Thursday 30 September 2021

The Best Seasonal Autumn Jumpers

Best Seasonal Autumn Jumpers Fall Sweaters

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Now that it is the officially the season of crunchy leaves, pumpkin patches and cosy knits, I thought now would be the perfect time to do a round up of my favourite seasonal Autumn jumpers. 

It was Joanie's Fox Jumper* that started this post off as it has gained quite the following online. With a fox, squirrel and mushroom print on the front and the jumper being the perfect thickness for the cold weather, I feel like if I could, I'd wear this jumper everyday. Joanie's amazing range of jumpers doesn't stop there as their Red Apple Jumper* is another favourite of mine, but it's their newly released Ghost Jumper that has caught my attention the most. 

You probably wouldn't have thought about checking out Etsy for clothing, but I always like to have a look at their new seasonal offerings. This Dancing Screams Jumper is currently on my wishlist as I think it looks so comfy and if you're looking for a understated Halloween pick, then this is perfect! I also love the simplicity of this Pumpkin Embroidered Sweatshirt which comes in a forest green shade perfect for this time of the year. 

If you're looking to splurge on a seasonal jumper then I would recommend checking out KJP as they offer some great pieces. I've been eyeing up this Big Cozy Leaf Sweater for some time as I think it would go with everything in the Autumn season, although I have also been looking at  the Pumpkin Sweater which is just as adorable - what a hard choice to make! 


Wednesday 29 September 2021

10 Activites To Do This Autumn

10 Activites To Do This Autumn

 "Autumn…the year's last, loveliest smile." 

Autumn goes by far too quickly every year, so despite it only starting, I already feel like it's slipping away week upon week. That being said, I've made it my mission this year to make the most of my favourite season making sure to tick everything off my to-do list. With the leaves turning crisp and the air getting colder, I thought now is the perfect time to give you inspiration on what to do this Autumn. 

Visit A Pumpkin Patch Probably one of my favourite Autumn traditions is going to a pumpkin patch. They're popping up all over the UK now, so it's easy to get to one (or three!) every season to pick out pumpkins to carve or eat. 

Decorate For Autumn I've already decorated for Autumn in *cough* August, but if you haven't already, then now would be the perfect time to do so. Think about switching out your cushions, hanging fairy lights and putting out pumpkins on display - maybe even fill a snack dish up with your favourite spooky snack! 

Read A Spooky Book Over the next few weeks, I'll be focusing on some horror reads as I love to be a little bit spooked throughout October. Why not try a classic like Dracula by Bram Stoker or one more suited to children like Small Spaces by Katherine Arden. 

Collect Conkers, Pine Cones and Leaves I think one of my joys of this season is all the little things Autumn has to offer. I love nothing more than wrapping up warm for a rainy walk around the woods to find conkers, pine cones and the biggest leaves. 

Have A Cosy Night In Grab your favourite blanket, get into your snuggliest PJ's and settle down with a childhood classic that makes you feel nostalgic. Having a cosy night in during Autumn is one of my favourite activities and despite being simple, sometimes going out all makes all the difference. I personally love to light lots of candles, dim the lights and have a duvet day on the sofa. 

10 Activites To Do This Autumn

Go To A Corn Maize If I'm honest I've never considered going to corn fields around Halloween before until this year, but I went a week or so ago and I'm obsessed. If you've got children it's the perfect activity and a great way to spend the afternoon. A lot more places are opening up the UK featuring hay rides, corn maizes and pumpkin patches all in one place! 

Bake Your Favourite Snacks Turning my favourite treats into Halloween themed snacks is something I aim to do every year. Why not make a savoury spooky board up featuring mummy sausage rolls and spider olives or go for a sweet version with bat brownies and pumpkin apple pies

Visit A Haunted House One of my new traditions (although it's been on pause for a couple of years now) is going to a haunted house experience. They often have talented actors set up in certain situations from horror films, so you can walk around with your group of friends to get an almighty spook. 

If haunted house experiences aren't your thing and you prefer the real deal, then there's lots of abandoned castles throughout the country that you can visit.

Put Together A Playlist Putting together seasonal playlists on Spotify brings me so much joy as there's so many songs that I associate with certain seasons. For Halloween, I like to put together a playlist that has some of the old classics as well as the understated modern picks. 

