Saturday 5 November 2016

An Eyeliner Line Up

When I first started wearing makeup, my first port of call was liquid eyeliner. Although I've come a long way with my liner, I still like to use a pen style to aid me with a straight and even winged eyeliner. Today I am sharing with you a handful of my favourite picks. 

The eyeliner I'm currently trialling is the new Rimmel London Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner*, an easy to use offering that delivers just the right amount of precision and pigmentation for an on-the-go application. Although it doesn't smudge for day to day wear, it does claim it is waterproof which I don't think it lives up to. I'm still working my way through it and I'm sure it'll be a great back up liner. 

The Accessorise Eye Lover* has been in my makeup bag for some time now and was initially one that I didn't think I'd love. As you can tell, I much prefer pen eye liners to any others as I find I can steady my hand and can create a clear, even, winged liner with them. Saying this, the Accessorise offering has had me smitten since this time last year. Unfortunately, Accessorise has discontinued their makeup range again, however the Collection Fast Stroke Liner acts very similar and is perfect for those long days. 

The Soap and Glory Supercat Liner is a very hyped up product and although I love it greatly, it doesn't last long before drying out and it does run the risk of smudging, especially if you have oily lids. For me, my favourite eyeliner is the L'Oreal Superliner, one that I continue to go back to time and time again. It's incredibly pigmented, lasts all day and is incredibly under hyped considering I have bought it so much I'm in double figures now. 

Oh, the Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner brings back memories of wearing extremely nude lipstick and little to no product in my eyebrows, but thinking back, Collection solved most of my eyeliner woes in my teenage years. This liner is fantastic and at under £3 it is an absolute steal. It's easy to use, fast drying and gives you the ability to create a defined wing. Another budget offering that is perfect to throw into your handbag for on-the-go top ups is the H&M Precision Eye Marker

What are your favourite liquid eyeliners? 

*PR Sample/Gifted 

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