Saturday 28 November 2020

The Best Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas
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Christmas presents are always amazing no matter how big or small they are, but I do find an extra joy in buying people's stocking fillers. I know there's a lot of ideas about, so I've put together a few of my favourite picks below. 

Socks, tights and slippers are always a good idea and something that I actually like to receive. Polka Dot Tights would be top of my stocking filler wishlist, but I think these ASOS Cross Faux Fur Slippers would also be very well received. 

Personally I like stocking fillers to be more self care focused; we're talking sheet masks, sleep spray and something like this Hot Chocolate Spoon which I think everybody would be happy to open on the big day. Along similar lines is the Essie Christmas Sets* which I think would make a great stocking for anybody that loves to experiment with their nail colour and would go well with the 'self care' theme too. 


Friday 27 November 2020

A Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

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Christmas beauty gift guides are my favourite gift guides to put together because I get to browse the internet for the best beauty sets. If you're looking for some inspiration this festive season, then this will be the post for you.  

No matter who you're buying for, everyone will love the scent of Sol De Janeiro products. Their Splashy Celebration Set* is one of my favourites because it offers a their famous body cream and body spray as well as a shampoo and conditioner - in fact I feel like this would be a great treat for yourself. They have lots of on offer too and I personally think the Exotic Escape Duo would be a good option if you're on a tighter budget. 

Luxury skincare always goes down a treat and the Volition Gift For Dewy Skin* will be one that you will be tempted to keep yourself and I think the Origins Skincare Must Haves is also a great option for those who want to gift lots of different products. 

Fragrance is always a good idea when it comes to gifting, but it can be a hard to select one that you think they'd like. Personally, I find the Diptque fragrances the best bet as they all have a luxe feeling to them whilst having easy to love scents - Eau Duelle is my favourite, but I am biased. 

Talking of luxury beauty products, Laura Mercier sets are always my go-to for treating a loved one (or myself!). Their Creme Brûlée Souffle on it's own it always a well received present as it can be used in a relaxing bath for an abundance of indulgent bubbles. If you're looking for a similar version, but in a set then this Ambre Vanille Body Collection is your best pick! 

Sometimes to easiest presents can be the best received, so if you know somebody likes a product, getting it in the limited edition version would make them very happy. I know a lot of people love the Bare Minerals Original Loose Mineral Foundation*, but their limited edition packaging this year just makes it a little more special! 

What's on your Christmas list this year? 


Thursday 26 November 2020

An Etsy Christmas Gift Guide

Etsy Christmas Gift Guide UK

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When I was planning my Christmas gift guides, I knew straight away that I wanted to dedicate one to my Etsy finds. There's so many amazing picks on there from crafting kits to personalised gifts, so I have compiled a list of my favourites to inspire you this year. 

Crafting was huge this year, so I think this Beginner Winter Forest Embroidery Kit could be a popular one amongst many. If gifted to someone who enjoys this kind of stuff, I think they'll get hours of joy out of it and maybe learn a new skill too. 

Another option and something a little higher in price point is this Chunky Yarn Blanket Knitting Kit which I'm so tempted to add to my own Christmas wishlist this year. It looks like one of those Pinterest worthy cosy blankets that you see everywhere, but you'll have the satisfaction of making it yourself! 

Moving onto the fashion section now and I stumbled across Georgie Cole and instantly fell in love. They have everything from hats to braided headbands, but this Scrunchie Headband is what I was drawn to the most. I think this would make such a beautiful gift and would be something someone would treasure for a long time.

This Chunky Knit Oversized Beanie is something that I picked up recently. I instantly thought that it would make a great stocking filler and you know that going into the Winter months that it'll definitely get worn by your gift receiver. 

Candles are always a gift and luckily on Etsy, you're never short of a great sounding candle. There's some interesting novelty picks on there if you're looking for a secret Santa gift or something to chuckle at, but I think this Scented Figure Candles look absolutely beautiful! If you want a gift more personalised then I would suggest going for Kindred Fires

Will you be shopping on Etsy this Christmas? 


Wednesday 25 November 2020

The Best Festive Socks & Mugs

Christmas Mugs and Socks

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If I was going to guess what I'd be known for, novelty socks and mugs probably wouldn't be high up on my list, but after lots of questions about my collection, I thought I'd just dedicate a whole blog post to my favourite finds. 

