Saturday 28 September 2019

A New Season Wishlist

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Autumn fashion is my favourite season for adding new additions to my wardrobe. The shops are filling up with fluffy coats, cosy layers and boots galore, so I've put together a few of my top finds to share with you today. 

I'm very much into the popular rust and mustard tones of Autumn, so this Hollister Colour Block Jumper has been on my wishlist for some time now. This New Look Puff Sleeve Midi Dress would be great for any events you have coming up and with a pair of chunky black boots, I think it'd be easy to dress down as well. 

H&M are really great this season, but they really thrive when it comes to jumpers. They have so many to choose from, but this Frill Trimmed Jumper is just as gorgeous as it sounds and this Fine Knit Jumper (in multiple colours!) is perfect for layering underneath coats and tucked into skirts. 

With my birthday coming up, I've got my eye on a few dresses I'd like to treat myself to when I go out in the evening. This Nobody's Child Star Print Dress is absolutely beautiful and is defining a strong contender for my weekend of celebrating, but this Pretty Little Thing Velvet number and Boohoo Heart Wrap option are both to be considered too - although all three are super different. 

Alongside the classic tones, browns, burgundy and greens are going to be a regular occurrence in my outfits over the next few months. This Nasty Gal Floral Blouse would look perfect tucked into jeans and worn with a simple coat - plus you can continue to wear it all year around. This Boohoo Pinafore Dress in a brown check print is very on trend too and I can imagine it would look great with this Monki Rust Beret


Wednesday 25 September 2019

Autumn New In Makeup

Autumn New In Makeup
Autumn New In Makeup
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Autumn is my favourite time to experiment with my makeup, switching out tinted moisturisers for more heavy duty bases, adding a healthy dose of highlighter to my routine and playing around with different eyeshadow looks. Here are a handful of my new season products I've been trying out. 

I always enjoy finding a new high street base that I like and the Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup Foundation had me at 'photo ready' as it sounded right up my street. Despite offering a medium to full coverage base, this still feels lightweight on the skin and the buildable finish can be blended out or built up. It gives just the right amount of natural glow, something that I need more at this time of the year when my skin is looking a little lacklustre. 

I then go in with the bareMinerals BareSkin Stay-In-Place Liquid Concealer which I'm obsessed with at the moment because the formula is so different to what I usually go for when it comes to concealers. It's serum based which makes it extremely nourishing and it can be blended into the skin with ease. Although I tend to use it in conjunction with a natural looking foundation, it can be used on it's own. If your complexion is really temperamental and dehydrated this Autumn, then I'd definitely recommend giving this a go. 
Autumn New In Makeup
I'd never heard of LaRoc as a brand before, but I've been trying out their 15 Colour Autumn Eyeshadow Palette which I feel is very aptly named for the new season. At £3.99 it really is a steal if you're looking for new ways to experiment with your makeup as it won't break the bank. 

Everyone knows by now that I do love a berry or dark lip in the Autumn, but nothing beats a nude offering on a daily basis. The L'Oreal Infalliable Babe In Lip Matte Paint has a whipped texture with a velvet finish that sits more comfortably on the lips than a traditional liquid lipstick, but lasts longer than your usual lip colour. 

Last up we have a perfume pick in the form of the Giorgio Armani Si Fiori Perfume which is a new addition to their classic and beloved Si range. Described as the perfume version of 'no makeup', this lightweight, floral fragrance is great for everyday wear and will sit beautifully in your favourite cosy layers of Autumn. 

What are your favourite early Autumn makeup picks? 

Sunday 22 September 2019

20 Things To Do This Autumn

20 Things To Do This Autumn
Autumn starts tomorrow! I can now officially get excited for all the cosy nights in, crunchy leaves and pumpkin spiced everything. I'm going all in this year and embracing my love for this season with all the mustard hued layers, fruit picking and the frost covered trees in the morning. 

- Bake all the tasty treats. Think mini banana bread muffins, pumpkin spiced cookies and apple crumble. 

