Saturday 28 March 2020

What To Watch On Disney Plus

Disney Plus Watch List
Disney Plus got released in the UK a few days ago and although I had no intention of getting it, the extra time we've got to stay in paired with a little convincing from those who have it already, I caved! I'm not a die hard Disney fan, so this guide to what to watch is perfect for those who are casual fans and are wondering if it's a streaming service they'd like to invest in. 

Marvel | I'm starting off with one of the main reasons why I got it and that's the Marvel films and series on there. The likes of Avengers End Game and Thor Ragnarok have quickly been consumed, but there's also Agent Carter that I want to delve into over the coming weeks as well. If you're into your superhero's then this will be a great shout as they have almost all the movies from the latest Ant Man, Captain Marvel and Black Panther era. 

The Classics | Of course it goes without saying that they have the classics on there, all of the princess films and animations. From Tangled to Frozen, Snow White to Cinderella, they've got the live action versions too - I can't wait to watch the new Aladdin film in particular. 

Alongside those, there are so Alice in Wonderland, all of the Pirates of The Caribbean and Ice Age's too. I've already watched the second Wreck It Ralph and Zootropolis, but I've got Coco and Inside Out on my to-watch list too. 

Old Throwbacks | I'm not sure why, but when I first read the list of what's on Disney Plus and I saw the likes of Freaky Friday, Cheaper By The Dozen and Hocus Pocus, it made me even more inclined to get, although I could easily get them elsewhere. That being said, there's some serious throwbacks on Disney Plus in terms of old series like Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Lizzy Miguire and That's So Raven if you're in to watching those sorts of things. 

Pixar | I'm actually a huge Pixar fan especially when I was growing up, I loved Toy Story, The Incredibles and A Bug's Life in particular, but new favourites have been Ratatouille and Up. It's nice to have them all to hand and they're serious throwbacks of mine, so no doubt I will devour them all in the next couple of months. 

Star Wars | I'll put my hands up and say I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, I loved the recent one's, but I only think I've watched the old films once or twice. That being said, I thought it was a category that would interest people. The Mandalorian is one that I've heard a lot about, so I can't wait to watch that, although I'm going to wait until they release a few new episodes before I get started. 

Have you got Disney Plus? What have you been watching? 

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