Sunday 31 May 2015

Top High End Blushers |

Back in the day I used to skip blusher and head straight to bronzer, but recently I've been filling my Muji storage with a variety of shades ready for the up and coming months. For me, like many others, I find it hard finding the right shade for my skin tone, but after expanding my collection and experimenting with shades ranging from bright corals to light pinks, I have now narrowed down my top three high end blushers that I'm going to share with you today. 

MAC Blush - Margin | £18 | Link | If you're looking to invest in your first high end blusher, MAC is the perfect place to start. Ranging from bright pinks to corals, they've got all the shades covered. For me, my go-to MAC Blush is Margin, perfect for when you've got a tan and want to leave a light sheen to the cheeks. The brown hued peach suits all skin tones and adds a light flush of colour to the skin. 

Nars Blush - Luster | £23 | Link | It was back in April when I first mentioned this blusher and since then I've been wearing it pretty much every day. This golden, peached hued shade is perfect for the Spring and Summer months. Rather than being a heavy shimmer like the shade in the pan would suggest, it actually transfers onto the skin as a sheer, buildable coral that looks perfect when contrasted with a tan. Adding a slight bronze to the skin it helps to accentuate the cheekbones and give a healthy glow to the skin. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - Luminious Flush | £28 | Link | If you haven't heard of the Hourglass blushers then I don't know where you've been hiding. The gun metal exterior and baked style blushers have been all over blogs since their release. Whilst helping to exhibit depth and definition to the cheeks, the lightweight powder delivers a soft focus colour and radiant finish. Luminious Flush is described as a champagne rose blush and due to the finely miled formula, if you're looking for a natural flush of colour then I would recommend looking into this one. Even though the price tag may make you gulp, the long wearing, seamless colour will make all the pennies worth while. 

What are your favourite high end blushers?  

Friday 29 May 2015

Brand Focus | Jurlique

Jurlique, Rosewater Balancing Mist, Clarifying Deep Cleansing Gel, Herbal Recovery Mask
Jurlique are a brand I have been dying to try out for as long as I can remember. They've been heavily featured on blogs for years and raved about by many, but it wasn't until recently that I gave their products a go. Finding skincare that works for my skin has never been my forte and I am always apprehensive when trying out a new product for the first time, but due to their promotion of natural, organic ingredients I was enticed for a very good reason. With help from Jurlique, I managed to pick three products suited to my skin type and put them to the test. 

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist* | £18 | Link | Since establishing my new skincare routine and trying out a variety of products, it was toner that I seemed to lack. With aloe vera, rose and grapefruit seed extract, this daily hydrating mist provides antioxidant protection, whilst quenching the skin of any lost moisture. As an avid skin sprayer, I knew that this was going to be my type of product, but did I think it was going to work? Not necessarily. Was I wrong? Absolutely. During the Summer, my skin usually doesn't react well with heavy moisturisers and products, but since using this my skin feels hydrated, soft and balanced. Not only does it smell like Turkish delight, which to me is always going to be a plus, the formula isn't sticky or greasy, meaning that it can be used day and night to retain the moisture in your skin. If you haven't tried this out yet, be sure to grab yourself a bottle, you certainly won't regret it. 

Jurlique Clarifying Deep Cleansing Gel* | £20 | Link | Everyone has that one product that they seem to always pick up and put back again before they get to the till. For me, it was the Clarifying Deep Cleansing Gel. If it claims to be a multi purpose product then I'm all for it, but I'm often not sold by the claims and promises. The formula of this product was unlike anything I've tried before, the gel instantly separated when touched and it took a lot of effort to be worked into the skin, but nevertheless I was determined to make it work. After a lot of repetitive lathering, I started to see results and fast. With a long list of ingredients such as rosemary, nettle and witch hazel, the formula left my skin feeling toned, rebalanced and clarified. Is it too good to be true? No and as someone who has problematic skin, I have now put this up there with some of the best cleansers I have used. A real gem and a must have if you're looking for an all-round addition to your five minute morning routine. 

