Wednesday 2 November 2016

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Nature This Autumn

Now that Halloween is over and Bonfire Night is just around the corner, I am in full of Autumn mode. Getting up a little earlier and spending my morning reading has quickly become part of my daily routine and I often spend the evening either exploring my town or curled up in a bundle of blankets. Today, I am sharing with you the ways I try and incorporate nature into my life during the Autumn months. 

Go For A Walk | Going for a hike is the perfect way to get an Autumn glow and a bit of colour to your cheeks. I have been exploring my local RSPB centre lately, looking for wild fungi, bright plants and walking around in the crisp leaves. Although there is a chill in the air, once the Winter comes I can't wait to wrap up warm and go for a brisk, early morning walk. Once December hits, I am already planning to take a long walk around where I live to peek at the Christmas lights in the streets and through people's living room windows - So cosy!
Bring Nature Indoors | Pine cones, leaves and conkers are just a few of the things I like to bring indoors during the Autumn; whether that be to add to my blog prop collection or to do a clever DIY that I found on Pinterest like this one. I have a fire in my front room, so am planning to keep a stack of wood logs by my fireplace too.

Wildlife Watching | This Autumn and Winter, I have given myself a handful of animals that I want to see, from deer to seals, I have been researching the best places and best time of year to see them in the UK. I currently want to see Puffins at the Bempton Cliffs, but it looks like I'll have to wait til April - July to see these, so I have planned a trip to Norfolk in late November to see the seals. 
Badgers, foxes and hedgehogs are all common in the UK, but I know a lot of people that have never spotted one. In my county and the surrounding areas there are quite a few hides where you can sit and wait at twilight to spot them - Super cosy and a great Autumn evening activity. 

-Despite seeing deer every year, they never stop being majestic and a must have to photograph, especially around the festive period. Despite deer being shy, which can often make it hard, there are a many places throughout the UK which you can look at them perfectly from afar anyway. 
Seasonal Fruit and Veg | Every new season I make it my mission to research and learn more about the seasonal veg on offer and the different recipes that I can use to incorporate them into my diet. Although I do my weekly shop and stock up on the best fruit and veg there and then, I do like to go to a pick your own every now and again. Apples, parsnips and mushrooms are just a few of the items on the menu at the moment and this site is a great way to inspire yourself, although I do prefer to scour the pages of Pinterest instead. This roasted parsnip and garlic soup looks like one to try to warm you up on a chilly evening and these rosemary sweet potato stackers look right up my street. 

Photographing | I'm an avid photographer, who loves to make the most of the changing colours and nature around me by snapping away. I have been looking at various techniques I want to play around with on the weekends and evenings, like photographing the stars in the sky at night and catching animals in the early morning fog. These tips for beginners and guide to photographing stars are a great place to start. 

What are you looking forward to doing this Autumn/Winter?

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