I picked up these Fleece Lined Fairisle Socks the other week and they'e so great if you want to be a slipper person, but struggle to keep them on your feet. They've got the softest inside and they look great too - I'm sure you'll be seeing them on my Instagram a lot in the weeks to come.

If you're looking for similar socks to the ones I shared in the photo above then I found some Christmas Pudding Socks from SockShop. Although they're on the pricey side, they do look pretty similar and cosy too. 

I personally think these Fir Tree Winter Socks are adorable, not only because they're more on the understated side, but because they can be worn throughout the year without getting any funny looks. I would opt for the navy option, but the burgundy looks great too. 

As soon as I saw this Baby It's Cold Outside Glass Mug I knew that I had to share because it's absolutely dreamy. Imagine having your coffee, tea or a hot chocolate with all the toppings in it - so cute! 

If you're wondering where most of my mugs are from it is Asda! Most of them sell out super quickly online, so if you're in the UK and near a shop, then I would recommend popping in to have a look. My Christmas pudding and gingerbread house mugs are from there and they have some accompanying gravy jugs and cookie jars to go with them too. 

Tuesday 24 November 2020

M&S Christmas Home Favourites

Marks and Spencer Christmas Home Decor
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It's not often that I do a round up on just one shop, but after seeing (and falling in love with) Marks and Spencer's Christmas home decor range, I knew that I had to share my top picks with you too. 

I shared my new Christmas Tree Print Glass on my Instagram stories recently alongside the Candy Cane version too and it was met with some excitement. Although simple, I think these would be a great addition to the Christmas table and can be packed away to be used the next year (or used all year round like me). 

Their bedding is what initially enticed me in, their Tartan Fleece Duvet Cover is one that's been in and out of my basket for a couple of weeks - it just looks so festive! If you want to go for something a little more understated then their Christmas Tree Print Bedding may be the one for you as it's minimalistic, but still super adorable. 


Monday 23 November 2020

Home & Lifestyle Christmas Gift Guide

Home Lifestyle Christmas Gift Guide
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As I've got older, I've appreciated home and lifestyle presents even more. They often have a lot of thought put into them and come in helpful throughout the year ahead too. Today I am compiled a list of my top lifestyle Christmas present finds for everybody. 

One of my best ideas that I've had is to do a self-care themed present. 2020 has been stressful for a lot of us and I'm sure anybody would love a chance to unwind and relax. I think This Works Deep Sleep Spray would be very appreciated alongside a Kindred Fires Personalised Candle and a pair of The White Company Faux Fur Slippers. Add some bath salts or a bath bomb and you'll probably be someones favourite gift giver! 

For new home owners, couples or anybody that loves cheese!), a cheese board would be a great idea. Chances are they probably won't have a board and knives, but it'd be something they'd probably use for years to come. This John Lewis Green Marble one is my personal favourite - I'm even tempted myself. 

Games, gin making kits and anything you can get comfy always go down a treat especially as you can probably put on or play with them on the big day. I've put a few games in the widget below that I think you'll enjoy, but in terms of cosy items, I think this Marks and Spencer Fleece Flannel Pyjamas would be a great pick! 

Please find my other top picks in the widget below: 


Friday 20 November 2020

10 Christmas Activities To Do This Year

Christmas Activities To Do List

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Now more than ever, I'm trying to embrace the slower festive season, having cosy nights in by the fire and basking in the freshly baked scents that waft through my home. For me, it's the most magical time of the year and I've got quite the to-do list to tick off this year.

Bake Christmas Treats | I completed my first Christmas bake of the year the other day - gingerbread of course! I've got a list of things I want to bake this season, either for myself or as gifts for loved ones. From peppermint bark to Christmas cake, I'm sure my kitchen will be smelling good this December. 

Decorate The House | I have already put up our Christmas decorations, but that doesn't mean that I'm not already looking for some extra bits to scatter around the place. The stockings have been hung and the lights are twinkling! 

  • Make your own mulled wine!
  • Buy an advent calendar - are you a chocolate person or not? 
  • Head out for an evening walk to your neighbourhood Christmas lights. 
  • Read a Christmas book.
  • Hang a wreath on your door.
  • Donate to your local food bank.
  • Wear your Christmas jumper.
  • Watch all the Christmas episodes of your favourite shows. 
  • Sing along to a festive playlist (I enjoy the classics!) 
  • Create some DIY Christmas decorations. 

Christmas Activities To Do List

Go For An Frosty Morning Walk |  There's something about an icy, frosty morning that makes me want to wrap up warm and feel the crunch of the grass under my feet. With the mist coming in too, it can feel rather magical! 

