Tuesday 25 April 2017

12 Ways To Add A Little Magic In Your Life

After watching Harry Potter for the 1000th time, I thought to myself about all the ways you can add a little bit of magic to your life on a daily basis. Whether it's having a midnight feast in bed or taking a Lush bath will a bath bomb full of shimmer, I've compiled a list full of ways to make you feel magical today.  

Have Your Dinner By Candle Light | Whip up your favourite meal, bring out the tea lights and spread them around your house for a magical feeling. Adding fairy lights and dimming the lights can all add to the experience too. 

Look At The Stars and Full Moon | I'm always on the look out for when the next meteor shower and full moon are due. If there's a clear night, which is more likely during the warmer months, I always head out whenever I can to spot the constellations and the moon. 

Go Cloud Watching | Now that the weather is getting hotter, I am starting to spend more time outside and soon enough it will be picnic season. I'm planning on packing up my sandwiches and laying on my back watching the clouds whiz by and trying to find the shapes in the sky. 

Add Glitter To Everything | Whether it's making galaxy candy apples or simply just topping vanilla buttercream cupcakes with edible glitter, adding a bit of lustre to anything can make you feel magical. 

Watch Harry Potter In A Den | Nothing says magic more than a Harry Potter and if you haven't binge watched snuggled up under a duvet or in a blanket den, then have you really watched them at all? 

Watch The Sunset/Sunrise | Watching the pastel coloured sunset change is one of my favourite things to do, but I'm making it my mission to watch the sunrise from outside, something that is a little harder to do in the Summer, but come Autumn it's going straight to the top of my to-do list. 

Lighting Candles and Reading A Book In The Bath | An abundance of candles and a pile of soft, fluffy bubbles always perks me up and makes me feel magical. I've got several favourite magical Book picks including Harry Potter and The Night Circus

Look Out For Anything Golden or Holographic | I'm absolutely smitten with anything brass, copper or holographic and these Rose Gold Birkenstocks are currently on my wishlist. As for homeware, I love anything with a metallic finish, this West Elm Cat Trinket Dish and Urban Outfitters Round Planter

Make A Wish | Whether it's on a shooting star or when the clock strikes 11:11, I love making a wish whenever I can. 

Twirl Around In A Floaty Dress | I think I've been watching too many princess films lately, but is there anything better than twirling around in a floaty dress? 

Watch The Blossom Fall | Walking around bare foot in freshly cut grass, flying a kite in the wind and feeling the sun on your face are all of my favourite things to do in the Summer. Of course, in the UK we're more likely to feel rain upon us, but even that is magical in itself. Although watching the Autumn leaves fall is one my biggest pleasures, in the Spring when the blossom falls you can't help but feel magical too. Why not stand underneath and see if any fall onto your clothes and face? 

Cook Up Some Harry Potter Snacks | Whether it's an ice cold butter beer or delicious, warm pumpkin pasties, there are many Harry Potter recipes on the internet for you to re-create at home. 

How do you like to add a little magic to your life? 

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