Monday 29 April 2019

New Beauty Releases - Spring 2019

New Beauty Releases - Spring 2019

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After making it my mission at the beginning of the year to use up a lot of the products I have stashed away, I've made a real dent and have started needing top ups in certain categories. I feel like the beauty releases from this Spring have really spoken to me, so I wanted to share some of my top picks that you may have missed. 

The NYX Bare With Me range not only has uber-cute millennial pink packaging, but the products themselves sound pretty amazing too. With a reasonably affordable price tag, I'm thinking of picking up Tinted Skin Veil BB Cream which sounds like it'll be great for the warmer weather. 

Nars have really upped their game with their recent releases including the Super Radiant Booster which looks absolutely beautiful especially if you enjoy using liquid highlighters, but it's actually the Ignited Palette and Voyageur Palette that I'm convincing myself I don't need.  

Although it's not new, I have to let you know that Kristin Ess is now available from Boots and I'm very tempted to make an order because I've wanted to try the brand for the longest time - the Reviving Dry Shampoo being the one I've got my eye on. In fact, Boots have recently got themselves lots of new brands, so I would recommend checking out their new-in page if you've got a spare few minutes. 

Have you seen any exciting new releases recently? 

Saturday 27 April 2019

Effortless Treatments For Skin, Body and Hair

Effortless Treatments  For Skin, Body and Hair
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When it comes to treatments, whether it's the hydrate the body, smooth the hair or detox the skin, sometimes they can be more hassle than they worth. I've found a fair few favourites over the years that all do something great from head to toe with little to no effort. 

I wanted to keep skincare to a minimum in this post as I would be here forever if I was to name all the treatments I love to nourish or cleanse the skin. The Farmacy Honeymoon Glow* is a serum that using AHA acids to resurface and add radiance to the complexion overnight. I simply apply it, then follow it up with a moisturiser and wait for it to get to work. 

I've got to admit, although I love hair masks that you use post-shampoo, I don't always have the time or patience. Of course Olaplex No3 Treatment had to be featured in this line up as this was the product that influenced this post as it's so easy to use and as you can apply it and leave it on for hours at a time, you don't have to think too much about it before you shampoo it off. Another similar product is the Umberto Giannini 60 Second Smooth which does a similar job, but it's not as strong however I use it more frequently as it's just so quick. 
Effortless Treatments  For Skin, Body and Hair
As a regular fake tan user, when it comes to getting a natural tan (especially after the recent spate of hot weather), I like to concentrate on prolonging it and nourishing the body all in one go. The Nuxe Refreshing After-Sun Lotion* was a product I talked non-stop about last Summer, so of course I had to crack it out this year too as it's just so good at making my body look less dehydrated. I like using it in conjunction with the NKD SKN Pre-Shower Gradual Tanner* too as this offering tops up my tan perfectly and as you use it 10 minutes before you jump in the shower - you barely even have to think about it being on! 

The Soap and Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream* and a pair of socks is all you need to nourish your feet ready for sandal season. I'm not somebody that can wear socks whilst I sleep, so I tend to give them a bit of TLC whilst I'm sat watching television in the evening.

To end my pamper, I simply apply the Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm* to my lips to hydrate them overnight. I don't always use this, but when I do I like to use it more of a mask and it never fails to get them looking in tip-top condition.  

What are your favourite quick, easy to use treatments for the hair, body and skin? 

Friday 26 April 2019

Packing For A City Break To Portugal

Packing For A City Break To Portugal
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We're off on holiday again soon - this time swapping snowy Prague for sunny Portugal, so the packing has been made slightly easier as everything is far less chunky and bulky. Saying this, I wanted to put together a blog post about how I'm travelling light this time and what I pack for a Spring city getaway.

It's a whole lot easier packing lighter materials than it is having to narrow down what coat you should bring and stuffing in an extra pair of boots where you can. It's still hard though when considering that you're packing a 20kg suitcase for two people, so I like to ensure that I'm not putting in any non-essentials. I like to use every compartment, stuffing them with underwear, socks and any hair accessories I have as this allows more room in the main suitcase for all your clothes.