Buy and Wraps The Gifts | That's a pretty obvious one, but I want to start a little early this year, so I can have most of the it done before the real rush starts. Doing it this way means I'm far less stressed when it comes to December plus I have my pretty wrapping to stare at underneath the tree. 

Have A Christmas Film Marathon | The festive season wouldn't be the same with several Christmas film marathons. I've got quite the long list to watch this year and below are some of my recommendations if you're looking for ideas: 

- Jingle Jangle 
- Elf
- The Holiday
- Home Alone 
- Noelle
- Arthur Christmas 
- Rise of The Guardians 

What's on your Christmas to-do list this year? 


Thursday 19 November 2020

Lush Christmas 2020 Collection

Lush Christmas 2020 Review
A Lush haul has become part of my Christmas tradition, stocking up on old favourites as well as well trying out the new products. It's one of my tasks this time of the year to create the ultimate relaxing bath time, so today I am sharing with you my Lush Christmas 2020 haul and my first thoughts. 

It was actually Kinky Boots that made me do a Lush order in the first place as I was intrigued by the bubble bar and bath oil combination on offer. It's sexy floral scent is beautiful and it promises moisturising properties (the black boots part), so I'm looking forward to a luxurious feeling bath. 

If you're a fan of the classic Lush bath bombs with popping candy, then you may enjoy Tick-Tock. This golden robot is absolutely adorable and although I tend to opt for Lush products which offer more than just a fragrance, this was a great uplifting citrusy pick that kind of smelt like Dib Dab's and filled my bath with a vivid orange water. 

Everybody has heard of Snow Fairy Shower Gel by now and this year they have a lot of candy floss scented products to indulge yourself in too. Although I was tempted, I actually wanted something a little different this time, so I opted for Yog Nog. It's the perfect sweet scent which looks and smells like caramel with a glistening golden shimmer running through it - a new favourite! 

I was gutted to see that they haven't got a reusable bubble bar on a stick like they usually come out with, but I was happy to see that Candy Cane had made a return. Although it's not peppermint scented like you'd imagine, it has got an uplifting fresh scent which makes a change from the usual sweet scents usually on offer. It is one of my favourites as you only need to run it under the tap for 30 seconds to create a pile of bubbles and it can be used multiple times! 

I was looking forward to trying out Elfie Stick, but was left a little disappointed as I'm not sure I get the banana foam scent that everyone else gets from it. It still creates a good amount of baths, but the yellow tinted bath isn't particularly festive. 

Although Sleepy Bubble Bar isn't part of the Christmas range, it does feature in quite a lot of the Christmas gift sets, so I thought I'd feature it in this post anyway. As a fan of Lush's Sleepy range already, I knew that I would love the calming lavender scent. This bubble bar offers that came scent, but creates an abundance of soothing bubbles to dive into - it's quickly become my favourite Lush product! It's a lot bigger than I was expecting and you only need to break a little bit off to run under the tap with each bath, so this should last a fair few baths. 

What are your Lush Christmas 2020 favourites? 


Saturday 14 November 2020

Etsy UK Christmas Shops To Check Out

Etsy UK Christmas Shops Decorations
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Christmas has well and truly arrived in my home and as Etsy is one of my favourite places to shop for seasonal decorations, I thought I would share a few of my favourites in my saved wishlist at the moment for your inspiration.   

I have to talk about these adorable Luxury Handmade Tartan Christmas Stockings first because they look so incredible beautiful and something that you would cherish for years to come. The monogram effect isn't something I'm usually into, but I think this is so beautifully done - definitely check it out if you need something to gift around the festive season too! 

I've already got this Wooden Gingerbread Man Bunting hanging up in my house and it's been a favourite of mine for many years now. It's study, looks great and can be hung anywhere, but if that isn't your kind of thing then I'm sure this Christmas Pudding Garland may be! 

Something a little more understated is this Christmas Spinning Carousel Tealight which I've wanted for a while now as they always look pretty when glistening in the light. I think it's great if you don't want to go all out with decorations just yet or if you just want to add a cute spin to your tea lights. 

Talking of candles, it was hard to narrow it down to a couple as Etsy have some of the best independent candle shops out there. Something a little bit different, but I've actually got one super similar is this Christmas Tree Candle. I love how they're shaped like Christmas trees so you can dot them around your house and had a little festivity to the corners of your home. If you want something that not only looks good, but smells good too then this Kindred Fires Cinnamon and Orange scent seems like it'll be like Christmas in a jar and as it's personalised they could make great gifts or to just treat yourself! 

