Monday 14 November 2016

Staying Organised and Motivated in the Autumn and Winter

As soon as Autumn and Winter rolls in, my motivation is usually at an all-time high, but due to moving house just under a month ago, I still feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things. From preparing for the new year to setting yourself a daily to-do, I am sharing my top tips to staying organised and productive over the next season. 

New Year, New Stationery | Okay, so we're still firmly in 2016 as it's only November, but I am already planning my stationery changes such as swapping out my old calendar for this Rifle Paper Herb Calendar offering and getting out my Rifle Paper Midnight Agenda for my daily tasks. New stationary may not be for everybody, but I find that it helps me think of new ideas and helps me plan my day more effectively so I don't forget any important deadlines. 

Know Your Peak Times | Whether it's the best time to photograph or when you feel like you work best, knowing your peak times is the perfect way to stay motivated with little to no effort. For me, I know that I get most of my emails replied to in the morning, then I like to spend the morning writing before photographing over lunch time. The afternoon mostly consists of catching up on freelance and volunteer work before finalising any blog work I've done. I have the pleasure of working from home and managing my own day, but if you blog at the weekend, making sure you know your peak times will help you photograph in bulk easier and more effective. 

To Do Lists | Just like stationery, a simple to-do list can be a great way to make you more productive for the day. I like having a weekly pad like this one to note down any important deadlines and events, but having a little notepad can be useful for writing down the day-to-day tasks. 

Switch Up Your Ideas | If you ever wonder how I come up with my blog post ideas, then this is how; I grab a handful of products from a new eyeshadow palette to a camera lens and I sit and write 5 blog post ideas where that particular product could feature in. This method helps me to create fresh ideas that I'm happy with and is a quick way to help you feel motivated. If you're struggling this Autumn/Winter to think of new topics, then I would recommend scrolling through Pinterest for photo inspiration and using a few notepads to write down your ideas as soon as they come into your head! 

How do you stay organised in the Autumn and Winter? 

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