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Charlotte Tilbury Makeup and Skincare Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection
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I own more Charlotte Tilbury products than any other makeup brand and I think it's safe to say that it definitely puts them high up on my favourite brand list. Not only is the rose gold casing absolutely dreamy, but the formulas are absolutely gorgeous. This post is a long one, so grab yourself a cup of tea, a snack and a pen and paper as you're going to have a wishlist as long as your arm!

Starting with makeup, I recently got sent the Wonderglow* which is a product I've used in sample form for years now. I can't believe it's taken me this long to own it as if you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that it's one of my top primers ever! You only need a little amount to add just the right amount of radiance to the skin before going in with your other base products. If you want something a little bit more intense then the Flawless Filter* will be your best bet. It's thicker in formula and I like to use this on the high points of my face instead of all over, but it offers a similar finish the Wonderglow. 
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection
Talking of foundation, I've tried both of Charlotte Tilbury's base offerings, the Light Wonder and Magic Foundation*. The former is great if you want a light coverage that will still cover any blemishes or redness, but it still offers a dreamy dewy finish great for the warmer months. The latter is perfect for those who are lovers of medium to full coverage and although I've bene sent this before, I've been wearing it since it was released after purchasing it myself when a counter came to near where I lived. 

Years ago now I owned The Retoucher Pen, but that's now long gone and has been replaced by the Magic Away Concealer*. The sponge isn't my favourite at all, but the formula pleasantly surprised me as it covers my dark circles and looks natural on the skin too. I've lacking a powder in my collection (trust me it's on my wishlist), but I then finish with the Filmstar Bronze and Glow* which was the first ever Charlotte Tilbury I owned.

The bronzing and highlighting duo is perfect for contouring the cheekbones and adding a luminous glow. I actually owned it first because I won it in a giveaway many moons ago, the bronzer side is the perfect hue and I always wish they sold it on it's own too as I tend to use that up much quicker. The only powder blusher I've owned from them is the Cheek to Chic Ecstasy* offering which I owned before but gave away as I wasn't reaching for it as much as I should, but now I've got it again, I've have to say the coral hue is much more 'me' now.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection

If powder isn't your type of thing, don't worry Charlotte Tilbury will still have you covered and now I'm onto two of my favourite products from them, I'm getting excited to share. The Beauty Light Contour and Highlighting Original Wand are absolutely amazing and although once again I'm not fond of the sponge applicator, what's inside is absolutely amazing. I cannot rave about them enough as the contour wand is super easy to use and blend into the skin, whilst looking natural on the complexion too. The highlighter is the perfect hue for my skin tone and can be used on it's own or underneath a powder illuminator for an extra pop!

If there's one product from Charlotte Tilbury that I didn't get on with it's the Pretty Youth Glow Filter* as I just don't reach for it as much as I thought I would. The highlighter is very subtle on the skin, so the blusher shade is definitely the stand out side. It goes from cream to powder, but you do need to work it up to achieve a good dose of colour. 

The eyeshadow quads are some of my favourites too as I think they're a great idea if you don't think you'd use a full sized eyeshadow palette and if you struggle to find the shades that work well together then this is perfect too. It's hard to pick my favourite between Dolce Vita and Vintage Vamp* as although they're quite similar they still offer something different. 

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup and Skincare Collection
They don't just offer powder formulas, but cream and pencil too. The Colour Chameleons* are what I use if I want a super smokey look, but I would say go for the one you'll enjoy using rather the one recommended for your eye colour! I then have a couple of Eyes to Mesmerise Pots* which are cream shadows that you can apply with just your ring finger for an easy, on-the-go look. Two new products that I've added to my collection recently that I can't yet comment on is the Full Fat Lashes Mascara* and Feline Flick Eyeliner Pen*. I'm looking forward to giving them a try, so I thought I'd give them a mention! 

The Matte Revolution Lipsticks are some of my favourite formulas especially the classic Pillow Talk* shade. The darker hues have to have a mention too as The Queen*, a vibrant pink is absolutely beautiful for this time of the year - I always get compliments whenever I wear it. The Legendary Queen* hue is also a favourite for the Autumn/Winter as although they describe it as a soft neutral wine shade, it's a lot darker than I expected, but it's absolutely beautiful. 

It's not very often that I stick to one lipstick for longer than a week before trying something else, but The Duchess* which is part of their K.i.s.s.i.n.g range, is always at hand. It's nourishing formulas works well with my dehydrated lips and the classic pink hue is perfect for all occasions. I particularly like using this with the Pillow Talk Lip Liner* too which I'm glad I have back in my collection after losing it when moving. 

Charlotte Tilbury Skincare Collection
If I don't fancy wearing a traditional lipstick formula or I want a classic red pick, I go for the Hollywood Lips in Screen Siren* which is a beautiful hue that was my go-to over the Christmas period. It's a drier formula than the usual liquid lipstick which I really enjoy using as it dries quicker, sits comfortably and you can get a defined look with just the brush too. 

When it comes to Charlotte Tilbury skincare I haven't tried much, but the first thing I got my hands on was the Goddess Skin Clay Mask*, a clarifying and detoxing mask that helps to brighten the complexion and tighten pores. I've also tried samples of the Take It Off Eye Makeup Remover* and the Supermodel Body*, both fairly good in my eyes, but I am yet to have the full sized versions yet. 

I've enjoyed using my miniature pot of the Charlotte's Magic Cream* for a while now as you only need the tiniest amount at the time, but it goes without saying that the large 50ml is on the steeper side. I think it's great at nourishing dehydrated skin and my complexion seriously loved it in the Winter. I paired it with my sample of the Multi-Miracle Glow* which is a multitasking product that worked well as a cleanser mostly. 

Last in the very long post and if you've got to the end then congratulations - it's time to treat yourself to a face mask! The Instant Magic Facial Mask* is a dry sheet mask that you can use up to three times which is something I didn't know until I got my hands on one. It'd be a great pick if you need your skin to glow before an event or a wedding as this seriously packs a punch. 

What Charlotte Tilbury products do you love to use? 

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