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland Prettiest Streets

Scott Monument 

Scott Monument feels like it towers over every building in Edinburgh and it's gothic exterior just makes it spectacular to look at. With two sets of curved stairs leading up to the monument, this is a great place if you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing spot. 

Circus Lane

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city lies Circus Lane, a street full of beautiful houses and a church at the end of it. The street is cobbled and looks like you're stepping back in time, so I think that's why it has appeared all over my Instagram these past few years. I just knew that I wanted to visit it when going to Edinburgh and I'm glad it didn't disappoint. It was free of cars and a quiet place to take a walk. 


Friday 12 August 2022

Early Autumn/Fall 2022 Home Decor

Early Autumn Fall 2022 Home Decor

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It feels like a right of passage to start off my Autumn content with some early home decor inspiration. I've already started to find the best pieces for the next season as they often sell out super quick, so I thought I would help you out if you're also looking for some Autumn decor. 

Especially in the early days of Autumn and the traditional period, I love adding woodland inspired pieces to my home. Think mushrooms, pinecones and foxes amongst leaves, foliage and green tones. This Forest Cushion is the perfect addition as it's got all of these things combined and if you're pairing it with a Woodland Fleece Blanket, then I think the green and rust tones would look great together.  

Pumpkins are obviously very popular, but this year I tried to focus on finding pumpkin shaped items that didn't incorporate Halloween too early. As much as I love the spooky season, I want to appreciate Autumn first of all. Even though it's simple, this neutral Pumpkin Shaped Mug is great for adding to your kitchen display especially when paired with a Pumpkin Tealight Candle - how cute!  

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