Wednesday 11 March 2020

3 Ways To Tackle The March Blues

I mentioned this in my most recent monthly to-do list, but March is one of, if not my least favourite month of the year. Motivation is low and I also find that my constant lusting after the warmer weather causes me to be rather unproductive too as I feel like I'm done with Winter content, but it's also too early for blossoms, floaty dresses and picnics! If like me you struggle with March, I've written a list of my favourite ways to tackle the blues this month. 

Switch It Up | As I work from home, one day can look very similar to another and therefore if I'm struggling with inspiration this doesn't help all that much. I've been splitting my days into two several days a week which essentially means I get an extra long lunch break to exercise, walk to the shops or clean the house and when I head back to work in the afternoon, I choose to work later. This technique has definitely helped me tackle the midday slump, but I know not everyone can do this. 

The other way I've been switching it up is by changing the simple things including meals. A perk of working from home is that I can often make whatever food I fancy, but just like a lot of people who may take pack lunches into work, you can fall into the trap of eating the same sandwich or having the same porridge toppings everyday. It may sound simple, but even switching up one or two meals a day once or twice a week can perk you up! 

Start Your Day Off Right | After getting into a few bad habits over the Winter with work/life balance as the lack of daylight means I have cram as much as I can in the day including getting outside for exercise and taking photograph whilst the sun is still out. When March rolls around you can feel that the evenings are staying lighter for longer and knowing the clock change is just around the corner is even more comforting. 

I've been taking advantage of the brighter mornings by going out on my bike before the day really starts, so that I get my workout in pretty early. I've also been eating my breakfast and having a peppermint tea outside when the weather permits as I find this sets up my day right especially as it allows me to think about the day ahead without any distraction from my phone or laptop. 

Have Something To Look Forward To | With my trip to Italy almost definitely cancelled, we've got the Harry Potter tour to look forward to now to get me through March. Even if it's just setting yourself a challenge of no takeaways for a month, reading 4 books this month or beating your PB at running, setting yourself targets throughout the month can make it go a lot faster (and fun too!). 

What are your favourite ways to tackle the March blues? 

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