- Head to a bonfire and firework display. 

- Watch all the Autumnal feeling TV shows and films. I'd recommend Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus and Gilmore Girls. If you fancy something spookier, think AHS and Haunting of Hill House. 

- Soak in a candle lit bath whilst listening to your favourite songs with a face mask on. 

- Cook a huge Sunday roast with all the trimmings. A veggie themed plate for me full of Yorkshire puddings, fluffy roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese - make it with blue cheese it's delicious! 

- Go to your local woods to pick out conkers, pine cones and crunchy rust toned leaves. 

- Read that book that has been on your to-read pile for the longest time or re-read one of your favourite series. 

- Try something pumpkin spiced. Whether it's the classic latte or a cupcake - see what all the fuss is about! 

- Hunt out your nearest apple trees to pick - make sure they don't belong to anybody though. 

- Take in how beautiful the Autumn sunsets are. The pink, blue and orange skies are good enough to fill your phone's storage up with. 
20 Things To Do This Autumn
- Find out if there is a Haunted House near you. I went to one last year and it was one of the best experiences. 

- Go on a walk when it's raining or windy, but make sure you're wrapped up warm!

- Buy a new pair of pyjamas and some cosy socks. Stick them in the tumble dryer or on the radiator. 

- Go to your local pumpkin patch to pick out the ones you want to carve, eat and scatter around your homes. 

- Try some American sweets. For me, I'm a fan of Candy Corn, but there's lots more to try online now. 

- Head to the pub for a cosy evening sipping a cider, beer or just a soft drink. The cute, cosy pubs for a fire are always my favourite. 

- Make the most of Autumn fashion. I want to pick up some cosy jumpers, pinafore dresses and tartan skirts. There's a lot on my wishlist for this season and I'm making the most of it. 

- Get all the blankets out and drink steaming hot chocolate whilst watching GBBO. Bring all the snacks and if you're still chilly, make yourself a hot water bottle. 

- Get up early to go for a walk or head out in the evening as the sun goes down. 

- Follow #HuntingForAutumn on Instagram - the ultimate cosy hashtag. 

What's on your Autumn to-do list? 

Saturday 21 September 2019

A Pixi Skincare Collection For Every Need

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Recently, Pixi added to their skincare line, not only extending their famous Glow Tonic range, but adding lots of new products to the Hydrating Milky, Vitamin C, Rose, Retinol and Collagen lines too. Even reading that probably had you confused, so today I thought I'd make it a bit simpler for you, sharing what each collection is used for as well as my favourites too. 

I have to start off with the Glow Tonic line as this is where it all started. If you're looking for a product that will gently exfoliate the skin, whilst brightening and smoothing along the way. Aside from the original Glow Tonic* that I've spoken about time and time again, the Cleansing Gel* version is one that you should check out. It helped me get rid of the little bumps I had underneath my skin, whilst working as a second cleanse in my skincare routine perfectly. 

The range that I have been introduced to recently is the Vitamin C collection which promises to brighten as well as improve your skin's texture. I was a little worried that it would work as a less potent Glow Tonic range which my complexion has got used to, but the Vitamin C Juice Cleanser* has quickly made it into my favourite list. They all have a great scent which is delightful to use and as they feel lightweight on the skin, they'd be perfect for those who like fast absorbing, simple products. 

When it comes to skincare, anything with rose in the formula always entices me in - my skin loves it! The Rose Ceramide Cream* is a firm favourite in my house, with my boyfriend using it too. It's luxurious in feel as the texture is thick, but it sinks in quickly and improves your skin's texture over time as it hydrates. The rose range is great for those for have sensitive skin that wants to nourish and add a boost! I have quite a few Rose Tonic* backups as it's simple to just wipe over your skin after cleansing to make sure that all my makeup is off and it's ready for the next step. 

