Monday 30 March 2020

Tips and Ideas For Creating Content At Home

Ideas For Creating Content At Home

After spotting a similar post written on With Love Yossy's blog post (who you should totally check out!), I thought I would do my own version as I've been creating content at home for the last couple of weeks and I know a lot of you who follow me may be doing the same and looking for some tips. If you want to see these photos in action, then don't forget to follow me on my Instagram as I'm currently uploading daily. Here are a handful of ideas that you can use as inspiration whilst we're all staying at home: 

Nails |  I'm not the best as sharing my #nailfie as I never think my manicures are particularly inspiring, but after posting them on my Instagram a few times recently, I realised that people love them no matter what! I take a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest where there's at-home art that you can try as well as ombre nails, heart tips and even just the simple gold shimmer on the ring finger nail. 

Recipe Posts | Although this isn't something I'd usually share on my Instagram, I've been loving creating food for my Insta stories as well as sharing the recipes on my blog too. I've had fun playing around with food photography and have had a great response to my indulgent brownies and easy cheese straws that I posted last week. 

Netflix Recommendations | Sharing your TV show or film recommendations can sometimes be a blog post to overlook, but I know that I love to read about what people have been watching to give myself new ideas. Share a cute snap of your Netflix space at home on your Instagram with a concise line up or just for a full round up on your blog instead!

Ideas For Creating Instagram Content At Home
Tips For Creating Content At Home

Share Your OOTD | I think that one of the positive to take from this recent situation is that a lot of us will be sharing on the spot content and more close to reality outfit of the days. From loungewear to pyjamas, floaty culottes to a Spring dress, share the fashion content you usually would, but have a play around with angles and corners of your home. For me, I've loved doing headless shots (like above!) of my outfits as it's the content I love to see on my Instagram feed, but I've never really got creative at creating them for myself. Up close shots of jewellery, hair accessories and belts always go down a treat too!  Why not share them on your blog if you have one? 

Selfies | Theres' nothing wrong with a selfie and it's a great way to share your daily makeup and any new looks that you've been experimenting with. Play around with hair scarves, add a red lip or put in your pearl hair clips to jazz up your selfie at the same time. 

Although I'm cheating a little with this one, you don't have to just stick with selfies of your face, why not share what you're wearing on your feet or a photo of favourite hat from behind - would that be considered a hatfie? 

A Snap of Your Bed | Although 90% of the content you see from your favourite Instagrammers is more than lightly to be curated, I can't help but love when people share photos of their perfectly unmade beds that look like you can jump right in. Add a couple of candles, fairy lights and whatever you're currently watching on Disney+ and you've got yourself a very Instagrammable photo - don't forget to share it on Pinterest too! 

Tips For Creating Instagram Content At Home
Ideas For Creating Content At Home

Cosy At-Home Shots | I'm a self-confessed lover of all things cosy, so of course I had to share one of the best categories on Instagram. I think being inside all day has made me play around with this a little more as I shared a snap from my bath the other week and it received lots of great comments, so I think it's safe to say you loved it. All I did was share a real-time photo of my bubble bath with candles scattered around and a book in hand. 

Other ideas for similar photos could be, a favourite corner of your house with books piled high, a trialling house plant in the corner and candle burning in the background - sometimes I think the simpler they are, the more I'm inclined to like and engage with the content. On top of this, I would recommend playing around with what you have lying around, maybe it'll inspire you to give your space a little bit of a rearrange, using any mirrors, blankets or prints you may have. I personally want to make use of my record player more and I think mug in hand shots give the cosiest feel for a Sunday photo! 

Beauty Flatlays | This is definitely one I mostly save for my blog as I've been trying to keep up to date with my beauty content over on here. Creating flatlays always gives me such joy as I rearrange the products and pick the best props to make them pop! Why not share your skincare routine, current makeup or the products you've recently use it. Get creative, use sunlight if you can and have a play around with your camera settings to get some super unique and interesting looking photos. 

Just Add Flowers | I love adding flowers to the corner of my flatlays, but I think they are always welcome in my interior photographs as well as looking beautiful if I take a quick shot of a blossom tree on my walks. This is probably one best saved for peony season as they never fail to spruce up a photograph when you've got a bunch in your hand or hung delicately over your shoulder. 
Ideas For Creating Content At Home
Ideas For Creating Content At Home

Share Your Space | You've probably seen my fireplace, book shelves and bedroom mirror time and time again, but it was only recently that I realised I barely ever show my kitchen, let alone my bathroom. It's just a space that I never thought was 'Instagrammable enough', but being at home I've had time to do a little rearranging as well as playing around with different angles to get the right shots. 

Tip Blog Posts | Just like this blog post, why not share your own ideas on how to work best from home, your favourite workout videos or simply how you stay motivated?  You can use cosy shots of your home that you created for Instagram as accompanying photos if you're doing a full round up. Just use your daily life as inspiration and I'm sure you'll have the ideas flowing! 

Don't forget to follow my Instagram if you want to see photographs like the one's I've shared in this blog post! 

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