Go Apple Picking It may be a little late in the season now to visit an apple orchard, but definitely add it to next years to-do list. Going apple picking feels like a wholesome way to spend an afternoon and getting to go home with your loot to bake a delicious apple pie or crumble. 

What's on your Autumn to-do list? 


Friday 24 September 2021

The Best Autumn Bedroom Decor

Autumn Fall Bedroom Decor Ideas

Autumn Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Decorating for Autumn brings me so much joy, I think I love it equally as much as I do putting up my Christmas decorations. The cosy additions and warm tones really add to the comforting feel and I love filling spaces up with soft furnishings and cinnamon scented candles. 

I feel like I need to mention my bedding first as I get multiple questions about it a day. It's the Matalan Pumpkin Duvet Cover and I absolutely adore it. Not only does it look amazing and is on the understated side until you look closer, it's on it's second year and is showing little wear and tear. Although it's a little different to the pumpkin one, I'm still eyeing up this Dunelm Forest Duvet Cover as I love the burgundy and Winter themed print. 

On top of my bed I use the H&M Velvet Cushions, but of course my pumpkin plush cushion takes centre show. Although I can't link my exact one, I have found this Velvet Rust Pumpkin Decoration on Etsy which I think is just as adorable! I picked up this Target Pumpkin Blanket and despite being a couple of years ago, this throw has stayed soft and I use it all the time when I want to snuggle up with a candle, a cup of a tea and a book. 

Over my headboard and around my mirror, I have an Autumn Leaf Garland which I think is probably my favourite addition to my bedroom as it immediately adds colour and warmth to the space - plus the leaves really feel like you're adding a bit of the outside indoors. Talking of decorations around my bed, although it doesn't change, my Urban Outfitters Moon Banner feels like it stands out even more in the Autumn and Winter months as I love the celestial feel. 

I have sneaked a few of my Bat Wall Decorations into my bedroom and although I know it's a little early still, I really love these as I struggle with Halloween decorations for this area. I have also added in some Pumpkin Shaped Fairy Lights across my shelving unit as the orange hued illumination looks great! 


Thursday 23 September 2021

Autumn Kitchen Decor Finds

Autumn Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

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With lots of Halloween bakes coming up, I thought I should share with you some of my favourite Autumnal kitchen finds. Hopefully they'll give you some ideas for your own decorations or maybe even inspire yourself to get baking. 

I have to mention the Anthropologie Harvest Juice Glasses first of all because I cannot believe we've finally got them here in the UK and I feel like they're going to sell out quickly. I was hoping for the pumpkin one, but the candy corn and autumn leaf ones are just as cute! 

Talking of drink ware, I get asked a lot of questions about my seasonal mugs and I feel very proud because they're quite special to me. Although I've picked them up from various places over the years, I wanted to find pieces that were as close to mine as possible. If you're from America then this Pumpkin Shaped Mug is near perfect, but if you're from the UK like myself, then maybe check out Amazon's Option Here

My Witches Brew Mug is absolutely adorable and I think that the ceramic black finish makes it a perfect pick if you want to keep your drinks warmer for longer. Although my ghost mug was picked up from Homesense (a favourite shop of mine!), I haven't found one similar yet, however I did come across this Halloween Spooky Iced Coffee Glass and I am absolutely obsessed with it. 

For my orange garland, I made it myself using Dried Orange Slices and a thin piece of thread. It was super easy and I think it's so effective in adding some extra colour in this area of my kitchen. Another question I get asked is where my red mixing bowl is from and although mine is many years old now, I found this Three Piece Batter Bowl Set which is super similar. 

I have a set up with my Wooden Cake Slice which I think is great at adding a little bit of the outside in. On top I have a Mini Fox Planter as well as a pumpkin dish which I change up depending on the season. I also picked up a Pumpkin Shaped Trivet perfect for letting your fresh bakes cool on. 


Tuesday 21 September 2021

Decorating My Living Room For Autumn

Autumn Fall Home Decor Living Room

Autumn Fall Home Decor Living Room

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It goes without saying that Autumn is my favourite season. There's something about the crunchy leaves, the changing colours and the excuse to wear cosy knits everyday that just brings a smile to my face. If there's one thing that I could say brings me the biggest amount of joy it's got to be decorating and after finally tracking down some last minute bits, I feel like my living room is now complete. 