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask* | £40 | Link | If I could have taken a picture with this on a pedestal, I would have. I rant and rave about a lot of masks, the Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask and Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask being some of my favourites, but I've never found a face mask quite like this one. In the past, I have found that masks can make your skin feel tight and dehydrated, hindering your skin's progress rather than improving it. Not with this mask, the clear formula has vitamin C beads that burst when they come in contact with the skin and with a non drying texture, I barely noticed when I had it on. After 10 minutes of wearing this mask, I instantly noticed a difference in my skin, not only did it feel softer and smoother, my skin looked instantly brighter and more radiant. In fact, I got several compliments on how great my skin looked after using this. The formula provides you with an instant intensive boost of hydration, protection from the environment and minimises the appearance of lines and dullness, not only will this mask help your skin feel great for a day, but it will help your skin for the long haul too.  Even though you may gulp at the price, I believe that it is worth every penny and I will be sure to pick up another tube when mine runs out. 

Since using these products I am completely sold and I cannot wait to try out more from their ever growing ranges. All of these products play a vital role in my new skincare routine and I'm sure they'll be sticking around for months to come.

Have you tried any Jurlique products? What were your favourites?


Wednesday 27 May 2015

Summer Shower Essentials |

As a Summer enthusiast, not only does my skincare and make up routine change during the hotter months, but so does everything else. I swap long, hot baths for short, cold showers and opt for more Clarifying shampoos and citrus scents.There have been two new additions to my shower routine that I could shout from the rooftops about and even though shower routines aren't the most riveting to talk about, this duo is something to write home about.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Shampoo | £5.99 | Link | As a red head, I was instantly put off by the John Frieda re launch of the Beach Blonde range, but after a lot of Googling, I decided that I would give it a go. For me, a shampoo needs to make my hair feel lightweight, whilst still being manageable and this shampoo does just that. The energising mint and seaweed extracts add texture and shine to your hair, whilst the scent lingers around for days. Even though you won't be left with beach babe hair from the first wash, it does make your hair feel lightweight and soft to touch in an instant. If you're looking for a new shampoo that has a summer scent to get you in the mood, then I'd 100% recommend this. 

Original Source Pure Lime Shower Gel | £2.30 | Link | Always on offer for a £1, this shower gel is one that I always pick up, but can never live without either. With a range of scents that seriously pack some punch, it's no wonder that the Original Source range is one of my favourite brands during the Summer. It's not only the citrus scent that appeals to me, but the natural oils leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and revived. 

What are your Summer shower essentials? 

Monday 25 May 2015

Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set |

Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set
Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set
Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set
Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set | £56.95 | Link

If there's one set of make up brushes that have been raved about on blogs more than any other it would be the Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set and for a very good reason too. If you follow me on any social media you will be no stranger to the love I have for anything rose gold and copper, this being no exception. I first reviewed the Zoeva 102 brush back in February and I have been lusting after the Rose Golden Set ever since. 

At first the price made my eyes water a little bit, even though not the most expensive, I did think "Are they worth it?". Once you split the price into eight, you will begin to realise what a great deal they are, £7.12 per brush - It doesn't seem too bad now does it? The matte black handles with rose gold hardware not only looks appealing to the eye, but the brown clutch bag makes for easy travelling too. As they are made up of natural and synthetic taklon bristles, they can be used with cream, liquid and powder products, whilst still being able to be cleaned easily. If you're looking to purchase a make up brush set that includes all the staple brushes, then I would 100% recommend this set. Not only will you be applying and blending before you know it, you'll also be quickly pining for more. 

317 Wing Liner Brush | Even though I'm more of a liquid liner kind of girl, I was determined to find a use for this brush. As someone who hasn't quite mastered using powder for my eyebrows, I found that due to the dense, short bristles on this brush I was able to precisely line my eyebrows without packing on too much product at the same time. 

231 Luxe Petit Crease Brush | When I first opened this brush up my first thoughts were "How do I use this?!", but after a lot of Googling and experimenting I found the use and fell in love. The tapered brush helps to accentuate the socket and define the crease, whilst being able to blend out the product. Even though I wouldn't have initially picked this one up, this has quickly become a staple in my collection. 

227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush | Now, where do I start with this one? The famous 217 dupe has had a lot of coverage recently for it's blending qualities and much cheaper alternative to the MAC brush that everyone raves about. For someone who likes a "do it all" eyeshadow brush on the days I don't have time to blend and apply for hours on end, this brush is a staple and one that blends out colour effortlessly.

142 Concealer Buffer Brush | It's true, once you own this brush you'll never want to apply concealer with your fingers again. This robust, densely packed concealer brush blends concealer seamlessly whilst helping to pack on product for a high coverage finish. If you're into a multitasking brush, then not only is it great for concealer, it also can be used with cream eyeshadows to contour the crease with ease.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush | I'm not usually a fan of white brushes because they don't exactly stay white forever, but I can't help but love this brush. It picks up just the right amount of product and blends anything from highlighter to bronzer effortlessly into the skin making for perfectly chiselled cheekbones. 