I wanted to get a few new pieces to take away with me and the Boohoo Woven Polka Dot Skater Dress looked like the perfect pop of colour to my otherwise monochrome wardrobe. I've also picked up the New Look Linen Crop Trouser which I think would be super lightweight when the weather is warm, but also keep my cosy in the evening. 
Packing For A City Break To Portugal
Onto beauty now and I allow myself one makeup bag and then a shared shower bag for us both too, making sure to pack all the toiletries I need, decanting any shampoo and conditioner I want into smaller containers to save room. I've gone for the Maui Shea Butter Shampoo* miniature that I've got and then follow that up with a small can of IGK Beach Club Spray because I still want to make sure my locks look great. 

As for makeup, I like to make sure I only pack one of each although I allow an exception when it comes to lipstick as I always love to have a red for the evening. I opt for a good all rounder when it comes to foundation, concealer and powder. The miniature Milk Makeup Werk Lip and Cheek Stick is also packed along with my usual mascara and eyeliner. 

What do you usually pick for a city break? 

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Spring Lifestyle Favourites

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I rarely dedicate one blog post to all my lifestyle favourites, but I love reading these style of blog posts and as I have quite a lot to share this season already, I thought now was the best time to do a full write up. I'm covering everything from what I've been eating to what I've been wearing, so read on if you want to know my Spring lifestyle favourites. 

Game of Thrones is back on and I'm very happy about that although I wish all the episodes were uploaded at once so I didn't have to wait. We have both even done a full predictions list for each one of the characters, so we're fully invested in the final series. 

On top of GOT, Avengers End Game is obviously on our to-watch list and I can't wait. We actually committed to watching all the films in the exact order they should be watched in at the beginning of the month, so we both feel like we're all fully caught up. 

Although it's not something I usually talk about, Spring cleaning has definitely started in our household. The Zoflora Hello Spring has been whipped out and it's hands down my favourite scent for all around the house. I use it to mop the floors with when diluted, around the bathroom and kitchen too. I'm hoping they come out with the 500ml bottles of this so I can stock up for the months ahead. 

We gutted and cleaned out our second bedroom last month to make it into a office/walk in wardrobe style room. We've still got a long way to go as there's still lots of clothes to donate and sell online which are currently being stored in bin bags, but it's nice to have all my beauty products stored away neatly so they're easier to find when I need to. 

I have been experiencing a little bit more with the food I've been eating, trying to eat more seasonally and incorporate fruit and vegetables into every meal I can. Smoothies have definitely been something that I've been experimenting with, celery and smoothie being two ingredients that have surprised me with how much I enjoy them! 

This breakfast ensemble has been a favourite of mine, but I actually have it for lunch to set me up for the rest of the day. It consists of two poached eggs, some Linda McCartney Vegan Sausages, Halloumi, mushrooms, rye or sourdough bread and a good portion of rocket. It's absolutely delicious! 

On the not-so-healthy front, I've been taking full advantage of the Easter chocolate sale, snapping up 50p mini eggs offerings to fill my cupboards with - no shame! 

We're only four months into the year, but I've managed to go to Prague, Wales, Bath (and The Cotswolds) and Portugal, so I think it's safe to say that I've got the travel bug. Castle Combe, Lacock and Bath were three places that I visited last month and it was so nice to get away for a night to do some exploring of areas I haven't been to before. I wouldn't definitely love to go back for another visit soon! On top of that, I've got a list of my phone full of places I want to visit and although we've already got a weekend trip to Yorkshire and a week in Scotland booked, I would also like to get in a couple more trips away to Europe before the year is out. 

I've been trying out all my clothes from the previous few years that still fit me, but unfortunately there's quite a lot that I can no longer pull off, so as I said they've been binned up to be donated or sold on. This does give me an excuse to get shopping as I do have a knack of finding Summer pieces that last me for years to come when it's comes to the high street. Here are my top picks at the moment: 

What are your current lifestyle favourites? 

Saturday 20 April 2019

5 Top High End Makeup Brands

5 Top High End Makeup Brands
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One of my favourite bloggers From Roses inspired this blog post after seeing her recent line up of her favourite skincare brands, so I thought I would do a high end makeup brand round up. This was a lot harder than I imagined as I have so many makeup favourites, but I ended up narrowing it down to the amount of products I use from them and have in my collection. 

First up is Charlotte Tilbury, a brand known for their dreamy rose casting and high quality formulas. Their Filmstar Bronze and Glow was one of the first products I ever used by them and I'd still recommend this duo many years on, but they have upped their game in terms of lipsticks and eyeshadow formulas too as well as their Highlighting Wand which is one my all time favourites. 

