Wednesday, 19 September 2018

What's In My Makeup Bag

I've had a bit of a declutter of my beauty storage recently and therefore my everyday makeup bag has had a rejig too. I've got lots of new products to try and putting them to the test is easier if they're easier to reach for if it's in this adorable cat makeup bag (similar on here). 

Now that it's very nearly Autumn, my makeup bag has changed quite a fair bit as I've switched my lightweight, barely there bases for a medium, buildable coverage as this is what I prefer when the weather gets cooler. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation* are two of my top picks as the former offers a glowing, flawless base and the latter delivers a heavier coverage, yet still looks natural on the complexion. 

I've been trying out the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer* still as I've got a new found love for concealers and I've been trying a fair few out. It's definitely heavier than I thought it would be as I had in my head a super lightweight, almost watery consistency, but it still doesn't cake up despite offering quite a fair bit of a coverage. 

Bronzer is something I've got more attached to as the years have gone on and now I feel bare if I don't wear it. I've been meaning to try out a new one for a while, so when I was kindly gifted the Nars Laguna* I was super happy. Fun fact, but I've never been keen on this bronzer because every time I swatched it in store, it was always super glittery with a pink sheen, but now I've realised it was because people would try out the blushers before dipping their fingers in the bronzer, alternating the way the shade looked. Now I've been trying out Laguna for a week or so, I can already see the hype as it looks lovely on my complexion, adding warmth in all the right places and I find it looks super natural too. 

Of course, I've been using my go-to Autumn shade, the Hourglass Euphoric Fusion Blusher*. It's not too overpowering, but is still great for adding a slight colour to my cheeks. I finish this look off with a dusting of my Pixi Glow-y Gossamer Highlighter Duo* which gives a healthy dose of sheen to the cheekbones.  

As my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz* is on it's way out, I've switched it over the new Dipbrow Pomade* to replace it. I was hesitant I wasn't going to like it as much as I used to at first as it's definitely heavier, but with a light hand and a bit of practice, I got the hand of it again and my new shade match is definitely perfect for me. I'm currently using up a variety of my mascaras as most of them are coming to an end, so I'm on a look out for any recommendations you may have. 

To finish, I've been applying the By Terry Mini Baume de Rose* because as we're going into the colder seasons and as illness has taken it's toll on my lips, the thickness of the formula keeps my lips feeling nourished. 

What's in your makeup bag at the moment? 

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

A Gallery Wall Tour

- This post is sponsored by Desenio, but all thoughts are my own - 

For several years now I've had prints dotted around my home as I find them the best way to fill empty spaces and add a bit of colour to plain wall. Recently, I've been on the mission to spruce up my living room and bedroom, deciding that a gallery wall in each would be the perfect way to inject some warm colours, new shapes and patterns too. Desenio came to the rescue and delivered some amazing prints that I just had to share. 

First up is the tour of my living room gallery wall which is made up of seven prints ranging from an A5 size like the Bee Print which I got in a gold frame to a 40x50 the Monstera Three which couldn't fit nicer in with my brass details and bare stone wall of my living area.  I didn't want the wall to be uniform, opting for varied sizes in frames and for empty spaces to be left so I got fill them with planters or more prints if I wish at a later date. 

The Pink Sky Print which I got in a size 30X40cm is the perfect fit and the gold frame compliments the gold running through it too. It's probably my favourite pick from the bunch as it's not too in your face, but still had a healthy dose of colour to my bare white walls. I also think that both the leaf and sky print compliments the Ombré Pink Clouds I have in the top right corner. 

I'm obsessed with anything with moon prints on, so I knew that I had to get the Moon Phases and I thought that having it landscape added something different to the whole feature wall. Another different element to my gallery wall is the Poster Hanger I got for my Breathe Print which works by using magnets on two sides of wood and securing the print in place. It's nice to break up the harsh lines of the wooden frames and means that if I was to put in a hanging planter or wall art then it'll match perfectly. 
As for my bedroom, I didn't know whether a gallery wall would suit the area or not, but as we've got a protruding wall where our fireplace is downstairs, I thought it would look perfect there. I've got a set of three brass wall mounts which I usually put air plants in to add a pop of green to the space too. We've got copper lamps on our side tables which I did pull everything together and the array of coloured cushions stops the area looking too white and bright. 

