Thursday, 17 October 2019

Is This Tool The Secret To Perfect Skin?

Panasonic 3 in 1 Facial Enhancer Review
Panasonic 3 in 1 Facial Enhancer Review
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Every now and again I want to seriously up my skincare regime, but that can be difficult when you feel like you've nailed the perfect routine. The next step is to look for a skincare tool that could help me along with my skincare goals and the Panasonic 3 in 1 Micro-Current Facial Enhancer* is exactly that for me. 

This tool has offered great results in terms of minimising wrinkles and improving skin's firmness amongst users, many saying this reduce the appearance of fine lines in 4 weeks of usage. I personally use this tool to better the absorption of my moisturisers and deep cleanse my skin as it promises to enhance penetration of your active skincare ingredients by up to 40% and extract up to 60% more dirt and grease than without using the tool. It's easy to use which makes me so much more likely to pick it up both in the morning and evening and I wanted to share with you a bit more about this tool. 

With three modes, there's one of the purify the skin, one to help your moisturiser absorb better and then the cooling mode; this one helps to lock in all hydration as well as tightening your pores along the way. The Panasonic Enhancer works in way I haven't seen a skincare tool do before by applying micro-current through the skin, alternating between positive and negative energy which when the device is held in your hand it closes the circuit and therefore causing ions to move into the skin - very scientific! 

Back to the three settings now and my favourite is the cooling mode as this is the one I've seen the most improvement of my skin from. When used in the morning before makeup, I find that my pores appear a lot smaller, making my base go on a lot smoother and as the cooling sensation feels great underneath the eyes, this helps to perk up that area in the AM. 
Panasonic 3 in 1 Facial Enhancer Review
After taking off your makeup at night, the cleansing mode works by deep cleanse your skin further. You just attach your micellar water or lotion to a cotton pad and then attach it to the head of the device using the clip provided. I couldn't believe how much more makeup this gets off from my skin and unlike a cleansing tool with a brush head, this feels gentle and satisfying to use. 

Lastly we have the moisturising setting which I saw a difference in my skin just the morning after I first used it - it seriously works! Simply apply your given moisturiser to your face and switch the device on to the selected mode. It warms up slightly and the device times your use so that you don't go over-board. It massages your complexion with ease and makes your skin appear brighter too. 

Overall, I think the Panasonic 3in1 Facial Enhancer is a great tool to have especially if you're feeling like your skincare regime is in need of an upgrade. As you can tailor it to your own needs, I change what I want to get from it each night. It's super easy and convenient and it's seriously upped my game when I want to give myself an at-home facial. 

Have you tried the Panasonic 3-1 Micro-Current Facial Enhancer? 

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Pink and Burgundy Beauty Favourites

Pink and Burgundy Beauty Favourites
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On Wednesday's we wear pink..! If there's one shade that I wear the most on a regular basis it's every shade of pink, burgundy and mauve. It's easy to pull off and goes with a variety of looks as it can be worn on the cheeks, lips or eyes. Here are my favourite pink makeup and beauty products that I've currently got at the front of my collection. 

If there's one way to wear this hue in an easy way it's with blusher. It's super complimentary on every skin tone in my opinion and depending on your skin type, you have both a powder, liquid and cream formula to choose from. The Glossier Cloud Paints are always a good idea as they blend into the skin seamlessly; the shades Haze and Puff being the two that give you either a strong burgundy hue or a pretty pink. If cream is what you're after then the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge will be up your street as this can be used on your cheeks or your face for a healthy dose of colour to your complexion.  

Then it's powder, my favourite formula to use daily as I find it's long lasting and easy to top up throughout the day if you need to. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette offers three shades to choose from, but it's their pink shade that I wanted to focus on as it's super pretty on the skin as it offers a natural looking colour that just sits so comfortable on the cheeks. I follow it up with the Laura Mercier Indiscretion Illuminator which looks as pretty on as it does in the pan with it's swirling design that delivers a good amount of pigmentation without being too OTT. 

For eyes, the Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp Quad* is a great pick if you're new to high end makeup and you want a palette easy to use as all four shades can be mixed and matched to create different eye makeup looks. If you want something even easier, then the Hourglass Blaze Scattered Lights will be for you as this shade is a one sweep wonder that gives you a burgundy smokey eye using only one colour. I finish off the look with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara which is only in this pink post due to it's packaging. 

