Sunday 15 March 2020

5 Things That Are Making Me Happy

Inspired by Michelle and Olivia, I thought that I would write up a blog post all about the little things I've been loving recently. The world is a strange place recently what with all the hoarding of toilet roll and pasta in-between anxiety inducing new articles and the general panic in the air. I wanted to share a positive post which will hopefully boost spirits even if it's for a five minute read, so I hope you enjoy and don't forget to let me know what you've been loving and getting up to at the moment (whether you're in self-isolation or not!). 

Made A To-Read Pile | As a self-proclaimed hoarder of books, I feel like the idea of having to stay inside for two weeks would give me the perfect opportunity to finally make my way through my to-read pile. I've proudly gone through all my books shelves and picked out five books I've been meaning to read for several years now and I can't wait to settle down in the afternoon with a blanket and cup of tea in hand to make a dent in them. Currently I've got the last couple of ACOTAR's books to catch up on as well as the more light hearted The Flat Share. 

Baking Up A Treat | My kitchen has looked like I've been wrestling with flour and butter over the last couple of weeks, but it's a sight I love to see. It started with us needing to use up some rolled oats and chocolate pieces that had been sitting in our cupboard for a while, so I turned them into deliciously gooey flapjack and since then I've experimented with scones, rich chocolate cupcakes and lots of different recipes. 
Feeling Stronger | Although as you're reading this I'm actually sat on the sofa, I've actually been working on my core and upper body during workouts a lot more over the last few months and the hard work is finally paying off. I'm feeling a lot stronger all over, but in particular on my upper arms, which if I'm honest muscle was pretty non-existent. 

Getting Excited For Spring | I know it can be hard to get excited for the new season with so much going on, but it's been nice seeing glimpses of what Spring has to offer. The blossoms have started to bloom and the daffodils have come up in a lot of gardens which means I'm seeing these yellow beauties everywhere. I've even started to notice that some of my plants are getting happier now that they have actual sunlight beaming through the windows and the fact I've scattered some tulips around the house is always a mood booster. 

Treating Myself | We were supposed to be going to Rome and Harry Potter tour at the end of this month, so now that they are cancelled I feel like I want to treat myself to something new for the house. As boring as it sounds, I want to get myself some floaty curtains for our bedroom or a fresh set of bedding for the Spring, just to perk up the areas and get something a little positive! 

What are you enjoying recently? 

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