110 Face Shape Brush | After reading endless reviews on this brush I had high hopes for it's contour abilities, but as someone who doesn't necessarily get on with cream products, I quickly found a much more effective way of using this brush - To blend concealer. I particularly like using this under the eye and to blend any harsh foundation lines. 

102 Silk Finish Brush | A brush that I reviewed back in February and one that I have used ever since. There's nothing quite like it and if you're a fan of the Real Techniques Buffer Brush then I'm sure you'll be smitten with this in no time. It applies and blends foundation quickly leaving your skin looking flawless and natural every time. Even though I already own two of these, there's always room for a third one.    

106 Powder Brush | If there's one sort of brush that never really gets me hot under the collar, it's powder brushes. I've been using my The Vintage Cosmetic Company Powder Brush* religiously, but I wanted a brush to alternate it with - Cue the 106 Powder Brush. A super soft powder brush that applies loose powder effectively, leaving the skin looking airbrushed and setting your make up effortlessly. 

Have you tried the Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set? What are your favourites? 


Saturday 23 May 2015

The Pastel Nail Edit |

Essie Fiji, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Barry M Eat My Dust
As an avid nail painter and pastel enthusiast, Summer cannot come quick enough when it comes to nail trends. For me, light blues, pinks and greens are prominent throughout my nail polish collection and during the hotter months, If I'm not wearing a pastel shade, I'm probably not wearing anything on my nails at all. 

Essie - Fiji | £7.99 | Link | Since buying Fiji a few years back my Essie obsession has continued to grow and my collection has expanded, but Fiji is still the one shade that I come back to every Summer. As soon as the sun comes out, I crack this one out of my collection, it's fail safe shade goes perfect with all skin tones and looks instantly sophisticated and chic.  

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry - Eat My Dust | £3.99 | Link | I have been donning this icy blue shade for weeks now. You know a nail polish is good when every time it chips you keep reapplying. Quick dry formulas always capture my attention, but does the expectations live up to the reality? Absolutely. If you're on your way out of the door, three coats of this and you're good to go and even though the multiple coats would normally bother me, but as they dry in a matter of seconds I'm far from bothered with applying this baby blue shade. 

Essie - Mint Candy Apple | £7.99 | Link | Described as a "Creme de menthe" shade, this cult classic has been and will be seen on many nails throughout the Summer. Even though this shade is the heavier of the three, the non sickly looking shade is perfect for anyone looking for a minty shade that compliments and can be worn by many. The complimenting blue undertones and glossy finish makes for a quick and simple application that will no doubt get you a few compliments along the way. 

What are your top nail vanish picks this Summer?

Thursday 21 May 2015

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea |

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea | £12 | Link

If there's one thing I love it's baths. Bath bombs, bath salts, bath oils, so how could I not like bath tea? After seeing an endless amount of blog posts on the new Fuji Green Tea range, I knew I had to make my way to my local store to give it a good sniff. Was I sold instantly? Yes. 

After hearing about the beneficial properties of green tea and how it helps to detoxify the body I picked up a pot and infuser straight away. The light aroma lingers on the skin for hours and after several uses, I really noticed a difference in the way my skin looks and feels. Even though the infuser isn't necessary, it definitely makes for easier use and you will no longer have to rinse away the tea leaves, making the whole experience much more luxurious. Packed with detoxing salts and green tea leaves, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and cleansed, soothing any aches or pains you may have from a stressful day. 

Perfect for unwinding after a long day or a quick summer bath, I know I will be using this throughout the next couple of months and adding to my Fuji Green Tea range collection in the future. 

What have you tried from The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea range? 

Tuesday 19 May 2015

La Roche-Posay Make Up Remover Micellar Water Gel |

La Roche Posay Make Up Remover Micellar Water Gel

La Roche- Posay Rosaliac Micellar Make Up Removal Gel* | £12.50 | Link

As a fan of both La Roche Posay and micellar formulas, I was excited when this product landed on my doorstep. For many months now I have religiously used various micellar waters to break down my make up as my first step in my skincare routine, however I thought it was about time that I switched up my routine ready for the summer. For me, summer skincare is all about achieving refreshed, radiant skin in an instant so whilst on the look out for some new products, I stumbled across the La Roche Posay Micellar Water Gel. 