I remember when Too Faced was available in Boots many moons ago, but it stopped being sold there for ages until it's growth in popularity a few years back now. We waited patiently for the new releases to trickle down to the UK and now I've tried a fair few products of theirs. The Hangover Primer was one of the first first product I use and I was smitten as it created a hydrated base where foundation was sit perfectly on top of. This was my favourite product of theirs until I tried the Born This Way Foundation which I purchased when in Sephora in Paris a couple of Summers ago and it was my go-to for a while as it's medium coverage formula and natural finish is everything I look for. 

5 Top High End Makeup Brands
Huda Beauty is the newest brand out the bunch in this round up to me, so this was an unexpected favourite of mine when I was putting this together, but because I use so many of their products of theirs on a daily basis. The Overachiever Concealer and Easy Bake Loose Powder is a duo that I adore when I want to brighten up my under-eye area and keep it looking creaseless all day long. 

When I think of luxe makeup brands, Hourglass always springs to mind as their packaging is always on point and the majority of products from them that I've tried have impressed me. The Hourglass Palette's and blushers are what I'd recommend to anybody if they're looking to dabble in the brand, but of course it's important to mention that they're not particularly affordable - so definitely a treat! 

Out of all the brands in this line up, Nars is the one that I've tried the most from, so of course that means there's going to be products from them that I'm not fond of, but there's still lots that I adore. Starting with the Nars Laguna Bronzer* which I have been using every day at the moment, this perfectly warm toned hue sculpts the face without leaving it with any dull, grey undertone like other bronzers can do. The Nars Radiance Primer was a product that I picked up a couple of years back, but I've been meaning to repurchase since as it was a great way to perk up the complexion and add a glow to the skin. 

5 Top High End Makeup Brands
5 Top High End Makeup Brands
Honourable Mentions 

As this post was hard to narrow down to just five, I had to have a section dedicated to some honourable mentions. I didn't know if Pixi would be considered high end, but their makeup always impresses me, although I'd say opt for their skincare first because it's amazing. 

Another one is Anastasia Beverly Hills which is a brand I've never had a product I've been disappointed in. The Amrezy Highlighting Powder* is one of my all-time favourites and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a champagne hued highlighter that will last long on your cheekbones and make them pop. Of course, their Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette*, although expensive at £43, has to get a mention as it's one of my most reached for palettes ever. 

Urban Decay is another one I contemplated putting in the top five, but decided not to as aside from their mascara and eye shadow palettes, I've not tried much else from the rest of their ranges. Saying that, their All Nighter Setting Spray* is probably my top product from them as it's incredible for increasing longevity of your makeup and fixing any mishaps you have when getting too heavy with the setting powder. 

What are your favourite high end makeup brands? 

Sunday 14 April 2019

The Top Basket Bags Under £50

Top Budget Affordable Basket Bags Under £50
Top Affordable Basket Bags Under £50
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Last year, a basket bag was top of my wishlist, but by the time I decided I wanted one at the start of Summer, it was too late and everywhere had sold out. This year, I got in their first picking up this South Beach Round Straw Bag and I've now added a few more to my wishlist in the meantime. 

I know how expensive the wicker, bamboo and straw bags can get, so I thought I'd put together an ultimate list of my top picks all under £50 - some of which are absolute steals! 

The round bags are usually the most popular, so it's handy to get in their first. Mango are great for handbags in general and although they're on the higher end of the scale, they're beautiful nevertheless. This one in particular looks lovely in my opinion, but they even do them in different shapes like a tortoise one (more expensive than £50 though, but I did have to give it a quick mention). 

Topshop is another place that I love checking in one as some of my most long lasting bags have been from them. The Saffi Wicker Grab Bag is definitely one that I think a few people would like the look of and the sturdiness of the material means that it can carry your belongings with no problem. The Skyla Straw alternative is a little different and the tortoiseshell handle makes it a little different to the rest of my top picks.  
Top Straw Round Basket Bags Under £50Top Straw Round Basket Bags Under £50
Of course it goes without saying that ASOS may still be one of my favourite places to browse and they have so many gems in right now when it comes to these sorts of bags. This Glamorous Boxy offering would be great for anybody looking for something a little bit more understated and the white detailing means that it'll add a Summer spin to any outfit. 