Now onto the collections that I haven't tried everything from, but I think it's important and handy to know what they offer. The Hydrating Milky range is famous for their Milky Mist, but there's lot of other products to delve into now. As the name would suggest these focus on moisturising and nourishing the complexion, so they would be great for dehydrated skin types. 

The collagen and retinol collections are more aimed towards those who want anti-aging benefits and despite being name differently, I find that the products work in a similar way they just offer different types. The Fortifeye Eye Patches* are a favourite of mine because they help to get rid of any dry patches and puffiness underneath your eyes in just the small time you have them on. The Retinol Tonic* is the most interesting product I've come across from the range as it's such an easy way to get retinol into your skincare routine as I found that it's more gentle than other products I've tried, plus it's a great allrounder! 

What is your favourite Pixi skincare collection? 

Friday 20 September 2019

A Skin Moisturising Duo

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Fresh Deep Rose Serum
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Fresh Deep Rose Serum
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I'm not sure about you, but I'm feeling a bit in limbo at the moment as I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of Summer yet, but equally I want to celebrate Autumn prematurely. This time of the year is always an odd time and it doesn't stop at just that, my skin tends to flare up, feeling blemished, irritated and dehydrated. I've been using two products for moisturising that I feel like everyone needs to know about - a dreamy duo! 

As you probably all know by the now, the Fresh Rose skincare range never fails to disappoint me and despite trying out a handful of products for their collection, every single one has worked well with my skin type. The Rose Deep Hydration Serum* is no exception as it's been a firm favourite in my skincare routine when used underneath a moisturiser as it has a lightweight, yet hydrating formula that never feels heavy on the skin. It smooths, softens and helps to get rid of any lacklustre, dry patches and I honestly think that this is the product that has kept my skin feel balanced during the transitional period. 

The moisturiser I've been using with this serum is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream*, a discovery this year tat I swore I wouldn't use until the colder months, but the luxuriously thick cream was just too enticing. I'm so glad I cracked open a pot because it's been a godsend when my skin needs a drink of hydration. To use, I swipe my finger across the top of the moisturiser, so I only apply a little bit at a time, building up if I need more in certain areas. I find that although it's got a thick texture, this doesn't break me out nor does it take very long to sink in. 

What are your skincare favourites? 

Thursday 19 September 2019

12 Instagram Accounts To Follow This Autumn

With a sea of creators to choose from, Instagram can be a minefield when it comes to finding who to follow. This post has been a long time coming, so I thought now was the perfect time to share 12 of my current favourite Instagrammers that I think you should check out. 

Noelle Downing | Noelle's feed has been a favourite since last Autumn and I've fallen more and more in love with it every time she posts. It's so great to follow somebody who has a similar body type to me and her orange tones in her photographs are so beautiful too. I'm the self-proclaimed queen of Autumn, but Noelle is for sure the queen of Fall!

Rachel Martino | Rachel's '#rachrecreates' is one of the most creative Instagrammers I've followed because although no photoshop is used, every image is magical. Alongside these type of photographs, she also shares her outfits and travels, which are all right up my street. 

India Moon | India enticed me into her Instagram by her feed theme if I'm completely honest. She shares outfits in threes, using different angles and poses for each photograph. I'm always so influenced to buy the clothes she wears as they're always so well put together. 

Josephines Looks | It shocks me every time I see that Josephine has under 10k followers because she deserves so many more. Her outfits are impeccable and she looks incredible in every single photo she shares. Her IGTV where she shares different ways to wear an outfit is my favourite as it's come in handful a few times! 

Styled By Chloe | Not only has Chloe got a gorgeous feed, she's so lovely and friendly too - a great plus! As a midsize girl myself, I love having Chloe there for style inspiration as each one of her outfits looks put together, but casual in one go. I've been with her for a long time now and it's been amazing watching her grow - watch this space because I know she'll get big on Insta! 