Extra's in my routine include lip balm in the form of Girl Undiscovered Pink Skies* which has a cinnamon scent very fitting for this season and the nourishing balm to oil formula makes it easy to use. The Essie nail vanishes have been featured on my blog many times before and I've done countless posts, but Bahama Mama and Ladylike are two shades that I wear all year round. 

What are your favourite pink and burgundy beauty favourites? 


Tuesday, 15 October 2019

5 Mid-Autumn Favourites

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Autumn is my favourite season if you couldn't tell already and with the new Christmas launches coming up quickly, I've been trying lots of new products out. Despite this, I've been using a handful of items that I've had in my collection for some time and I wanted to share with you my current favourites. 

First up is the Glow Recipe Pineapple C-Bright Serum* which has helped to keep dry patches at bay and brighten my skin even during the transitional period between Summer and Autumn where my skin usually suffers with more blemishes and dryness than usual. I use it underneath my moisturiser and it's made such a big difference with prolonged use as it's really good if you've got a spot that you want to disappear quicker. 

Just like my complexion, my lips often suffer in the colder weather and the Girl Undiscovered Pink Skies* has been helping me keep them in tip top condition. This balm to oil formula sits amazingly on the lips as although it's super nourishing, it doesn't take long to sink in if you use a light layer, but you can also build it up to make it into a lip mask. 

In terms of makeup, I've been using my regular routine, but one re-discovery that stands out is the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow*. This highlighting and bronzing duo helps to warm up the skin, add definition to the cheekbones and a soft glow to the complexion too. 

For perfume, there was just pick that I thought of when writing up this post and it was the Diptyque Do Son*, which I was kindly gifted just before my birthday from World Duty Free. It reminds me of my 21st when I first treated myself to it and to wear it again two years later was great! 

Lastly we have the Lush Halloween collection in which I have to Punkin Pumpkin which is just as great as it sounds. It's cinnamon scent and creamy formula makes for a nourishing pick for a relaxing bath - something I've been doing much more regular this Autumn. 

What are your current beauty favourites? 

Sunday, 13 October 2019

A Cosy Autumn Evening Routine

A Cosy Autumn Evening Routine
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This cold weather makes me want to cosy up and settle down for the evening and after a hard week, I thought that sharing my relaxing Autumn routine would be perfect to go up on a Sunday! 

I start off the evening either with a baking or cooking session. I've found listening to a podcast whilst either whipping up a batch of delicious cupcakes or cooking my favourite warming dinner very relaxing and helps me de-stress especially if I pick something I've made before. I find soups, curry's and even making your favourite childhood dinner definitely makes you feel extra cosy! 

I treat myself to dinner in front of the television and I stick on something that I love. The Harry Potter films are always a good idea, but even stick on your favourite TV series. Gilmore Girls is a great Autumn pick as it never fails to make me feel cosy, but even a spooky offering like the new American Horror Story which feels very fitting for this season. 

After dinner, I like to run myself a bubble bath with lots of candles and relaxing music playing. Lush bath bombs or bubble bars are always a top choice for me, but the Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée is a long time favourite! In the bath, I like to make the most of having some time alone and I like to pamper myself from head to toe. I like to give my locks a deep cleanse using the Kristin Ess Bubble Mask which you use underneath your shampoo and then I follow up using a nourishing hair mask, whilst I shave my legs and exfoliate all over. 
A Cosy Autumn Evening Routine
When I get out, I take my time to add a luxurious body butter and pop my hair up in a towel to dry. Whilst it's drying, I like to put on my side light to add a certain ambience to the room as I paint my nails in a fresh shade for Autumn - the Essie Angora Cardi being my go-to. 

Then I head back downstairs to put on the rest of my TV series with a cup of tea in my favourite mug (this one is similar) and some chocolate or a cupcake I baked earlier. I like to light my candles around my living room and put on my lamp that gives off a soft light; then I get underneath my bundle of blankets! If you're not feeling TV, then I would recommend listening to a podcast, reading that book on your to-read pile or just dancing around to a feel good playlist! 

What's your favourite things to do on a cosy evening? 

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Makeup Tones For Autumn

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Autumn is my favourite season to start experimenting with my makeup and switch up my the tones that I wear. Berry tones, glowy skin and a statement red lip is part of my routine in the colder months, so I thought I'd share with you some of my go-to products. 

Blusher is the one of the first items I like to switch out as I find it's super easy to find a complimenting tone to match the rest of my makeup. Every year I bring out the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blusher as it's honestly one of the best shades for adding a pop of colour that still looks natural and super pretty on the skin. 