Similarly, another understated pick and one that I'm very tempted to pick up next is the Liars and Liars Black Cross Body Bag which structured exterior and gold hardware really draws me in. I think it's important to find one with the right shape, size and type of handle that you like. If you want something to stand out a little bit more then this My Accessories Half Moon Bag which is also similar to ASOS' own one are two great ones to check out. 

Do you like the basket, bamboo and straw bags I've picked out? Let me know your favourites!

Saturday 13 April 2019

8 Products Instagram Recommended Me

Eight Products Instagram Recommended Me
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I've done a similar post to this last year here, but I wanted to update it a little as there's a few new products I enjoy using a lot more regularly and I wanted to share some of my favourites too. Although I head to blogs for full in-depth reviews, Instagram tends to be the place that I first spot a new-in product and go on to want to know more about it. Here are eight body care, hair care and skincare items that have been influenced by Instagram. 

As you've probably noticed from the main photograph, there's a common theme in the packaging of the products in this post and that's millennial pink. The Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texture Mist is the perfect example of this. This helps to tame my flyaways hairs after I've washed my locks and creates tousled effect when I've curled my hair too. 

I've tried a few products from IGK and they always leave me wanting more. I'm not sure if it's because of their cute packaging and the fact they do handy miniatures which allow you to try out the product before you buy the full sized version. The Beach Club Spray is helps to add volume to the roots without feeling crunchy or heavy. 

It was a toss up between the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold and the Isle of Paradise Tanning Water when I was thinking about the fake tan that sticks out in my mind the most. They're actually quite similar in terms of the way they apply and sit on the skin, but I think the IOP offering just slightly gets the top spot due to the longevity and scent. 

Moving on to body moisturiser now and it's the Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream that I'm talking now as it was once all over Instagram. I won't ramble too much, but I can totally see how it lives up to the hype. The scent is delightful, it sinks in quickly and leaves the skin feeling (and looking!) great. 
8 Products Instagram Recommended Me
I've actually got plans to do a makeup version of this post, so I wasn't sure where to put Glossier as it's one of the first brands I think of whenever I think of Instagram. Other than their Solution, all of their skincare products have impressed me especially the Milky OilPriming Moisturiser Rich and Mega Green Galaxy Pack Mask Duo which I just couldn't pick between when selecting one favourite product for this line up. 

Another skincare brand Instagram introduced me to is Drunk Elephant and at this point, it was a brand that wasn't available in the UK, so I got my first product, the Baby Facial from a seller on Depop. This one still isn't available over here, but still remains my favourite product from them as it instantly uplifts my complexion, making it look clearer and smoother over night. 

Last up in terms of skincare is the Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask which I've spoken about  a lot, so I won't go on about it too much longer. I chose this one for this line up over the Fresh Rose Face Mask* because I've seen it a lot more of beauty bloggers Insta's, so I went with this one instead. My skin continues to enjoy every application, making my complexion look brighter and feel softer. 

Although I've got a few fair perfume favourites, they usually come about from other people's blog recommendations or having a sniff of them in person. That being said, Instagram definitely introduced me to Diptyque as a brand and thus made me try out the Philosykos EDP which I probably wouldn't have been that drawn to before. 

Have you ever been influenced by Instagram when making a purchase? 

Thursday 11 April 2019

Updated Milk Makeup Review

Updated Milk Makeup Brand Review
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It's now been over two months since I published my Milk Makeup Haul and I've given each and every product in that post a good try. They are a very well loved brand and I was excited to give a few more of their products a try, but it's safe to say there are products that I adore from them and some that I do not. Here are my updated thoughts on Instagram's current favourite makeup brand. 

I have to start off with the stand out product that I've tried from them and one that I've done a full blog post review on here. Of course I'm talking about the Baked Matte Bronzer which is a cream formula that glides onto the complexion and blends seamlessly into wherever it is applied. It's rare when I find a product that I can't find fault with even down to the packaging, but this is one I'll continue to rave about no doubt throughout the Spring and Summer months.

One product that I'm pretty sure I'll start to like more as the weather gets warmer is the Blur Stick and the brightening version, the Luminous Blur Stick. Both of which promise to create a pore-free finish with lines smoothed too. The latter is the one I've got in the full size and I'm still not convinced I can see a difference between the two formulas. I kind of wish that they'd opted for a dewier, hydrating formula so that you couldn't clearly differ between the two, so I'm hoping they'll come up with something like that soon! 

