Sunday 22 March 2020

A Cheerful Spring Playlist To Listen To

Spring Spotify Playlist
My current favourite pastime is making playlists on Spotify and after making one back in the Autumn titled 'rainy Sunday' which complimented my long hot baths perfectly, I've been inspired to do the same for the new season as well. These songs for Spring are great for listening whilst pottering around the house, in the background whilst you're reading a book or just chilling with a glass of wine. 

It's giving me flashbacks to adding playlists to your Tumblr page and giving yourself a fright every time you load your soft grunge theme with a complimentary pale rose background and have The Neighbourhood blaring out at you because you forgot that auto-play was on. Who ever thought auto-play was a good idea? I'm pretty certain a lot of twenty year olds suffer from tinnitus because of those! 

Let me know if you like seeing my curated playlists as I'll share them more, but if you just want to have a browse of the other ones I have listed then you can follow me on my Spotify 'pintsizedbeauty'. There's 'mood boosters' which is of course full of Paolo Nutini and I have 'is this tumblr 2013' which will have some huge throwbacks on there! 

Did you enjoy listening to this playlist? Find any new music to add to yours? 

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