The gallery wall consists of three prints, the Always Choose Happiness one is my favourites because of the typography and the pink background that I feel isn't too in your face. Like I said earlier, I'm obsessed with anything moon print, so I knew I had to have one in bedroom too and I feel like the grey tones in that print work well with the & Black Marble print that is hanging above it. 

The code “pintsizedphoto” gives 25% off posters* on all of our sites between September 18th and 20th. 
*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters. 

Do you like my two gallery walls? 

Monday, 17 September 2018

What I've Been Reading, Watching and Doing Lately

The last time I did one of these posts it was all the way back in June and a whole Summer has whizzed by since then. I can't quite believe we're in the midst of September now, the cold weather slowly setting in and I'm starting to pull out all my Autumn attire. I wanted to give you an update on a few things I've been reading, watching and doing lately as I think we were due a bit of a natter. 

Throughout Summer I was stuck in a bit of a reading funk, nothing really interested me all that much and the weather meant I was concentrating on not overheating rather than sitting down to read a book. Now the weather has got much cosier, I've gone through The Undomesticated Goddess like lightning and I'm already thinking about the next book on my to-read pile, so I think the fresh, new season has inspired me to get going. 

Great British Bake Off has made it's way back onto our TV screens and I'm ecstatic as it's making me crave all the treats whenever I come to watch it. I'm not sure on a favourite yet and I still feel like maybe it's lost some of it's initial sparkle, but it's a programme that no doubt makes me feel like Autumn is on it's way. Next up is Unforgotten, a police TV series which I found on Netflix and we managed to watch the two series on there in record time. Now we're just patiently waiting for the newest season to come online somewhere as it was a very gripping, interesting watch. To fill the void, we've given in to the hype and have started Bodyguard which has been a topic of conversation in our house when discussing thoughts and theories. Lastly, we started watching The 100 over the past month or so after I spotted a rogue advert for it online, it's actually quite good and although the special effects are questionable at times, we're getting quite invested in the characters now. 

In terms of what I've been doing, we've been all over the country over the Summer, starting in Wales for a week at the start of July, then going back there again a few weeks later followed by Yorkshire for a festival and Peak District too. We've got a trip planned for the end of this month back to Wales and after that we will see. I know there's been talks on going somewhere for a joint birthday trip for Tom and I, but we can't quite agree on a place yet. 

What have you been reading, watching and doing lately? 

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Saturday, 15 September 2018

The Debenhams Beauty Club Community

Debenhams Beauty Club Community
- This post is sponsored by Debenhams, but all thoughts are my own - 

Today's post is a little different as I wanted to share with you an exciting new platform to talk all things beauty; the Debenhams Beauty Club Community. This site helps you to discover other beauty lovers to discuss latest releases, advice and recommendations too. 

What I think works great about this new platform is that it's something I've never seen before and it really helps you to connect with other people by allowing you to upload images, ask questions and you can even subscribe to specific groups. For example, if you're only interested in skincare, then you specifically ask for advice on the skincare boards. 

On top of being able to chat to like minded people, there's a chance to earn badges, rewards and participate in exclusive competitions, which if you like to win lots of treats you'll definitely want in. Everything is just a click away and they even have their own blog page which has a variety of beauty posts to browse through. The Clubhouse is the page I like to take a look through the most as this is where everyone is chatting and asking questions, so it's easy to get involved. You can see what topics have been spoken about and narrow them down with the use of labels which is located on the right hand side of the Clubhouse page. In fact the whole right hand side is great as you can see the most liked photographs and top beauty gurus too! 

If you haven't got a Debenhams beauty card then this will be a great way to get one too as it's sent straight to your door and you can start collecting points from there on. 

