Sunday 13 November 2016

Two Years of Pint Sized Beauty

On the 13th of November two years ago, I took a photograph of a dimly-lit Sleek Face Form Palette, uploaded it to blogger with little to no editing and started to write about how much I love this trio - right then, Pint Sized Beauty was born. Little did I know that from then on I would fall head over heels with my little space on the internet every single day, and would still be happily sharing my thoughts two years on. 

Although I've grown in confidence, experience and continued to improve the way I write and photograph, my intention has remained the same; to share my views and make Pint Sized Beauty the happy place that I have always wanted it to be. Looking back, there are so many things that I would have done differently, but all of the mistakes have contributed to the growth and development of my blog. 

I can't believe that two years on, people are still taking the time out of their day to support, read and follow my blog, let alone support me to win two blog awards! To celebrate, I am going to pop on a nourishing face mask, watch a Christmas classic and eat my way through a bag of chocolate. For those of you who have stuck around- whether that be from the beginning or today- I want to say a massive thank you; I can't wait to see what this blog becomes in another two years time. 

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