Another product I'm on the fence about is the Kush High Volume Mascara which due to it's big, fluffy brush makes my lashes look fuller and longer. It doesn't flake on me, but there's something about the way it wears which means that it doesn't look as good at the end of the day as it does at the start which is something I'd usually expect, but it sort of wears off a lot faster than my other much-loved mascaras. 
Updated Milk Makeup Brand Review
The Flex Concealer is one that I've been up and down about again, but I've finally made a decision on it. I really enjoy the formula, especially when I use it over blemishes, but upon reflection I could have opted for a shade lighter. It's lightweight despite offering a good amount of coverage, but the packaging is what let's it down. It's nothing that won't stop me from using every drop up, but the squeezy tube makes me nervous as product can easily escape and I wish that the doe foot absolutely was a bit bigger as I have to keep going in to get more product out each time. 

When I first trying the Kush Fibre Brow Gel I reported that the brush was hard to use, but I thought I'd get used to, however the quick answer is - I didn't! I wanted something that was between Glossier Boy Brow and Benefit's Gimme Brow, but this formula is super wet, easily smudged and very intense. This one just isn't for me, it doesn't grab the hair enough, but instead dyes the skin underneath, so you can't get a precise application and it's easy to end up wiping it all over your face if you're not careful. 

The first Milk Makeup product I tried was the Watermelon Serum and it was amazing to use on the skin last Summer as it was cooling and delivered an extra layer of hydration that was very much needed. It works well underneath foundation for a glow and despite being on the higher level price wise, I've barely made a dent in it in comparison. 

I wanted to end this post on a positive and the Lip and Cheek Stick does just that. It's the product that has completely surprised me and I already want to buy the full sized version when my mini runs out. It's one of the only select few of multi-tasking products that I've used that is good for both the lips and cheeks in terms of shade. 

Here are a few of their other items that are on my wishlist.

What are your favourite Milk Makeup products? 

Sunday 7 April 2019

Five Perfumes For Spring

Five Perfumes For Spring
Five Perfumes For Spring
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I'm embracing the longer evenings and the promises of warmer weather now that Spring is here. Alongside putting away my jumpers for the time being, I've started to switch up my perfumes too, opting for fresher, lighter scents to replace my warmer, deeper notes that I wear in the Winter. 

First up is a fragrance that whenever I spray it, I feel like I'm strolling through a florist or a field full of blossoming flowers. Of course the only perfume I can be talking about is the Maison Margiela Flower Market* which I'm currently on the last dregs of, but I've loved each and every spray that I've used. It's fresh, long lasting and perks my day up whenever I wear it. 

One that's similar in the way it sits on the skin is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine* which is just as uplifting and if you're a fan of their original scent, then this has a great twist to it with extra notes of white strawberry and marigolds. It's got a distinctive floral fragrance like the Maison Margiela offering, but it can be worn on it's own or mixed with another perfume, to create a unique scent each time you wear it. 

Although described as the essence of Autumn, I actually think the Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia is rather fitting for the warmer weather in my eyes. It's got notes from each of my favourite perfumes types including citrus, fruity and floral, making it one that I reach for on special occasions. 

With notes of sharp fig and woody cedar, the Diptyque Philosykos hits the nail on the head when it describes this offering as an evocative scent of Summer. It's one that has uplifted me throughout the colder months and I'm ready to spritz it more now Spring is upon us. 

I'm a fan of the original Chlo√© perfume, but after using it up the Love Story EDP* is currently the one I reach for. It's great for everyday wear as it's quite lightweight however it still lingers on the skin all day. With a combination of orange blossom and jasmine, it's perfect for Spring, whilst not being too overpowering - perfect for those who like a subtle perfume. 

What are your favourite perfumes for Spring? 

Saturday 6 April 2019

Five Most Repurchased Foundations

Five Most Repurchased Foundations
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Foundation is the one product I think I get through the quickest other than maybe mascara or concealer. Although I use it pretty much everyday, I'm ever so picky when it comes to formulas and finishes as I like my base to look natural and offer a good amount of coverage. I've tried out a variety of different foundations over the years, some of which I absolutely adore, but here are five bases I've repurchased many times before. 

