Thursday 29 September 2016

Squeaky Clean Hair

Squeaky clean hair isn't always ideal, as consistent use of clarifying shampoos can lead to dry, brittle hair. Saying this, I still want to use products which detox and rid my locks of product build up, so today I am sharing with you my top handful of products that I like to use as clarifying treatments every now and again. 

The Lush Big Shampoo is my first port of call when my lifeless, limp hair feels like it needs some extra volume. The protein rich seaweed revitalises and strengthens, whilst the big chunks of sea salt lift your locks. When it contact with water, it lathers up nicely, cleansing, clarifying and leaving my hair with a tousled, glossy finish. 

For a good all rounder, the Ogario Revive and Shine Shampoo* is perfect for gently cleansing and replenishing tired tressed. This sweet, cola bottle scented offering is great at getting rid of product build up by lathering up nicely, but it doesn't strip the hair of its natural oils. 

Although the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo isn't suitable for coloured hair, I can't help but use it every so often when I need to detoxify my locks. Although it isn't as nourishing as others, it still leaves my hair feeling light, healthy and nourished at the ends. If you're looking for a once a week treatment that prolongs the time between washes then this is your best bet.

To inject moisture back into my hair, I have been reaching for the Davines Nounou Hair Mask*,  a 10 minute treatment that hydrates my locks in an instant. Olive butter softens, jojoba oil tames flyaways and Rhinobian gum adds body to the hair. I use this regularly after washing my hair to hydrate and prolong the wear of my hair dye and keep it looking healthy and vibrant. 

Do you use any clarifying treatments for your hair? 

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Creating Your Own Stock Images To Use Time and Time Again

Forget writers block, I currently have a serious case of photographers block. Every now and again, I struggle coming up with fresh, new ideas for photographs and when writing lifestyle posts regularly, having images that I can use time and time again is something I rely on when creating daily content. Stock imagery is something I have learnt about from From Roses (who has an amazing shop too!), but scouring the internet I have come across some amazing posts too like this and this one. Today I am sharing with you my top tips to help you build your own stock image collection. 

Tips and Tricks | The main trick to building an effective stock image collection is gathering a variety of neutral images that can be used for an array of topics. Leaving out specific products and keeping it simple is the best way to make the most out of your photographs. If I'm shooting indoors I like to opt for marble or wooden backgrounds with seasonal accents, but if I'm outside I like to focus on snapping nature, flowers or a farmers market or fete. I'm most fond of creating stock images for lifestyle posts as this allows me to get creative, however I like having a photographing day every few weeks to enable me to get unlikely photographs and stock up on images to use over the upcoming weeks. 

Another way you can make the most of one set up is by switching up the props which you use. I often set out a flatlay using various blankets and stationary to compliment the photograph, but then switch out two or three of the props to make the image look different but have a similar aesthetic style. Taking images from different angles is a great way to keep it interesting.

Planning | Now that I've got used to writing either before or after I've found a photograph to coincide with the particular post I'm writing about, whether I go for a walk around the woods snapping away or I spend the afternoon with my camera for flat lays, I always try and have a few photographs in mind that I want to ensure I get. If you write out a list of blog post ideas for the months ahead like myself, it can be easy to visualise what stock images would work with the different posts. 

Make It Personal | Of course you can get stock images online that either require you to link back to the owner or ones that you don't need to credit at all, but creating your own stock images makes your blog that little bit more personal. I personally don't use anyone else's images on my blog as I like the satisfaction of my online space being all mine and being able to use as many images as I like without the worry of someone being mis-credited. 

Here Are Some Ideas | Now, you have some reasons and tips to get started on your stock image collection, I have come up with a few ideas to get you going: 

- A bunch of flowers.
- Laptop open on your bed. 
- Interior decor 
- A candle or two lit. 
- Wildlife.
- Trees or berries on bushes. 
- A flat lay full of your seasonal favourites eg. conkers, burgundy blankets and crisp leaves. 
- A Lush bubble bath.
- Using your phone as a prop for a flatlay with flowers and a marble background to compliment.
- Add text to your images to match the topic. 

Do you use your own stock images on your blog? 

Sunday 25 September 2016

A Guide To A Great Autumnal Sunday

If you had told me five years ago that by the time I was bordering on twenty I would enjoy waking up early in the morning, then I would have told you that you must be mad. Sunday's are all about lazy starts, spending the morning reading in bed and having a boiled egg or two, but in order to make the most of a Sunday, I like to wake up early. Now, I'm not saying get up at 5am, do a quick few laps around your estate, clean up and eat a full breakfast all before 8am, but waking up at a suitable time, say a little later than you usually would in the week, can be a nice way to not disturb your sleeping pattern. 

