Saturday 12 November 2016

Creating A Bedroom That's Minimal, Yet Cosy

I am somewhere between a minimalist and someone who likes to "keep it messy in a tidy way", but I'm an advocate of making my whole house cosy, especially during the Autumn and Winter season. I have recently moved house, so of course my main priority was setting up my bedroom to mimick the cosy feel of my old room and today I am sharing with you the stages I went through. 

Use Nature | I cannot express how much a few little plants, a bunch of flowers or a pine cone garland can change the feel of your room. All three of these makes for a super cosy area as it is perfect for the Autumnal months and adding greenery is a great way to incorporate colour into a room. 

Go Golden | Keeping your bedroom minimal without the clutter is hard, but incorporating copper or gold into a room's storage can brighten and add colour. Even the flames of your favourite candles scattered around can help to lift your spirits and make the bedroom an area that feels relaxed and cosy. My favourite candles are currently the Zoella My Eden and Diptyque Roses candle. 

Textures | I've recently moved and have started to re-arrange my house accordingly, but one thing I initially struggled with was creating a cosy feel on my bed. To fix this, I went out and bought a fluffy cushion like this one from Home Sense and it instantly transformed my little space. Complimenting your interior with piles of blankets and textured or patterned rugs can all help to bring a room together, whilst not overpowering your interior. Ideally I would have big, floaty curtains throughout my house as they make for a magical feel, but they still keep a space light and bright. 

Natural Hues | As someone who has continued to incorporate a lot of monochrome into my interior, it can be hard to tear myself away to sport some new natural, wood hues into my rooms. Wood is a great way to add a cosy, rustic feel with minimal effort, however the muted colours can go with a wide variety of interiors. My Habitat Drew Bamboo Side is one of my favourite pieces as I can easily pair it with other pieces and it contrasts well with plain walls, yet it still goes with my natural wood floor boards. 

What Makes You Cosy? | The most important part of your bedroom is adding your own spin to it and making it a place that you want to fall into after a long, hard day. Books are what makes me feel the most relaxed, so I always make it my mission to have a book on my bedside table and then find a way to strategically place books around the room too either on a bookshelf or ladder. Whether it's copper, mirrors or one of my favourites, blush pink, it is important to make space for your own guilty pleasures to ensure that you love your room.  
How do you make your minimal bedroom cosy?

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