Ahh, the Bourjois Healthy Mix and it's serum version is famous for it's radiance boosting formula that blends in to the skin seamlessly and lightweight finish - which you can get for under £10 too! It's a much loved high street addition that has got it's cult following for a very good reason and one that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a budget pick. 

I wrote about the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation* way back when and it still remains a foundation that I'm using four years later. It's demi-matte finish is great when I want something with a little bit more coverage as it makes my complexion look flawless as it smoothes and covers any blemishes or redness I have. 

When the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Cushion Foundation* came to the UK back in 2016 I was quick to give it a try (writing about it originally here) and it's been a favourite ever since. I've purchased it endless amounts of times because the only downside to this is that it seems to only last about a month, but as it's currently retailing for under £5 it's still an affordable option. I would like it if they would bottle up the formula inside, so that I could top up the cushion pot or have to to hand as honestly it looks super natural on the skin, giving the complexion a slight glow that doesn't look sweaty nor does it slip off the face. 

Now, I wouldn't usually go for medium coverage foundation when it comes to the warmer seasons, but I originally bought the Too Faced Born This Way in Paris at the height of Summer and pretty much fell head over heels with the way it made my skin look. The shade range for me is perfect as they fall more on the yellow/neutral undertone which is something I usually struggle with when getting matched, but the formula looks undetectable on the skin and even looks better as the day goes on. 

Last up is one I couldn't do this line up without and that's the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue*. I was debating whether or not to take about it as it's a listed as a tinted moisturiser, but for me, it covers just that little bit more, so I had to include it. It offers SPF 30 protection on top of being a hydrating formula that gives a sheer tint to the skin which covers any redness I have around my cheeks and nose area in particular. 

What are your most repurchased foundations? 

Thursday 4 April 2019

Five Pixi Skincare Favourites

Five Pixi Skincare Favourites
Five Pixi Skincare Favourites
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Pixi has some of my favourite skincare products, but with the lots of new ranges being released it can be a little overwhelming if you're new to the brand. Before their new glow tonic, vitamin c and hydrating collections came out, I had tried out my fair share of products from them, so I feel like narrowing down my five must-haves from Pixi to you. If you're looking to invest then I'd recommend you read on. 

First up has to be Pixi's most famous product and that's Glow Tonic*. It's a chemical exfoliator enriched with glycolic acid to promote a brighter complexion with the aloe and witch hazel ingredients helping to soothe the skin and decrease any blemishes you may have. It's one that I've been using for years now and I always come back to it as my skin really enjoys it especially when it's feeling a little on the dry side. I've got to give a quick mention to the GLOW Sheet Mask* which is in the same family as Glow Tonic and after just three uses, I'm absolutely smitten and it seriously brightens my complexion in an instant. 

If you're wanting a physical exfoliator then I'd recommend opting for Peel and Polish*, a face scrub that gets to work to rid the skin of dry patches, leaving the skin looking brighter and feeling softer. I've used several tubes of this already and if I had to choose, this would be my favourite product from them (eeek! it's hard to pick!).  

I've got both the Hydrating Milky Cleanser and Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel on my wishlist after the success of the Rose Cream Cleanser*. This offering has taken over my love for the Caroline Hirons Cleansing Oil Duo* just a little bit as I like that it's in a easy squeeze tube instead and I feel like the product is never ending considering how much I use it. Despite the cream formula, which can sometimes leave a film on my skin, this one makes my complexion not only feel a lot cleaner, it removes my makeup very well and makes it feel smooth too. It's nothing too fancy and if you're looking for something that's going to blow your socks off maybe this isn't for you, but for when my skin is feeling on the sensitive side and I just need the job done this is perfect. 

Another simple pick is the Rose Ceramide Cream* (can you see the trend here?). Their rose range in general is delightfully scented and my skin loves when I used it too, so I was happy that it also reacted well to this moisturiser. It's quite thick but it sinks in quickly and leaves my complexion not only feeling at all sticky. It's a good allrounder that soothes as well as nourishes and never has broke me out, something a lot of thicker formulas tend to do if I'm not careful. 