The Kitty Luxe | I mean... just look at Holly's feed. Most of my saved section on Instagram is full up of her outfits that I want to recreate and despite posting daily, she always find new ways to shoot her style with various poses and angles. You can tell just how hard Holly works on her grid and it definitely shows. 

Francesca Perks | If I could move into Francesca's home then that would be great because not only would it mean I could raid her wardrobe, I could live in a mustard coloured heaven. I'm so proud to see how well she is doing when it comes to her Instagram and YouTube too - I feel like she's going to be everywhere you look soon. 

With Love Yossy | Yossy is another girl that I constantly swoon over. The locations she finds, the way she edits her photos and her well curated theme, just keeps me coming back for more. There'e a mixture of homeware, fashion and travel, so there's something on her feed for everybody. 

Sophie Axon | Sophie is one of my new finds of 2019 and I'm so glad as not only is her Instagram SO perfect, she's such a lovely and supportive human too. I can't believe how talented she is with shooting and editing as each photograph looks like it came straight from a magazine - I'm obsessed. I love that Sophie has started to share more of her outfits on her feed too as I love seeing her personality shine through. 

Rebecca Faye Hudson | Bex's pink toned theme is undeniably dreamy and I get excited every new photo that she posts. Although she's got 21k, I feel like she deserves so many more as each location and outfit is absolutely perfect. If you're got a girly fashion sense, then I think Bex would be the Instagrammer for you! 

Kelly Prince Wright | I'm so excited to see what Kelly creates during this new Autumn season as her feed gives me all the cosy feels. She finds the cutest spots to photograph in and I love her lifestyle content so much! 

Yasmin Robert | Yasmin's well curated feed and perfect outfits never fail to make me swoon. I took a lot of inspiration from her during the Summer, so I'm looking forward to seeing what she puts together for the colder months too. 

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? 

Wednesday 18 September 2019

2010's Nostalgic Makeup Products

2010's Nostalgic Makeup Products
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Before beauty blenders were so readily available, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Sponge was the makeup applicator you just had to have. I remember not realising that you had to wet it, so I spent months and months applying a thick layer of foundation super streaky with a dry sponge! 

Talking of foundation, I feel like I made it through the majority of what the high street had to offer when I was teenager as I was super fussy back then as it needed to last me throughout the school day or it didn't make it to my 're-purchase' list. The Max Factor Facfinity offering and the Revlon Colorstay were both high up on my favourites list and to be fair I haven't tried them again in years, but the Bourjois Healthy Mix still remains in my makeup to this day. 

A brand I was obsessed with were Benefit, I remember scouring their counter every time I went into Boots and this would have been at the time that Too Faced was stocked there too, but they were completely overlooked - how times change! Benefit famous product has to be their box blushers, I still have the likes of Hoola and Coralista in my collection. Despite new products quite regularly, it's only really the new Boi-ing Liquid Concealer version of their classic pot version that has enticed me in. I feel like the cardboard packing is slightly dated and I would love to see them come out with something that still has their kitsch feel, but with more experimental shades inside!  

MAC? Whatever happened to MAC. It's a brand I have kept products on purely for nostalgia, but if I'm honest other than a blusher or a eye pigment, I rarely pick anything up. The packaging, although unimportant in the grand scheme of things, is a little uninspiring and I have to admit, I would much prefer purchasing them online as I've had a few bad experiences going in-store and being matched to completely the wrong colour - Studio Fix Fluid anyone? 
2010's Nostalgic Makeup Products
NYX Cosmetics is all the rage, but if you remember when it came to the UK the first time around, being stocked in a small corner of Next before making a disappearing act pretty quickly. I loved when they came over as it meant I could live out all my dreams of owning my favourite YouTuber's go-to products. Elf had a similar effect on me as I remember asking for an online order for a birthday and when £20 worth of makeup arrived including the Elf Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose (what a throwback!), I was ecstatic. Their Brow Kit, Tone Colour Powder and Contour and Blush Duo obviously made an appearance too. 

