Tuesday 17 January 2023

Winter Dark Academia Outfits

Winter Dark Academia Outfit

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Dark academia is a popular 'aesthetic' that draws inspiration mostly from literary works. The cable knit jumpers, checked skirt and trench coats of this style make it one of my favourite style of clothes to wear in Winter. 
Whilst there's no rules when it comes to clothes, the dark academia aesthetic definitely leans more towards oversized collars, plaid prints and brown muted tones. I feel like it's all about romanticising what you wear in the colder months and for me, the dark academia wardrobe feels like you've stepped out of The Secret History or Pride and Prejudice. 

A trench coat feels like a must-have and I personally love my houndstooth print similar to this Mango one as it goes with a variety of outfits, but always looks well put together. Another piece you have to have in your wardrobe is a checked skirt especially one that can be worn with a chunky cable knit jumper

I always scour through Etsy when looking for some unique finds and I found this Gingham Dress by a company called Literary Garments and I think it perfectly fits in this aesthetic. One of my favourite brands on Etsy is Hearts and Found and their Mary Dress in Walnut Linen looks like it'd fit in my wardrobe perfectly. 

If you want some Winter dark academia outfit inspiration then I have compiled a list of my favourite finds below: 

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