My living room is the area I spend most of my time in especially when it comes to unwinding and relaxing at the end of the day. Our fireplace definitely creates the perfect starting point for building a cosy scene, where I can add piles of pumpkins, candles and decorative ornaments like ghosts and candlesticks. 

In October, I tend to transform my reading nook into a spooky corner with hanging witches hats overhead, but for now, I've opted for a Autumn Wreath which I thought added colour (and more pumpkins!) to the area nicely. My statement chair, which is usually accessorised with a sequin studded cushion has been replaced with a Velvet Bat Cushion (similar to the one linked) which I think adds an early Halloween feel without being too OTT. 

Talking of my fireplace, if you're looking for a Free Standing Log Burner then I'd definitely recommend going for it as I've had mine for several years and I love it when the weather gets colder. I like to compliment it even further by adding some Delicate Fairy Lights which are my favourite addition when it gets dark as all I have to do is turn them on and light a couple of candles to get the ultimate cosy feel. 

Keeping with the bat theme, the Self Adhesive Bats have made a comeback this year and I will never get over how cute they look around my mirror. I've made it my mission to keep adding little details like this throughout my home as it fills out areas the more bare areas around my house. This Pumpkin Garland is a great example of a super versatile pieces as there's a variety of places you can put them - why not even try them vertically as well. 

Sometimes, the simplest decor is the most effective and in my case I tend to go by my own motto - if in doubt, add more pumpkins! I like to add to my stash throughout the season, especially after going pumpkin picking when I can showcase my loot around my fireplace. 

In terms of my sofa, I've convinced myself that despite not needing anymore blankets this year, I did need a little refresh when it came to cushions. I picked up a Plaid Cushion (similar to the one linked) which I think was a great option as I haven't got anything like it, plus it adds colour to this rather plain area. I also have this Ghost Cushion which I think is super cute and it contrasts my Velvet Mustard Cushions well. 

Do you decorate your living room for Autumn? 

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Cosy TV Shows + Films To Watch This Autumn

Cosy Autumn Fall Movies

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Autumn feels like the best time to snuggle up to watch a cosy TV show or film with lots of snacks and blankets. There's nothing I love more than grabbing a hot drink and settling down to binge watch a series or relax with a film when it's gloomy and raining outside. I thought I'd help you out by sharing some of my favourite picks watch this Autumn. 

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is the blue print of cosy TV shows. Everything from the opening credits (those leaves!) to the comforting side characters just screams heartwarming. Whenever I put on an episode it always feels like I'm being welcomed back with a hug. I personally love the episodes that see Stars Hallow events getting some spotlight, so "They Shoot Gilmores, don't they?" (S3 E7) and "The Bracebridge Dinner" (S2 E10) are two of my favourites to watch. 


A new find of mine has been Ghosts, a BBC comedy series from the makers of Horrible Histories. I wasn't expecting to love this TV series as much as I did, but I binge watched it over a matter of days and I'm already contemplating re-watching. The concept is simple, it's about a couple who inherit an old house full of ghosts (duh!) and when Alison has as accident, she's suddenly able to interact with the ghosts. It's got a Halloween feel to it without being scary in the slightest, so it's a perfect cosy Sunday pick. 

Great British Bake Off

Every year I get excited for the release of GBBO and wait for a new episode to drop week upon week. I've even gone back to watch old seasons as they feel so nostalgic for me. I wouldn't recommend watching Great British Bake Off without snacks to hand, however it's a great series if you're looking for baking inspiration or to just relax your mind for an hour. 

Vampire Diaries 

With a town name like Mystic Fall, you can't help but feel like Vampire Diaries is going to be perfect for a cosy Autumnal day. With themes of witches and vampires, you'll be sucked in to it in no time and with eight seasons to binge watch, I think your Autumn will be sorted! 