If you want something a little more natural looking then I'd recommend the Glossier Haze Cloud Paint which is not only super long lasting on the skin, it's easy to use as well! 

As for the eyeshadow, I reach for warm tones all year around, but even more so when the season gets colder. The Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp Quad* is a firm favourite especially in the run up to Christmas, but I find these four shades work well together to create a smokey look that anybody can wear. If I want more choice, I pick up the ABH Soft Glam Palette* which is as gorgeous as the eye as it is in the pan as each shade offers a great amount of pigment and blend together effortlessly.

For lipstick, a red is always a classic shade to wear. The Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Queen* is absolutely perfect as it's super complimentary and great if you want your teeth to look white too. Although red, it's a little darker in tone which makes it fitting for Autumn and great if you're not ready to sport a berry lipstick just yet. 

What are your favourite makeup tones to wear in Autumn? 

Friday, 11 October 2019

Quick, Easy Five Minute Makeup

Easy Five Minute Makeup
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Over the last couple of weeks I've been feeling under the weather and other than my birthday events, I've been using quick, easy makeup a lot more recently. Five minute makeup is perfect for if you want to cover up blemishes, but you don't want to wear a full face of makeup or if you're in the rush and you just want something on. 

Rather than foundation, I've been using the Bare Minerals Bare Skin Concealer* which is a serum base concealer that looks super natural on the skin, can be blended in with your fingers or a sponge and covers everything you need to. Instead of setting it with a powder, this sets itself and doesn't look glossy, so I go in with a bronzer! 

The Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow* has been a firm favourite as it's the perfect tone for adding warmth without having a grey tone. Normally I struggle with using bronzer when I don't have a lot of base products on, but this has changed the way my quick makeup looks. I then add a pop of colour in the form of the Glossier Cloud Paint which is long lasting and perks up my usually lacklustre complexion. 

I can't stop at just face makeup and I find adding brow definition makes all the difference to the way this looks, so the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade* is great as you can use a thin brush to create the appearance of strokes and this product is super long lasting. After a couple of layers of my favourite Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, I'm then done and ready to apply lip balm to finish off the look. 

What's your go-to five minute makeup?


Thursday, 10 October 2019

Shop My Autumn Instagram Outfits

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Last weekend it was my birthday and with Autumn in full swing, I feel like my favourite season for fashion is finally here! I've been creating lots of content with the pieces I've been loving the most this October and sharing them on my Instagram here and I thought it was the perfect time to share some links to the items I've been styling. 

I've been wearing the New Look Chiffon Smock Dress in pink to death recently, so of course it had to be my Birthday outfit of course and I put on the ASOS Korey Over The Knee Boots which I also got as a present. These boots have taken me a while to get used to because they're a bit higher than I'm used to, but they've started my off my obsession with this style of shoe and now I'm eyeing up the New Look Suedette offerings

I've started wearing more mustard and rust recently as I feel like it's very fitting for this time of the year, so wearing this Nasty Gal Stripe Jumper Dress to the pumpkin patch just felt right! I've been eying up the Boohoo Buckle Detail Skirt as although I don't need any new skirts right now, it would look great with a jumper tucked into it and paired with tights for the colder months. It's not just clothes I'm loving these sort of tones as this DesignB Burgundy Plaited Headband is absolutely perfect and I think this would spruce up any Autumnal outfit. 


Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Chocolate Orange Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Chocolate Orange Cupcake Recipe
Halloween Chocolate Orange Cupcake Recipe
Halloween Chocolate Orange Cupcake Recipe
After scouring Pinterest for Halloween recipes, I came across this Ghoulishly Awesome Black and Orange Cupcakes which is a marbled take on the recipe I had it mind and I knew instantly I wanted to re-create it. These delicious, moorish cakes will no doubt be gone in minutes - perfect for the 31st or if you're heading to any Halloween parties this season. 

I used a standard chocolate cupcake recipe that I've been using since I was child when I used to bake at the weekend with my Nan. I can do this recipe with my eyes shut, but now is the time to share my secrets! 

My top tip for this recipe would be to weigh your two eggs and then however many grams they weigh, that's how much butter and sugar you should use. If you were making vanilla cupcakes then the flour would be equal too! I have adapted this recipe to show you the average amount of grams this usually is! 

Ingredients (12 cupcakes) - 

175g Butter
175g Granulated Sugar
150g Self-Raising Flour
25g Cocoa Powder
2 Teaspoon Water
1 Teaspoon Orange Extract 
Optional - 1/2 Zest of an Orange

Cake Decor Halloween Frosting 
Baked With Love Halloween Decorations 

Method - 

Start off by creaming together the butter and sugar together in a bowl until it's fluffy and a pale white in shade. 