Sign up to the Debenhams Beauty Club Community here

Will you be checking out the Debenhams Beauty Club Community? 

See an example of questions you can ask here: 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Transitional Beauty

- This post is sponsored by SBC, but all thoughts are my own - 

The transitional period between Summer and Autumn always sends my skin into a frenzy and this year I feel like I've come more prepared with lightweight moisturisers, a new SBC eye cream and makeup I know my combination skin loves. 

First up is the new SBC Collagen Illuminating Eye Cream* (which is coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!) and let me tell you now, I've never had an eye cream that does what this one does before. I like to use it both morning and night, but I think it works best in the AM when used before makeup. The twist up dispenser distributes the perfect amount of product for both of your eyes and the lightweight formula doesn't look nor feel heavy either. I always like to have a moisturising eye cream to hand as my eyes water and get dehydrated a lot and this gives a great boost of hydration, but it's the illuminating properties I want to highlight (excuse the pun!). Since using this my concealer looks better than ever, my under eye area looks smoother and gives an radiant, yet natural glow. 

Another skincare product I've been using is the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré* which has been used in replacement to my lighter night cream I had been using in the Summer. I think I always go on about the transitional period playing havoc with my skin because it's what I try to avoid every year and I'm hoping this lightweight, yet luxe feeling cream will help to replenish and hydrate my skin. 

Makeup wise, I tend to focus on switching out Summary peachy pink shades for more deeper, berry tones to start embracing the upcoming cooler months. I tend to experiment with my base products throughout the year depending on how my skin feels at the time whereas seasonal shades are what I like to fill my makeup bag with. The Hourglass Euphoric Fusion Blusher* is my current go-to blush shade at the moment as it's not too intense and it gives me serious Autumnal vibes. 

I've switched out my usual Nuxe After Sun Lotion* which I adored throughout the Summer and replaced it with a more nourishing, comforting scented product - the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra Comforting Cream*. It's lightweight yet rich formula with a silky and soft finish is everything you want in a body lotion. I feel like this is going to be amazing throughout the Autumn months, but at the moment it's keeping my dry patches at bay too. 

What are your top transitional beauty picks? 

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Products On Trial

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Foundation Concealer
Charlotte Tilbury Haul First Impressions
 Last week, Cult Beauty kindly sent over a bunch of Charlotte Tilbury products to try out to celebrate CT being their brand of the month for September which means you get free worldwide delivery on all Charlotte Tilbury products. This means that I've been trialling out a handful of new products and I wanted to give you an update on my thoughts and feelings of these coveted picks. 

I've got to start with a long time favourite of mine; the Magic Foundation*. If you've been reading my blog since 2015 then you would have spotted this offering along the way. I got sent the 02 shade this time and it matches my skin like a dream meaning I've finally rekindled the love for this demi-matte, medium coverage foundation. It's natural looking, yet conceals my redness and blemishes where needed and goes perfectly paired with Charlotte Tilbury's new release, the Magic Away Concealer*

This concealer has been on my wishlist ever since I spotted it on somebody's favourite post on YouTube and I've been refreshing Cult Beauty like mad and it's finally arrived! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it's even better. It's a medium to full coverage and really brightens up my under eye. I wasn't sure if I'd like the sponge and although I've got hesitations about hygiene, it is good for getting in the inner corner and sides of my nose. The formula is easy to blend with my Beauty Blender* and it looks smooth all day long without creasing. I feel like this could be a cult favourite among many in the weeks to come and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about it. 
Charlotte Tilbury Products On Trial Review
Just like the magic foundation, the Dolce Vita Palette has been a favourite for many years around here and is one that I always bring out at this time of the year. I've never been able to justify getting the Vintage Vamp Quad* because I have many other palettes to use up, but I can't believe I never did and it's seriously amazing. The two dark plumy shades are absolutely dreamy and create a very Autumnal smokey eye in other a couple of sweeps. The two shimmering, lighter shades are divine too and I think that this will be a staple come Christmas too. 

