Friday 13 October 2017

A Glossier Makeup Haul

Over the past couple of months, I have been collecting some Glossier cult favourites in anticipation of the UK release. As soon as they went live on Monday, I knew I had to make another order (or two!). What I was most drawn to was the makeup, although I have ordered the moon mask and priming moisturiser rich too. Here is what I picked up: 

Although I adore pressed powders that help to illuminate my complexion, I'm far more likely to reach for a loose powder as I think they work better on the whole with my skin type. The Wowder Powder has been on my wishlist since it's release not too long ago and I'm so glad I picked it up. As a dewy skin lover, I try and keep my face powder as natural as possible, still allowing my skin's glow to shine through. I've only tried this once, but so far so good as it doesn't make my face look two dimensional and it does work great with the stretch concealer - I even tested it for two hours bike riding outside and it didn't budge. 

I didn't go in with the intention of buying the Phase 2 Set, but I was drawn in by Boy Brow and the Stretch Concealer, both of which I've heard great things about. I wasn't too sure about getting a Generation G Lipstick because none of the colours had ever spoken to me until I clocked Jam. From then, I've been noticing a variety of other shades I'd like to pick up and give a try if I like the formula of Jam. I've got to admit I wasn't impressed with the first or even second application, I felt like the colour was great, but it needed lots of warming up until you got the colour pay off you wanted. It's matte and currently I'm using a lip balm underneath it which turns it a bit glossier (ay), but I'm determined to persist purely because the colour is perfect for Autumn - We shall see.  

I'm really hoping that the Boy Brow, which I got in the shade brown, will rival my love for the Benefit Gimme Brow, a product I have repurchased multiple times. At first application, it seemed too gloopy and runny, but once it had dried, I've got to admit I was impressed. I'm not sure if I was just having a good brow day, but my brows did look thicker and fuller, so I can't wait to continue using this as they weren't flakey nor did they feel like they had a lot of product in. 

I was skeptical about picking up the Stretch Concealer because I wasn't too sure if the shade would be the right match for me (the lightest shade isn't too light), but the appeal of a lightweight offering that can be worn with ease on a bare face got the better of me. I wanted it because although I adore my Kat Von D Lock It Concealer, I wanted something a little lighter for when I want to wear as little makeup as possible. Although waxy at first glance, the formula is much creamier than expected, so I think it works great with a beauty blender. I used this sort of all over my face and it can be layered up for more coverage without caking, or can be applied lightly for all over coverage. I haven't used this with a foundation underneath yet, but when paired with Wowder, it does make my skin look lovely and the powder takes away the slight sheen the concealer has. 

After the success of Dusk Cloud Paint, I knew that the other shades would be at the top of my list to get. I ended up getting the duo because you save a little bit of money getting it that way, but I was unsure on the two shades that I should get. In the end I settled for Haze and Puff, but I already know I'll be getting the last one of the collection, Beam. Dusk was hands down one of my favourite blusher formulas as it was super creamy, blend into the skin like a dream and I'm so glad the other two shades are as gorgeous and the same formula. I like that you can mix them to create different colours too, as this is definitely something I'll be doing to get creative. 

Did you pick anything up from Glossier? 

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