This Personalised Christmas Cookie Milk Jug Mug was something I knew I had to share as soon as I set my eyes on it. I feel like so many of you are going to love it and I feel like it's the perfect addition to these festive nights coming up. 

Have you checked out Etsy for your Christmas decorations this year? 


Thursday 12 November 2020

Banish Skincare Review

Banish Acne Scars Skincare Review

Banish Acne Scars Skincare Review

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Although my skin has improved a lot recently, years of acne in my teenage year, has left my skin with a fair few scars as well as the redness and inflammation. I still got blemishes throughout the month and just like everyone else, I don't want them to stick around, so I've been putting Banish Skincare to the test again. 

I was very happy to see the Vitamin C Creme in the starter kit as you know I love a moisturiser that is lightweight in feel, but packs a punch in terms of hydration. It absorbs quickly, so this is a great morning moisturiser when you want to wear makeup on top. 

Talking of the Starter Kit, if you want to try Banish as a brand, but you're unsure on where to start then they offer you kits to get you going. In their kits they include the Banisher 2.0 which is used for microneedling at home. It promises to improve acne scars, dark marks and improves the absorption of your other skincare products. Personally speaking I see the most difference in the latter, as I find my moisturiser sink in a lot quicker. I follow it up with a healthy amount of Banish Oil, which is packed full of vitamin c and sinks into the complexion super quickly. 

The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask isn't new to me as I had it before, so was happy to have another tub as this is great for exfoliating around this time of the year. With AHA's and glycolic acid, this not only makes my skin feel softer, but it helps with blemishes and overall texture too. It's quite a strong scent which may not be for everybody, but I personally feel like it reminds me of Autumn! 

Another product I am already familiar with is Vitamin C Beauty Elixir which is a great for priming your skin before makeup as it has a slight tacky texture to it that grips onto your makeup with ease. This has added vitamin c which also perks up the complexion and tea tree oil to battle any blemishes you may have. 

Banish Acne Scars Skincare Review
I was a little skeptical about the All Clear Mint Cleanser as my skin can react weird to products with scents, but so far so good. I feel like this would be a great option for the Spring and Summer time as it leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed with it's cooling scent all whilst not being drying on the complexion. 

The stand out product of the bunch is the Fighter Gel which has the most unique texture, but I particularly enjoy using it to banish blemishes and help calm down my complexion when it's feeling inflamed and looking red. I mostly use this in the evening as the texture is thick and almost sits like a face mask on the skin. I simply apply it on any spots I have and it helps to reduce the size of the actual spot as well as the redness around them. 

Since I last used Banish, they've improved their packaging and upgraded to this sleek matte black that feels luxe and looks great in my bathroom cabinet plus it's actually made from 100% recycled materials. Although the exterior is great, it's whats in the inside that I wanted to talk about more as the brand is vegan, are made using fresh ingredients and they also have a great backstory. Banish was set up by a woman named Daisy who had suffered from acne for many years and upon starting her YouTube channel she discovered that a lot of other people had the same problem. After finding products that worked for her, she set up Banish and the rest is history. You can read more about the story and find Banish's own blog here

If you'd like to get a discount on your order, I have a code (Pintsized) which gets you $5 off an order of $50 or more. 

Have you tried Banish Acne Scars? 


Monday 9 November 2020

Early Christmas Home Decor Finds

Christmas Early home decor festive

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As always I've been influenced by the internet to decorate for Christmas early and as there's a fair few people who are thinking the same, I decided to share a few of my favourite early festive finds. There's a bunch of different pieces to have a look through, so I hope it inspires you too! 

I picked up one of these Santa Claus Reindeer Delivery Cushion Covers up a couple of months back when I first saw them in stock and I'm so glad I did as I think this is now one of my favourite festive cushions I put out. It's simple, but the canvas material makes it sturdy and it honestly looks like it would cost more than £6.99. 

In fact H&M is one of my favourite places to buy Christmas decor at this time of the year, but you've got to be quick as their best items tend to sell out super quickly. I've currently got my eye on this Gold Metal Candlestick as it would look great as part of a centrepiece and incorporates Christmas without going too over the top. 