Next up is the Pretty Youth Glow Filter*, a cream to powder duo that features a pretty pink blusher and champagne highlighter. At first I've got to admit I was disappointed as the pigmentation isn't great on the highlighter and the blusher lacked the oomph I was looking for. I started to work the blusher more into my skin and found a way to make it work with a beauty sponge, but if you're looking for a striking highlighter then this won't be for you as it doesn't show up on the skin all that well at all. 

To end this post on more of a positive note, I had high hopes for the Goddess SkinClay Mask* and I'm so glad it's lived up to it's expectations as it really makes my skin feel super soft and smooth. For a ten minute mask this really is a quick fix and is a good option for when I want an all rounder mask that will make my skin glow and tighten the pores too. 

What are your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products? 

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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A Full Perfume Collection

Perfume Jo Malone Maison Margiela Replica Diptyque Glossier
Perfume Jo Malone Maison Margiela Replica Diptyque Glossier
Hello, my name is Lily and I'm a self-confessed perfume collector and hoarder. Whenever I use up a bottle, I always struggle to get rid of it and I like to match my fragrances with certain events and memories too. After having a bit of a clear out, I realised that I've never shared my perfume collection before and I thought now was the perfect time to do so. 

Fruity | I don't have many fruity perfumes as there's something about them that tends to remind me of my teenage years and the Eau De Parfum we all had... the DNKY Be Delicious Spray. Saying this, the Ghost Daydream EDP* gives off a whiff of citrus, but isn't too overwhelming to wear and the Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia* is on the perfect side of fruity. The latter is absolutely amazing at adding a bit of Summer back to this drab weather we're having at the moment and despite being fruity, it still feels sophisticated to wear. Another Jo Malone scent with citrus notes in that I like is the Nectarine Blossom and Honey which is lightweight and easy to wear daily.  
Fresh | Fresh scents are always great throughout the year, no matter the month, to help you feel refreshed throughout the day. They can come in more floral scents which are what most of my perfumes are, but they can have woody notes or musky ones too. I've got the My Burberry Blush* which is on it's way out and the Maison Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning* scent which sits pride of price, but unfortunately the cap is broken which means it no longer sprays. 

The Calvin Klein Women* perfume is my latest addition and I'm going through it at a rapid rate as I love it so much; it's great for everyday wear. The Glossier You is one that has recently ran out, but I'm looking to repurchase again as it's a fragrance unlike anything in my collection. It's woody scent almost feels warm, but it's rather on the comforting and refreshing side too. As I always describe it, it's like sniffing your cardigan at primary school to know which one is yours. 

Jo Malone is one of, if not my favourite perfume brand that I own and I've got a wishlist as long as my arm, but one that I wouldn't repurchase in perfume form at least is the White Jasmine and Mint offering because it ended up not lasting very long as I had to use so much of it to be noticeable. 

It's super easy to talk about Marc Jacobs perfumes all day long, but their latest release the Daisy Love* was probably my favourite one yet as it was super fresh and floral, whilst managing to be rather understated at the same time - I would definitely put this on my Christmas list. 

Perfume Jo Malone Maison Margiela Replica Diptyque Glossier
Floral | If you're looking for an ultra-floral perfume then look no further as the Maison Margiela Flower Market* will be exactly what you're after. World Duty Free kindly gifted it to me (they have a great price if you're looking to invest!) and it's straight up rose, jasmine and freesia and honestly smells exactly how it's described - like a walk through a flower market on a crisp Sunday morning. Another scent that I love and the OG Jo Malone scent in my collection is the Peony and Blush Suede; a dreamy concoction that never fails to get compliments whenever I wear it. 

Although luxe, the Aerin Lilac Path is a great floral scent if you're looking to invest or you need something to wear to mark a special occasion. It's long-lasting and the agate top looks amazing wherever displayed. It's got a cult favourite status for many and the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is one I've been purchasing for years too. It's long lasting, smells like Spring to me and is distinctive as well - it's one I always spray whenever I'm in Boots. 