The newest addition to this line up and up until the other week, it wasn't even going to be included in this post, but after using them multiple times I have to give them a mention. The DetoxifEYE Eye Patches* instantly makes a difference to the eye area by refreshing and hydrating. These have already saved me recently as hayfever is playing havoc with my skin and these help to soothe in ten minutes. You can 30 pairs in the tub, which I think is great and I'm sure that they'll come in handy over the next season too. 

What are your favourite Pixi skincare products? 

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Three Little Lifestyle Changes I've Made

  - This post is a paid collaboration with Rennie, but all thoughts are my own - 

Last month, Rennie challenged me to make a few lifestyle changes to possibly reduce bloating and improve my digestive health in general. As you may know already, I suffer with stomach cramps, bloating and indigestion, so I always have a packet of Rennie in my handbag as they get to work really quickly, but I want to see whether these three simple lifestyle changes can make any difference to the way I feel on a daily basis. 

First up is the first little change I've made and that's being more cautious with how I chew, which may seem like an odd concept to some people, but digestion actually starts with the mouth and can affect the way your food is digested. I wanted to take longer to chew my food, making sure that I enjoyed every bite and wasn't just eating it as fast as I can on the go. It was one of the easiest to do, but out of the whole line up, was probably the one that I saw the most difference in straight away. I felt better in just under a week and actually sitting down to have a meal, taking my time and not talking throughout, left me feeling a lot less bloated and... gassy in general. 

I've always been a fairly active person, cycling for a few hours a day, several times a week and then a couple of at-home workouts in between to help strengthen too. That being said, I never looked at the possibility that breathing exercises especially during yoga can actually aid digestion and reduce bloating too. On my cool downs after my workouts, I've been consciously taking ten minutes or so to concentrate on my posture and steady breathing to ensure that I'm sitting up straight which thus releases any acid reflex I may have.

The last little change I've made is adding more fibre into my diet in the form pulses such as chickpeas and beans, but by also getting my five a day in often in a tasty smoothie at the start of the day. I never realised before that aside from veggies and the odd chickpea curry, I often wasn't getting a lot of fibre into my diet, a element that is great for your gut health. It was so easy to start introducing new foods and finding new recipes to accommodate were even better. Adding a black bean topping to my jacket potato, eating wholemeal bread and blending up my favourite green smoothie are all different ways I started to get more fibre and I've noticed a difference with the rest of these changes to how I feel overall.  

Will you be looking at incorporating any of these little changes into your daily routine? 

Written in collaboration with Rennie, but all thoughts are my own. Rennie Heartburn, Indigestion and Wind Relief Chewable Tablets. Always read the label. 

Monday 1 April 2019

5 Things I've Added To My April To-Do List

The clocks have gone forward, I've seen the most magical cherry blossom trees and I think it's safe to say that Spring has officially sprung. March saw a quick trip to the Cotswolds and Bath accompanied by the glorious weather and even better food, but April has high promises too. I've put together a list consisting of five things I've added to this month's to-do list and I wanted to share them with you today. 

Do A Lush Order | I haven't shopped in Lush since Christmas, but their new releases are seriously tempting right now. The Rose Bombshell Egg and Golden Egg are of course on the list, but their Spring collection has made its way onto my wishlist too. 

Add More Greenery To The Home | There's something about the warmer, brighter weather that makes my want to fill each room with blossoming flowers and falling plants. I've got my eye on a few hanging planters to put them in as well as homeware pieces to compliments the green too - I'm thinking lots of brass and gold accents. 

Have A Clear Out | In March, we emptied our spare bedroom and cleared out of wardrobes, switching around where my desk sits and getting some more storage too. The only element of the room I didn't completely sort out was my beauty cabinet, so that's on my to-do list for this month. It's a huge task, but one that will feel much better when done. 

Plan Our Trip To Portugal | We were supposed to go away for a few days at the end of March, but a few events meant that we no longer couldn't go, so we swapped it for a night away in the Cotswolds as I previously mentioned. It ended up being a blessing in disguise, so we took it upon ourselves to secure a few days in Porto at the end of April instead. I want to get researching some places to visit whilst we're there and make sure I'm ready for the hot weather we'll hopefully be experiencing. 

Find New Recipes To Try | With each new season, I like to incorporate new fruits and veggies into my diet. I've started to have a smoothie a few times a week packed full of all the good greens, but I want to dig out my favourite salad and lighter meal recipes too. 

What's on your April to-do list? 
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