Friday 4 November 2016

An Autumn Essie Duo

Essie are no doubt one of my favourite nail polish brands; from the range of muted nude hues to bright colours, you have every season and occasion covered. Today I am sharing with you a dreamy duo I have been wearing since the start of Autumn and one that will have you smitten in no time. 

If there's one nail shade that reminds me of Autumn, it's Essie's Bahama Mama, a deep plum hue that is perfect for everyday wear. Although it takes two coats to thoroughly cover all the nail, once applied it lasts for several days before fading or chipping. I often top it with a top clear coat or glitter, but I have been enjoying applying Penny Talk for a quick accent nail design. Essie's Penny Talk is a discontinued shade that was hard to track down, but luckily Amazon came to my rescue. This rose gold hue looks perfect paired with Bahama Mama on an accent nail, used to add a design or just all over the nail for a luxe look. Despite it being a metallic, I find this dreamy offering quite understated and it looks great with a simple outfit. Although my nails aren't in the best condition right now, I would recommend checking out Rosy Chic's blog for swatches of Bahama Mama and In Love With Life's for Penny Talk.  

What Essie shades do you love? 

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