Another perfume I feel like everybody has heard of is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream which I went through super quickly not last Christmas, but the one before, however I've kept the bottle as it's too cute to throw away. 
Perfume Jo Malone Maison Margiela Replica Diptyque Glossier
Warm | Diptyque Do Son was the first perfume that came to mind when I thought of a warm floral, closely followed by Giorgio Armani Si as they both have the uplifting scent of roses with a comforting undertone to them, which is great for this time of the year. I treated myself to Do Son for my 21st birthday, so it holds great memories and I spritzed a bit of Philosykos when I went away and got engaged, so I hold that dear too, but unfortunately have never owned a bottle. You can read more about them in this floral fragrances post

Okay, so I feel like Thierry Mugler's Alien needs to go in a category all on it's own because it's so unique and despite wearing it for years and years now, I can't ever describe it. It's quite strong in scent and I can spot it a mile off if somebody is wearing it, but it's no doubt addictive and perfect for somebody who wants a perfume that you know people will be able to smell. 

The Miller Harris Peau Santal* and Powdered Veil* are two that I struggle to describe as well because they're super different and can fit into a variety of categories depending on the day. They mix and match well, are long lasting on the skin and each scent is unique too. 

I could do an updated Jo Malone perfume collection if you wanted me to, but it's the Velvet Rose and Oud I'm talking about now as it's super luxe and very expensive, yet it's the deepest, warmest rose scent I've ever had the pleasure to smell. It's opaque black bottle is instantly recognisable and the scent is one that gets me lots of attention too. 

What are your favourite perfumes? 

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Monday, 10 September 2018

Pixi Skincare Round Up

Can you believe I've never done a Pixi skincare brand focus on my blog before and since I did a makeup version the other week, I thought it was about time I did this round up too. 

First up is their cult classic, the Glow Tonic*, everyone must have heard about this by now and are probably sick of it too. This glycolic acid makes my skin glow, feel smoother and my dehydrated complexion just drinks this up - although I've tried there isn't anything quite like it and that's why I'm currently on my third bottle. The Rose Tonic* is the complete opposite of this as it's calming and soothing, helping to get rid of redness. It's an underrated product for sure and if you don't like acid toners then this may be one to check out. 

One of the skincare products I didn't get along with was the Glow Mist*, so much so it's actually no longer in my collection anymore. I had a sneaky suspicion that it was the cause of my breakouts and after some investigating it definitely was so I instantly had to stop using it which was unfortunate. A similar thing happened with the Jasmine Oil Blend*, however I think due to the nature of how thick the formula is, I just think it might be better suited for the Winter time. 

The Double Cleanse* is a firm 2018 favourite discovery as it is a double whammy as the oil side gets rid of my makeup and the cream side wipes it away. It works in conjunction with my skin perfectly and I can't rave about it enough. This paired with the Peel and Polish* is an absolute dream team as it keeps my skin feeling soft, looking clear and feeling great. 

The Rose Essence* is a hard one to explain because it's gel, lightweight consistency makes my skin drink it up as it helps to keep it looking hydrated and feeling great. Don't get me wrong I don't use this all the time, but for a special treat before my moisturiser it definitely does the job. I got it at the same time as the Rose Flash Balm Skin Booster* which is a multitasker as it can be used as a moisturiser, mask or primer - I like it for the latter, but if I'm honest I haven't picked it up in a while. 

What are your favourite Pixi skincare products? 

Here are a few pieces still on my wishlist (and a few to repurchase too!) 

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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Cosy Activities + Comforting Products

I wanted to compile a list of my favourite cosy activities, favourite treats for the weekend and my go-to comforting products and what a better day for this to go live than Sunday, the day for lazy mornings, long brunches and the perfect excuse to take some time out for yourself. 

