Friday 27 October 2017

What I've Been Loving Lately

- This post is in collaboration with Bodyform - 

I've been feeling very positive as of late and there's so many great things online and off that have been putting a smile on my face. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you today. 

A Cosy Night In | I'm gone into full hibernation mode recently, making the most of the colder, dark nights by putting on the Harry Potter films and surrounding myself with all the snacks and blankets. I even put on Elf the other day, so I think it's safe to say I'm going to be in full Christmas elf mode sometime over the next few months. 

Comforting Food | This time of year makes me want to gather all the vegetables in season at the moment and cook up a huge roast dinner. I've been loving trying out new foods which have been inspired by the various weeks on GBBO and I've been loving cooking comforting food. 

The Cold, Stormy Weather | I've got to admit it's my favourite kind of weather when I can curl up inside in my huge dressing gown, but I've actually enjoyed going out in it too. There's something about being bundled up in layers and a scarf that makes me excited to go outside in rain. 

Face Masks | The only beauty related in this line up is face masks, I just can't stop buying them! My skin has been feeling temperamental due to a reaction I had to a new product I was trialling, but face masks have really helped to calm and soothe my irritated skin. I've a few potential new favourites to my list over the past month and I'm super excited to share them with you over the next couple of weeks (watch this space). 

Bodyform Advert | If you haven't seen Bodyform's #bloodnormal campaign then you definitely need to because it comes as no surprise that it's been a hit amongst people. It's only a 20 seconds advert, but I'm loving it. It's all to do with Bodyform's current campaign to showcase periods in a realistic way - Say goodbye to the blue liquid and say hello to red, which in my opinion is a change I can welcome with open arms. I just thought that the advert did a great job at capturing my attention as I rarely ever pay attention to adverts nowadays and it just made me feel empowered to talk about periods whenever possible rather than shying away from the topic. I love that it showed different scenarios around periods; from a man buying a packet of Bodyform to a girl in the shower. It's a refreshing advert that's definitely worth the watch. 

You can see the video here: 

What did you think of the Bodyform advert? 

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