Wednesday 18 March 2020

Spring Transitional Skincare Routine

Spring Transitional Skincare
Spring Transitional Skincare Routine
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I always struggle at this time of the year when it comes to my skin as this is the season for hayfever to start kicking in, so my complexion gets more dehydrated and irritated. The slight change in weather and temperature that experience means my skin also gets more oily and spots start to appear in places I didn't know they could. I've been switching up my skincare a lot recently, trying to find a routine that caters for all of my skin concerns and I think I've found the perfect combination, so I had to share. 

My first cleanse is the Soap and Glory Ultimelt* which I've done a full review of, but it's great for getting rid of your makeup quickly. I wash it off with my Face Halo or just a muslin cloth and my skin feels ready for my next cleanse which is the Pixi Milky Hydrating Cleanser*. Although I was unsure to begin with how I felt about it, my skin has grown to love it and as long as I use a toner afterwards, my skin feels soft and looks great! 

Talking of toner, I'm still using the Nip+Fab Gylcolic Fix Night Pads* a couple of times a week as they really perk up my skin and they don't feel as harsh as using a physical exfoliator which is great because I know my skin can be temperamental at this time of the year. To calm everything down the Pixi Rose Tonic* is perfect as it's a simple formula that makes my complexion feel fresh and look glowing - I've really grown to love it recently.

I'm all about adding as much moisture into my routine as possible, but from experience I know that my skin can react in weird ways if I start layering up too many products. I've kept to the staples, just a serum, moisturiser and an eye cream if I'm feeling particularly dry. The moisturiser I've gone back to is the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream* which is freshly opened after storing it away for a couple of months. I mean if you can't open your favourite moisturiser during a global pandemic when can you? 

I've been relying on is the Jade Roller* a lot recently too as I like to pop it in the fridge until it's super cold and then do a facial massage with it twice (or as many times as I want) a day. I particularly like focusing on the jar line and underneath the eyes as this is where I get puffy the most and it really soothes the skin if it's feeing irritated from hayfever or just general stress like mine is. 

What are your staple Spring transitional skincare favourites? 

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