Most of my comforting products come in the form of body lotions, I love slathering them all over, inhaling their delicious, often moorish scent. The Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Body Cream is the OG and it's sweet, yet not too sickly scent lingers on the body for hours, enough to complete your full pamper routine of face masks and candles. The Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Cream is similar because it's got a sweet scent too (almond, oat and brown sugar) and I've been saving this for the Autumn months the most because I just knew it would be a great comforting pick. 

Next up is one that smells like honey and babies, which I'm here for if I'm honest; it's name says it all really too. The Nuxe Rêve de Miel Comforting Lotion* is a nourishing, yet lightweight cream that sinks into the skin super quickly and has actually improved the way my skin has been feeling over just the short period I've been using it. 

Last of the body creams is Lush Sleepy, a favourite amongst many and renowned for it's sleep inducing properties. This lavender scented treat is one I have to apply just before bed and let soak into the skin as I slowly feel my eyes closing. It reminds me of spending endless hours reading 

As for activities,I love nothing more than fresh bedding, newly shaved legs, a set of PJ's, a book I've wanted to read for ages and getting the candles lit. If you had to describe my perfect evening that would be it. A long bath with the lights down low, a face mask on (I'm currently trying out the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask*) and a bit of time to myself to exfoliate myself from head to toe is always a treat too. After my long, hot bath, I like to bundle myself under lots of duvet to watch a few episodes of whatever I'm currently watching - I'm thinking either a gripping pick like The 100 or a seasonal favourite, Gilmore Girls. 

What are your favourite cosy + comforting favourites? 

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Styling A Midi Skirt

The ASOS Box Pleat Green Polka Dot Midi Skirt is my recent wardrobe addition which has spurred on an obsession with all midi skirts, which is good for my new Autumn style, but bad for my bank holiday. Although I've got the green one to style for you today, it comes in Non-Spotty Plum shade and a black version too! 

One of my favourite ways to wear a midi skirt with ease is with a lightweight jumper on top, this New Look Actually I Can Jumper is from last year in the pink, but this one is similar too and I find that the light baby pink contrasts the forest green perfectly creating a look that's both Autumnal and lightweight - perfect for the transitional season. 

On top, I also paired it with a lightweight orange top which I got from H&M, but they can be found pretty much anywhere on the high street. I wore this mustard hue many times with a variety of outfits throughout the past month and it's great for a dose of colour if you're somebody who tends to sway more towards the dark colours on top. 

Although a couple of weeks ago, I'd be suggesting something like the ASOS Sandals to wear on your feet, I don't know about you, but I'm feeling rather chilly at the moment, so boots it is! The Park Lane Chelsea Boots ones are so similar to the ones I'm wearing in these photographs (which are unfortunately from last year too!) and I think they add an edge to the whole midi skirt outfit. Personally I think if you got a plain black midi skirt to wear then you could jazz the whole outfit up with a pair of these Next Leopard Print Boots - totally wearable for a Saturday outfit and can be transitioned from day to night too. 

Here are a few of my other favourite midi skirts I've got my eye on and a few items you could pair them with too. I'm hoping to get a couple this year and am able to mix and match all the hues together to create a few go-to Autumnal outfits. 

How would you style a midi skirt?

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Friday, 7 September 2018

Clay Masks For Dry Skin

Clay Masks For Dry Skin
As someone with dehydrated skin, I use to stay clear from clay based masks regularly as I found them a little too drying and stripping of the skin, but over the years I've really become fond of some amazing gems and thought I'd share my favourites with you. I feel like it's the season of prepping your skin for colder months and the transitional period always plays havoc with my complexion, so this comes at just the right time. I thought I'd just say that obviously everybody's skin is different, but these are the products that I've found to work for my sensitive dry/combination skin. 

The Origins Clear Improvement Mask feels like the OG clay mask as it was one of the first ones I tried many years ago and it still remains one I use to this day. I don't get as much use out of it as I should, but it doesn't stop me from gushing about it. In ten minutes it helps to draw out any clogged pores and despite being more on the drying side, when paired with a hydrating mask you really reap the benefits even more. 