This simple, gentle cleanser can be used daily and due to the ultra cooling, glide on texture this cools the skin and reduces redness, something I struggle with during the summer months. After squirting a reasonable sized amount of the product onto a cotton pad, I swipe it across my face to melt away my make up in a matter of minutes, leaving my skin feeling soothed and softened. The formula has an "icy effect" to it, perfect if you over heat a lot in the summer like myself. At first I was sceptical about the tackiness, but if you used this as part of your double cleansing routine, this is no longer a problem and instead your skin looks visibly calm and clear of any redness. 

I would recommend this to anybody who has dry to combination skin and is looking for a product that removes make up, but nourishes your skin at the same time. If you're a fan of micellar waters like me, then I'm sure you'll be off to purchase this in no time. 


Sunday 17 May 2015

A Summer Evening Edit |

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Essie Fiji, Eylure 070

When transitioning between seasons, it tends to be my everyday make up that gets the biggest switch up. Lighter bases, rose gold eyes and pastel nails all come into play, but it tends to be the Summer evenings that I struggle with the most. The humid weather plays havoc with my skin and rather than looking flawless, I normally resemble a melted disco ball by the end of the night. Today, I thought I'd give you the run down of my three must have products for a Summer night out, whether you're off to a pub garden or just a BBQ with friends, these three products will have you covered. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Oil Free | £34 | Link | When it comes to choosing a base for Summer evenings, I always sway towards a high coverage, nourishing tinted moisturiser, that covers just the right amount, but also allows my tan to come through. I'm currently smitten with the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, a hydrating formula that offers buildable, lightweight coverage that is oil free to avoid a face melt down. I use a Zoeva 102 Silk Finish to buff this into my skin and I'm good to go. 

Essie Nail Polish - Fiji | £7.99 | Link | If you follow me on Twitter it'll come as no surprise that Fiji is one of my most used and most loved shades. The creamy pale pink shade gives a sheer wash of colour to your nails, it flatters every skin tone and helps to enhance your tan. Perfect for Summer evenings when you want something classy and simple on your nails. 

Eylure False Eyelashes 070 | £5.39 | Link | If there's something I love in the Summer, it's false eyelashes. There's something about the hot weather and light make up that makes me crave fluttery, lengthened lashes. Eylure has been my go-to brand of false eyelashes for years and the 070's are perfect for when you want to add length and volume that looks natural and can be worn with simple make up. I pair these with a golden smokey eye and a thin line of eye liner, once applied these don't budge or move, perfect for those long summer nights. 

What are your top Summer evening products?

Friday 15 May 2015

Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush |

Magnitone Lucid - Plush Pink* | £69.99 | Link 

When it comes to skincare if something claims to deeply cleanse my skin, whilst making it look radiant and feel soft, then I'm all for it. Cleansing brushes were seen as a must-have product in your skincare routine a couple of years back and even though they aren't a new concept in the beauty world, I thought that after years of deliberating whether they're the right product for me, I'd give one a go. Cue the Magnitone Lucid - An electric cleaning brush that promises a brighter, softer and clearer complexion in just 7 days. Now who wouldn't want that? 

At first I was sceptical, the concept of abrasive bristles whizzing around in circles on my skin for two minutes didn't particularly appeal to me or my sensitive skin. After playing around with the charger several times, a magnetized contraption that is rather satisfying to play with, I finally gave my Magnitone Lucid a try. I applied my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel directly on the face with a touch of water, then I powered my Magnitone up, switched to the sensitive setting and I was good to go. After two days of using it, I noticed a couple of spots came to the surface, which for me wasn't too much of a trouble as it was nothing concealer couldn't fix. My skin was soft, smooth and noticeably more radiant due to the Active Electromagnetic Technology that naturally unclogs pores and gets rid of dead skin cells. By day five, I ventured outside with minimal make up and no base, a sight that you wouldn't have seen for a very long time. Using this every other day has increased the performance of my cleanser and made my skin softer and brighter. Even though I wouldn't say it is a must have in everybody's skincare routine and be careful with overuse as this could often cause more problems, I would say that if you're looking for an extra product to add to your routine that isn't your normal cleanser, toner or moisturiser, then I would say this is definitely worth a shot. 