As I mentioned, Sunday morning is all about delving into your favourite book - I am currently reading Annie Darling's Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts which is the perfect lightweight reading for the weekend. I usually read for an hour, make a delicious pile of scrambled eggs on toast and then get ready for the day, feeling refreshed and well rested. 

If I'm off out, there's nothing that quite says Sunday like a long, brisk walk in the countryside. I'm lucky that I live near the Chiltern Hills, but there are some amazing National Trust spots to visit and get snap happy in. Likewise, I am always on the look out for weekend days out such as a nature walk, a fete or, as Halloween is coming up, there are already some spooky inspired events going on. Collecting conkers, going to a pumpkin patch and photographing all of the brown, crisp leaves are top of my priority list at the moment.  

If going out exploring in the Autumn rain doesn't tickle your fancy, then having a Hygge inspired day indoors certainly will. I like to light as many candles as I can, grab a pile of soft, cosy blankets and sit down for a marathon of my favourite TV show whilst dinner is in the oven. The Great British Bake Off re-runs are a great Sunday pick, but of course catching up on X-Factor is top of the list too. 

Sunday always finishes off with a pamper to ease myself into the following week. The Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Honey Bath has been my favourite for sweet smelling, soft bubbles that are good enough to eat. I follow with a slathering of the matching Creme Brûlée Soufflé Body Creme to nourish and indulge the skin. 

What do you like to do on a Sunday? 

Saturday 24 September 2016

Five Brands I Gravitate Towards

As a beauty blogger, I have the best excuse to try out a wide variety of products from a range of brands I wouldn't usually opt for. Lusting after new products is something I do on a regular basis, however there are a handful of brands I always gravitate towards. 

First up is NYX and this is currently my favourite budget brand. From concealer to lipstick, I could have a whole makeup routine made up of just NYX products and I would be very happy with the outcome. If you can only buy one thing it would have to be the Soft Matte Lip Creams as the nudes and berry hues are perfect for the current season. The HD Concealer is also top of my list and one that I have re-purhcased many times now due to it's lightweight, yet high coverage formula that covers and conceals all of my imperfections. 

I never thought that a nail polish brand would make my line up, but when looking through my makeup collection I noticed that Essie was the brand that stood out the most. With a long lasting formula and easy to use applicator, these are great for those who are starting to build a nail varnish collection. It can be easy to spend hours in boots down the Essie aisle looking at the wide range of shades they've got on offer. Their glitters are what I always reach for, Tassel Shaker, Sequin Stash and Summit Of Style are three of my favourites. 

When it comes to simple skincare that does the trick, no one does it better than Kiehl's. Their Ultra Facial Cream* has been featured on my blog many times before and for a very good reason too. The lightweight moisturiser works to hydrate and deliver supple feeling skin. To compliment, I often layer it with the Creamy Avocado Eye Cream and Daily Reviving Concentrate* especially during the colder season. 

My go-to brand at the moment has got to be Nars, I am forever lusting after the new ranges or old favourites to fill up my makeup bag with. I am currently smitten with the Rigel Dual Eyeshadow, a dreamy champagne shade that highlights the inner corners and can be used all over the lid too. The Velvet Matte Skin TintCopacabana Highlighter and Dual Intensity Fervor Blusher are just a few of my must haves that I believe everyone needs to have swatch or a play with. 

When I think of Autumn and Winter, my mind instantly wanders to Lush and their Halloween and Christmas collections. Whenever my skin is feeling problematic or sensitive, I always gravitate towards them to sort me out. Their shower gels, bubble bars and bath bombs are always scattered around my bathroom ready for a relaxing pamper evening. 

A few brands that I gravitate towards, but didn't make the line up were Hourglass and Charlotte Tilbury, two luxe brands that continuously create dreamy products. 

What are your go-to brands? 

Friday 23 September 2016

Staple Skincare Picks

Autumn is finally here and I have been switching up my skincare routine in order to keep up with the changing season. It's this time of year when my skin starts to feel more parched and lacklustre, so although I go through several different skincare products throughout the seasons, I thought I would share with you my current staple picks. 

To treat all my dull skin woes, I have cracked out the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel,  a sweet scented cleanser that turns into a lightweight oil to nourish, clarify and add glow to the skin. Although I've always had a bottle of this in my cupboard and I've used it off and on for over a year now, I go through phases with how my skin reacts to it. At the moment I like to use it after my first cleanse and exfoliator as it promotes a natural radiance and perks up my complexion instantly. 

