Friday 18 November 2016

Autumn Wardrobe Additions

- In collaboration with Coast - 

Planning the new additions to my Autumn and Winter wardrobe is one of my favourite things to do, as I browse the pages of ASOS and switch up my outfits regularly. With the festive almost upon us, finding the perfect Christmas outfit has been top of my priority list, alongside loving my new coat and bobble hat picks. 

A Bobble Hat and Scarf | The colder seasons call for more layers and I couldn't be without a bobble hat or two to keep my head warm. At the moment I have been smitten with blush pink accessories and clothes to brighten up my usually monochrome wardrobe, so of course I've always got a few picks on my wishlist. I have been wearing a variation of this Pieces Grey Bobble Hat regularly at the moment, as it matches a wide range of outfits in my wardrobe and helps to conceal any bad hair days. 

A Cosy Coat | Coats are my biggest vice; as soon as I buy one, I see another five that I convince myself I need. This ASOS Parker Petite Ultimate Parka is a go-to of mine and is the perfect fit for my body. The burgundy hue means that it differs from my usually wardrobe colour palette, but its great for pairing with a simple outfit and shoes. After much deliberation I am still planning to purchase this ASOS Borg Jacket as it looks like it would keep me warm, but wouldn't swamp me either!  

Jumpers | Is there such a thing as too many jumpers? Because mentally I have bought a whole wardrobe full. From thick cable knits to thin picks great for layering, finding your perfect jumper is an essential of mine for Autumn/Winter as I tend to wear them to death. My go-to at the moment is this ASOS Boule Jumper which comes in burgundy and grey, great if you want a mix of colours like myself. 

Shoes + Slippers | Shoes are what I struggle most with come Autumn and Winter because I always feel unmotivated and end up pining after my sandals and Burkenstocks. Saying that, this year I have made it my mission to find at least one pair of boots that are a perfect fit and look for my everyday wardrobe. Pumps are another must have, however they aren't usually the warmest. These ASOS Ballet Loafers look as if they would keep my feet toasty, whilst looking great too. As I work from home, I often need a pair of slippers to keep my toes from going blue in the cold and this New Look Bunny Pair are too cute to resist - I can just see myself in front of my fireplace with these on! 

A Festive Pick | With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, I am planning more festive outfits and have been scrolling through the internet looking for the right additions to my wardrobe. Along with being drawn to more velvet pieces, I have also been smitten with Coast, a brand that I recently discovered through a few bloggers and I have been lusting after their dresses ever since. This Lydie Dress is my top pick as the ombre hue and sequin style would be perfect for all of your Christmas parties. 

What have you been buying for you wardrobe this season? 

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