Tuesday 24 October 2017

The Glossier Cloud Paints

Now that Glossier is easier to get in the UK, I've been making quite a few orders of the products which have been on my wishlist for some time. Today we're talking about the Glossier Cloud Paints, the blushers that have had me smitten over the past few weeks. They're easy to use, are effortlessly blendable and they can be used in conjunction with minimal makeup or for higher coverage looks. 

Dusk was the first shade I owned and it had me smitten from the get go. The bronzy, peachy shade is a unique offering in my collection. It's one that I love using on it's own when I want a natural look, but this hue can be mixed with any of the other shades to create a custom colour too. 

If there's one shade that has taken me by surprise, it's Haze. I nearly didn't get it because I thought it'd be too overpowering on my pale complexion, but it's actually beautiful. It's a very autumnal berry hue that when blended into the cheeks, it looks more like a natural pink. It's longevity is what makes this one stand out from the rest as it lightly stains the cheeks, meaning it doesn't budge all day - not that the other shades budge at all! 

For an everyday, easy to wear shade, Puff is great as the vivid pink looks scary coming out of the tube, but on the skin it perks up the complexion making it look less dull and lacklustre. It's great for a variety of makeup looks too. 

Beam is the only shade I don't currently own, as I thought it'd look too orange, but now I'm tempted as I've seen how great it looks when mixed in with the other shades. I think it'd be great for the Summer time when I'm a little bit more tanned and when I want a pop of colour. 

Have you tried the Glossier Cloud Paints? 

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