Wednesday 5 June 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Having A Cosy Summer's Day

The Ultimate Guide To Having A Cosy Summer's Day
The Ultimate Guide To Having A Cosy Summer's Day
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As an Autumn baby and a cosy evening enthusiastic, I can sometimes feel like during the warmer months I don't get enough time as I'd like to wind down and relax. 

Head Outside | Now, our garden is far from perfect at the moment, but I do have visions on what I want to do. With a few candles and maybe even some lights outside (of course this Carnival Feestoon Lights is on my wishlist), I think you can easily turn any outside area into something a little bit more cosy. Put on some music, eat your dinner alfresco style with a blanket on your lap and enjoy the warm Summer evening. 

It Doesn't Have To Be Cold To Be Cosy | I know this is probably a UK thing as it doesn't really stay over 20 degrees for longer than a few days at a time realistically, so any sign of bad weather, I do like to make the most of it. Jump in the bath with some candles and a book or hop in the shower with some of your favourite cheesy tunes - they can both be just as uplifting and comforting. 

Baking Something New | I find it easier to whip up something sweet and tasty in the Autumn and Winter because you're not getting all hot and sweaty slaving over the stove. Saying this though, you don't need to make anything too compliment to make it worth while doing. Something savoury could be making your own humous to go with your dinner or you can make an Eton mess for your dessert. 

Have A Film Night | I've got go-to films and TV programmes whenever I want to feel cosy and they're often either Harry Potter or something funny! I know it's easy to just watch Love Island every night, but treating yourself to a film night with all the snacks, blankets and the lights off - only allowing the sunset to show through the blinds. 

Challenge Yourself To A Book A Week | I say "challenge yourself" because I'm not sure I'll be able to do this one, but with the warm weather I think it's easy to take yourself out in the evening when the sun is going down to sit and read a few chapters. Reading really relaxes me and takes my mind away for a short while. 

What are your favourite ways to have a cosy day in the Summer?

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