Tuesday 22 November 2016

Lush Christmas 2016 Picks

Christmas wouldn't be the same without a Lush bath bomb or two and this year I felt spoilt for choice with the new extended range. Although I had picked out a fair share of my favourite festive products from the range, I used them too quick and couldn't photograph them all, but I thought I would talk to you about my top picks anyway. 

The wands that Lush releases every year are some of my favourite picks as they are reusable and create piles of luscious bubbles for me to delve into. The Magic Of Christmas is a go-to of mine as the rich cinnamon scent reminds me of the festive season every time I use it. If you would rather a sweet offering then I would thoroughly recommend Magic Wand, a perfect treat for those who are a fan of snow fairy. When I did my order, I had to get the Santasaurus, a dinosaur shaped reusable bubble bar that smells fresh and fruity; perfect if you like something to wake you up when you bathe rather than the usually sleepy scents. 

Every year I have to pick up a bottle or two of Rose Jam Shower Gel to keep my addiction satisfied as I always spend the rest of the year lusting after it. It's smells like turkish delight, which is one of my favourite festive treats. It leaves the skin feeling, looking and smelling extremely sweet, softened and nourished. If you're a fan of the likes of Rose Jam Bubbleroom and Ro's Agran Body Conditioner, then I would recommend layering up as the scent lasts throughout the day. 

Although I've seen this before, the Snow Angel Bath Melt is a new one in my collection. This rose and marzipan scented offering is perfect to treat Winter dehydrated skin as the added cocoa butter helps to soothe and condition. It's a slow burner that really helps you to relax and as the bath fills up with lots of silver, luxe feeling glitter, you can't help but feel festive! 

Butterbear is the bath bomb I always re-purchase over the festive period as I actually like to use them regularly to give my skin a boost of hydration and soothe my dehydrated body. For under £2 this bath bomb is a bargain considering the benefits you reap and as it makes the water light and creamy, this is just perfect to pamper yourself in. 

I knew I couldn't be without the new Sleepy Body Lotion, a lavender infused pick thats a bedtime favourite of mine as it helps to induce sleep, whilst leaving your body feeling super soft and calm. Although I love applying this before I go to sleep, if I'm in a rush I couldn't fault the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, an in-shower treatment that helps to soothe and moisturise the skin without any hassle.  

If you're looking for exclusives this Christmas, the Lush website has some amazing picks like the Yog Nog Bath Bomb, which is a perfect sweet treat for cosy evening and Christmas Kisses, which is a great bubble bar if you're a fan of cinnamon.

What have you been enjoying from the Lush Christmas range this year?

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