  • Shadow and Bone
  • Bridgerton
  • Anne With An E
  • Gossip Girl 
  • The Chilling Adventure's of Sabrina
  • Queen's Gambit
  • Sex Education
  • The Good Place

Cosy Autumn TV Shows

In terms of films, I think the cosiest options can come from your childhood because there is nothing quite as comforting as nostalgia. For me, I love a film that is wholesome and has that feel good factor. Personally I find that the best films for getting cosy in Autumn is the non-scary Halloween films, but I love anything with a magical twist too. 

Harry Potter

For me, Harry Potter is the film equivalent to Gilmore Girls when it comes to Autumn viewing. I've watched them both hundred times over, but they never get boring or lose their sparkle. I'm not sure if it's because Harry Potter is often shown on TV around December, but I feel like it's a good choice for Winter too. 

The Hobbit

If you feel like Lord of The Rings is a little daunting to sit through, then I'd recommend The Hobbit. It's a classic for getting in those cosy, magical feels - plus it's extremely wholesome so great for the whole family. 

Little Women

When you think of Autumnal films, Little Women probably wouldn't be at the forefront of your mind, but I find the whole vibe of the film, particularly the snowy scenes, perfect for feeling settling down on a rainy day. My favourite adaptation is the 2019 version as I find everything about it, from the scenery to the acting, an absolute dream.

Hocus Pocus

Although Hocus Pocus maybe a little bit more suitable for October and Halloween, I couldn't help but share it for Autumn too. It's great if you're looking for a non-scary film to get you in the mood and it feels great to watch Hocus Pocus on a rainy afternoon with a hot chocolate in hand. 

  • Practical Magic
  • Lord of The Rings
  • Malificient 
  • Knives Out
  • The Holiday
  • Shrek
  • Matilda

Here are some extras that may help you with your cosy day!


Monday 13 September 2021

Autumn Apple Picking + Easy Apple Crumble Recipe

Autumn Apple Picking Orchard

Autumn Apple Picking Orchard

Autumn Apple Picking Orchard

Every few Autumns, I stumble upon a new activity that I know will become a tradition for many years to come - this year it's apple picking. We took a trip down to Kent to visit the Castle Farm Orchard which is famous for their Norfolk Royal Apples that are shiny and vivid red in appearance. They so wonderful in fact that they're often donned the 'Snow White Apple'. With the sun shining and orchard in full season, I loved taking a wonder around the trees, smelling the slightly sweetened air and feeling a slight fresh breeze which could be mistaken for an early Autumn sign - or maybe that's just wishful thinking. 

With a basket in hand, I set off to pick the juicy red apples hanging from the tree and a few twist and pulls later (did you know that's the best apple picking technique?), I quickly filled my basket up to the brim. I've had visions of what I want to do with my loot for a while now, but the real question was whether I wanted to go for an apple crumble or pie - decisions, decisions! 

Although September is already flying by, I'm hoping that I can find a local apple orchard on my travels before they go out of season as I'd love to go back to one again this year. Whenever I find a new Autumn activity to do year upon year, I get a spring in my step as I love to fill each season with new things to do. Next up... corn maze hunting! 

Easy Apple Crumble Recipe

Now it's onto the good stuff - what to do with the apples you've just collected. There's so many ideas like baking a cinnamon apple cake or even going for toffee apples, but I decided to opt for the delicious classic crumble. The base is made up of the juicy apples mixed with fragrant cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, whilst the buttery topping makes for a warming treat!

Ingredients (Serves 4) 

50g Flour
25g Butter
50g Golden Caster Sugar 
10g Brown Sugar
3 Apples 


Preheat oven to 200c.

Peel and chop up the apples into slices or dice them (depending on your preference). 

Place in a saucepan with the golden caster sugar and your cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Cook until the apples have softened.

In a separate bowl, rub together your flour and butter until breadcrumbs form. Then slowly add in your brown sugar until combined. 

Once your apples have cooled. Place in a dish and top with your crumble mixture. Sprinkle some extra cinnamon and sugar for good measure. 

Bake for 35-40 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with ice cream or vanilla custard. 

Friday 10 September 2021

Early Autumn Outfit Ideas

Early Autumn Fall Outfit Ideas

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I cannot believe it's taken me until now to share my favourite early Autumn outfit finds as I have been looking through and saving a bunch of pieces for some time now. If you enjoy checkered prints, mustard hues and cosy knits, then keep on reading because I'm going to be your biggest enabler. 