Back when 'concealer lips' were all the rage; Barry M's Marshmallow (you picked out shade 100 if you were extra AF) and Gosh Darling Lipstick were sell outs and everyone loved to have minimal eyebrows and no definition to your eyes, cheeks or lips.  It's safe to say that the concealer lip trend isn't around anymore... my MAC Playing Koi Lipstick is still in my collection, reminding me to never let that happen again. 

What were your favourite products as a teen that make you nostalgic? 


Sunday 8 September 2019

New In Beauty Products For Autumn

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Although I've found that it's been pretty slow on new releases recently, they're starting to pick back up again and I've spotted a fair few products that I want to try myself. I know it can be hard to keep track of new-in items, so I've collated my favourites from the start of the Autumn season to share with you today.

Milk Makeup have come out with some new pieces including a Flex Stick Foundation and Powder Highlighter which immediately made it onto my wishlist as soon as I spotted it. The brand really impressed me when I first tried them, but I'm loving that they're making products that are a little bit more varied as I prefer using higher coverage and powder products in the colder months. 

Physicians Formula is now available at Feel Unique so I'm super exited to snap up the Butter Skin Kissed Bronzer which I've been wanting since all the US bloggers spoke about it. It promises for a buildable, yet blendable finish, so I think it'd be great for Autumn. 

Charlotte Tilbury has to have a mention because their new releases have me (and many others!) swooning. I have high hopes for the Airbrush Flawless Foundation as I love all their bases that I've tried and the Magic Vanish, despite feeling a little bit late to the party, is a colour correcting concealer which I'm actually looking forward to giving a go. The Pillow Talk Diamonds is another product that I've considered treating myself too as I use the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks pretty much everyday, so a extra sparkly, hydrating option is always welcomed. 

After scouring the aisles of Superdrug, I spotted the Elf Jelly Highlighter and I regret not picking it up because upon swatching, it lasted on the back of my hand for hours on end. I'm not sure how new they are, but Elf have also recently come out with the Jelly Pop Range which is infused with watermelon for a subtle wash of colour. 


Saturday 7 September 2019

Is Liz Earle Worth The Hype?

Liz Earle Brand Review Favourites
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Liz Earle is a cult brand amongst many and for a very good reason too. Their simple, yet effective formulas with sleek, light blue packaging makes their products not only visually appealing, but they work well too! I've dabbled in Liz Earle from time to time over the years with varied results, but recently I've been trying out a handful of their products to review today. 

The first in the round up is the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser*, the product I've spoken about before, as when I was younger my skin didn't like it too much despite being raved about by everyone at the time, but now my skin is a lot less sensitive, I've been thoroughly enjoying it. I definitely think this works a lot better with the muslin cloth as it means you don't have any residue left, so you're skin is ready to go in with a second cleanse. It gets rid of eye makeup without stinging them and I feel like it's kept my complexion feels a lot softer and smoother since using this again - I would 100% repurchase! 

I tried the Instant Boost Skin Tonic* several years ago too and I adored it from the get go, so to say I haven't had it in my clutches since then makes me sad. It's super simple in the way it feels as it doesn't feel any heavier than water, but the added aloe vera and cucumber definitely contribute to how refreshing and soothing it feels once applied. It's gentle, great for everyday use and to finish off your cleansing routine before moisturising. 

I'm not sure what I was expecting from the Balancing Gel Mask*, but it exceeded all my expectations. The texture is what makes it so unique as it feels thicker than a traditional gel mask, yet it doesn't feel oily to touch either. It sits on the skin working it's magic for five minutes before being wiped off to reveal a hydrated complexion. 

I'm very picky when it comes to moisturisers, both on my face and on my body. I want them to be lightweight enough to sink in quickly, but I still want them to deliver the right amount of hydration. The Skin Repair Moisturiser* just didn't tickle my fancy as much as I would have liked it to as although it left my complexion feeling soft and not greasy at all, it does need to be used with an extra dose of oil or serum underneath. 

