Wednesday 26 June 2019

The Cutest Palette Ever? The Nars Mini Wanted Palette Review

The Nars Mini Wanted Palette Review
The Nars Mini Wanted Palette Review
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When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I'm like a magpie with something shiny; I can't help, but want it! When each full sized Nars palette is released I always talk myself out of needing it, but when I spotted that they'd released a Nars Mini Wanted Eyeshadow Palette* it instantly went onto my wishlist.  

Of course it goes without saying that above everything else, it's the shades and their formulas that are the most important element of the palette. These 6 shades compliment each other perfectly if you want to make a look using all of them, but they can all be used in different pairings to make a variety of looks. I've got oily lids in the Spring and Summertime, so trying this out when the weather was warm was definitely a risk, but I'm happy to report that they offer great pigmentation and longevity. 

The lightest matte shade on the top left is usually the hue that I'm left disappointed by, but this one actually offers something up. The one on the right of this shade is perfectly velvety, delivering a rose gold hue that compliments the shade on the bottom left, another shimmering offering that adds a pop of glitter to the lids. The two red hues make for a dreamy warm toned smokey eye, but the one I'm getting the most use out of is the central brown shade called Shadowhill which blends into the crease seamlessly and works to add definition to my eye. 

The size of the palette has to be noted as this is very small, dinky in fact. Length wise it's the same as the Nars Laguna Bronzer and then half it's width, just so you have some reference as to what you're getting. Even thought it's tiny, it's great for travelling as it's palm sized so doesn't take up much room and if you're not a big user of eyeshadow then this will be for you as this will mean that you'll make your way through this palette. 

Have you tried the new Nars Mini Wanted Palette? 


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