Saturday 29 April 2017

Hydration From Head To Toe

Despite the Winter being the season for lacklustre, dry complexion, the temperamental weather changes and daily hayfever struggles make my skin sore and dehydrated during the Spring and Summer months too. My hair gets brittle from wearing it up more, my legs get irritated from shaving and my face lacks hydration all year round...

First up is my skincare routine and during the warmer months, I like to swap out heavy creams for lighter lotions, all whilst not compromising on moisture. Two of my top picks are the Origins Ginzing and Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, as both of these deliver a great deal of hydration without clogging up or sitting on the skin for too long. In terms of cleanser, I tend to stick with the same, but I have been reaching for my micellar gels more often to help soothe the complexion and reduce redness. 

As a Lush enthusiast, there's nothing I love more than a soak in a bath with a Lush bath bomb, however with Hayfever playing havoc on my body, making it super itchy and sore, I have actually been reaching for a simpler bubble bath. The Sanex Hypo-Allergenic Foam Bath is one I picked up for a few pounds, but the freshly scented offering really does wonders for my irritated skin. Although I've stopped with the Lush baths for the time being, I can't help but use one of their scented shower gels and the Comforter is one of my top picks for a refreshing, long lasting scent. If I want something a little lighter that will deliver a bigger boost of hydration then I opt for the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

I tend to keep my body lotions lighter during the warmer seasons to enable me to wear fake tan with ease, but it's still important that I regularly moisturise to keep my body feeling supple. The Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Body Souffle is an all year round favourite as the sweet scented cream feels extremely luxurious on the skin and helps to nourish too. Saying this, it can be a little heavy on some days or when I just want a quick application, so the Dove Goodness Body Oil is great at illuminating your pins and adding a velvety soft finish too. 

I've been trying to get better at treating my hair and- as someone who doesn't wash their hair very often- when I do, I tend to use a clarifying shampoo that is more prone to stripping the hair of moisture. To treat my hair I use the Schwarzkopf Got2B Oil on the ends of my dry hair to deliver shine and smooth the ends.

With the Summer months bringing sandals and open toe shoes into style, I like to spend a little more time treating and preening my nails. The Lush Lemony Flutter is a cuticle butter that helps to soothe any dry patches and is great paired with a pink pedicure. 

What hydrating products do you reach for in the warmer months? 

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