If you'd like to try out the Magnitone Lucid then you can get 20% using the code Lily20. 

Have you tried a cleansing brush? What are your thoughts? 


Wednesday 13 May 2015

Products Worth The Price |

If there's one thing I like spending money on, it's high end make up and skincare, but when it comes to splashing the cash you can often get caught up in the hype around a product without actually contemplating whether you need it or whether it'll suit you. Through trial and error I have composed a list of products that I think are not only worth the hype, but worth the price. 

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers | £20.95 | Link | Up until the end of last year I was a £1 tweezer kind of girl. I never saw the point in parting with £20 or more just for a tool that I could get for a fraction of the price. That was until Tweezerman Tweezers fell into my clutches and I truly began believing that a good pair of tweezers can change the way your brow looked. The 25 degree angle tip helps to grab each individual hair with precision without the risk of grabbing mass clumps of hair thus preventing over plucking. 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | £38 | Link | Although when you break it down, £38 isn't a lot for twelve eyeshadows, it can be a waste if you're not looking in the right direction of what Naked palette you should go for. The Naked 3 palette consists of twelve rose hued eyeshadows suitable for all skin tones enclosed in a rose gold slim metal tin that is perfect for both storing away and travelling. With a range of finishes to chose from you've got all the looks covered. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour - Pirate | £26 | Link | If it's got the Chanel logo on it, I'm pretty much already sold on it. The luxurious packaging and iconic logo is enough to get my inner beauty obsessed self excited, but are the products any good? Speaking from experience, this lipstick is one of the only Chanel products I've tried bar a few sample here and there, but am I impressed? Absolutely. The intense colour pay off means with one swipe of the classic, timeless red you're good to go. 

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm | £22 |Link | Cleansing balms have been a staple in my skincare routine since they first hit the beauty scene. I've tried and tested a fair few now, but one that has stuck with me is the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. The unscented, lightweight formula works perfectly to dissolve make up from sensitive skin, a perfect product for double cleansing. Unlike many, this tub seems to last a life time and although the £22 may seem a little steep at first, I've hardly made a dent in it compared to six weeks it took to use up The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - Luminous Flush | £28 | Link | Even though I love Space NK, I know my purse certainly doesn't. Hourglass has become a holy grail brand for many and although I've never really got into the Ambient Lighting Powders, there was one product and shade in particular that stood out from the rest - The Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush. The pink-coral hybrid with gold undertones gives the perfect soft focus flush of colour to the cheeks without going OTT. Perfect for everyday wear and when you want to feel a little more luxurious. 

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder | £35 | Link | You know one of those products that you look at and swatch every time you go into a shop, but never actually buy? The Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder was exactly that. It's ability to define cheekbones and and enhance your complexion is no myth. Despite it being consisting a minuscule amount of product compared with other contouring palettes, it is 100% worth it. The brown, grey and red pigments are formulated together to make a perfect, natural looking medium shade that is suitable for daily use. You will certainly feel like you have £35 worth of product on your face - It truly is a must have. 

What products do you think are worth the price?

Saturday 9 May 2015

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream |

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue
Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream | £26 | Link

After searching high and low for the perfect summer base, this fell into my clutches. The BB, CC and tinted moisturiser hybrid has the perfect concoction of ingredients which combines skin care with natural radiant coverage. 

As a combination skin owner, I suffer from dry patches, redness and blemishes, to name only a few. I have to admit I was sceptical at first as light bases have never been my kind of thing, but to my surprise from the first application I knew it was like heaven in a tube. Exaggerating? Absolutely not. Although no light base is going to have the long lasting, wear and tear protection as a high coverage foundation, this formula does a great job at perfecting and hydrating the skin, whilst covering any redness. Not only does it make a noticeable difference to my dull, lacklustre skin short term, but over the past couple of weeks that I've been using this I have seen an overall improvement in my skin due to the absence of heavier foundations. With help from my trusty Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer, I can cover all bases creating a dewy, flawless finish. With added SPF 30 and a hydrating formula which is lightweight and soft to touch. this quenches the skin, whilst protecting it from the everyday sun. I have the shade Vanilla 02 and even though it matches perfectly now, I think I'm going to have to go a few shades darker when the sun begins to shine a bit more.  

If you're looking at or interested in a lighter base this summer, I would recommend the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream because even though it's a mouthful to say, you still won't be able to stop talking about it.

What is your go-to summer base?