Now that the colder weather is starting to set in, I have been dedicating more time to finding the right moisturiser. I have been thoroughly enjoying the Avene Hydrance Optimal Hydrating Serum*, a highly concentrated boost of hydration that soothes and leaves the skin feeling supple. I often opt for an oil when I want to layer up, as I find serum's can often just sit on top of the skin without allowing my skin to reap any of the benefits. I particularly like pairing the Avene offering with the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream* for a lightweight, yet intensity nourishing duo. This dreamy pair can be applied just before makeup or during your night time routine for a perfect hydrated base. 

Aside from a layer of the Aesop Resurrection Hand Cream* every now and again, I tend to neglect my hands especially during the colder seasons. I have been putting the Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter next to my bed every night to encourage me to apply it just before I settle down with a book. This is perfect at softening any hard bits or neglected areas you might have including your heels, elbows and hands, delivering softened, nourished and citrus smelling skin. 

What are your current skincare staples? 

Wednesday 21 September 2016

5 Things To Do Every Morning

I, like many of you reading this, wasn't a morning person for a very long time and although I don't think I'll ever be a 5am riser, I have got better at waking up faster. Today I am sharing with you 5 things you should do when you get up. 

Up Your Water Intake | I know not everyone has the ability to wake up 10 or 15 minutes earlier than they usually do, but a few quick changes in the morning can make all the difference to your day. As soon as I get up I like to glug down a glass of water or two to avoid getting the early morning head ache and whilst getting ready, I like to have a glass of water around so I can sip it before I've got to head out the door. 

Make Your Bed | I don't know about you, but I find it far too easy to let my bed make itself in the morning, but when I do make the effort to fold back the sheets and fluff up the pillows I feel much better flopping in to it at the end of the day. If you need to change your bed sheets, getting up 5 minutes earlier to do so might feel like a chore, but when you get back in it with freshly shaven legs and a book at the end of the day, you'll be thanking yourself!

A Shower Routine | It probably goes without saying that a cold shower in the morning can perk you up for the day, but I like to make a routine out of my daily shower. The Original Source Mint and Tea Tree is a must in the morning due to it's refreshing and invigorating scent that wakes me up instantly. I then follow with my usual skincare routine of the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel to nourish and cleanse my complexion and the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream* to quickly hydrate. Having your shower and skincare routine down to a T can help save time in the morning and set you up for the day ahead. 

Avoid Social Media | I'm lucky as I've got into the habit of waking up a bit earlier, so that I can read for a bit before starting my day. It allows me to wake up slowly and be in the right frame of mind, but if reading isn't your thing then avoiding social media whilst you eat your breakfast or quickly get dressed is a great way to start the day without the thought of the online world on your mind. 

Set One Goal | I try and set a goal every morning for the day ahead whether that be compliment a stranger, complete a hard piece of work you've been putting off or just making it your mission, setting that one goal and completing it can make you feel motivated from the get-go. 

What do you do every morning?

Tuesday 20 September 2016

10 Products Under £10

Although I like to treat myself to a few luxe products now and again, it's the affordable high street gems that get me really excited. Today I am sharing with you my top 10 picks under £10. 

At the moment I have been trying to incorporate toner back into my skincare routine, as it helps to rid the skin of impurities and makes sure you have removed every last trace of makeup. The La Roche Posay Serozinc* is a gentle zinc sulphate solution that is perfect for reducing redness and getting rid of the little bumps under the skin. If my complexion is feeling rather problematic, the Lush Tea Tree Water is also great at keeping the skin clear with antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients.  

I have been smitten with the Bourjois Healthy Mix offering for some time now. This medium coverage, luminous foundation delivers a fresh, glowy base without lacking longevity, plus it works well with my dehydrated, lacklustre skin. 

I've tried my fair share of high street concealers, but there are only a handful I go back to on a regular basis; one of them being the LA Girl Pro Concealer. With a range of colour correcting shades and concealer hues, these can be used to hide dark circles, contour and cover blemishes.

My favourite budget pick has to be the H&M Golden Peach Blush, a coral hue that adds a natural warmth to the skin- perfect for the upcoming Autumnal months. To add a glow to the cheeks, I like to apply the Sleek Solstice Palette, a quad made up of four highly pigmented shades which can be used to highlight and enhance. Although all four shades can be built up to create an intense look, when used with a fluffy brush they can create a subtle glow that looks dreamy on the skin.

