Sunday 23 June 2019

New Beauty Favourites

New Beauty Favourites
New Beauty Favourites
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I've had lots of new products on rotation in my makeup bag recently and therefore I've discovered some great new favourites that I thought I ought to share with you. I've got a go-to skincare product, a nourishing lip oil oil and a product that surprised me, so read on if you want to know this season's favourites. 

I've been wanting to try the It Cosmetics CC Cream* for sometime now, but felt like I had no place in my collection for it, but the raving about how good it was definitely tempted me. When it arrived, I was worried that the shade wasn't for me, as I went for the fairest, but felt like it could have been too light which is something I've learnt from. The formula is lightweight, offers SPF50 coverage and delivers a dewy, natural finish that can easily be worn day-to-day. If you've got a dry complexion like myself then I think you'll absolutely love this, but if you're more on the oily side then maybe it'd would be best to check out the Matte Version

When it comes to liquid eyeliners I'm very fussy; I want a nib that is thin enough to get a precise application, with an intense black finish and long lasting qualities. The Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick* ticks all my boxes and it surprised me as I wasn't sure what to expect when I first gave this a go. It's easy to remove, but has some serious staying power as this stayed put throughout quite a lot of weather changes in one day! 

I think I've found the ultimate luxe lip balm - the Girl Undiscovered Pink Skies Beauty Balm*, a multi-use product that promises to nourish any dry patches you have on your skin, lips, cuticles and feet. I've never heard of this brand before, but their packaging is absolutely dreamy and this is no exception. It's glass bottle with rose gold lid makes for a very chic look in your makeup bag, but it's what's inside that counts as the solid balm transforms into a hydrating oil that works to intensely nourish any areas you apply it. 

The Origins Original Skin Makeup Removing Jelly has been a product I've been using daily since I got it and it's so good at dissolving any makeup I have on my face, whilst making my skin feel smooth and soft in the process too. It's great if you like a cleansing oil, but you don't like dipping your fingers in the pot as this squeezy tube makes it super easy to use. 

A re-discovery of mine has been the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum*, a product from one of my favourite ever skincare ranges - the Fresh Rose Collection. As you probably know by now their moisturiser, mask and toner are some of my must haves if you're looking to invest a little more into your skincare routine, but now I've added the serum to that list too. I think this works even better than I first thought now that I've started using it underneath my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream* and on it's own before my makeup in the morning. This latter is great as it adds a silky effect that acts almost like a primer that makes my base smoother to apply, whilst not sacrificing any hydration. 

What are your current beauty favourites? 

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