Tuesday 31 March 2020

Muji Makeup Storage Declutter

Muji Makeup Storage
Muji Makeup Storage
Muji Makeup Storage
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Back in 2015, Muji storage was all the rage, every blogger had them to store away their makeup and although times have moved on, I still think they're pretty efficient ways of arranging your beauty products. That being said, I definitely haven't utilised the space as much as I should have, so after a declutter of my beauty storage in general, I decided to give my muji drawers a Spring clean too and I thought I'd share the overhaul with you. 

The first drawer is dedicated to my lipsticks that I've collected the most of, starting with Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick. You've probably seen my talk about these time and time again (I've done a full Charlotte Tilbury round up!), but I knew that I wanted to make sure they sat pride of place in my collection. Having them in the top drawer at the front really makes them stand out and as I reach for them on a regular basis, I now have them all in easy reach. We have the classics like Pillow Talk* as well as a limited edition Dance Floor Princess* which are both gorgeous pink shades that can be worn on a daily basis. 

Although I don't wear MAC lipsticks anymore, I've been collecting them for as long as I can remember and I feel quite nostalgic about some of the lipstick shades I decided to keep. As half of these probably aren't safe to use, I just wanted somewhere that I could keep them all as I don't want to get rid of them and I thought at the back would be the perfect place. 

Still on the top drawer, we have the Clinique Pop Lip Colours which probably serious throwback lipsticks if you've been reading blog posts for a fair few years. They've since come out with a lot of different variations including a matte offering, but I still think the originals are my favourite. If you're looking for a comfortable everyday lip product however, then the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments* are my go-to. I've had quite a handful of shades over the years, but these are the ones I've still got left that I haven't used up - definitely give them a go as they're dreamy and delicious! 

Muji Makeup Storage
Muji Makeup Storage

Onto the second drawer down now and in here I decided to store my Hourglass collection and although a couple of pieces are missing that I need to track down, I have everything from my limited edition palette from a couple of Christmas' ago as well as my Hourglass Ambient Light Blusher* that is one of my favourite formulas ever. 

In the third drawer, I have another layer dedicated to lipsticks. This time it's got my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, Pixi Liquid Lipsticks* and a few Clarins Lip Perfectors*. I don't tend to reach for these much anymore, so I'm hoping that having them in easy to reach storage will make me wear them more often. In the back of this drawer I have the Nars Orgasm Blusher* and Laguna Bronzer* which are two of my favourites, so I thought they'd be safer stored away rather than floating around in my makeup bag. 

In the final drawer, I have temporary stored my Nudestix collection as everything I own from this brand fits snuggly and gives them a home without cluttering my other beauty drawers. The products come in tins which I tend to keep them in just because I feel like throwing them out is wasteful. 

On the top, I decided to slim down what perfumes I put on top. My fragrance collection has got a little out of control, so I have a separate place to store them all, but wanted a couple of my favourites on top of the Muji storage nevertheless. We have the Diptyque perfumes that I've started to collect since my 21st birthday and my Marc Jacobs fragrances as they're just too beautiful to hide away! 

Have you had Muji drawers? How do you use them? 

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