Another old favourite of mine is the Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Mask* which I've had several pots of now. It is a good allrounder as it has more of a slick to it's formula than most clay masks, so not only does it help clear the skin, it helps calm down any existing blemishes you may have. 

Not everyone likes an intense mask and if you're one of these people, you may want to steer clear from the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask* because it does leave your skin looking red after removal, but the benefits outweigh this in my opinion. It brightens and tightens the pores the best out of the bunch, 

Next up is the Philosophy Purity Pore Extractor Mask* does what it says on the tin as it minimises the amount of blackheads you have especially around my nose and chin, smoothing the skin with it's scrub-like formula. Once again, this one is rather intense, but for a deep cleanse, it's definitely one to check out. 

Last, but not least, it's the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, the most used mask in this line up. I adore it and it works a treat on any of my problematic areas and when paired with the Moisturising Moon Mask, my skin drinks it up and I really see the benefits. I feel like I've gone on about this duo a lot, but it's not too harsh on my skin and when I'm feeling dehydrated, but still got a few blemishes to clear up, I tend to reach for this mask to do so. If you'd like 10% off your first Glossier order you can use my link here -

What are your favourite clay masks? 

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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand

Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand Review
Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand Review
Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand Review
- This post is sponsored by Toni & Guy, but all thoughts are my own - 

There's nothing I love more than adding a new hair tool to my collection. I love creating new looks and finding the best tools for the job and the Toni & Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand is my newest addition which has helped me create relaxed, beautiful waves with ease. 

With a 13-25mm reverse barrel this creates the perfect everyday curl as it's not too loose nor too tight either and it's even throughout. I feel like the barrel design seriously enables me to get volume to my usually flat hair especially if I'm using this just after I washed my hair or towards the end of my washing cycle too. 

I simply section my hair off into three sections; starting with the bottom section I start to curl and then I work my way up. What I find with this styler is just how quick it is to curl my whole head of hair. Usually it would take more than a few bendy angles, numb arms and a good half an hour, but this has cut the time in half. I'm not sure if that's due to the barrel, but it's a dream to make my hair look this relaxed and wavy. This styler comes with a glove to protect your hands and fingers, which may seem like a simple addition to the box, but one that is very needed for somebody as clumsy as me and it's got a great use too. It makes sure you can curl all the way to the end of each lock because you're no longer leaving an inch at the bottom to save your fingers. 

After I've curled my whole hair, I ruffle it up using my fingers and go through it with a hair serum to smooth and then I'm ready. I can't wait to wear this style throughout Autumn and I love that on the second day it looks great wrapped up into a relaxed pony tail as it still holds it curl and looks full of volume. 

Will you be trying out this Toni and Guy Curl Squad Reverse Wand?

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Date Night Makeup

Looking back at my old blog posts, I realised that it's been a while since I shared my date night makeup and tonight we're heading out for a cinema and Zizzi's, so I thought it was the perfect time to put together my favourite date look. For me, it's all about a long lasting foundation, an easy to apply lipstick and makeup that I feel comfortable in. 

I want a base that feels hydrated, so I start with a moisturiser and the Milk Makeup Watermelon Serum to work as a primer to prep my skin for foundation. This serum makes my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation look great as it gives an under the makeup glow that isn't too intense, but is still noticeable. This foundation is a medium coverage that conceals all blemishes I have, but looks very natural on the skin which is perfect if you're having a date night dinner under harsh lighting. 

After applying my concealer and face powder like I usually would, I head in with a bronzer. I've been using the Sleek Face Form Palette to sculpt my cheekbones and add warmth to my temples which has been working perfectly and is an affordable option too. I then apply a pop of colour in the form of the Hourglass Ambient Blusher* in Euphoric Fashion as it's the one I've picked out for the transitional period and I thought it would be very fitting for this makeup look. 

For highlighter, I don't like anything too intense, so that's why I'm opting for the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter* as although I mostly use it underneath my foundation, it can be used on the tops of my cheeks for a gorgeous glow that glimmers when the light hits it. 