Then add in the two eggs, one at a time. Once mixed together, add the water and orange extract (orange zest if needed) to the mixture. 

Slowly add the self raising flour into the mixture, 50g at a time until smooth. 

Spoon into your cupcake cases of choice (I use black space themed ones!) and place in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. 

For the icing, I cheated this time and went with the a pre-made Halloween frosting and decorations, but you can easily re-create this look with an piping bag and nossle! Just make two mixtures of butter icing; dying one with black colouring and the other with orange. Put one half down one side of the piping bag and the other colour down the other side. Swirl on top of the cupcake. For the decorations, I went with pre-made icing decorations, but another few ideas would be: 

- Edible eyes stuck all over the frosting. 
- Cutting an Oreo in half to make wings and a mini Oreo paired with edible eyes to give the appearance of a bat. 
- Create a white spider's web using melted white chocolate and a stencil. Once set, place on top of your cupcake. 

Did you enjoy this chocolate orange Halloween recipe? Will you be re-creating this at home? 

Monday, 7 October 2019

A Concealer For Every Concern

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I've come on a long journey when it comes to concealer; going from the girl that wasn't that fussy to one that has slowly started to get a collection of different concealers for various concerns. I know it can be a little overwhelming to choose one for your skin type, so I'm complied a list on a handful of my favourites. 

I have to talk about under-eye concealers first as I know they're all the rage at the moment and we've all seen photographs on when they don't work too well. I think a lot of people bring emphasis to making sure the concealer for under your eyes are super light to brighten and contour, but I think it's best to stick to just a shade half or one below what you usually wear for your foundation. The concealer that comes to mind when I think of under-eyes is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye* which says it all with the name really. 

If you suffer with blue or purple tones under neath your eyes rather than pile on as much concealer as you can, I would recommend trying out colour correcting instead even if it's just building up the amount you apply before your concealer so that you get used to how much you need. 

An all rounder concealer is one of my favourites to own as I love to use them on a day to day basis as they can easily be used to cover redness, banish blemishes and conceal any dark circles you have all in one go. The Too Faced Born This Way Concealer* is my favourite for doing this as it's super easy to blend into your skin and always look seamless which is important when you want creaseless under-eyes and you want to make your blemish cover up look natural. If that one doesn't tickle your fancy then I'm sure the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away* pick will be as although I'm not a fan of the sponge applicator, the formula and finish makes up for that. It's natural on the skin and conceals everything it needs to around your face. 

If you prefer to have a natural coverage concealer; one that will cover any redness that needs to, but can be worn on it's own if needs be, then the Glossier Stretch Concealer is the one for you. For me, I think it's important that it doesn't appear too dewy or glossy on the skin as this takes away from the overall look and performance. 

For just banish the appearance of spots I would recommend the Nars Soft Matte Concealer. It took me a while to warm to this as I was trying to use it all over my face, but once I realised it works as a top up throughout the day or to cover up any blemishes I have - I started to love it. You need the smallest amount at the end of your Beauty Blender to blend this into your complexion in seconds.

What are your favourite concealers?  

Sunday, 6 October 2019

The Top Casual Halloween Outfits

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Halloween season is here and despite being early in celebrating it, I'm full embracing every aspect of this spooky month. There's lots of clothes on the market that are not only perfect for if you've got a Halloween party coming up that you don't want to go in full dress up for as well other pieces that you could continue to wear all year around. Here are my top picks. 

This Nasty Gal Stripe Knit Dress gives me serious cosy vibes and the colours in it work perfectly for this season. I could imagine this could be dressed up or down with a pair of chunky boots or with a hair accessory. Another dress you could wear all year is something with star print on it, plus it'll be fitting for bonfire night through to Christmas too - This Boohoo Midi Pick being absolutely dreamy! 

It's even down to the accessories including socks and these Celestial one's are absolutely amazing and they would perfectly match with Moon Enamel Necklace. If neither of those tickle your fancy then I'm sure this Pumpkin iPhone Case may do. It's a great way to incorporate a bit of Halloween into your daily life without it being too in your face! 

Have you seen Halloween bits that you love? 

Saturday, 5 October 2019

A Birthday Makeup Look

Birthday Makeup
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It's my birthday! I turn 23 today and I'm going to be celebrating into the evening, so I need makeup that I can easily transition day to night. I wanted to put together a look with a strong lip and smokey eye that will make my feel ultra-special! 