I make no bones about the fact that the Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Palette is getting some well deserved use. This warm neutral helps you to create a smokey eye in an instant and with ease, as the four shades both compliment each other are all easy to wear on a daily basis. Next up is eyeliner and I don't think I've given the Accessorize Eye Lover offering the love that it deserves. With a long lasting, intense black formula which creates eyeliner flicks with ease - It's no wonder I have been using this practically every day for the past year.

With an array of colours to chose from and moisturising formula, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams quickly became a favourite of mine. They're matte, creamy and fool-proof to wear, perfect for those who haven't dabbled in liquid lipsticks before. Copenhagen, a dreamy berry hue screams Autumn, whilst London, a mid-tone beige, is great if you're opting for more of a natural option.

If you look into my nail vanish collection, around 75% of it will be Essie. With such an incredible colour range to chose from, it is hard to tear me away from the aisle. Although they are priced a little higher than usual high street nail polishes, you can't deny that you get what you pay for. These are long lasting on the nails and their glitter top coats are like no other. 

What are your favourite products for under £10?

Sunday 18 September 2016

5 Ways To Take Time Out For Yourself

Recently I took just under 48 hours away from social media and for a blogger, that's time away that doesn't usually happen. I got to practice some Hygge routines, went for walks and spent some quality time away from the screen. On my return, I felt more invigorated and motivated to crack on with work, so it has inspired me to write a post all about taking time out for yourself. 

A Pamper | Aside from my love for Lush bubble bars and luxe bath products like the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil to help nourish and hydrate my skin, there are a few other bath rituals I use to help take more time out for myself. Listening to a podcast or playlist and lighting a few candles are just a few of my favourite ways to take time out in the bath after a long day. 
Pampering yourself with a face mask, painting your nails or re-dying your hair are all just a few of the things that I like to do when I want to feel like myself. After doing this, I like nothing more than wearing my ASOS Cactus Pj's and snuggling up in bed under a pile of blankets. 

Baking | Baking is hands down one of the most effective de-stressing activities that I partake in, obviously this is down to whether or not I have baked the particular recipe before, but just taking a large section of time out just to concentrate on what is in front of me is so effective. I have been planning some Halloween biscuits and cakes using these Halloween cookie cutters and various cake toppers. If baking sweet treats isn't for you, then cooking your favourite meal or having a takeaway is a great way to put a smile on your face. 

Photographing | As a photographer, I have always found snapping away rather relaxing and therapeutic. Although at times it can be stressful if there is one specific photograph that you want to take, but if like me you like going out on a long walk with your camera then photographing is a great way to go into your own world. During the Autumn, the crisp leaves, red berries and the rain all make for perfect props for your photographs. 

A Creative Hobby | Although I like nothing more than popping on a stand-up comedy show on tele to cheer myself up, taking up a creative hobby can make you feel like you're learning something new, whilst only taking an hour or two out of your week. Cross stitch, working with wool and as I previously said, photographing, are all just a few of the things I like to do in my spare time before bed or to help me to relax myself. This The Make Arcade Flamingo Cross Stitch Kit is a great way to get started! 

A Bed Time Routine | I now have a well established bed time routine and it is one I can add to when I need some extra TLC. Low lighting created with fairy lights or one single light source is a great way to relax and get ready to sleep. Delving into an inspiring read, spending time to write down your thoughts or just doing a long, thorough skincare session all help to take some time away from a normally busy, hectic day. 

What are your favourite ways to take time out for yourself?

Saturday 17 September 2016

Fresh, Dewy Skin.

I know that people associate Autumn with matte skin and berry hues, but for me whether it's rain or shine I always have to incorporate highlighter into my routine. For a faux glow there are a handful of products I reach for, so I thought I would give you the run down of my favourites for dewy skin. 

First up is the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil*, a radiance boosting skincare pick that I either like to apply before my makeup for a hydrated base or in with my foundation to create an overall glow. It not only helps to decongest the skin with its blemish busting ingredients, but it makes my skin feel supple and thoroughly hydrated. 

If you're looking for a budget highlighter that doesn't lack in quality or pigmentation, then look no further as the Sleek Solstice Palette is the perfect quad to create a glow from within. With an array of powder and cream formulas, this highlighter can be used on your cheekbones, brow bone or cupids bow and for under £10 this palette is a steal. The Nars Copacabana Highlighter is the perfect liquid option for creating a subtle, dewy sheen on the skin. This light pearlescent offering blends effortlessly into your skin and looks dreamy paired with a darker lipstick hue. 

