Monday 17 April 2017

40 Simple Yet Compelling Beauty Blog Post Ideas

As someone who posts daily, I know all too well what it feels like to run out of ideas or hit a blogging block, so today I thought I'd share with you my top simple yet compelling beauty blog post ideas that could possibly evoke interest and give you more food for thought. If you would like some extra reading, I've done a whole post all about how I generate ideas for my blog through various techniques, so I'm sure it'll be great for those looking for a longer solution. 

- A seasonal makeup round up 
- Pastel/brights/neutral makeup 
- The skincare products you regret buying
- A pamper routine
- Makeup for dry/oily/combination skin
- General tips for better makeup application 
- Winter skincare 
- The makeup that makes you feel great 
- A beauty wishlist 
- The makeup worth a repurchase 
- Products to add to your to-buy list
- Take a look inside your makeup bag
- A brand round up 
- 3 lipsticks to try 
- Makeup for a specific purpose (holiday, birthday, lazy days)
- New in beauty products
- Eyeshadow/foundation/lipstick tips for beginners
- My top beauty tools
- Matte makeup must haves
- Back to basics 
- Transitional summer favourites  
- Affordable top picks 
- Highlighters that will have you glowing 
- Party makeup routine 
- A makeup collection/storage tour
- The beauty bloggers who inspire you
- Favourite products you can buy from X (Boots, Space NK, Superdrug...)
- What's in your makeup bag 
- Pink blushers for Spring
- Red/orange/coral favourites
- 5 beauty books you'll love 
- The blogger made me do it 
- Current makeup picks
- New skincare finds
- An easy eyeshadow duo 
- Rediscovering old favourites
- Underrated products 
- Favourite scents for the season
- Everyday makeup
- Morning/evening skincare routine 

Has this post been helpful to you? What beauty blog posts do you enjoy reading? 

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