Tuesday 3 October 2017

Keeping Your Blog Photography Interesting: Adding Colour

Keeping Your Blog Photography Interesting
I used to struggle with adding colour to my photographs, then I went through a phase of over exposing and not using the right colours for me. I finally got into the swing of things, picking a colour scheme that worked for me and now I am constantly chopping and changing the tones depending on the season and how creative I am feeling. As I'm always working on improving my photography, I wanted to add to my "keeping your blog photography interesting" series, making the next instalment all about adding colour to your images with a few simple tips.

Complimentary Colours | When picking out my props, I like to make sure that they compliment the shades or packaging of the products I've picked out. For instance, pink works great in conjunction with green like the leading photograph in this post, whereby the rose quartz on the lid is striking against the leafy greens. Working with the colour wheel in front of you can help you if you're stuck on which colours work together the best. 

A Piece Of Card | I haven't used this tip yet, but The Makeup Directory and Rhianna Olivia are really good at this. Using multiple different cards from a craft shop can help to add colour and make your photographs pop. 

Pick A Colour You Like | It may sound super simple, but it took me a while to actually use colour schemes that I enjoy rather than what I thought would work. Pinks, brass and green's all work great for me, but wooden textures and burgundy's are perfect too, especially during the Autumn season. If you don't pick a colour you actually enjoy using, the photograph just won't work. For me, I struggle with using yellows and oranges, so I tend to steer clear. 

Work With Textures Too | This is particularly good when using textured backgrounds, a marble offering or a scrunched up blanket. Colours doesn't always have to be flat, so adding multiple layers of pink throws can help to add shadows and definition. 

Flowers and Cacti | One of my favourite ways of adding colours to a photograph is through the use of flowers and succulents. Whether it's green leaves or blush rose petals, they can look great scattered across a background to fill space or can be used to create a blurred foreground effect. 

What are your best tips on adding colour to your photographs? 

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