Blusher isn't an element of my routine that I would usually associate with a bright, radiant collection, but I have been building up my stash of these blushers including the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush and the newest addition, the Nars Dual Intensity Blush in Fervor. This duo can be swirled together or each hue can be used on its own to create an easy to wear shades on the cheeks. The colour perks up the complexion, complimenting my lipstick and highlighter of choice. 

For eyes, I opt for cream offerings as they're easy to use and they add a instant colour. The By Terry Ombre Backstair in Misty Rock, a lilac brown hue, can be used as a base shade all over the lid, whilst the Charlotte Tilbury Bronzed Garnet Colour Chameleon is used to add natural definition to your eyes for the perfect subtle smoky eye.  

What are your dewy skin picks for the upcoming season? 

Friday 16 September 2016

Embracing Hygge

Hygge - The new craze in the blogging world and one that I have definitely got on board with. This practice is all about togetherness, creating a cosy home and lots of food, so if I could do a degree in Hygge, I definitely would. The Little Book of Hygge* was the reason for my new found obsession and I pretty much studied it from front to back in an evening. I've been fairly stressed lately, my anxiety has been through the roof, so I wanted to spend an hour or two a day of late trying to learn something new to broaden my mind. 

This Danish practice particularly focuses on light, especially candles and lighting a handful of them at the same time to create a relaxed area to have some down time in. Another thing associated with Hygge is baking, books and hot drinks; if that doesn't scream Autumn to you, I don't know what will. 

To embrace Hygge into my daily routine, I have started to make sure I have a few hours at the end of the day where I do something with my self; eating a sweet treat, turn off my phone and take pleasure in the little things like comfy clothes and an even comfier pile of blankets. At the weekend, I have been making the effort to spend an evening a week doing a board game, something that we wouldn't necessarily do with the TV on. Monopoly and Scrabble are definitely on the list as playing board games for several evenings a week was a huge part of my childhood. To add, Hygge is mostly experienced between 3-4 people, so as well as making time for an evening a week for just us two, I am trying to spend more time with the rest of my family too - We played Banangrams together earlier in the week! 

Fashion comes into it too, a high top knot, chunky knits and lots of layers is a way to embrace Hygge into your wardrobe too. If fashion isn't your thing, then you can incorporate Hygge into your home too with books, a Hyggekrog (a little nook to snuggle up in) and items made out of wood. 

There's even a section of the book that focuses upon Hygge at Christmas and ideas on what to do in each month. October is for chestnut hunting, January for movie night and August for meteor showers - Perfect! The emergency hygge kit had me sold too, full of woollen socks, a photo album and your favourite movie box set. Here are a few of my favourite pieces to put into my emergency kit: 

Are you going to start to embrace the Hygge lifestyle?

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Everyday Scents for Everyday Wear

My perfume collection is full to the brim with fresh scents and floral fragrances, which fulfil my perfume needs through from Summer to Winter. 

Jo Malone never fail to impress me, from their colognes to their candles, the range of scents can have you scouring the aisles for hours. My top pick has to be the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede scent, a floral luxe offering that lingers on the skin all day and remains unlike any other fragrances I have had a whiff of. Another favourite of mine is the Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud, a rich combination of warm clove, damask rose and smoky oud to create an intense fragrance perfect for the Autumn months or if you prefer the deeper, strong scents. Although these aren't the cheapest, they last for months and are a great investment piece if you're into perfumes. The intense colognes are unisex too - So I'm sure the bottle will go down a bit faster when someone else gets a whiff of it too. 

Although my love for Jo Malone is rife, Marc Jacobs will forever be the king of fragrances. All of the scents are gorgeous and dreamy, but the Daisy Dream offering is one that sticks out for me as an easy to wear everyday fragrance. With top notes of blackberry and pear, hearts notes of jasmine and blue wisteria and base notes of white woods and musks, this soft, light floral fruit mix is perfect for everyday wear. 

To counteract the more luxe offerings in this line up, I have the Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Mist, a cheap yet cheerful scent that is more on the perfume side than body spray. With a concoction of both sweet and fresh, with a few spritzes it can keep you smelling good enough to eat for a good few hours. 

Another affordable option is the Jasper Conran Nude EDP*, a soft fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear. At first, I wasn't convinced I would like this as it's a slightly sweeter scent than I would usually go for, but after a few days wear I got hooked. It's easy to spritz on the go and at £30 it's great value for money too. 