Tops + Jumpers

If there's one thing I'm lusting after at the moment it's the Pumpkin Patch Graphic Tee. I think it'd look great tucked into a skirt or just worn casually with jeans - plus it's very seasonal and adorable! Keeping with the Halloween theme, I spotted this Wake Me Up When Its October Tee and I think it's totally up my street and perfect for casual October styling.  

Skirts + Dresses

Checked skirts in Autumn totally have my heart as they're super easy to wear and when it gets colder, all you have to do is add a thick pair of tights to turn it into a Winter appropriate outfit. This Brown Heritage Check Skirt is perfect for an Autumn wardrobe and I feel like it can be worn casually or smartened up. 

If you want to go all out, then I would recommend checking out Modcloth as they often have pieces like this Halloween Sweater Dress which is a great quirky addition to your wardrobe if you're looking for something different this season. 

Coats + Jackets

Although I may be a little premature when it comes to needing a jacket or a coat, the season will come around quickly and I want to make sure I'm prepared. Usually the good ones go pretty quickly, so for the time being I am keeping my eye out for a Checked Shacket like this one or a borg jacket so I can live my Gilmore Girl dreams. 


I've got to admit I probably get the most joy out of shopping for the accessories to add to my outfits. I love finding a chunky pair of boots that I know will go with every outfit and a new pair of Halloween socks! Scarf shopping is also something I love to do and this ASOS Oversized Square Scarf is a great find as I love the different colours that make it up, so I know this would be great with any outfit. 

Something I buy every year is a pair of Polka Dot Tights. I'm not sure why this simple addition to an outfit can make a big difference, but I love them when I'm wearing an all black outfit and to add some warmth once it gets colder. 

I have been eyeing up these Maple Leaf Earrings and I think I'm going to make the plunge soon because I can see myself being super extra with these! 


Tuesday 7 September 2021

5 Things I've Added To My September To-Do List

September To Do List 2021
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To say I'm excited to have Autumn back is an understatement. I couldn't be happier to see the return of cosy nights, crunchy leaves and pumpkin everything! I feel like September is the perfect time to think about my new monthly to-do list, full of fun activities that I want to tick off over the next few weeks. 

September is the month I start to feel revitalised and despite the UK having a sudden heatwave, I'm still looking forward to how the season will change throughout this month. 

Go Pumpkin Picking 

I have a yearly tradition to go pumpkin picking on my birthday in October, but that requires a little planning in September to make sure I have a session booked in. There's a few places near where I live that often do great displays and have field full of pumpkins, so I'm really spoilt for choice. 

I've also been looking out for corn fields because I feel like they give off that perfect spooky feel, but I'm currently not having much luck. 

Read Five Books

Throughout the Summer, I got myself into a reading slump after setting the quest to read the Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows series back to back and despite enjoying the Grishaverse, I felt like I needed some new genres to read. To get back into the swing of things, I have set myself a goal of reading five books throughout September. I really want to focus on spooky or cosy feeling books for the Autumn season, so if you want to follow along you can follow me on my Goodreads

Decorate For Autumn

I've already put most of my Autumn decorations out, however I'm still looking for some extra pieces to fill some empty spots. It's hard to get good decorations in the UK, so I started earlier this year and made sure to keep looking in my favourite shops. I'm currently hoping that pumpkins will start to make an appearance in supermarkets, so I can set up a display on my fireplace! 

Visit An Apple Orchard 

I've wanted to visit an apple orchard at this time of the season for several years now, but haven't made it there yet. I envision myself picking the fresh, juicy apples then taking them home to bake into a delicious apple pie or crumble - with extra cinnamon to fill the kitchen with that scrumptious smell. Apples are out a little later than usual this year, so there's still some time left to find myself a local orchard. 

Pick Up Some New Outfits 

A new season is the perfect excuse to treat myself to a some new pieces in my wardrobe. At this time of the year I like to keep my eyes open for anything cosy and comfy, plus if it's in a checked print or is rust in colour then that's always an added bonus. I feel like shops haven't quite caught up with my excitement for Autumn, but I've put together a few of my favourite finds below. 

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