The Skin Replenishing Body Balm* on the other hand really surprised me by how much I enjoyed using it. With a simple fragrance and a gentle formula, this is just good for everyday use or if you want to make sure your pins remain looking soft and smooth in the Summer/early Autumn. 

What products do you enjoy using from Liz Earle? 

Thursday 5 September 2019

Transitional Skincare Favourites

The transitional period between Summer and Autumn always makes my skin feel irritated, break out and look lacklustre. I feel that I've come a lot more prepared this year with my nourishing moisturisers and blemish banishing cleansers, so today I am sharing with you five of my must have skincare products for this time of the year. 

A physical exfoliator is essential for me at this time of the year as I tend to use them twice a week to get rid of any dry patches I have almost instantly as well as making my skin feel super clean too! The Pixi Peel and Polish* has been raved about on this blog before, but it's one of my favourites for helping to get my skin back into tip top condition as it's great to use in the morning as I find my foundation goes on a lot smoother. 

The Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum* is the perfect addition to my routine as it is a great alternative if I don't want to use a manual exfoliation, but I need some extra help when it comes to perking up my complexion and smoothing the skin. This has a thick gel texture that sinks into the skin super quickly, but gets to work overnight, so wake up with your skin looking calmer and feeling softer. 

Usually I reach for a face oil when my skin feels dehydrated, but the Fresh Deep Rose Serum* is a great alternative as it's lightweight, feels like water on the skin and still super nourishing. Although it's my second serum of my skincare routine, it feels and acts a lot different to the Glow Recipe offering and works great as an extra boost underneath my moisturiser. 

Talking of moisturiser, the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream* has well and truly been promoted to holy grail league at the moment as it's saved my skin on several occasions. The ultra-thick, luxurious formula feels like it'll leave a heavy residue, but it just doesn't. It doesn't irritate my skin, in fact it sinks in quickly and I wake up with super soft and noticeable smoother complexion. 

It doesn't stop there as there is an area that I tend to neglect the most and that's my lips! The Girl, Undiscovered Pink Skies* lip balm is great as it transforms into an oil upon application and makes my lips feel as good as new from the first swipe. 

What are your favourite transitional skincare products? 

Monday 2 September 2019

5 Things I've Added To My September To-Do List

September is here! Although I'm happy that it won't be long until I'm looking for pine cones, going for my annual pumpkin patch visit and wrapping up warm, it definitely feels like the Summer went by super quick. I'm sad to say goodbye to the lighter evenings and the warmer days, but here are five things I've added to my September to-do list. 

Embrace The Love For Autumn | I absolutely love Autumn if you didn't already know. The morning feels crisp and fresh, conkers start to scatter themselves on the floor and it's acceptable to feel cosy in layers of jumpers. With my birthday coming up in early October,  I've got a lot to look forward to over the next couple of months, so I want to embrace every second. 

Plan A Festive Getaway | Our planning for our September holiday didn't go to plan, so we've decided to stay in the UK and decide where we want to go depending on where has good weather which I'm super excited about. Not going away abroad, has meant that we can plan a festive trip instead to visit a European city and it's Christmas markets - at the moment we're thinking Budapest or Krakow. 

Bake More | GBBO is back! I'm so excited and I can myself getting more invested in this series, but I need to bake more so I have an excuse to eat all the tasty snacks whilst it's on. It's the perfect programme when you want to settle down and feel cosy in the evening!

Continue At-Home Workouts | The recent heatwave has made it hard for me to work out from home without sweating buckets, so I've been giving it a miss and instead spending all my workout time outside. I want to get back into morning yoga and regular HIIT routines. 

Pick Up Some New Pieces | I've got lots of my wishlist at the moment as I had a wardrobe sort out the other month, giving away and selling lots of the clothes that no longer suit or fit me. I've done a transitional wardrobe wishlist a couple of days ago, but there's lots of pieces I want to pick up for the next few months. 

What is on your September to-do list? 
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