Friday 11 November 2016

5 Things To Do When It's Raining At The Weekend

Although I love walking out in the rain and exploring, sometimes I just want to snuggle up under the duvet indoors or head out to a local event to shield myself from the rain outside. Today I am sharing with you my top five free things to do at the weekend when it's raining. 

Go For A Cute Pub Lunch | I don't know about you, but a cosy pub with a fire, possibly a live-in dog and one that serves food all day long is the perfect find for chilly autumnal days. On a Sunday, I like nothing more than to have a roast with lots of yorkshire puddings and parsnips, and what better way than to spend that in a cute local pub - Plus you get to people watch too. 

Netflix & Pamper | If I'm really stuck for ideas, I always turn to having a bubble bath, grabbing a pile of sweet treats and having a binge watch of my favourite TV show or film. Harry Potter marathons are a regular in my household and one that never fails to put a smile on my face, however with the Gilmore Girls Revival just around the corner I'm sure that will be what I'm watching to relax. My favourite pampering picks are currently the new Lush Christmas Collection, however I have been enjoying slathering the Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Soufflé onto my body to nourish it and keep it smelling good enough to eat.

Go Outside | I always talk about how walking is my favourite activity to do year round and searching for your nearest National Trust spot is a great way to find local events or just browse the area. When its raining, I like to head to the woods as the trees help to stop the rain slightly, however there are other activities to do outside your four walls without getting wet. Going to a museum is one way to pass the time, however I'm sure there are more unique ways to fill your weekend like going indoor sky diving, exploring caves or exploring an indoor Christmas barn. 

Get Creative | Rainy days just call for scrapbooking, cross stitching and generally just getting your hands on a creative project. If I'm not feeling like getting the needles or colouring pencils out, then I usually get my Hygge on and go for a game of monopoly, scrabble or banagrams to get my brain working - It's definitely a great way to spend a slow Sunday whilst the roast is cooking! 

Start A New Read | After quickly making my way through my current book collection, I have been on a hunt for a few new picks to read this season. Christmas At The Comfort Food Cafe is currently my festive top pick and I can't wait to pick this up come December. Although if you're super organised you can get your books  by ordering them online ready for a rainy day, however there's something so satisfying about spending an hour or two browsing the aisles of a local book shop. 

What do you like doing when it's raining outside? 


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