What are your go-to everyday perfumes? 

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Treating Damaged Hair

I've got to admit that shampooing, conditioning and treating my hair is often something I find a chore and one that I like to avoid doing for as long as possible. Through years of dying and styling my hair with heat, my locks haven't been in the best condition. I have a handful of products and masks that I use to maintain hydrated hair and today I am sharing with you a must needed new addition. 

The Davines Nounou Nourishing Hair Mask* repairs dry, damaged hair like no other, revealing long lasting results with just a 10 minute treatment. It hydrates the ends, meaning that my hair colour stays vibrant for longer, and -unlike many other hair masks that I've tried- this one keeps my hair hydrated in-between washes for several days. Olive Butter softens and moisturises, Jojoba Oil tames flyaways and Rhizobian Gum adds body to my hair. My locks look less dehydrated, the dry ends are banished and my hair looks overall more healthy and shiny. 

The only downside? The packaging is fairly flimsy and plastic, so if you're looking for a luxe outer to go with the luxury feeling inside then you will be disappointed. Saying this, I have completely looked past this factor and the mask itself outshines the exterior negatives. 

Have you tried out this mask yet?

Sunday 11 September 2016

Cosy Sunday Picks

Now that Autumn is upon us, I have been loving the idea of a Sunday packed full of homemade baking, endless pampering and long, brisk walks to catch Pokemon. Sunday is all about preparing myself for the up and coming week and making the most of my day off. 

A Sunday wouldn't be the same without a bath full of luscious bubbles to sink yourself into. If it isn't a Lush Bubble Bar I'm using, then it will definitely be the Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Honey Bath I reach for. This sweet scented offering delivers soft bubbles which hydrate and linger on the skin for hours afterwards. I like to light a few candles, The White Company being my go-to at the moment for fresh, yet Autumn appropriate scents that fill the room instantly. 

I like to thoroughly treat my skin on a Sunday, making sure I use a nourishing cleanser to double cleanse my skin, followed by a detoxing mask and a layer of hydrating moisturiser to follow. The Aesop Primrose Masque* has been a favourite of mine over the past month due to it's exfoliating formula and cleansing properties which rid my skin of of impurities. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel has also made a reappearance in my skincare routine as the nourishing oil formula gets rid of my makeup and transforms my lacklustre looking complexion. 

As for my body, I like to exfoliate and then follow up with a hydrating thick layer of the Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner to tackle my dry areas and reveal nourished, brighter looking skin. Although this offering is an easy to use in-shower moisturiser, if my skin is still feeling like it is in need of an extra treat then I always reach for the Dove Goodness Body Cream* 

If I do decide to venture outside, then I almost always opt for a lightweight, yet dewy base, then pair it with a light slick of mascara, a neat line of eyeliner and then a nude or, if I'm really bold, a berry lip. The Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Palette is a perfect addition to my Sunday makeup routine if I want to add definition to my eyes, yet want to keep my makeup looking natural. The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are an easy essential of mine as they can be applied quickly and, with the variety of hues, there is one to suit every occasion and season. 

What are your favourite Sunday products?

*PR Sample/Gifted

Saturday 10 September 2016

Autumn Transitional Makeup

Autumn is, without a doubt, one of- if not my favourite- season. Yes, I know I say that every time, but the cold, crisp weather, jumpers and being able to snuggle under several layers of blankets just makes me very excited. Saying this, we're not quite in Autumn yet as it officially starts on the 22nd, but I have been prepping and today I am sharing with you my top transitional picks. 

Aside from upping the highlighter and dewiness of my base, I will actually keep my foundation the same from Summer, mixing in my usual foundation with a liquid highlighter and a drop of oil onto a Beauty Blender*. Saying this, I have started to switch up my usual moisturiser in favour of the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream*, a lightweight offering that treats my lacklustre skin by giving it an instant boost of hydration. 

On my eyes, I have been reaching for copper and shimmery tones for the Autumn season. The Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Rigel, a gorgeous rose gold that can be used all over the lid, in the inner corners, or can be used wet to create a intense eye look. 

I make no bones about the fact that blusher has never been the element of my makeup routine that I get excited about, but a new addition has changed all of that. The Nars Dual Intensity Blush in Fervor is a duo of blushers which can be used wet or dry depending on how much colour pay off you want. For me, I like to use this dry as the formula is incredibly soft and velvety on the skin. Although when swirled together they create an easy-to wear medium pink shade, I actually prefer to use the darker shade at the back of the cheeks and the light hue on the apples of my cheeks to create a natural look that compliments my contour. 