For my base, I want to make sure that my skin is moisturised with the Glow Recipe Watermelon Serum* as it's lightweight, but delivers a good amount of hydration so that all my products go on a lot smoother. Then it's primer and I use two - one for luminosity and the other for longevity. The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray* is a favourite for the latter as it works wonder at keeping everything in place, whilst the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow* perks up my complexion and looks naturally glowy underneath my foundation. 

Talking of foundation, I have been contemplating using a few because I want a base that will be long lasting, but comfortable to wear and can be topped up if needs be. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation* is a great all rounder as it offers a natural finish with medium, buildable coverage that matches my skin tone down to the T. 

For powder, I rely on my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette to give myself a lit from within look that can keep shine at bay all day, but look radiant at the same time. As for contour, I reach for the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow* as I find to achieve the illusion of cheekbones. For highlighter, it really depends how I'm feeling, but the Laura Mercier Devotion Illuminator* looks as good on the skin as it does in the pan!   

I will probably be going for a classic eye liner wing look during the day, but creating something a little more bold tonight. The Nars Mini Wanted Palette* is great for putting together a warm toned smokey eye as all the shades work perfectly together and the pink tones will compliment my outfit! 

It was an easy choice for lips - my Charlotte Tilbury The Queen Lipstick*. It's pink, it's bold and it's great for birthday makeup or any event really. It can be easily topped, but lasts a good amount of time through eating and drinking too. 

What do you think of my birthday makeup? 


Friday, 4 October 2019

Autumn Facial Routine

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With my birthday coming up where I'll enviably be eating a lot of pizza and cake, I want to make sure my skin is in tip top condition. I always stick to a morning and evening skincare regime, but I've been adding in regular facials to improve the texture and appearance of my complexion. 

I've been using my Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser* to help rid my skin of any blemishes I have. It makes my skin look clearer and cleaner, without stripping it which is what I love. After cleansing, I then go in with a physical or chemical exfoliator in the form of the Pixi Peel and Polish* or Farmacy Honeymoon Glow*, I tend to go with the former as I like to use a variety of other lotions and potions afterwards whereas I find the latter in great if you don't have lots of time. 

I go in with a face mask which is one of the most important parts. I use skincare tools before and afterwards, but I'll be doing any post explaining those later this month! The Fresh Rose Face Mask* is perfect if your skin is feeling irritated and you want a boost of hydration as this instantly improves my complexion. After five minutes, I massage any excuse that hasn't soaked into my skin and then I remove it with a splash of warm water before going in with my Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic* which finishes of the routine nicely. 

Then it's onto serums and I've been using two! The first one is Glow Recipe's Pineapple C-Bright Serum* which does what it says on the tin and helps to add luminosity to the skin - it really works! It doesn't strip the skin, but I know at this point my skin needs another drink, so the Fresh Deep Rose Hydrating Serum* works perfectly at adding a silky, yet smooth feeling to the complexion. I finish everything off with a few swipes of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream*, a super nourishing and thick luxurious moisturiser that sinks in quickly and makes my skin feel amazing. 

What's your Autumn facial routine? 

Thursday, 3 October 2019

8 TV Shows To Watch This Halloween

Halloween season is here! I'm super excited to start sharing with you some of my favourite series, films and podcasts to watch and listen to, you will definitely be seeing a lot more pumpkins and cosy set ups from me over the next few weeks. Today, get your snacks at the ready as I've got the best TV shows you binge watch over the next four weeks in the lead up to the 31st. 

Scream Queens | This TV show may have been cancelled after two series, but it's one of my favourites to rewatch at Halloween. It's like Halloween Mean Girls which I'm all here for as it's not super scary at all, but still has lots of gore and suspense. 

American Horror Story | The new series has started and although I prefer the first and third series, the new 1984 is really enticing me in and after the first episode I'm super excited for the next one! If you want a jumpy series that has a storyline and you can easily binge watch then I'd recommend checking AHS out on Netflix now. 

Stranger Things | Stranger Things is quickly becoming a classic and it's the perfect pick for those of you that want to be slightly spooked, but you're not a fan of anything too jumpy and bloody. The first and last season are my favourites, so it would be another option if you want to binge watch a series on the lead up to the 31st! 

