Saturday 7 October 2017

A Fenty Beauty Haul

A Fenty Beauty Haul

A Fenty Beauty Haul

A Fenty Beauty Haul
As soon as Fenty beauty was released, I knew that I wanted to get my hands on a few bits. After lusting after it for some time- but resisting- I was surprised to find out that I had been treated some bits I wanted for my birthday, so here are the products that I'm currently trialling: 

One of the first items that went on my wishlist was the Amber Match Stix because it looked like it would be the perfect contouring hue for my skin tone. Whilst looking through the shades, I noticed that I was being drawn to the Starstruck Shimmer Match Stix as well, which meant that it was better value to get the Match Stix Trio than it was to buy only the two. 

Linen is the concealer shade in the lightest set and it was the item I was most nervous about, as my skin doesn't work well with a lot of thicker stick concealers. I've tried it out and at first I thought it'd be too chalky for me, but it's a lot smoother and easier to blend once on the face. The only problem I have with it at the moment is that it's not very light even when I don't have fake tan on, so it's not great at illuminating the undereye area as much as I like. I'm still uncertain as to whether it's a little too dry in formula for my skin type, but I'm planning on giving it a more thorough try. 

Next up is Amber, the contour hue from the trio and one that I was so impressed by just from the first application. I used this on my birthday evening and this gave me the best chiselled cheekbones without looking too ashy, which I was worried about. It's natural, easy to blend and I actually find that it's a little different in formula to the other two stix's in the trio. It's a dream to work with and I can't wait to try it out even more so that I can give my final verdict. 

The Starstruck Shimmer Stix was a product I'd had my eye on since the release, but when I swatched it, I was slightly concerned with the 'gritty' texture of it. Luckily, when applied it blends seamlessly into the skin, doesn't irritate my cheeks due to the 'rough glitter' and just gives a sheen to my complexion. It reminds me of a stick version of the Nars Copacabana Illuminator, which is a much treasured product of mine, so I can't wait to see if this will become a cult favourite too. 

The Kilawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo was another product on my wishlist and I'm already so smitten with it. It's made up of two highlighters, one more subtle in tone and one that can be used for an intense glow. They're creamy in formula, have a blendable finish and look great on the skin. Paired with the Starstruck Shimmer Stix, this lasted throughout my birthday meal and I'm looking forward to wearing them again. 

Have you tried anything from Fenty beauty? 

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