The biggest switch up to my makeup routine is lipstick as I stop using as many light, coral shades and instead opt for the deeper berry and plum tones. The NYX Copenhagen Soft Matte Lip, a deep burgundy hue is my go-to at the moment especially when worn with glowy, natural looking skin. 

Although I am looking forward to Autumnal shades, I'm not quite ready to incorporate them onto my nails just yet. The Tanya Burr Soft Pyjamas Matte Nail Vanish is the perfect muted nude hue and looks dreamy paired with Essie Tassel Shaker.

What are your transitional makeup picks?

Friday 9 September 2016

5 Good Habits To Have On A Daily Basis

I've never been one for routine, but recently I have been trying to make small changes to my daily tasks to benefit me later on. Here are a handful of habits that are good to get into on a daily basis: 

Reading Before Bed | Since rekindling the love for reading, I have gotten into the routine of delving into a book for at least 15 minutes before I go to sleep. It helps me to relax and switch off my brain; both things I struggle with if I don't take the time to hop into bed earlier to read. 

Do A Little Bit Daily | Even though you probably won't find me in the gym daily, I do try and get out the house for a long walk whenever I can. Exercising a little bit daily helps me to reduce stress and feel a lot better in myself. Go to the gym three times a week, go for two long walks at the weekend or just do a bit of yoga before bed; doing a little bit daily helps massively. 

Taking Your Makeup Off | This is quite a standard good habitat to get into, but this isn't just a habitat to remove your makeup before bed, it's actually one to remove it before you sit down for the night. Although I predominately work from home, if I've been wearing a face full of makeup for the day, the first thing I do when I get home is remove it all. This allows my skin to breathe and gives it a chance to soak in all the lotions I apply before going to sleep. For a quick and easy skin routine, I like to use the Garner Micellar Water following by a double cleanse of Aesop Parsley Seed Oil and Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Compliment Someone | A small compliment can make someone's day, whether that be asking someone on a street where their jacket is from or telling someone on Twitter that you love their blog. You never know how someone might be feeling that day and how your compliment can brighten their day. It's nice to be nice, ay? 

Apply Hand Cream | Okay, so this isn't the most riveting task but it is one which you will reap the benefits of. I like to apply the Aesop Hand Resurrection Cream every night before I go to sleep, as well as applying Lush Lemon Flutter to my cuticles on both my hands and feet to keep them nourished and free from cracking. 

What do you try to do on a daily basis?

Thursday 8 September 2016

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors

The Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors* are a new addition to my makeup bag, but one that has been welcomed with open arms. With a variety of soft hues and glossy formulas, these make for the perfect go-to lip during the transitional period - An essential if you like a subtle lip paired with your everyday makeup. 

Although I usually opt for a matte liquid lipstick, I have been reaching for the lighter lipsticks time and time again recently. This Clarins offering gives off just the right amount of colour, 08 Plum Shimmer being my go-to whenever I am feeling autumnal. The berry shade is perfect for when I want to incorporate a plum hue into my makeup, but I don't want to keep checking if my lipstick is intact. If plums and berries are your thing, then I would recommend the shade 06 Rosewood Shimmer, a soft nude shimmer that lightly mutes my lips. The shade 01 Rose Shimmer is probably my least worn, but is still great if you want to turn your favourite lipstick into a gloss by dabbing on a layer over the top. 

All the formulas are nourishing, comfortable to wear and have a slight plumping effect. The scent is slightly sweet, but nothing too overpowering and these are perfect to pop into your handbag to apply on the go. 

Have you tried the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors? 

Tuesday 6 September 2016

5 Things To Do When You're Alone

I'm not alone very often, especially as I like to spend my weekends packed full of things to do with my boyfriend. Saying this, I do often have a spare few hours every couple of days to do what I want, so I've compiled some of my favourite activities to complete. Although none them are groundbreaking ideas I hope some of you feel inspired by them.  

Walking | There's nothing I enjoy more than walking, whether it's to catch Pokemon, have a stroll with music or to get snap-happy. I'm lucky as I have quite a lot of open areas around me with hills and large countryside walks which are perfect for photographing and exploring, but walking can be just as enjoyable in a town or city. Walking to your local park, shops or having a brief stretch around the block can all help to clear your mind and relieve stress. 

Tidying | Okay so this isn't the most riveting task, but it is the one that can be the most rewarding. Whether it's clearing out your wardrobe, dusting in places you've never thoughts of dusting or just having a general clean up, tidying can be a great way to motivate and set yourself up for the week ahead. 