Santa Clarita Diet | A bit of light relief now in the form of Santa Clarita Diet as although this has now been cancelled (Netflix what are you playing at?!), I can't help but love this series. Although it features zombies, it's super funny and would be great for those who want to watch something Halloween themed on their own and still manage to sleep at night. 

The Haunting of Hill House | A favourite from last year was The Haunting of Hill House and if you've been living under a rock, it's a ten episode long season that's recently been renewed for another season next year that although I'm gutted doesn't come out this year, it gives me a chance to re-watch this very spooky and jump worthy series! 

The Walking Dead | Don't get me wrong I don't watch TWD at the moment as the latest series didn't float my boat, but the first five seasons are great! It's got everything you want around Halloween; zombies and gore so I would recommend at least checking it out to see if it's for you. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | It can be hard to stop comparing this to the original show you watched when you were a child, but once you get over that then this is everything you want. It definitely feels like it's in the similar vein to the likes of Riverdale, but if you want an easy, teen watch this spooky season then this would be for you. 

Mind Hunter | Something a little bit different is Mind Hunter as the serial killers inside the story are based on true people which definitely makes it more eerie. This one would be a go-to for those of you that just want an interesting watch that won't keep you up at night when the door creaks. 

What are your favourite TV shows to watch at Halloween? 

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

5 Must-Have Autumn Essie Shades

Essie Autumn Nail Polishes

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You know it's officially Autumn when I crack out my favourite dark Essie nail polish shades and this year rather than going all in with just one colour, I've been painting each nail a different hue to match current Pinterest trends. I wanted to share 

Spin The Bottle is the lightest of the round up, but one that I've repurchased multiple times as it works throughout the year - complimenting a tan as well as going well with cosy Autumnal layers. It's leans more towards the pink side of your traditional nude hue, but it would compliment all skin tones. 

For a classic nude shade, Bare With Me is my top choice and although it's got a peachy tone to it, it can still be easily worn in the colder season. This barely there hue is great for everyday wear and can easily be topped up if it starts to chip towards the end of the working week. 

One of the most popular Essie shades is Angora Cardi and for a very good reason too. It's a berry shade with a difference as it isn't as intense as my usual picks, but it still offers a statement nail. It's almost got a creamy look to it, but it's the longest lasting shade in terms of wear from this bunch of nail polishes. 

Ahh... Bahama Mama - the shade that I would argue is my most worn and loved Essie nail polish ever. It's deep, it's rich and the burgundy shade is the epitome of Autumn to me! It's super long lasting and it my go-to pick whenever I'm giving myself a manicure. 

If you want something a little darker, then I'd recommend Sole Mate - a perfect option for the lead up to Halloween. It may look like Bahama Mama in the pot and from afar it may look black in tone, but it's actually more of a deep purple shade that can give you an opaque finish in just one layer, but after two and a top coat you've got yourself a long lasting, glossy nail shade. 

What's your favourite Essie nail polish? 


Tuesday, 1 October 2019

5 Things I've Added To My October To-Do List

October To Do List
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It's October - my favourite month in the whole year! It's my birthday in the first week and I have the excuse to fully embrace everything Autumn and Halloween related. I really want to make the most of everything that comes with October and despite having a feeling it'll go super fast, I want to savour every moment. 

Celebrate Our Birthdays | It's both mine and Tom's birthday this month which means we've got lots planned and it's super busy with celebrations happening all the weekend and us going away for a getaway in a couple of weeks time too. 

Embrace Halloween | Over the past couple of years I've really embraced my love for the spooky season and this year I want to go all out. I'm decorating a few corners of my home with black and orange bunting, banners, pumpkins and fairy lights. I also want to get back into baking more as I whipped up a banana bread and lemon drizzle cakes the other week and now I want to make it more Halloween themed. 

Take More Breaks | Despite having a busy month as I said, I want to take more breaks away from my screen and head outside to go for a bike ride or a run. It definitely helps my overall mood when I'm not stuck at my laptop all day, so even if it's making sure that admin days are split up with photography sessions.

A Blog Post A Day | Autumn brings its own new challenges, but I love how much inspiration it gives me and despite already having a lot on my to-do list I want to try my hardest to publish a new blog post everyday or at least aim for 5-6 posts a week. There will be everything from baking to beauty as well as fashion and cosy lifestyle posts too. 

Switch Up My Style | I've got my eye on a few new pieces for the colder season as I realised upon trying on my Autumn wardrobe, I have quite a lot that doesn't fit me so needs to be sold or they're damaged now after years of wear. 

What's on your October to-do list? 

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