Saturday 15 April 2017

What I've Been Reading, Watching and Listening To Lately

Although during the Spring and Summer months I love taking some time out for myself, walking more and generally just spending a lot more time outside, I can't help but delve into a book or two and binge watch my favourite TV show or podcast. Today I am sharing with you my top picks that will take you through the warmer seasons. 

Reading | Nothing says Harry Potter more than the crisp leaves of Autumn, the wind whistling outside and being able to  bundle up in several blankets with a hot chocolate, but due to my recent visit to the Harry Potter studios I have been lusting after this feeling one again, despite the warmer months being upon us. I've been re-reading the magical series and delving into the wizarding world and right now I couldn't be happier with my choice.

Another book I've been reading and this time it's non-fiction, is Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes; a must have and a great place to source information on pretty much anything beauty related. I've bookmarked a few of my favourite pages for regular research, but I've enjoyed learning more about the basics. 

Watching | With the new series of Line of Duty, I decided to take it upon myself to rewatch the old episodes along with some of my other favourite police series such as Happy Valley and Luther. They've had me hooked once again and I would recommend them to anybody looking for a gripping watch. 

Drifters, My Family and Friday Night Dinner are on regular repeat in my house as I'm always  looking for a giggle after a long day at work. They keep me entertained whenever I want a light watch, but I've recently been keen to re-watch Gilmore Girls, another favourite of mine, but I'm not sure if I should leave it to the cosier months. 

Listening | I've never been into podcasts before, but recently I decided to dip my toes in and listen to My Dad Wrote A Porno. I like to listen to one or two episodes every now and again as it never fails to put a smile on my face and make me nervously chuckle at what is being read out. If you're looking for a new listen that will have you smitten then look no further because this is pure gold. 

I've also been tempted to listen to Joe Lycett's audio book, Parsnips, Buttered. As one of my favourite comedians, I knew that I had to put this on my to-listen list and so far from what I've listened to it's kept me very amused. 

What have you been reading, listening and watching lately? 

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