When it comes to date night makeup I like to go smokey on the eyes and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette* is the perfect option as you can create a wide variety of looks with it. I'm going for a warm toned look including the shades Sienna, Sultry and Dusty Rose and I finish it off with a pair of fluffy corner lashes for a flattery, volumised look. 

If I've gone heavy on the eyes, I don't tend to go for a strong lip, but it's hard to resist a red when on a date night and the Hourglass Icon Opaque Rouge* is so gorgeous as it's liquid lipstick formula makes it very long lasting and a very intense hue. Once I've eaten all the food, my lipstick starts to fade and I have the choice of either topping it up or turning it into a stain with a quick slick of the Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com

What's your go-to date night makeup look? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Morphe First Impressions

Morphe First Impressions
 I've only ever tried one Morphe brush and it's one that I use everyday, so when Cult Beauty sent me over a parcel full of their products to try out I was happy that to try out more of their picks as they're lots of peoples favourites. I haven't had enough time to test them all out thoroughly, but I wanted to give you my first impression as I've used them everyday since I got them. 

First up is the two eyeshadow brushes I got sent, the M433* and M411* both to use to blend and buff in your eyeshadow. They're not as affordable as always had the impression they were, but for the £7.99 mark this does the job nicely and I haven't had any problems with shredding or scratchiness at all - I'm quite impressed really and glad I have two new brushes for eye makeup as I was in dire need. The other brush I have is the M536* which has been designed to blend, buff and bake, but I felt like it was too big for under eye concealer, too small for foundation and too compact for face powder. I'm yet to find a use for this which makes it feel worth it as my beauty blender is currently doing everything it can do. 

I tried the Eyelid Primer* on a night out I went on last week and I wasn't expecting much as I felt like despite it being translucent, the silicone feel looked like it would ball up on my lids, but I've got to give it to it, my eyeshadow didn't budge whatsoever once applied. Once you get used to having to blend a little quicker before everything sets down, your look will stay put throughout the day and night. 

I feel like when it comes to blushers, a full blush palette may have all your basis covered, so investing in a palette for £20 when you get eight shades isn't bad at all. The Warm Master Palette* is the one I got sent and all the hues on the top row is perfect for my skin tone and the other ones can be played around with too. They add a great amount of colour, not looking too over powering nor underwhelming, just a pop of pink on your cheeks when you need some extra radiance. 
Morphe First Impressions
I've got to admit that the Morphe eyeshadows have never appealed to me because the palettes are undoubtedly huge and I struggle to store them without taking up lots of space, but I can see the appeal as there's 32 shades to chose from and you can really create any look you want. I got the 39A Dare To Create Artistry Palette* which has a few warm toned shades that I could wear, but overall I wouldn't reach for a lot, but the shadow quality isn't bad at all especially for the price. For just over a £1 a shadow pan, it's a bargain if you'd get wear out of every hue in this and the Fall Into Frost Palette looks a lot more up my street. Something to note is that I think my palette has a few duplicate shades instead of the shades that it should do, so just to note that you should check your palette over when it first arrives! 

I adore a setting spray and finding a good one doesn't happen very often, so when I spotted the Continuous Setting Mist* I instantly sprayed it on there and then. I initially thought that it would mattify the skin, but it actually add a subtle glow and is great if you've got a little heavy handed with the powder. 

The Get Lit Highlighter* has a massive pan for the price in my opinion and I can't see anybody using this up quickly, but the shade for me is a little bit off as it's yellow in tone. I'm not sure if it's the hue or the formula, but if not blended right it can look a little too shalky on me personally. 

On the whole, I've got mixed opinions on Morphe, but the brushes still remain great for the price and I can see myself picking a few new ones up in the near future. Despite some of the makeup not being my cup of tea, there's no doubt that some of the products are still worth the shot (which surprised me!) and therefore they've intrigued me to possibly try more out. 
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