I knew that I wanted a Christmas tree skirt this year, but it was hard to narrow it down to the colour and design I wanted. I was stuck between this Classic Tartan Print or this White Faux Fur offering, but I think I've finally settled on the latter.

Although I have my favourite festive duvet cover that I got last year, I have been looking for another as I will be putting my Christmas decorations out very soon and thought it'd be nice to have a change once in a while. This Fleece Checked Bedding is going to be super popular I just know it although it's a little too close to what I have already.  


Friday 6 November 2020

Favourite Luxury Beauty Products

Luxury Beauty Product Favourites

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Luxury beauty products are some of my favourite things to treat myself to. There are certain brands that I reach for the most when I want to feel bougie and today I have compiled a list of my all time favourite luxury picks.  

When I think of luxury makeup, my mind always wanders to Hourglass and their dreamy approach to makeup. I've got one of their six pan palettes from a couple of years ago and the Ambient Lighting Edit Sculpture is this years addition. Their face powders, bronzers and highlighters all look beautiful on the skin, being the perfect consistency between buttery and soft.  There's a variety of shades, so everyone can find their own favourite hue and I always find myself heading back to the brand for more. 

The next makeup brand I always think of when I think of luxury is Charlotte Tilbury. Their rose gold packaging, great formulas and dreamy finishes are the perfect combination to keep me coming back for more. The Filmstar Bronze and Glow* and Pillow Talk Lipstick* are two I've had for many years, so I can vouch that they're totally worth the hype! 

There's rarely a brand whose skincare I've always enjoyed, but Fresh has to be up there for me. I've tried everything from their Soy Face Cleanser to their Black Tea Face Mask* and it's safe to say their products always feel complimentary to my skin type. The Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Cream* is one of my all time favourite moisturiser and despite the steep price tag, I think I'll be using it for many years to come! 

Moving onto body care and if there's anything that makes me feel bougie it's Laura Mercier. Their Honey Bath range is delightful for when you want to create an abundance of bubbles to sink into, whilst their Creme Brûlée Body Souffle is a personal favourite to slather on when I get out. All of their scents make you smell good enough to eat and the moisturising properties make them a good pick for this time of the year. 

It feels like I've been speaking about Diptyque a lot lately, but their fragrances are honestly some of the best I've tried, but I do try and keep them for best (or when I need a mood boost!). The Diptqyue Eau Duelle perfume is the latest addition to my collection and with a twist on the classic vanilla, this smells delicious and has great longevity. 

What are your favourite luxury beauty products? 


Tuesday 3 November 2020

5 Hobbies To Take Up This Month

Hobbies To Take Up

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If you're anything like me, you'll know the struggle of promising yourself that you'll take up a new hobby at the weekend or even the next month, but you never get around to doing it. With a little bit extra time on my hands now, I thought I would inspire myself and maybe even one you reading to turn to a new hobby. 

(It goes without saying that even if your hobby is taking afternoon naps or just muddling your way through the next four weeks then that is 100% okay.) 

Make your own candles | I've already made these super easy beeswax candles that you simply only have to cut your wick, roll them up and you've got a deliciously scented candle to relax with. Saying that, I want to turn my hand to something a little more difficult and 

Read a book a week | I'm starting small with the goal of reading a book a week throughout the next month, but I have to admit once I get engrossed in a read I sometimes find it hard to put it down. There's a few picks on my to-read pile (that I'll be sharing soon), but I may re-read some of my favourites for nostalgia purposes. 

Get back Into embroidering | I started embroidery a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. I started off with a kit to learn the basic stitches and then I went head first into designing my own. It's super fun to get creative in the evening and you can easily lose a couple of hours embroidering away - I recommend with some relaxing music and a cup of tea for optimum effect! 

Nail art | With nail places closed for a little while now, I'm sure you'll be turning to doing your own manicure at home. Now is the best time to experiment with nail art as if you mess it up no one will be around to see it! These Gold Moon Nail Gems are a personal favourite of mine. 

Make your own Christmas decorations | With the festive season slowly creeping up on us, now is a great time to start crafting your own Christmas decorations. Pom pom garlands, paper chains and putting together your own door wreath are all great DIY ideas that'll be sure to take up an afternoon or two. 

Here are some other indoor hobby ideas to take up:

- Scrapbooking
- Painting 
- Pottery
- Start a gratitude diary 
- Calligraphy 
- Yoga 
- Propagate your houseplants 
- Start a podcast 

Will you be taking up any hobbies over the next month? 
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