Shopping | I'm not really a shopping centre kind of girl and I much prefer scrolling aimlessly through ASOS to find new picks to lust after. It can easily keep me occupied for hours whilst I save and unsave items and finally decide whether or not to spend a small fortune. I am currently lusting after a few new Autumnal pieces such as this ASOS Long Sleeved Striped Top and ASOS Cropped Jacket

To Do List | Once again, this isn't an activity that many people enjoy, but in fact I love writing to do lists as I love the satisfaction of ticking things off. Although these lists normally consist of work related tasks, they can involve a few me-time activities too, reading being one of my favourites to include. Even if the to-do list isn't for that specific day, I like to collecting all my thoughts in one place if I have an hour or two to spare. 

Exploring | I briefly touched upon this, but exploring your local town and city is a great way to kill a few hours and learn or find something new in the process. Pop down to your local town museum or go on a wander to a place you've never been to. Although this reminds me of being a child, print out a list of things you want to see like a train station or a horse chestnut tree and then go exploring trying to tick off as many as you can, photographing them as you go. Who knows you might end up with a stock pile of images and a lot of motivation.

What do you like to do when you're alone?

Monday 5 September 2016

A Dreamy Eyeshadow Pick

When I first set eyes on the new Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Rigel I knew I had to have it. This rose gold hue is perfect for brightening the inner corners, being used as an all over the lid colour, or lightly dusting over the brow bone to highlight. With a soft, buttery texture that is easy to build up or blend out, this is a great one for lazy eyeshadow days or when you want to create a simple smokey eye. 

At first I was worried that it wouldn't be pigmented enough, but I was soon proved wrong as it has an extreme colour pay off. Saying this, if applied wet this eyeshadow has increased longevity and creates an almost foiled look to the eye too - This is my favourite way to wear it. 

I can already see this becoming a staple in my makeup bag come the festive season, but for now it is a perfect everyday shade for Autumn - One that I will easily use on a daily basis. 

Have you tried any of the Nars Dual Intensity eyeshadows?

Sunday 4 September 2016

How To Get and Stay Productive

Forget Monday's, Tuesdays' for me are the worst day for productivity as I tend to procrastinate and avoid doing any work for hours at a time. Over the last few months in particular I have really learnt what boosts my productivity and what works well when I have a considerable workload on - I think this is to do with going part time with my blog and juggling any freelance work I might have. Today I am sharing with you my top tips to stay productive starting from next week. 

Music or No Music? | Obviously I am lucky as I predominately work in my own office, so I don't have to consider what others may think of the radio being turned up a few notches, but for me, I work miles better when there's background noise on. Noise can be in  the form of radio, spotify or an easy to listen to TV programme. From various situations like studying for your GCSE's or concentrating on an important blog post, you will have gathered whether you like to work with noise or not, if you haven't figured it out just yet, trial it and see what works for you! 

Tidy Up | Tidying my workspace up is the first thing I do in the morning to de-clutter and clear the space. I try and make this a daily routine as it sets me up for the day and getting it out of the way in the morning means you will have your mind cleared of any minor tasks you have to do. I also get dressed, at least out of the pyjamas I was wearing the night before and into a pair of comfy leggings and an Adidas Top - Although not typical workwear, it does help you differentiate between tasks.   

To Do List | Although to-do lists can be counter productive if overloaded with unnecessary tasks, they can be the perfect way to prioritise your workload and allow you to focus on one task at a time. Ticking an item off your to-do list is one of the most rewarding and satisfying feelings, one that makes me very productive during a hectic day. 

Planning isn't all about to-do lists and calendars; it can be a great excuse to treat yourself to some new stationary to make you feel inspired. I have been eyeing up this Kate Spade Gold Stripe Spiral Notebook and Rifle Paper Co Pink Floral Weekly Desk Pad

Routine | As I previously touched upon, routines are a massive productivity booster for me. I like to aim to have my lunch, reply to my emails and clear up in the same time slots as this allows me to plan my day out better. Whenever I have a big workload on, I like to make sure that I get the big tasks out the way first as this allows me to worry less once time starts ticking on. I start and finish work at the same time everyday, allowing myself time to do my volunteer, freelance and blog work in-between 8-6pm. 

Airplane Mode | I can't stress how amazing airplane mode is for my productivity levels as it switches off everything from texting to twitter, which means unnecessary distractions are off the cards. 

How do you stay productive with your blog?

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