Wednesday 6 May 2015

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial |

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial* | £32 | Link

After venturing out into high end skincare recently I quickly accumulated a wishlist as long as my arm. As the weather is getting hotter, not only do my make up bases get lighter, but I try and make my skincare routine minimalistic, yet effective. Cue the REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial, an exfoliator/mask that uses water activated vitamin c to brighten, whilst toning and smoothing the skin. 

Who wouldn't want to cut down their skincare routine? This one minute miracle product has a formula and texture unlike any other product I've tried. I apply the mint coloured, herbal scented, gritty formula three times a week, massaging it into dry skin and then using a small amount of water to activate the ingredients. After using this several times, I noticed a drastic change in the appearance of my skin, not only does it instantly add a glow to my skin, it evens out and clears the complexion. I'm usually sceptical of "do it all" products, but this doesn't disappoint, leaving me with not only an extra 10 minutes to spare in the morning, but a perfect starting point for a radiant base. The £32 price tag may be a little steep for some, especially as it only contains 75 ml of product, but this truly is an outstanding product which I would recommend to anybody whose skin needs a bit of extra TLC. The herbal scent may not be to everyone's liking, but due to my current vitamin c obsession, I think this will remain a firm favourite of mine for the up and coming months. 

Have you tried the REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial? 


Monday 4 May 2015

How To Make Dull Skin Glow | Skincare

Superfacialist Vitamic C Gentle Daily Micro Polish, Origins GinZing Moisturiser, Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

As a combination skin owner, my skin goes through a lot of phases, the worst being the ''dull skin" phase. When my skin is looking lacklustre I always reach for a handful of products to add radiance and hydration to my complexion. Today I thought I'd give you the run down of my top skincare products that I use when my skin is in need of brightening.  

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel | £28 | Link | I'm pretty sure that this product has been raved about more times than many. Packed with a range of natural ingredients, this product is not only suitable for the vast majority of skin types, but it packs some punch glow wise too. This gel to oil formula gently lifts impurities, whilst removing dead skin cells to reveal fresh, radiant and nourished skin. I cleanse my skin with this every morning in order to achieve a brighter complexion throughout the day. 

Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash | £9.99 | Link | Exfoliators are essential when you want to achieve a bright, glowing complexion. Exfoliating micro beads gets rid of dead skin cells, whilst Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid promote brighter looking skin. The light gel formula is gentle enough for daily use and since using this daily, I have seen a massive improvement is both the texture, feel and look of my skin. 

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser | £23 | Link | A moisturiser for me needs to be one that is lightweight, hydrating and suitable for my combination, sensitive skin. Cue the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser, a moisturiser that can be worn underneath the make up as a brightening and nourishing base. This is a must have for when you want to give the impression of a full nights sleep. 

What skincare products do you use to give your skin a glow?

Saturday 2 May 2015

The Vintage Cosmetic Company | Make Up Brushes

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Make Up Brushes

It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I discovered a good set of make up brushes are essential when creating a flawless make up look. High quality brushes at a low price are hard to come by these days and with the likes of Real Techniques dominating the high street,as well as my make up collection, I am always on the look out for new make up brush brands. Cue The Vintage Cosmetic Company, a brand that I have been eyeing up in Boots for a long while, not only for it's vintage design and low prices, but for it's recognition on blogs. 

Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers* | £8.50 | Link | A girl can't have too many rose gold items right? These limited edition curlers caught my eye, not only because of the colour, but as I've been on the search for a cheaper version of the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers these seemed like the perfect price. Even though eyelash curlers aren't exactly an exciting addition to your collection they do make a massive difference to your lashes. The only downfall to these are that they don't come with replacement cushion pad. 

Powder Brush* | £16 | Link | As a serial buyer of duo fibre brushes, I have tried a fair few, but this remains in my top three. It applies powder effortlessly, whilst allowing you to control the amount your apply. Initially I wanted to use this brush with foundation, but as the bristles aren't dense enough this brush remains only to be used as a powder brush for the time being. Perfect for achieving a flawless base and now a must have in my make up bag. 

Fantail Brush* | £12 | Link | I have always been intrigued by fantail brushes, but when it came down to it, I'd rather buy a new buffing brush compared to a brush that I didn't really know what it'd be used for. After using this in a variety of ways, I found that it is most useful for lightly picking up powders and removing any eye shadow fall out, however I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase one of these again. 

What are your favourite high street brushes?
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